Miss Beatty


Miss BeattyLauren had always been a good, hard working student. She had successfully managed her high school ‘career’ with out incident. Though she had just turned 18, she still was a long way from feeling like an adult. The only time she was really able to let herself out of her good girl shell, was when she spent time with Mrs. Johnson from next door. She treasured, yet feared, every moment with her.She was at a loss to explain her recent difficulties in Miss Beatty’s Calculus class. She was a few weeks from graduating and really didn’t understand why Miss Beatty was being so hard on her. She really didn’t need the aggravation, but time spent in detention seemed better than taking a make up test in a classroom full of students she found so annoying.As she was heading off to school for her ‘time’, she ran into Barb Johnson who was working in her yard. Mrs. Johnson stopped her cold in her tracks. ‘Where are you off to?’ She askedLauren told her she had detention. She was horrified and shaken at having to tell her this, but she knew better than to lie.Mrs Johnson scolded her for being careless and inattentive. She told her that there would be consequences. Lauren shyly nodded and said she understood. Her knees buckled a bit, but Mrs Johnson had already turned away.Lauren arrived at Miss Beatty’s classroom a few minutes late. Late to detention? Not ideal she thought. Miss Liz Beatty was only a few years older than Lauren, and quite beautiful. 5’7″, trim with firm breasts. Her dark hair was often tied up to expose her long neck. Lauren knew she drove the boys crazy, and suspected that she wasn’t the only girl in school who felt the same as the boys did toward the teacher.Lauren was shorter, blonde and had a muscular build from all her time spent swimming. She always was confident with her looks but never really gave herself credit for being as pretty as she was. The only time she really felt Etlik travesti sexy was when she was with Mrs Johnson, and even then, it was when Barb told her so.Miss Beatty was not at all pleased with Lauren. The tardiness seemed top compound the issue. When Liz shut the door and pulled down the blind, Lauren became anxious. Miss Beatty walked up behind her and told her that the last few weeks of school could be the best, or the worst of her life. The choice was hers. Lauren nodded and understood. From behind, Miss Beatty brushed back Lauren’s hair and gently kissed her neck. Lauren shuddered.Her guard dropped, Lauren was startled by the suddenness of the forceful aggression. Miss Beatty’s gentle caress had turned to grabbing and pulling of her hair. Lauren soon found herself bent over the teachers desk. ‘This is your punishment for being late’, Miss Beatty purred in her ear.Lauren’s mind was racing. She was beside herself with emotion. The arousal in her came in waves. She would do anything Miss Beatty wanted. She didn’t have a choice, and she loved it.Lauren’s hair was being pulled back to the point where she was looking up towards the ceiling. She realized her skirt was being hiked up. Instinctively, she spread her legs slightly open. Oddly. she was pleased to be aware that she had worn some her her favorite panties and a matching bra. It was strange, but she suddenly hoped that Miss Beatty would approve.Liz Beatty’s eyes grew wide. The luscious ass of the sexy little teen was finally hers. Her dream was coming true. She bent down and kissed Laurens perfect butt through the silky, sheer white panties that she was wearing. She gently moved her fingers between Lauren’s legs and rubbed her pussy through through the panties. She was pleased at how wet they were. The teen girl was as responsive as she had dreamed.Lauren felt the power of one orgasm after another. She was shaking with Keçiören travesti pleasure and anticipation, Her wetness could be felt running down her leg. She moaned and shook. Though she had on a bra, The light sheer material and her T shirt were not enough to keep her nipples from getting fully erect as they rubbed against her teacher’s desk. Then, quickly, the sensation changed.She felt a stinging slap on her ass. Then again and again. Her senses were working overtime, one moment all she heard was the slap. The next all she felt was the pain. The next, an all consuming orgasm. She was in nirvanaMiss Beatty had pulled Lauren’s panties in her ass and used them to rub against the teen’s dripping wet pussy. She used her bear hand to administer the spanking which was driving the girl to ecstasy. Liz realized she was really giving the girl a beating and she got more and more aroused as the ass turned a bright cherry red. The contrasting colors of the pure white panties and the red ass was remarkable and erotic. Liz shuddered as an orgasm raced through her body. She became aware that in the excitement, she had somehow ripped open her blouse and her own breasts were hanging out of her bra. Her nipples were noticeably erect. She felt faint as she continued to smack the perfect ass of her subject.’Your punishment is soon to be over…for now’ whispered Miss Beatty into Lauren’s ear. The girl had tears in her eyes, but still, those were words she did not want to hear.’Please don’t stop’ she begged.’Never tell me what to do you little whore’! snapped Miss Beatty.With that, Lauren became aware that there was someone else in the room. Liz still had a hold of her hair so she was not able to turn and see who it was. The next thing she knew, Miss Beatty had positioned herself on her desk right in front of her face. She saw some sexy pink panties and felt a forceful pressure on the back of her Kızılay travesti head. Miss Beatty’s soaking wet panties and dripping pussy were being thrust in her face. Lauren knew what to do.’Lick my pussy, every drop’ Liz moaned as she came again and again.Lauren was more that happy to pleasure her sexy teacher and, dutifully, lapped at the reward.Almost entirely lost in the moment. Lauren felt her panties being forced down around her mid-thigh. Soon, the penetrating sensation of her pussy being filled with a cock made her cry out in pleasure.’Shut up, and take it, Lauren’ barked Miss Beatty. You have been a bad girl, and you have not yet finished with me’ Another wave engulfed her the grateful teacher.Lauren continued nursing the glorious pussy of her master while getting hammered from behind by an unkown stranger. She never felt so much pleasure, it made her weak but she did not want to stop.Soon, she felt the cock pull out of her tight pussy. A hard slap on the ass sent a chill up her spine. The warm cum splashed on her throbbing butt. She tried to turn, but Miss Beatty had her head still buried in her pussy. She had lost track of the orgasms and she could hardly think straight. She knew she had just been used as a fuck toy and that thought, in and of itself, brought another shudder through her young body.’Thank you for your time, Principle Reeves, that is all’ breathed and exhausted Liz Beatty.Lauren heard the door shut and the felt firm grip of Miss Beatty release.’Clean yourself up. my dear, and get yourself home.Oh, and leave your panties with me.’ Miss Beatty called out. ‘This is the beginning for you. You will report to me every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. Do you understand?’Lauren nodded. She slipped out of her panties and headed toward the door. Her ass still stung but she had a smile she consciously hid from her teacher. Her face was covered in Miss Beatty’s pussy juice, and she licked her lips as she slipped out of the room.When Mrs Johnson finds out, and she will find out, Lauren thought, there will be hell to pay. She walked slowly home with eager anticipation of that session. She quivered in the cool air.