My Lesbian Lust


I don’t always have any such thoughts of being with another woman but when I do it’s like an inferno going off inside of me. Today just might just be a new lustful thermometer one reads about in fiction…but this one was real. As I was staring out of my window Sara walking up the steps to my home, she is my morning study partner in Homeopathy. I still hadn’t brushed up on any of that week’s homework and thought maybe Sara could catch me up on it.

As she rang the doorbell, I rushed down the stairs to greet my new visitor.

“Hi Sara, come on in” I said with a grin from cheek to cheek as she walked in the front door and walked through the passageway.

“Oh my god…what a wonderful home you have” Sara said complementing me on my choice of house.

“I’m Rachel by the way” I said as we walked on through and into the kitchen area.

“What can I get you Sara?” I asked her but heard no response from her.

As I looked around at her I saw her standing there at the kitchen window staring out of it with the wildest and most innocence of wonderment. Sara was lost in the view and mesmerised by the reality of the most beautiful outdoor area she had ever laid eyes on the fresh greenery meandering over a yellow brick pathway that led down to the most gorgeous swimming pool of rock and a waterfall that gently wetted the rocky outer skirts of a swimming pool one could only dream of.

“Oh my god” Sara finally said eventually able to muster a word.

“I have never seen such a…” She continued to say until I interrupted her.

“Such a beautiful day it would be a crime not to be out there enjoying and studying our notes together with a splash of iced strawberry and lime to boot? I said passing her a glass as our fingers gently met and our eyes locked on to each other’s for the first time.

Sara took the glass and sipped on it as she turned again her eyes gazing at the wonder of paradise outside. Sipping on my own glass I joined her standing there in the enchantment, seeing this through Sara’s eyes was wonderful. I needed the glimpse of such innocence and wonder…I needed this presence and openness more than I ever thought possible. We both stood there for a touch longer than I normally would with a visitor without even saying a word. With the sudden ease I felt and shared of us just standing there saying nothing meant there was no need for any small talk between us as we slowly sipped on our drinks and looked over the whole yard but especially the mesmerising rock pool below. Sara’s eyes were hazel in colour and her cheeks were full of softness that only a woman as myself could notice as from one woman to another could appreciate the wondrous female standing only two feet away from me. Somehow, for some strange reason I could see myself in her. She brought me back, back to a time when all this was new.

“How about we dangle istanbul travesti our legs in the pool it just may help us concentrate a tad or two?” I said turning and smiled at her soothingly.

Right then I saw a new fresh look in her eyes, cheeks and lips as she involuntarily swallowed at being taken aback by my soft generosity and unabashed forwardness only a woman could trace. Sitting as we did by the idyllic and soft felt splash of a palm-shaded pool area I was so blessed and touched that I could share this moment with her. A young twenties woman that sat only inches away from me I couldn’t believe just how close we sat there, we were literally touching as we took in the splash and spray. I have never been this close to another woman let alone one that was so attractive and inviting as she gently grinned at the view that we undoubtedly shared. It was clear that I was in another world and that she was in another world as together we even breathed in together. I turned to her, but she had already turned slightly and was smiling at me with a new look, a look of something only I understood.

“Sara, I really appreciate you coming over…” Was all I got to say as she broke my sentence and held my hand in hers.

My heart skipped a beat as I held her hand back and it felt so natural to be holding hands with her. We were both reasonably comfortable in our shorts and tank tops…coincidental enough that our tank tops were both white in colour. I could feel her gaze on my boobs as I felt a new pulse from the grip of her hand. For some strange reason I was not at all shocked of nervous as she brought her other hand up and touched my boob. Sara ever so softly cupped my motherly boob in her hand as she smiled at me. My boobs being in such good shape for a woman in her mid-forties and having the luxury of time and money to pamper myself as I did. There was none of this lost on this young twenty plus beautiful woman. My breathing now quickened as we just sat there, I let her cup my boob and slowly fiddle with my hardening nipple. I had this feeling to kiss her, I so needed to kiss her luscious lips.

Just as I was thinking of kissing this beautiful young woman, she brought her lips to mine. Our mouths opened as we French kissed each other. This was the first time I had ever kissed another woman before, I never even imagined that such a perfect kiss could ever exist.

Our legs were still dangling in the water as our tongues explored each other mouths as we kissed for the longest time. The splash and spray from the waterfall only added to such a magical moment as our wet mouths and tongues slipped over one another. Our mouths were becoming so wet and messy with each other’s saliva that I hadn’t even noticed that she had lifted my tank top up to expose my boobs which became hers as her wet tongue kissed again and my mouth istanbul travestileri felt like it was home as I explored her entire mouth. Both her hands were on both my boobs as I stared into her eyes as I felt for the first time another woman’s young firm boobs and her boobs were a lot smaller than mine were but a lot firmer than mine, but her boobs now belonged to me. As I tenderly held both of them in my hands, I needed both of them between my thumbs and fingers her nipples now even harder than mine were…I knew what I wanted next as our mouths slopped against one another I so much wanted to have the rest of her, but I still needed her mouth as much or even more so than ever. I needed to male her boobs soaking wet. We arranged ourselves by the pool in such a way that we could in effect sixty-nine each other’s boobs at the same time.

I was above her with my boobs lowered into her mouth. She took one of my boobs ever so naturally into her young and hungry mouth as I reciprocated lovingly and took as much of her small boob into my mouth as I could take then moved to her other boob and she did the same with mine as I then moved my hand slowly down her body and into her shorts.

“Oh my god” I moaned out as my boobs got the best sucking that I have ever experienced and ever imagined.

As my 36dd boobs hung down and fed her they felt as they were lactating and dribbling into her mouth. Such was the electricity in the air that I have ever experienced nor even dreamt of before of a tort young body that lay right beneath me as this young woman now offered herself up to me. I just had to explore her further. I had to ever so slowly get into her shorts and panties. I needed to be one with whatever was inside her damp panties. I unbuttoned the top button of her shorts and then her fly as she wriggled a bit in anticipation of a more mature woman accessing her most intimate area.

I was able to pull her shorts down a few inches, but it felt far sexier and kinkier to have someone still dressed as I drank in the view of her beautiful and freshly shaved pussy. With her legs together I admired her partly showing pussy but wanted to see more, I needed to see more.

“Let’s turn you around honey” I all but whispered as I now got her onto her knees with her ass presented to me.

I couldn’t take my eyes off this incredible and delicious sight. I had my hand of each side of her shorts and panties but as I kept her shorts at the perfect height her ass seemed to be even a little more spread now than usual. All this taboo of a lusty and lesbian morning under a humid and electric filled juncture…any woman with as little lesbian experience as mine wouldn’t know what to do next. This morning was obviously as exception to the rule as I made myself as comfortable as possible as I enjoyed this little ass that was pointed right travesti istanbul at me. With an extra confidence and power that had just came over me I now caressed her buttocks ever so gently and lowered my mouth to her bottom and licked up and down and heard her moan so knowing she was enjoying what I was doing I kept of licking making her so wet between her ass cheeks. My tongue for some reason now roamed and kept coming back to rest on her naughty and welcoming asshole. I gently pushed my tongue against that glorious hole of hers and she eventually relaxed her ass muscles enough for my tongue to enter her asshole.

A little touch by a little touch and I was pushing my tongue inside this beautiful young woman. The more I pushed the more she relaxed as I caressed all the way down her back then around to her little hard boobs and then back around to her whole beautiful frame of a woman. I held my tongue inside her as she gently pushed back against my tongue and now her ass was fucking me in the dirtiest way possible. Nothing in the world had ever lured me onto this type of sexual activity as this lesbian ass that was fucking my mature and loving tongue. Now was the time I removed her shorts and panties completely and was the time I tongue fucked a pussy, more precisely time for a pussy to fuck my tongue. As I took off her shorts and panties, I turned her around onto her back and spread her legs wide. I observed her welcoming pussy as I lowered myself down onto this perfect pussy and mouth took in as much of her pussy as I could muster. I gently massaged her belly as tasted her whole vagina that was seeping into my mouth.

Sara’s pussy juice tasted so delicious on my tongue. I now lowered my mouth all the way down to her asshole again and tongued her hole a little more then went back to her wet and wonderful pussy as she fed me her tasty juices and I loved every drop that leaked into my mouth. My new lover was starting to quiver and shake as I now had my tongue right against her g-spot. I gently fondled the entrance to her asshole with my index finger and thumb making her go wild as an inferno opened inside her. I then massaged her boob as I owned her whole pussy and asshole. She surrendered her whole womanhood to me feeding me her juices as I drank as much of them as I could.

Then it happened, she exploded into my mouth squirting her juices around my tongue and down my throat as she shook and shivered for a long while then eventually went weak. Her hands slowly embraced my cheeks once again as lovingly as she did before with no words suggesting to me that it was my turn. Before I knew it, I was slowly lowering myself over her incredibly beautiful face. Looking down at her we now had complete eye contact and I so loved her wonderful blue eyes. Her mouth made me week at the knees as she now explored my womanhood and as she entered her me with her wettest of wet mouths and tongues. I wanted this moment to last forever as we stopped for a moment in time. Her finger against my asshole and her tongue now up inside my wanton pussy as I felt my early threshold or orgasm racing in my direction before I flooded her face and mouth.