My Little Sister’s Sexual Escapades:Part VI : The Hot Re-union


She (little sister’s best friend, Jacky) stood there smiling but I noticed her eyes stealing a peek at my hardness. “Shall I get dressed,” I suggested. “No, no!” they shouted in unison.  “Just stay where you are.” And with that Jacky perched herself on the bed next to me and my dear little sister hopped onto the other side and crossed her legs. In the process she exposed herself totally. Her beautiful pussy was fully visible, teasingly smiling at me. I was once again speechless and actually hadn’t noticed Jacky’s warm hand move onto my hardness until she started stroking it! Then I knew what they were up to. “Oh I’ve missed you so much Brian, … and your amazing cock!” she said, fixing her eyes back on it. I looked at my little sister. She just smiled. Without further thought I reached down and placed my hand on the inside of Jacky’s nearest leg. I pulled her towards me with my other hand. “Hello,” I warmly responded, “What a lovely surprise!” She drew closer. Her top fell open revealing her amazing cleavage. Her deep pink nipples were fully erect. She was indeed braless! My other hand moved up her thighs and simultaneously discovered her naked pussy! Well my erection flared up even harder and they both noticed it! I glanced at my sister. She had that unmistaken mischievous look on her face. She just kept smiling with approval, I guessed? I pulled Jacky closer. Our lips touched, and the stage was set! I started to fondle her firm breasts and teased her pouting nipples. Our tongues touched and started dancing. My other hand continued stroking her pussy lips and pouting clit. The magic had begun. Jacky suddenly pulled away and whispered, “Wow, Brian, I’ve missed you so much since we first met. Didn’t Cath tell you?” “No!” I replied and looked questioningly at my sister. She just smiled. “What a great friend. She was sworn to secrecy. Thanks, Cath,” and continued, “When I heard that she was coming to visit you I asked her if I could pop by just for an hour or two so here I am!” “Well a lovely surprise!” I replied. ”Thanks, sis.” Finally Cathy spoke. “He’s all yours, Jacks, or rather what’s left of him ‘cause I’ve şişli escort bayan had him for a whole twenty four hours non-stop! So go for it, babe!” What was my sister saying? I was confused. After our intensely intimate time together this did not make sense. Was this a set-up? If so it was a truly amazing one I thought. Well Jacky did not need any further encouragement. She pulled my sheet down and exposed my throbbing cock. It was fully erect with purple head and so ready to re-engage with Jacky’s beautiful puffy pussy. All in one movement Jacky started sucking my head as hard as Cathy did. She swallowed so hard I could feel her tonsils. In fact I was convinced that I was deep down inside her throat. She released the pressure and eased my shaft out. She then worked up and down on the outside into my balls and tried swallowing each one as well. But they were firmly tucked up in anticipation of what was to cum! The excitement welled up inside me. I was actually on the point of cumming already. I had to slow her down. If we were going all the way again I needed to savour this. It was at least six months since she initiated me and here she was again, in all her glory, even more beautiful than before. I could not have wished for better! She quickly stood up and dropped her dress. Her beautifully curved and well formed naked body stood there in all its splendour. She simply epitomizing the very best of femininity only found in fashion magazines! She was perfect in every way even at such a young age. Her mound was bulging, her pussy lips were pouting and her enormous clit just wanted to be eaten. A sight to behold and I was ready to shoot again even after an all-night session with little sis! Cathy mounted me, fully exposing her magnificent womanhood. Her incredibly puffy lips were firm and so welcoming. Her inner lips which were initially peeping out were now fully exposed and further extended and glistening with her wetness. With legs wide apart she started to ride my cock, ever so gently. Her pussy enfolded it and almost teased it but then I realized it was her magnificent clit massaging my bursting mecidiyeköy escort bayan purple head. That was so special. It was so sensual to see how it all worked. The clit massage did not stop and I did not want it to. I pulled her closer to suck a pouting nipple as she rhythmically continued. That proved to be her weakness. Her pussy opened up completely around my shaft and her clit, now the size of a miniature penis, never moved off my head. It was constantly caressing the underside of my head, the most sensitive area. Her eyes were closing, her mouth was pouting and she was showing all the signs of cumming. She was so ready. Her orgasm was so close. She rode deeper, and deeper with each stroke. I sucked harder. She started to moan. I moved to her other nipple and sucked as hard. I felt her pussy totally devouring my shaft. Her body stiffened and started to convulse. She was experiencing a massive orgasm. I was so happy especially as I was also still ‘intact’. I gently eased her back and suggested that it was now my turn. She reluctantly dismounted and rolled onto her back. “That was so good Brian, now I want all of you, please,” she murmured. In the process I peeked at my sister who was rubbing her pussy and massaging her pouting nipples. She’d also removed the T-shirt whilst Jacky and I were warming up. I was in paradise. What more could I ask for. As I moved onto Jacky I pushed a hand across to my sister’s pussy and gave it a quick tweak. It was totally wet. She was enjoying this as much as we were! She obviously had an insatiable sexual appetite as well. “Brian, I need you now please. Just go deep and hard, babe,” Jacky pleaded. “I’ve missed you so much. I just can’t wait any longer.” But I managed to ignore her pleas by kissing her deeply and moving my hands onto her throbbing nipples, now the size of my thumbnails. I kissed her all the way down to her clit, now so hard that it had almost separated from her pussy. It truly was a magnificent baby penis, hard and erect with a distinctive penis shaped head. The slit on the tip was clearly evident and its shaft was fully extended out of escort şişli its skin. It was huge, fully exposed and extremely sensitive and vulnerable. My lips wasted no time in devouring this magnificent protrusion of womanhood and masturbated it with my tongue. I sucked it with delight and Jacky reeled with pleasure and yelled, “Don’t stop, don’t stop, I’m cumming” and with that she squirted right into my face! What an amazing experience. That was the first time I was able to jerk-off a woman. I never ever considered it to be physically possible and probably unique. What an amazing woman! My tongue continued to dance all around and over her sanctuary totally exposed for my pleasure. I licked up every drop of her generously offered love juices and continued licking and sucking relentlessly. Her body trembled again. She started to orgasm. It was like a continuous wave in motion. I sucked her clit even harder. She moaned. Then she jerked and screamed like I’ve never heard any woman scream before. Her body convulsed into ecstasy. Her legs were eagle spread high in the air. She had climaxed to the full and more juices flowed even more freely. She was still reeling with my mouth totally buried inside her pussy. My head remained firmly gripped between her legs. My tongue explored deeper and lower down between her lips. They were saturated and puffier than ever. Access had never been so available. Her inner lips were fully extended and totally exposed her inner sanctuary. They were also searching for more. My nose burrowed deeper between them. My tongue had found her love canal and was stretched to its limits. Whilst the moaning had subsided her body was still moving. Her legs released their grip and came down to settle on my shoulders. With all this activity I had not noticed the warmth of a little hand up my inner thighs and massaging my balls from the back. Now it had taken a grip on my shaft as well and was gently rubbing it up and down right up to my head, over the top and down again. This was repeated several times whilst my little sister kept her eyes focused on us in utter amazement. She obviously could not bear to watch any longer and needed to participate. So she simply helped herself! I was overwhelmed and completely out of control. How was I supposed to please one woman let alone two in my exhausted state! It was in panic mode for the wrong reasons.