Man of the House part 3


After that afternoon, Paige’s behavior did a complete 180. She stopped skipping class, she stopped getting high at school, and most importantly (to me, anyway,) she stopped sucking off and screwing random guys in any secluded corner she could find. Her teachers were impressed at the improvement in her attitude and behavior – well, most of them. The one she’d banged on a classroom desk for extra credit was a little disappointed. But oh well. Can’t please everybody.Mom was completely dumbfounded by Paige’s new attitude. The day after that amazing afternoon, my little sister came bounding down the stairs, skipped – literally skipped, I’m not kidding – into the kitchen, and gave Mom a cheerful “Hi Mom!” She also came over and gave me a bubbly “Good morning!” and a kiss on the cheek. Mom looked at me with a look on her face that could only be described as “WTF?” I just shrugged, internally taking great delight in the secret knowledge of the reason behind my sister’s turnaround.After breakfast, Paige went upstairs to take a shower and get ready for school, leaving Mom and I alone in the kitchen. Mom looked at me and said, “Okay, who was that girl and what did she do with Paige?”I chuckled. “That was Paige alright. We had a little talk.”Mom raised a skeptical eyebrow. “Did this talk involve threats of violence or murder if she didn’t shape up?”I grinned. “Nope. We just sort of…” I reached for the right words, “…explored…a few things that were going on with her. Got right down to the bottom of it. And now she’s ok.””Are you sure, Josh? She’s not just putting on some act? Your sister has been a complete monster for months. Honey, you are an amazing young man, but I can’t believe she’d turn everything around and suddenly be ok after one afternoon alone with her big brother.”I smiled to myself, remembering just how intense that one afternoon alone had been. “What can I say, I’m magic.”Mom smiled wryly at that. “Yes you are, honey.” Her eyes were sparkling with the innuendo hidden istanbul travesti in that statement.I sat back and looked her over. Mom was, as usual, dressed up for a day of showings and meetings. She had on a navy skirt that came down to just above the knee and a silk blouse that looked very professional but was sleek enough that it left no doubt whatsoever that she was a woman. Spring was in full force, leading her to choose a pair of open-toed heels that showed off her very cute little feet. As my eyes swept down her body and then back up again, I began to get aroused.She was standing at the bartop, a little counter that opened up into the front hallway. I got up and stepped up behind her, leaning down to murmur in her ear, “Yes I am…and I feel like making something disappear.””Oh?” Mom asked playfully. “Like what?””Like my cock disappearing into your pussy,” I whispered as I pressed against her, reaching around to unbutton her blouse.”Josh!” Mom exclaimed, trying to keep her voice down. “Your sister could come back down any minute!””She’s in the shower,” I said softly, freeing my mother’s amazing breasts from her top and caressing them not-too-gently. “You know her, she’ll be in there for half an hour or more. Plenty of time to…” I let my voice tail off as I fondled her perfect tits. Her breath hissed between her lips as her nipples immediately stood at attention. My hands glided down over her curves and gripped the hem of her skirt, pulling it up over her ass to her waist. Beneath, she was wearing a light pink thong.”H-honey, not here, not right here where Paige could…” I stopped her words by turning her face back to me and kissing her. Her body responded to my touch, as I knew it would. The hand that was not on her chin slipped down into her panties, between her outer lips, to stroke her clit gently. Her body trembled and she pressed back against me, my erection throbbing against the curve of her luscious ass. “Josh…” my name escaped her lips in istanbul travestileri a whisper.”Plenty of time,” I repeated. “Nothing like starting the day off with a morning quickie, is there, Mom?” I teased, undoing my zipper and pulling my cock out. The coolness of her skin felt good against my hot, throbbing shaft, and she gasped when she felt it pressing against her.I slipped her thong down over her hips and it fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, and I quickly reached down to grab it. I pocketed the tiny pink bundle of cotton and said with a grin, “You won’t be needing these today.” I then took my cock in hand and guided the tip between her firm thighs to the opening of her cunt.Mom gasped as I penetrated her, pushing my cock between those slick outer lips and filling her tight pussy with my dick. She grabbed the edge of the counter and started pushing back against me. “Fuck me, Josh, fuck me fast before your sister comes down,” she whispered, her pussy rippling as she worked her hips so I hit every inch of her insides.I grabbed my mother’s hips and started fucking her hard. She lowered her head to the counter, then reached over and grabbed one of the cloth napkins from the little decorative bowl. I wondered what that was all about until she bit down on it to keep herself from crying out. Her legs were spread and her back was arched, and she was grinding her ass back against me as I pounded my dick deep into her cunt with reckless abandon.The hard, frenzied fucking I was giving her was bringing us both to the top very quickly. My mom bit down hard on the napkin and I heard a muffled cry come from her as she slammed back against me and came on my dick, her legs shaking. That set me off, and I pushed deep into her and gritted my teeth to keep from shouting as my dick erupted inside her, pumping her willing pussy full of my hot cum. I had to grab the counter myself to keep from falling over.We heard a door shut upstairs and hurried to get ourselves travesti straightened out. Mom buttoned her blouse and I tucked my cock away into my jeans. “Give me my panties,” Mom said quietly.I grinned an evil grin. “Nope. I’m keeping these. You’re not allowed to wear panties today.””Josh, I’m not kidding, give me my panties back before your sister comes downstairs.”I shook my head no. “Uh-uh. I like the idea of you in that skirt with no panties underneath. I’m gonna be thinking about that all day long, those sexy legs and sweet ass and no panties…” I let her read in my eyes what the result of that train of thought would be and what she could expect later that night. Her pretty face colored nicely. “Well, okay, in that case,” she said, mock-grudgingly. “You ARE the man of the house, after all.” She smiled and kissed me softly, then gathered up her blazer and called up the stairs “Have a good day, Paige!” She shot me one last smile as she went out the door.I leaned back against the counter, a grin on my face. I turned around to put my cereal bowl in the sink and almost jumped out of my skin when I heard a voice say “EWWWWW!!!” Paige was standing right there, her wet hair cascading down the back of her neck, wearing nothing but a towel.”Paige! You scared the shit out of me!” I said, trying to catch my breath. “I thought you were in the shower.””I was,” she said. “Then I got out, and I heard something from down here, so I snuck down the stairs to see what was going on. I eat breakfast on this counter!!” she said, and smacked my arm.”Oh relax, we didn’t get anything on the counter. Besides, that’s what those bleach wipes are for.””Ew!!” she said again, then started giggling.”Oh shush you,” I said with a smile, reaching over to swat her on her towel-clad ass. She shrieked and ran, laughing, and I chased her, laughing as well. We chased each other around through the living room, the dining room, into the kitchen and the front hall, in circles, like we had when we were kids. Finally she slowed a bit once we reached the kitchen for the fourth time, and I grabbed her. “Gotcha!” I yelled in triumph, my breath heaving.Paige had been giggling and shrieking with glee the whole time, but now the only sound from her was her own heavy breathing.