Lovely Cries by a Songbird


Author’s notes:

This is a second minor editing revision of my original submission. Very little in the actual story was changed. A few more points were clarified. A couple of errors corrected. A second chapter will be following very shortly 🙂


Jacqueline Blackwell still could not believe the events of the past couple of months. Her sophomore year of college had begun innocently enough. She had returned to school in early August of the previous year and been treated to a new roommate. Oddly, the two girls became close. Leah Kohl Sundstrom was a blond beauty who stood about 5’4″ with liquid blue eyes and a 34c bust. Of course at the time, Jacqueline had shown little interest in Leah.

She had always considered herself straight. During high school she had dated a number of guys. She had lost her virginity at sixteen and never looked back. By the time her senior year rolled in she had been with her fair share of guys, though she did not consider herself a slut. It was during this time that she began to look at her peers a little differently. These thoughts horrified her at the time. Still, she could not help but stare a little longer in the locker-room before or after cheerleading and, or during swim meets and practice.

By the time college had entered the picture these thoughts had mostly left her. The dreams involving girls happened at a less frequent rate. This was probably lessened by two factors.

First, she had become an avid masturbator between her high school graduation and her first semester away from college. What she had always deemed a boring and pointless experience had turned very pleasurable for her. No longer did it take her some thirty odd minutes to reach orgasm. Instead, she could now climax in well under ten minutes. Even better, she was now at least semi multi-orgasmic. She had read somewhere, likely on a website that the proper definition was sequential orgasmic, though she didn’t really care. At the very least it allowed her to climax multiple times during a session. This was a new experience for her. In the past, right after an orgasm her clitoris would become hypersensitive. On the rare occasion that she was still aroused, she would have to wait (for her routine recovery period). This usually took about twenty minutes. On the off chance that she was still aroused at that point, she was usually treated to a very underwhelming experience an orgasm that just sort of squeaked out.

This began to change her senior year in high school, oddly enough just after her eighteenth birthday. The change was slow in coming, however. Her first sign that her body was changing was a decrease in the time that she needed to recover between climaxes. What had been thirty or so minutes eventually became only a few minutes. While she did not masturbate with any regular frequency, she did at times (after a hot date) that often led nowhere. What she discovered was she could have two orgasms within a session. The first orgasm was usually followed by a period of only minutes in which her clitoris was hypersensitive. A typical scenario involved her pleasuring herself in the shower to climax. Upon exiting she would return to her bedroom. Here the urge would hit her again and she would finger herself off in bed. An alternate scenario involved lying in bed and working herself up to an orgasm, taking a short breather and then continuing onward to a second climax. What had been strange at the time was that she could only climax twice after that she sort of lost the urge because she would become less tense down below and no matter how much stimulation was provided she was unable to climax a third time.

This all changed for her after graduation. It had been a typical boring day. She had been lying out on the deck of the family pool. Her period had recently ended and she felt more than a little horny. This was probably because she had not relieved herself in well over two weeks, the last time that she had seen her boyfriend. The two had broken up that night. That night she would try to lighten the tension. However, following her first climax, she found that her clitoris remained only hypersensitive for about a minute after the orgasm. That night her fingers gave out after her third climax and while resting she noticed that she was still vaguely aroused. By the end of the summer she had set a personal best of four orgasms in one session through the use of her favorite vibe, the kind that was designed purely for clit stimulation, and had to be plugged into a wall outlet.

Second, she met a guy her first semester away from home. He had entered her life by way of history 101. She of course did not believe in love at first sight, though she did believe in lust at first sight. The two began to have sex on a regular basis, often a few times a week. This still gave her time for her studies and the swim team. While sex was never as good as masturbation, she did become very orgasmic. Often during a session between the two of them she would have two orgasms. Usually he would eat kocaeli escort her out and then during the actual act of intercourse she would climax a second time.

This, however, was nothing like the marathon sessions she was capable of during self pleasure. Since college, she had begun to use a vibrator with regular frequency. This was mostly to make sure that during the short periods that she was alone in her dorm room that she had enough stimulation to climax and not experience any flame outs. What she discovered was that a vibrator could be both quite and intense. The stimulation from her trusty pocket rocket was unusually enough to send her into orbit. Further, unlike the plug-in variety, she was not numb for a day or two after “heavy use.”

Often during these sessions, on a Saturday afternoon, while her roommate was away at cheerleading practice she was able to have half a dozen orgasms if she wanted, though she often retired well before that.

Unlike her ability to experience pleasure, her sexuality had not been in question for well over two years when she slowly began to shift. She could never pinpoint the day, but it was during a week in early November of her sophomore year. She had been in a bit of a rough spot. She had not had any sex in about a month. Worse, she had not had a privacy to take the matter into her own hands. Instead, for the last couple of days she had remained at a heightened state. She had become unbelievable aroused. It was sometime during this time frame that she began to notice girls again. Once it reached a critical mass, it invaded her subconscious and this led to a few uncomfortable dreams.

Her focus shifted from her current boyfriend, who shall remain nameless and onto a girl that she had in her psychology class. Amanda Baker was a raven haired beauty with hair that almost reached her buttocks, sparkling green eyes and a fabulous, mischievous smile. What, however, put a moistening feeling in Jacqueline’s panties were her tight booty and 36d bust. Why she had been drawn to her and not some of the other voluptuous girls in her psychology class was that Amanda was an outed lesbian. She claimed to not even be the slightest bit bi. This struck Jacqueline as strange. She had always pictured the typical lesbian somewhere between a bull Dyke and a tomboy. This girl, however, was a very feminine looking woman that had all the typical assets that boys lusted after.

After class she often would watch her make out with her girlfriend. The two were very public about their affections. Oddly enough, this seemed to turn the guys on around them. The two would often be seen on campus holding hands. At times they would publicly make out. It almost seemed like a kind of exhibitionism to her. They were show casing their sexuality. On the few occasions the two would just make it into class looking like they had recently been involved in a whole lot more than just making out.

Her chance with Amanda would never come, however. She was too embarrassed to even come on to her. It was probably for the better. Her semester long experience with her led her to come to the conclusion that Amanda was a one girl, hopeless romantic. While she did see the two of them look at other girls from time to time, she knew that they were only serious about each other.

Her chance would come after returning from winter break. That is when her roommate introduced her to a friend. A girl who had lived down the hall from them during her freshman year, but had since moved into another residence. Her name was Selena Hall. It, however, was not her, but rather her roommate, Jessica Jones that caught Jacqueline’s eye.

What had attracted was not her looks, though she was not hard up in that department with her raven hair and sparkling blue eyes, nor was it her sexuality. While her roommate had hinted at Jessica’s bi-sexuality, it had been very difficult to discern given how reserved the girl was. No, what had really got Jacqueline to fall head over heals on their first meaning was her demeanor. It was a personality that was hard to place. She was not aggressive, nor passive, but assertive and passionate about what she believed in. At the moment, this translated into her seeking a degree in International Studies, but Jacqueline could see how this would translate well for her in anything or one that she pursued.

This she believed had been put to the test when she sought diplomacy with her roommate Selena Hall. Selena had been raised in a protestant family. A deeply religious one at that. Jacqueline had initially believed that this made them strange bedfellows as roommates. She, however, would discover through her own roommate, Leah, that was not the case. Her own prejudice had been on display. The truth was that Selena and Jessica had gotten along fine since day one. It was during a conversation one night that Jacqueline learned that Selena’s own sister was a homosexual. She had come out during her early teens. The family had quickly accepted her sexual orientation and the matter was dropped. At the present kocaeli escort bayan moment her older sister, Janet was living out in Marine with her girlfriend of eight years. The two were both college graduates. Janet was a psychologist, while her girlfriend, Celina Drake, was an architect.

No sooner than three weeks into the semester did she get her chance to confide her feelings in a very open dialog with Jessica. It was mid February. The girls had gotten back from a night on the town. They had been out drinking, though neither was drunk. Still, it was a bit risky given that both her under 21. With her roommate Selena out of town for the weekend, Jessica had planned to stay the night at Jacqueline’s. The symmetry had been perfect. Her own roommate, Leah was spending the night, though not weekend with her boyfriend.

That evening the two girls spent most of the early night reminiscing and getting “wet.” They discussed various sexual fantasies. It was during this time that Jessica explained in some detail what it was like to be with a girl, though she kept it vague. The best part to her was the emotional connection that she could share with another female. It didn’t hurt that a girl could go multiple rounds without a down period.

That night the two girls would share various self pleasure techniques in conversation. Both girls had talked about some unique fingering methods and the need to occasionally hump a pillow. Jacqueline had concluded that her two favorite methods were the shower-head spray and her trusty pocket rocket. For Jessica, however, she preferred a toy called the rabbit, a toy that oddly enough Jacqueline had never even heard of. Jessica began to describe it as a dual purpose vibe. It was inserted, though it provided a clitoris simulator. Still puzzled, Jessica got up and returned from a quick trip to her backpack with the rabbit style vibrator in hand. It was as she described. It looked like a classical vibrator, though the penis module was ribbed with an interior lining of beads. Attached, on the outside was a rabbit ear like vestige that hung off the top of the toy.

The girls paused. Both were a little too embarrassed to go on. Finally, Jacqueline broke the ice. “Maybe you should give me a demonstration.”

It wasn’t really worded as a question, but rather a statement spoken by a girl who had a little too much to drink and was also incredibly horny. Jessica blushed a little at the utterance. She quickly realized that she had embarrassed her new friend.

Not wanting the conversation to end she uttered without thinking, “I am straight, remember, I am just curious how it works is all.”

Another awkward moment of silence passed between the two of them. “You know I would but the vibrations from this little fellow are pretty intense, I would probably climax within a few minutes and I am very orgasmic, I wouldn’t want to make you jealous.”

Jacqueline detected a hint of sarcasm in the last phrase; however, it had been slow in coming because it had aroused her and sent a chill down her spine. Now all she could picture was in friend going at it with the toy that she now collapsed in her hand. She flushed a little at the thought.

“I’ll let you borrow my Macbook if you show me?” Jacqueline knew she was a bit of a computer junkie. Her father and mother for Christmas had gotten her a Macbook and an iPhone.

Her friend seemed to think about that for a moment. She than shook her head no. A smile crossed her face. “That is a little tempting but I think you would probably let me borrow it anyway.” This was true.

Thinking again, she came up with a wicked proposal. “You know I’ve got an idea.” Pause. “You know that black dress you saw in my closet…”

Jessica cut her off. “I know, it looks sexy as hell, but no I still don’t think it is a fair trade.” It was obvious by the way that Jessica clutched at the device that she was only looking for the right reason to justify a bit of exhibitionism.

More silence. She saw Jacqueline sort of shake her head. “You didn’t let me finish girl, how about if I wore it out with you on a.. well.. a date.” She watched as the gaze on her friend turned from puzzlement to that of a deer trapped in the oncoming headlights of a car. The headlights being of her breasts. Taking notice, she wiggled her hips for effect.

“I didn’t think you were into girls?” was her only response.

She thought about this for a second. “I not really, though I am curious and maybe with me along we could scope you out a new girlfriend.” What she suggested was tag dating.

“Okay…” came her numb response.

She tried not to jump for joy and keep her emotions in check. A pause followed and then a less than coy inquired, “How about tomorrow night?” Jessica’s only response was to just shrug. The two had brief eye contact. “Now strip girl.”

Lying back, on the bed, she watched as Jessica slowly unbuttoned her jeans. Slipping them down, she kicked them off in the very next motion. Underneath she had been wearing a black pair izmit escort of panties of the cotton variety and bikini cut. It was than that she reached for her vibrator. This disappointed Jacqueline a little because it meant that her friend had no intention of fully stripping.

She was proven right, when her friend went to her backpack and got a little lube. Spreading it on the toy, she than carefully slip a hand inside as to not show too much and lubed up her lower region. Back on the bed a moment or two later, she rested her body up against a few propped up pillows which were placed in front of the headboard. Lying down, she moved the panties to the side and gave Jacqueline a glimpse of the v-trim of her pussy hair. This sent another chill down Jacqueline’s spine and she distinctly felt dramatically wetter now. Carefully working the vibe into her cunt, she proceeded to rest the rabbit ears on her clitoral mound. Switching the vibrator on, she tensed her body a little and closed her eyes.

Another long moment of silence fell between them. This time, Jessica spoke up. “I don’t plan on going all the way, just enough to show you how I use it.”

So there Jacqueline was with the girl who was very “bi” and she had a deep attraction for. This girl was on her bed and doing of all things, masturbating. As she began to describe how she used the toy, however, it fell on deaf ears. The last she heard Jessica was describing how wonderful the pearl beads felt as they worked their way in and out of her lovely tunnel. She was too taken back by the sight to concentrate. She almost felt like telling her to shut-up and enjoy the moment. Worse, she had an overwhelming urge to kiss and touch her. This made her uncomfortable.

Instead of leaving, she walked over and opened her closet. This was seemingly odd behavior. However, at the time she believed she was giving her friend some privacy. She had seen more than enough to get the generally idea of how she used the device. Still, her couldn’t help but look back. Her eyes seemed drawn to Jessica.

Finding a pair of soccer shorts and a tee-shirt, she than began to strip. This started with her sweater, following this were her jeans. This left her wearing a white racer-back bra and a pair of Jockey micro-fiber, white bikini cut undies. When she turned around a second time she noticed that Jessica seemed to be in her own world. Apparently based on the sounds coming from her lungs, she had given up any pretext of her shared vibrator exploits being a demonstration. Instead, she seemed to be tensing as if she expected to climax soon. True enough to her word; it had been only about six minutes.

She had only enough time to slip on the shorts before Jessica arrived at her destination. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She squeezed her eyes tight together and tensed as her lower region of her body spasmed with pleasure. Standing in front of the bed with her shirt still in hand, she watched as her new friend came down slowly from the intense climax. Her breathing only returned to normal for a momentary pause.

What followed was hard for Jacqueline to describe. Her body seemed to relax, it almost hummed and then without too much foreshadowing she went over with a bang again. This time it seemed like a series of small quakes. She probably had three or four in all. The final one was the most intense of these episodes. What surprised Jacqueline was that Jessica did not pause between climaxes. It almost looked like she was riding a roller coaster and went from peak to valley to peak within a couple seconds.

Afterward, while recovering she tried burying her face under a pillow. Jacqueline would have none of that, however. Taking the pillow away, she forced her friend to remain in the situation. It was obvious that she was embarrassed, though by no means mortified. There was something in her eyes; she almost seemed to be growing more confident with each passing second. At this point, Jacqueline began to wonder if her own itch was becoming visible. Her only sudden realization was that she was glad she was not a guy in this situation. She would have had a very visible hard-on instead of the intense throbbing, mild wetness that was spreading between her legs.

Her friend was now smiling. “I think you owe me a date,” A glimmer of a smile reached her lips… “Maybe a couple of them.” Both girls giggled a little at her bold statement.

“Let me think on that was Jacqueline’s only response.” She than announced that she was going to take a shower. She offered to clean off her toy. Oddly, Jessica accepted, probably because at the moment she was a little to weak to get up. Wrapping her toy in a towel, she excused herself to the bathroom down the hall.

Upon entering it, she found it empty sans two girls in the bathroom stall area. Just prior to entering the shower, she rinsed off Jessica’s toy. She had actually planned on giving it a spin herself, though now she felt that would probably not be appropriate for a number of reasons. Instead, she wrapped the toy back up and placed it with her fresh change of clothing. Stripping, she quickly entered the shower and did a warm rinse down. She again, was tempted to relieve a little tension but decided against it given how public the area was.