me and my girlfriend

Big Tits


She was outside on the deck smoking a cig…but she was kind of leaning forward on the railing of it….So when I saw what he sent me up there to go look at……..Man I’d like to shit myself. This bitch had huge fuckin tits. Well that’s when we first spoke to one another. Almost at the end of the day her boss came to me and asked if I wanted to stay in WV to work for him and he offered me an apartment plus salary, so I took the job.
Me or him never told my boss about this, we just kept quiet about it all.

The big titty fucker I had seen on that porch told me on a Friday, drive safe and goodbye… She never knew that she would see me the following Monday morning. Needless to say she was surprised come Monday. I kept picking at her at work and flirting, (I had to figure out a way to see those big mother fucker’s).

One night in February 2006.…My phone rang and it was Carlina calling me and she said some things I couldn’t believe. We made plans to meet at my apartment that evening and she ended up staying until 4 o’clock in the morning. Turns out that the pussy was as good as getting to suck and smack those tits she carries around.

Listen all people, when I tell you this bitch can suck a dick….do you hear me?

Carlina is very modest and has only been with a handful şişli escort of men, she didn’t like the lights on and didn’t like to show herself much, BUT I HAVE FIXED ALL THAT!!!!

You see we’ve been together every since. We live in Alabama now, but I’m from New Orleans and she is from WV. It may have taken me awhile to get her to this level, but damn this mother fucker has turned into the kinky nasty slut I’d for her to be. It was worth the while for her to get to this level in her sex life.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve never called her out of her name in anger, but when we are in bed or wherever we are fucking at, she turns into a cum drinking deep throatin’ whore.

I remember about a year ago I was eating that wet pussy and she turned over on all fours like a good little bitch and held her ass open and said “FUCK ME GOOD, YOU SON OF A BITCH.”

When I finally got my dick all the way in her ass that’s when I realized that this was gonna be my whore for a long time to come.

Understand this…….Carlina is not a whore or a bitch, but when we are in actions he turns into all of that and I fucking love it. She takes my dick so far down her throat sometimes that you can hear her gag and shit, I’ll jut grab her face and smack her like the dick suckin’ slut she portrays herself to be. When that cum drips from her lips and gets spread all over her face, is THE FUCKIN BOMB!!!

The modesty is gone, hell she will play with her huge tits while she’s suckin’ my balls and rub and massage her tight cunt. She has even taken her Dildo out of her juicy cunt and licked all that good pussy flavor off it. I knew from day one just like I said the beginning, what it would look like with me sliding my dick between those big fuckers. Only now I get to slap ‘em, smack ‘em, bite ‘em and suck the fuckin’ things as long as I want.

But to fuck her big tits like that and then shoot my cum all over them and watch her spread it all over with her hands is FUCKING AWESOME. This mother fucker will lick her finger clean of my cum.

We recently got a camcorder and things have turned into a movie for her. I got to watch her fuck herself and that was like a dream come true. The way she licks her own pussy juice off a battery operated dick makes me wish to one day get to watch her eat another pussy.

I’ve fucked this woman in more ways than she ever knew existed. The pussy is so good you can’t help but to want it all the time.

One night we were watching wrestling and she said, “I WOULD LIKE TO EAT MICKIE JAMES PUSSY,” well all I could say was, “FUCKING RIGHT!!!”

Carlina has a lot of kinky shit in her head that I think she is still afraid or embarrassed to try, but I sure as hell wish it would out one day. I like when she smacks her slutty cock suckin mouth and face with my dick.

I finally got a woman to be respectable out in the public but I’m thankful to have a nasty, slutty, big titty whore at home.

I’m gonna dress he up for Mardi Gras this year so everyone we pass on the street in New Orleans can envy me for what I get to fuck at home. This bitch done got better than it ever was at first, she like to fuck outside or anywhere now.

I’m gonna go for now, so I can get ready to gag this whore tonight.

PS I’m gonna fuck her tits while I’m at it.

Hell, send us a comment back, she into that shit now, and I think will like sharing stories with other people out there.

Thanks for reading.

Kevin & Carlina

Did you really think this was the end of the story….Read on!!!!
I hope to make this a success of sharing stories because we are in the process of filming some shots of us, yall got to see her get titty fucked and then watch my shit shoot all over her cock suckin lips.
Maybe she will spread her ass open again and we can all share what it looks like to see my dick slide in her and pound her so fuckin hard that people in the next state can hear this fuckin whore scream for me and beg me to shove it down her throat one more time.