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As I explained in my previous submissions, the stories that I post are a true account. If you repulsed by bisexuality please do not read any further.

We are a married black South African couple. I’m in my mid-forties and my wife is in her mid-thirties. We’re both in good shape and enjoy our sex life. Since the first day me and my now wife met, we agreed that most couples tend to make each other believe that they are angels in each other’s faces but once an opportunity arise the devil of lust raises his head and the majority of them are unable to decline the temptation to deal with the itch between their legs, hence the raising femicide cases and high divorce rates. It is for this reason that we decided to be a different couple. My biggest argument however has always been that I don’t want to get a heart-attack once I realize that the woman that I thought was an angel is actually getting nailed behind my back. Since we have been together, I have watched her getting fucked all night by my best friend many times and she has had her fair share of watching me in action with other women. What I didn’t know though was that I had a bit of a bi side. I know that many trolls will want to reason otherwise but that’s just the truth.

Two weekends ago on a Sunday afternoon, I called a Zimbabwean friend of mine who stays in Hammanskraal, north of Pretoria to come for a visit. South Africans are known to be very xenophobic towards foreign nationals, but I embrace them as I have a different take in relation to black on black violence. Anyway, that’s a different topic.

Eddie, called me around five in the afternoon and told me that he is around our area in Soshanguve. He asked me for directions to our place and in about fifteen minutes he finally arrived. Seeing that it was Sunday afternoon and my wife was on a day off, we were relaxing. I was busy savoring my bottle of Southern Comfort and my wife had her favorite of Flying Fish. Eddie on the other hand did not bring his own drinks and by the time he gaziantep escort arrived on a Sunday afternoon many if not most of the watering holes were closed. I offered him my drink but I am not complaining because he is not much of a drinker, in fact he only took two shots of my drink from the time he arrived until sleep time.

We sat in the living room chatting about everything else that we could possibly chat about except sex although I did mention to him in the week prior to his visit that I wish to see him on top of my wife.

Let me give a brief background. There’s a myth or at least stories doing the rounds since time in memorial that guys from beyond the borders of South Africa are well endowed. So I have been curious to see if it is true and during one of our love making sessions with my wife, I mentioned to her that maybe Eddie has a bigger tool than mine as he is from that part of the world. She immediately came when I mentioned that and we both agreed that I’ll ask him to visit and see what transpires from there. That’s when I plugged up the courage to tell him that I wish I could watch him pumping my wife.

My wife and I were seating on a couch facing Eddie and my wife was wearing a descent dress, nothing revealing or anything of that sort. At some stage I turned to my wife, kissed her and rubbed her inner thighs. Eddie’s eyes were transfixed on my hand although nothing was revealed. We then continued chatting but I could see that Eddie’s eyes were still focused on my wife’s thighs hoping for a quick peak should my wife make a mistake of moving carelessly. Every now and then he would twist and kept adjust himself. He was wearing a pair of jeans which made it impossible to see what was happening to his dick. I boldly asked him after a while if he was horny after seeing me kissing my wife and he just looked at me and smiled. My wife had my hand in her hand and she subtly squeezed my hand when I asked Eddie whether he was horny or not. I then said to my wife that I was going to refill my glass and asked her if she could do Eddie a favour and give him a kiss while I’m at it. I then stood up and told Eddie that he could seat where I was seated.

I went to the kitchen to refill my glass. When I returned they were busy kissing. Eddie had his hand under my wife’s dress and she was busy un-buckling his belt. She did not necessarily take his dick out but instead fondled him inside his jockey shots but the reaction on her eyes told a story. After a minute or so Eddie had her dress all the way up to her tummy and his hand was inside her panties, openly fingering her hairy pussy. She also lowered his jockey shorts and what she pulled out was a weapon to be proud of. He had a massive dick. She continued pumping him until he was fully erect. He repositioned her on the couch so that she was almost lying on her back and he pulled her panties all the way off while kissing her. He then went down and started licking her now dripping pussy. While he was busy licking her I started kissing her and that’s when she whispered to me that she wanted to feel his monster dick inside her twat. I then said to them both that we should take the party to the bedroom and they both stopped to go to the bedroom.

I had to take my last smoke and lock up before following them. As I was standing half in and half way out of the door smoking, I heard my wife’s loud moans and I knew that that monster cock has penetrated my beautiful wife’s hairy pussy. At this point my dick was at full mast. I quickly finished smoking, locked the door and proceeded to the bedroom. I stripped and when I saw how stretched my wife’s pussy was, I almost came on the spot, they were fucking in missionary position. My wife came so hard that she almost stopped breathing at some stage. After she regained some, I fed my hard dick to her mouth. Eddie continued to fucked my wife but didn’t last because it was his first time tasting my wife’s hot snatch, I guess it’s a weakness that most of us men have. He tensed his ass and growled and I immediately knew that he was emptying his nutsack in my wife. He continued grunting and his body kept convulsing as he emptied himself in my wife’s heated pussy. When he pulled out it took forever for his cockhead to appear and I immediately replaced him, wanting to feel how slick his juice was in my wife’s hairy channel. I also fucked her missionary.

He was still fairly hard and he moved up to our faces to get my wife to suck him. Looking at his monster cock at such close proximity triggered something in me that I didn’t know I had and as my wife was busy sucking him, I kissed her and by default kept touching his dick. This did not go unnoticed on my wife and she pointed the dick in my direction which I immediately enveloped with my tongue and sucked in earnest. He groaned a little as some left over cum leaked out of his dick into my mouth and that caused my wife to immediately spasm and orgasm and this combination overloaded my mind and made me blow a load in my wife’s already filled and slippery hole. I came like I had never cum before.

Afterwards we lay on the bed and chatted a little bit. Eddie said he enjoyed feeling a man’s mouth sucking his dick for the first time and my wife said that it was the hottest thing that she ever witnessed happening. Did I like it? Definitely yes, I enjoyed feeling another man’s meat in my mouth and tasting a bit of cum too. Much as I thought I’ll be repulsed, on the contrary I loved every moment of it and I can confidently say I’m willing to do it again. Eddie informed us that he was ready to leave and he stood up to get dressed. I also loosely dressed up, opened up for him and he left. He said he would love to be our regular visitor and I said, after what happened I can’t see why not.

When I returned to the bedroom my wife and I fucked like there was no tomorrow and we agreed that Eddie will visit us every once in a while. My wife said that she cannot wait to watch me sucking that big dick again. It’s been two weeks since and I’m looking forward to his next visit since his birthday is coming up in another three weeks time.