Love In the Big City Chapter 1

Desperate Housewives

Her name is Ash. She’s 18, lives with her aunt and uncle, and has never experienced true love. She lives in a small village, one where everybody knows everybody, and things get around rather quickly. She has green eyes, long brown curly hair, and she’s rather short. Only standing at 5 feet 3 inches. She has been hurt many times by guys she thought were perfect. Every boyfriend she has ever had, has cheated on her. She wanted to start a new chapter in her life, so she moved out to the city in hopes of finding a good job, a nice place to live, and possibly someone to call hers. The first week she was there, she found a great job as a chef in a high class restaurant, and a nice studio apartment for a great price. The only thing she was missing was a man in her life. She could do without for now, to focus on her career. One night while she was working late, doing dishes and cleaning up the kitchen, one of her co-workers came bursa escort back in and said something about forgetting something in the change room. Her mind zoned out as she cleaned and she had not realized that she was singing. She had a great voice, that surely one day everyone thought would bring her great success. But she set that dream aside to become a chef. He came back out of the change rooms, and stood behind her. Tony was a line cook at the restaurant. At 21he was tall, dark, handsome, and Italian. With blue eyes that you could swim in, and lush, juicy lips made for kissing. He was a sweet, caring, happy guy that could be considered a perfect specimen of the male species. He was amazing to say the least. While he was in the zone, he was graceful and had a light air around him. He always smelled good too. Ash had been secretly crushing on him for a while now, and did not notice when he came bursa escort bayan up behind her. She kept singing to herself and wondering when the hell she would be able to get out of there and go home to sleep. She turned around to grab some more pans from the stove and accidentally bumped into him. She apologized and went around him to get the dishes. He stopped her and looked down into her green eyes. “I have got this, you have been working for hours. Go home and get some rest,” he said to her. “I can not just put all this work off on you, I can finish. Its no big deal,” she replied. “I am not going to let you do all of this by yourself. Its too much,”he answered. “I can do it. You only came back to get something to left here,” she said. They went on like this for about ten minutes before she finally gave in to letting him help. Ash and Tony quickly finished up the rest of the work that escort bursa needed to be done, and both of them were exhausted. “You have an amazing voice by the way,” he told her. “Thank you! I have been singing since I was a little girl,” she explained. “Would you like to stop at my place? Its just below your flat,” he asked. “I would love that. Thank you,” she answered. They walked the five minutes to their building and took the elevator up to his floor. They walked the short distance to his door and he grabbed his keys out of his pocket. As he opened the door, he turned on the light. To her surprise, it was immaculately clean. Who knew a man could keep his flat so tidy. They walked in and he motioned for her to sit. She sat on the couch, and looked at him with a smile on her face. He looked at her and she could see in his eyes that there was something there. She was not quite sure what it was, but it was there. He went into the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of white wine out of the refrigerator and two wine glasses. He poured both of them a glass, and they talked about their lives. He told her about his dream to be a chef, and explained how he had gotten the job at the restaurant.