Mom And Me: A Whole New World


I can’t tell you what started it. Maybe hormones. Maybe, as we’ll see, genetics. Maybe just dumb luck. But something sparked in my mind one day – I suddenly saw my mother as a sexual being.I had experience with girls, but was still a virgin. Yet I was halfway through high school and my sex drive was exploding. The focus of my desires was almost always the tits, so I quickly began to obsess over my mom’s breasts. Suddenly, they were all I noticed about her. Sure, I had noticed them before but now I had a growing fixation. And, to be fair, they were escort bayan really nice. Mom was in her early thirties and had kept her figure. She had shoulder length red hair and a pretty face. And, as for her tits, a quick check of her bra drawer told me they were 36C. At the time, I wasn’t sure what that meant, but I knew they were what I wanted.I had only one encounter involving Mom and her breasts before things got really crazy. I was in the dining room and Mom was on the phone. Remember when telephones were connected to the wall by cords? kocaeli escort bayan Anyway, she was still in her nightgown, talking to a friend. I could see the shape of her tits through the fabric and it was driving me crazy. So, I just happened to drop some papers I had in my hands. I got on the floor, picking them up, but took the chance to twist my head quickly so I could look up the nightie. She had on panties, but there were her boobs. No bra, fully exposed, just sitting high and gorgeous on her chest. I could kocaeli escort look for only a second, but I jerked off to the memory of that view a lot!Nothing more would have come of it, I’m sure, had I not passed her bedroom one morning before school. My bedroom was next to my parents’. The door was cracked open and I could see just enough to realize that she was getting dressed. Dad had left already for work. I just stood there and watched as she took off her robe and slipped her nightie over her head. She had on some pink cotton panties, but otherwise she was naked. She slowly stretched, raising her arms above her head, bending over to touch her toes, and then back up again. I watched enthralled as she did her exercises. Then she sat at her dressing table, brushed her hair, applied basic makeup.