Midnight moments


I feel myself slowly coming into my consciousness. It must be 2, ormaybe 3 a.m. Then I notice it. Warmth. Its source so close to me, lying beside me, my back to it. How long have I been asleep? Am I still dreaming? Then he stirs, just slightly. He moves closer to me, and I’m happy for it. I feel his body heat surround me. The rise and fall of his chest presses gently against my back. His even, resting breath coordinated with my own. It is lovely. As I lay there, eyes still closed gaziantep escort I think about dozing back to dreamland. But something keeps me teetering on the edge of slumber. Arousal. Is it just my imagination? Or is it lingering here over us? Just within reach. Now I feel it, his hand with the slightest pressures slowly finding its way up my bare thigh, around my curvaceous hip and up my torso. It turns to feather like brushes against my collarbone. He leans over my ear and whispers, “Mmm. Beautiful.” I lean back into him, and turn my head to allow him access to my neck. He places light kisses behind my ear, all the time tracing his fingers delicately from my chin, down my neck, to my collarbone and the tops of my breasts. The kisses become insistent and more passionate, his tongue massaging my flesh. I grind my hips back into his and there it is! That wonderfully rock hard chocolate cock! I smile and let out a little approving yummy sound. Suddenly, the kisses stop, and he presses his hard on into the cushion of my round ass, making sure I feel the seriousness of his passion. His hand that was, oh so tantalizing just a moment ago is now holding my body to his with pressure on my chest. I gasp as he has caught me off guard. My breathing quickens. My porcelains white breasts are heaving. He lessens his grip but keeps his hand on my chest. He grabs the low-neck line of my tank top and says, “I know what you want me to do. You want me to just ravage you here and now!” He bites my ear lobe.