Mirror of Fantasy


My name is Vanessa. I am a thirty-year-old woman who recently lost her beloved husband to a war overseas. I recently moved to Washington state to this old house in the country, which was previously owned by an elderly woman who, can I say is a shut-in. She was getting down on her health as I understood it and went to live with her daughter.For this reason, she sold the house really cheap, about one-hundred-and-fifty grand, which is not bad considering the ten acres of land and the three-thousand square foot home. The house is two stories and completely furnished, mostly with old antique furniture.I write this to document the strange occurrences avcılar escort bayan going on in this house since I moved in. I never was one to believe in ghost stories or anything of the paranormal but over the past month, this house may make me a believer.Night 1During the day, nothing happens that I can tell, the strange happenings mostly occur at night. The first started around 6 pm. I was watching America’s Got Talent on the television while eating my Chinese take-out when I felt a cold chill coming from upstairs. When I climbed the stairs, I could have sworn that I heard whispering. I checked the guest bedroom as well as the beylikdüzü escort bayan master and there were no open windows. I shrugged it off and went back down to enjoy my dinner.At 9 pm I retired to the master bedroom for the evening and began to change into my nightie when I noticed the old, gothic, full length mirror. It had some obvious wear on the edges, but for the most part was still intact. I stripped down to my underwear and examined myself in the mirror.Up to this point I had tried to stay fit and slim for when my husband would come home from the war and I guess from this point it was just out of habit. I had an esenyurt escort average size B-cup breast and you might say an hour-glass figure. My hair was naturally brown and I typically kept it shoulder-length. I assumed he liked me this way as he never complained.As I looked at my reflection I pictured him behind me, holding me with his hands around my waist as he would. I wiped away a tear from my eye and began to turn toward the bed, but as I began to look away I could have sworn my reflection smiled back at me. Confused, I turned back around but saw nothing amiss.Two weeks laterIt was 12 am and I had lain in bed for the better of three hours and could not sleep. I longed so much for his warm embrace, for his touch. You would think sleeping alone was something I was used to by now. I guess it had been three months since we made love for the last time. At any rate, I was longing for release and my body was on fire.