Meghan’s diary – Part 3


A month has passed since that crazy experience with Jamie. Nothing ofthose sorts has happened since then but Jamie used every opportunity to remind me of it. I swear she was flirting with me and teasing me all the time now. Therefore, I’m sure you guys want to know what happened the past month. Well, I worked on my make-up skills, grew my hair out, bought new clothes and even got some sex toys. I was extremely shy about using them however as I never had anything besides my fingers in my ass. It was Friday and Jamie and I just finished work so we decided to go grab something to eat. We weren’t in the mood for anything fancy so we just went to McDonald’s. We soon got into our usual conversations about and work and this led to sex. Fitting, as we work in an adult shop. I showed Jamie the toys I bought and this sparked something in her, I could tell. “Wow sweetie these are great you have great taste. I’d love to use them with you,” Jamie said with an excited tone in her voice. “Hmm…I don’t know about that…” I blushed and looked down. I was really nervous since I never used them before. “What’s the matter honey? Is anything wrong?” “No it’s nothing…I just…I just never used any toys before. I never had anything in my ass that’s bigger than my fingers.” I stuttered. “Well I did finger your ass last time kocaeli escort and you seemed to love that. What about that guy you met? Didn’t you want him to fuck you?” Jamie inquired. “Of course I did have fingers in my ass but that’s all. Please let’s not talk about that guy, okay? …” A tear rolled down my cheek and I had to be careful not to cry. I was still hurt and got sad every time I thought about this guy. Jamie just leaned over to hug me, which I must admit felt great. I felt her breasts on top of me so I got a bit horny. I squeezed my thighs together but that only made it worse. “Meg, let’s meet at my place later and I will show you how to use these toys, how does that sound? We go home, get out of our work uniforms and slip into something sexy and then we meet at my place at around 6 pm.” I got really excited now and of course agreed to meet her. Back at my place I took a shower, shaved everywhere, which didn’t take long since I don’t have a strong hair growth on my body and applied lotion all over. I ran my hands over my body and shivered I felt great I could only imagine how I’d feel when Jamie touched me. Next step was deciding on an outfit but it wasn’t tough this time. I just had to wear my tight black dress I bought recently and was dying to wear. I put on my black stockings kocaeli escort bayan with the bow on top, a black thong and purple bra, the same underwear I wore for my date. I then put on my five-inch ankle strap heels and applied my make-up. One last look in the mirror and I was stunning. I recently got into a habit of only looking in the mirror once I was completely done. That way I only allowed myself to see the final product. I appeared more and more feminine every time and seriously considering hormones but I don’t think I’m ready for that yet. Right on time I arrived at Jamie’s place and when she opened the door for me, I was amazed. There she was wearing white thigh high boots, a pink leather miniskirt that barely covered her ass and a tight white top with no bra underneath as I could see her nipples poking through. “Wow Jamie you look great.” That was all I could get out. In all the years I knew her as a guy, I never saw her dressed this sexy even for her boyfriends. I immediately noticed my panties getting super wet as pre-cum oozed out of my clit (as I called my dick whenever I was all dressed up). We quickly went upstairs into her room and settled down on her king-sized bed. I remembered sitting here with her a lot back in the day. Back then, we were just talking and watching izmit escort TV but this time it would be a lot different. We spread out my toys across the bed I had a purple five inch vibrator, a medium-sized butt plug and a very realistic looking seven inch dildo with a suction cup. Jamie took every toy one by one and explained the affect it is supposed to have and the numerous ways you can use it. She did this in such a professional way you could tell she earns her money this way. We started out with the vibrator. Out of pure instinct and excitement, I took off my panties and yanked up my dress. “There you go girl I love how you get going right away,” Jamie purred and stared at me seductively. She slid over to me on all fours and reached down to suck me. I got super excited, as even though we fooled around together before I can’t recall her ever giving me a proper blowjob. Jamie stopped however and only kissed the tip. Instead of sucking me, she went lower and started licking my ass. “You didn’t think I was going to suck your dick, did you? Oh no a pretty girl like you gets her pussy licked.” Jamie grabbed the vibrator now and turned it on teasing my ass with it. She circled it around my hole, which I must admit felt amazing. I leaned back, bit my lip and moaned quietly. I pulled my dress up higher and reached underneath my bra to pinch my nipples. “Mhmm that’s my girl baby keep going I can tell you love it.” In one swift motion, Jamie pushed the vibrator deep in my ass and turned the vibration to the maximum. I screamed as if I got shot and came instantly.