Love For An Older Man – Chapter 4

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Michelle and Bob got up early the next morning and got ready for their month-long excursion.  The plan was to sail to Cabo San Lucas, a week-long sailing trip, and then spend two weeks in Cabo enjoying what the Mexican resort town had to offer.  Most of the packing had been done in the previous days, so all that was left was to bring any last-minute additions and stow them aboard. Bob had fueled the ‘Michelle’ and charged all the batteries the day before.  The galley was stocked and all their luggage had been stowed.After they had eaten a hearty breakfast, the couple grabbed what was left to be taken to the boat and headed out the door.  Michelle took one last look around to make sure everything that needed to be turned off or unplugged was and then locked the front door behind her.  They had given Amy a spare key in case there was some type of emergency.Michelle had just finished stowing the rest of their gear when Bob popped his head through the cabin hatch.  “Hey, babe, after you’re done down there, do you feel like taking the helm while I cast off?” he asked. Bob had been teaching her how to handle the ‘Michelle,’ but this was the first time he had, actually, asked her to take the boat out from the dock.  She was happy that Bob trusted her with doing this task.After returning topside and taking the helm, Bob cast off the bow and stern lines and yelled, “take her out slow and easy!”  Michelle put the boat in reverse and, slowly, began backing away from the dock. Bob stayed at the stern and kept a lookout for any crazy boaters or jet skiers that might be in the channel. Once the Michelle had entered the channel, Michelle put the boat in forward and began the slow trek out of the bay and into the Pacific Ocean.  All the while, Bob let her stay at the helm and control the boat. This was the easy part, though. They were on engine power and hadn’t even raised the sails yet.  That wouldn’t happen until they reached the ocean.Once they had passed the last jetty, Bob told Michelle to turn south and get ready to hoist the sails. She did as he said and turned the Michelle towards the south, waiting for his command to hoist the sails. After checking wind direction and speed, Bob looked at Michelle and nodded.  She turned to the touch screen and hit the buttons that would hoist the sails. She watched in awe as the sails unfurled and raised to the correct height.  She, then, shut off the engine.The wind caught the sails almost immediately and Michelle could feel the boat begin to pick up speed.  Bob took over the helm and let Michelle have a break. It was a little cooler on the ocean and she went below to grab a windbreaker.  In the meantime, Bob programmed the computer with where they were going and turned on the autopilot. Their plan was to sail to Ensenada and take on extra provisions and to top off their fuel tanks. That first leg, depending on wind speed and direction, would take them sixteen hours. This meant that they would not arrive until about 2:00 in the morning. They had planned on anchoring in the bay and going to town the first thing in the morning.Having sailed all day, they were now watching the sunset off the starboard side of the boat.  Bob turned on the running lights and got ready for night sailing. They had only sailed at night one other time and it was close to the city, so there were lots of lights along the shore.  This part of Mexico was sparsely populated, so there were very few lights along the shore. Not that this was a bad thing. With it being as dark as it was, the night sky was filled with stars. Michelle grew up in the southwest and thought that the night sky there was amazing, but she was in complete awe of what she bursa escort saw now. She had seen pictures of starry nights that looked like this, but she never thought they were real.  She just had to have a picture of this to share with her friends, so she went below to get her camera.When Michelle came back topside, Bob helped her steady her arm as she took her pictures.  After she got finished, Michelle turned towards Bob and just hugged him tight. They stood together like this for several minutes until she broke her hug and stood next to him, her arms around his waist, the both of them looking at the sight before them. “Seeing all these stars makes me feel rather small and insignificant,” Bob said.Michelle nodded in agreement and said, “that may be so, but my world is right here with you, right now. And there’s nothing insignificant about that.” Bob looked at her with a look of adoration that she had seen in his eyes so many times before, but this time it was different.  It seemed more intense, more meaningful.Michelle look at Bob and said, “I love you, Bob.”  Bob seemed surprised at first, but came back and told her, “I love you, Michelle.  I have for a while now. Even before we met in person I knew that I needed you in my life, that I would never be happy if you weren’t.  You have made me the happiest man in the world.” Michelle smiled at him and they kissed deeply. More deeply than they had ever kissed each other before.Time seemed to stand still on the ‘Michelle’ that night.  With it being so dark, it was hard to judge the distance they had traveled, or if they were moving at all.  The only thing that gave it away was the sight of the sails full of the northwest wind that was pushing them along.  Finally, Michelle saw what appeared to be a lighthouse and asked Bob if that was where they were headed. He checked the GPS and told her that it was, indeed, where they were heading.Bob took over the helm and shut off the autopilot.  He guided the ‘Michelle’ into the harbor and found a safe place to anchor near several other sailing vessels. After being sure everything was secure, they retired to the cabin and got ready for bed.  It was a little after 1:30 in the morning, so they had made good time.Bob poured a glass of wine for each of them and they sat on the sofa with Bob’s arm around Michelle and her head on his shoulder.  They didn’t say anything for a while. Bob had turned on some soft Latin Jazz and they both just enjoyed their wine and the music.After having drunk most of her wine, Michelle set her glass down on the coffee table, turned to Bob and took his glass and did the same with it.  “Hey!” Bob said in a playful way. “I wasn’t done with that yet!”She just smiled at him and said “You are now!” With that, she leaned into him and began kissing him.  They just kissed for a while and then they added their hands to the equation and they started roaming all over each other’s bodies. Bob’s hand had found its way into her shorts and Michelle’s hand had found its way into his.They masturbated each other for several minutes before Bob got up and started removing his clothes.  Michelle wasn’t far behind him. When they were both naked, their lips found each others’ mouths again and the deep passionate kissing began again.  Michelle grabbed Bob’s cock and began stroking it again. She felt Bob’s hand reciprocate and begin fingering her pussy. The first time they had sex was intense, but it seemed so much more tonight.  Michelle and Bob got up and went to the big king bed and continued their lovemaking there.Maybe that was what the difference was, Michelle wondered.  Before tonight it was just sex, but tonight was about them making love.  bursa escort bayan She thought that she had made love before, but not like this. It never meant as much as it did tonight.  Michelle just let herself get caught up in it and went wherever it was taking her.Bob had made his way between her legs and was eating her pussy with, what seemed, much more passion than before.  His tongue just felt amazing working her cunt the way he did. It seemed to be everywhere. It was licking around her labia and then it was in her love canal.  He seemed to drink all of the juices from inside her as if it was the wine that she had deprived him of when she took his glass away from him.Michelle felt herself get wetter and couldn’t wait until she felt his tongue on her clit.  “Oh god, Bob! Please lick my clit!” she cried out. “I need to feel that talented tongue there! Please, Bob, please!”  Suddenly his tongue touched her clit and she thought she was going to go through the roof. “Ooohhh! Don’t stop doing that!  Keep licking my clit!” Michelle took both her hands and grabbed Bob’s head, making sure that his tongue would stay where it was.  She started grinding her pussy on his mouth and felt herself lose control. “Ooohhh! I”mmm cumming! I’mmm cuuummminnng!”Michelle held Bob’s head until she couldn’t take the feel of his tongue on her clit anymore.  It was just way too sensitive, so she pushed his head away and put her hands over her pussy until the sensitivity went away and her breathing went back to normal.  She raised her head and looked at Bob, whose face was covered in her juices, and told him “That was amazing!” He just smiled.After she had recovered, she pulled Bob up next to her and began working on his cock with her mouth.  Using her lips, she pulled his foreskin back and began licking the head of his dick. She alternated that with licking his shaft down to his balls, which she sucked and licked like never before.  Bob’s head was thrown back in ecstasy as she was working his cock with her skilled mouth.It seemed that Bob could only take so much of this, as he took Michelle and put her on her hands and knees.  He, quickly, got behind her and began rubbing her cunt with the head of his dick until it was wet enough with her juices to insert into her waiting love canal.Michelle moaned as his cock found its way into her hot pussy and waited for him to begin that stroking she knew so well.  That stroking that other guys with much larger cocks had never been able to do. That stroking that made every part of her pussy feel filled and touched.  He said he had learned how to make love to a woman from a book he read as a teenager. She only knew that, wherever he learned it, she was glad he did.Bob’s cock moved in and out of her pussy at a slow pace for a few minutes and then, without warning, he sped his timing up.  It was as if he knew, instinctively, when he needed to speed things up or slow them down. This man was the perfect lover. Michelle looked over her shoulder and watched this man; this man that had chosen her, make love to her.  and she felt as if she was in heaven.Michelle lay her chest and head on the bed and Bob got up on his feet, aimed his cock at her waiting pussy and started jackhammering it into her with all that he had.  This man, that was old enough to be her father, had more stamina than any young stud she had ever been with. And she realized that, before Bob, she had never been in love.  Not really. Not like this. And she didn’t ever want it to end.Bob’s jackhammering was having its desired effect on her.  She felt her pussy get wetter and the warm glowing feeling that comes with a major climax begin.  “Ooohhh! Don’t escort bursa stop doing that! It feels sooo good!” Bob just sped things up a little more. “Oh god, I don’t ever want this to stop!  Keep doing that! Keep doing that! I’m going to cum soon!” Michelle cried out. Bob showed no sign of wanting to slow down and Michelle felt herself go over the edge. “Ooohhh, Bob!  I love you sooo much! I’m cuuummming! Oh, oh, oh! I’mmm cuuummming!” And as she was climaxing she felt Bob’s cock begin to swell as he unloaded his semen deep into her pussy.When her pussy muscles stopped contracting, Bob pulled out of her pussy and fell to the bed.  Michelle did the same and kissed Bob passionately. Bob pulled away just for a second to say, “I love you, Michelle.” “I love you, Bob,” and they returned to their kissing. It was getting a little chilly, so Bob pulled the covers over them.  They ended up falling asleep in the same position they always did, but it seemed a little more intimate this time.Michelle woke up to the smell of eggs, bacon, toast, and coffee.  Actually, she smelled the coffee first, because she really wanted a cup.  Bob looked over at her smiling and said, “good morning sunshine. How’d you sleep?” She smiled back at him while stretching and said, “like a baby.”  She got up and poured herself a cup of coffee and sat down at the dinette.  Bob had already set the table, so there wasn’t anything to do but enjoy her coffee while she waited for breakfast to get done.A few minutes later, Bob brought two breakfast plates to the table and set one down in front of Michelle, while he set the other down where he was going to sit.  Michelle held her head over her plate and inhaled deeply through her nose. “It sure smells good!” she said. Bob smiled and took a bite of eggs. They both ate their breakfast in silence.  Not because they didn’t have anything to say, but because they were both hungry after sailing half the night and from their lovemaking session afterward.When they had both finished their breakfast, Michelle began clearing the table and got ready to wash the dishes.  Michelle looked at Bob and thanked him for the great breakfast. Bob just smiled and said, “you’re welcome, sweetheart.”  She smiled because that was the first time he had called her that out loud. The only other time was when she was still working at the cam site and he had used it in their chat.After they had their showers and were ready to go, Bob took the helm, raised the anchor and headed for the Harbor Master’s office so that they could get their visitors visas and other paperwork that would make it legal for them to be in the country.  It took almost half the day just to get the necessary paperwork.  They were both glad when that was over. Michelle and Bob, then, headed into town to find a restaurant to eat at and a grocery store to buy any foodstuffs that they might need.  While they were walking through the outdoor market, Michelle saw some very pretty turquoise jewelry and she just had to stop and look. Bob ended up buying her a bracelet that had, both turquoise and pearls.  She put it on immediately and hugged Bob profusely. The lady street vendor looked at Bob and said, ”you have a very pretty daughter.”Michelle looked at her and said, “oh, no. This is my boyfriend and the love of my life!” The lady looked shocked at first, but then smiled and said, “it is true. Love has no age boundaries. Vaya con Dios pequenos tortolitos.”  They found a little family-run Mexican restaurant nearby and ordered a couple of margaritas before ordering dinner.  Bob told Michelle that, since it was getting late, they would spend another night in the harbor before continuing their journey to Cabo.  Their dinner turned out to be very delicious. Michelle had ordered the chicken enchiladas, while Bob had the Carne Asada. They, of course, tried a little of each other’s food and complimented each other on their choices.