Love and Destiny Ch. 04



For compliance purposes, all sexually active characters in the story are over the age of 18. This is a long, complete story that I have cut into more digestible chunks. For everything to make sense it’s probably best to read these in sequence. I plan to publish each section immediately after its predecessor is posted.

CH. 04

Destiny woke me with a soft kiss on the lips and shook me before hopping out of bed. I groaned a bit at her 19-year-old body’s resiliency and energy. I watched her toned, curvy body movements with the eyes of a proud father and the avid fascination of a satisfied lover. I surmised she was going to take a shower but she bent over and started to shimmy into her panties. She watched me watch her with a satisfied smirk. My quiescent cock gave a lurch when I saw her full breasts hang and swing as she bent over to pick up her bra. As she snapped it in place, I shook myself from the very sexy show before my eyes.

“Are you going somewhere, honey?”

“Yes, I’m starving! I worked up quite an appetite and you owe me dinner!” She mock scolded as she reached for her dress and slipped it on. It took me a second to remember that I had supposedly promised to take Destiny to a nice restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Actually, I hadn’t, my now ex-girlfriend had merely told her that so that Destiny would be out of the house while she set up her cruel Valentine’s Day prank.

Although the dark purple dress covered her completely from just under her arms to mid-thigh it was a tight fitting tube dress that molded to her curves and left no doubt of her hour glass figure. Her bright red hair and hazel-green eyes made her simply breathtaking in that dress. Still, I had to grin a bit, her smeared make-up and mussed hair gave her an “I just got fucked” look. I felt an odd thrill shoot through me knowing I had caused my daughter to have that look.

“Don’t you think you should get cleaned up first?”

“I know it might sound nasty… and it probably is,” Des said with a wicked smile, “but I want to experience my Valentine’s dinner still feeling my Daddy’s love inside me. Or still trickling out of me!” She giggled. She noticed my face which I guess showed a bit of shock. “You think I’m a freak, don’t you Daddy?”

“Not at all, sweetheart. It’s just that your Mom sometimes did that exact same thing. She said it was so she could let the feeling of being loved linger for just a bit longer.”

Des’ eyes flashed and she smiled happily “Exactly!” Her eyes lingered on my naked form for a second. With a little sigh, “Hurry and get dressed Daddy, I’m really am hungry!”

“Sorry, honey I have to jump in the shower. I’m just too sweaty”

Destiny rolled her eyes and in a strangled put-upon voice, “Okaaay but hurry up! I’m starving!”

It took me five minutes tops to shower and get dressed, in that time Des had applied more perfume, fixed her hair and make-up. Except for that certain glow, she no longer looked like she’d just had a couple hours of great sex. Destiny had also looked for places to eat.

“Since we don’t have reservations, we’re kinda screwed, Daddy.” She gave me a slight grin at her unintended pun. “Most places are full up today. However, there was one place that has good reviews and is open 24 hours. We’ve talked about eating there a few times but never have- Uncle Roy’s Pancake House! They got all kinds of food so you don’t have to eat pancakes. I’m going to though,” she said with a little excited hop. “MMMMM Pancakes”, she imitated Homer Simpson.” In her short tight dress, her little hop was quite a nice thing to see. Destiny had a little smile when she saw me looking at her so appreciatively.

“You like my dress, Daddy?” she asked coyly.

“Yes, sweetie, it’s very pretty.”

“You know that’s not what I meant.” She gave a little pout. “How do I look in this dress?”

“Fantastic. If I saw you going out on a date wearing that… well, let’s just say, Daddy would not like it. I mean I always knew you were…well, curvy, but the way that dress fits on you. Man…”

“If I hadn’t drained you dry… would you have one of them boners you try to hide from me?” Busted. She leaned over and kissed my shocked face with a giggle. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Yeah, okay. You got me. You’re a very attractive girl and I still have a strong libido. You look almost perfect to me.” I lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes. “It’s your choice, of course, but I don’t know why you covered up your cute little freckles. I kind of miss them.”

She cocked her head as if wondering if I were serious or not. “Well, it’s because when we had our dinner I didn’t want you to see me as just your cute, little freckled-faced little girl I wanted you to see me also as a grown-up young lady.”

“Well, why can’t I do both? Lindsey Lohan, Emma Stone, Christina Hendricks. Need I go on? Besides after today, there’s no way I can ever just see you as just a little girl again.”

Destiny stared at me thoughtfully for a second. “You really want to see my freckles, Daddy?”

“I would, but if that’s how you want to look, I can grudgingly live porno izle with it.” I said in a suffering tone.

With a little laugh, “Okay, I’ll be right back but I expect ice cream!!” She returned in a moment, I had been right. The effect that her make-up created was accentuated by her freckles. Her red lips and pale purple eyeshadow highlighted rather than overshadowed her beautiful pale skin and freckles.

I cupped her chin and gave her a long, appreciative look. “I was right… you are absolutely stunning.” Her freckles disappeared for a moment in a blush. “I’m still getting ice cream!” she said with a small laugh. Taking my hand, “Come on, Dad, Let’s make like a tree, and get out of here!”

On the way to the restaurant, Destiny seemed really interested in her phone which wasn’t unusual but I thought she’d want to talk about what had just happened between us. I guess she wasn’t ready to talk. It was probably really emotional and a bit overwhelming for her. It was for me.

“What are you doing there sweetie?”

“Nothing.. just texting all of my friends that my wonderful Daddy just popped my cherry.”

I almost lost control of the car. Destiny burst out laughing and hugged the car door. “Oh Daddy, your expression was just priceless!” She composed herself enough to say, “I was fixing your Facebook page. Your status is now single and I deleted all the pictures of Feebitchona and removed her access to it. Your new password is CherryPoppingDaddies.” Her eyes twinkled, “after that band you like.”

It suddenly struck me why Destiny always called Fiona Fee B or Phoebe. I thought it was just a bit of disrespect for Fee Baines, now I know it meant, Feebitichona”

Destiny saw my look of shocked reflection and flushed guiltily. “I’m sorry, Dad. I didn’t think to even ask you if you wanted that. I was just so pissed at what she did to you and how she broke up with you that I didn’t even think about how you must feel.” She touched my arm. “Are you feeling, okay”

“On the one hand I was furious with her for leaving me to be on display for you but I was even more pissed off when I thought she had arranged for someone to substitute for her. Truth is I was going to break up with her anyway. It was getting to the point where she was going to give me an ultimatum, you or her. Well, the choice is obvious and I don’t need someone in my life who would force me to make such a decision. However the way everything turned out. I ought to send her flowers.”

“Don’t you dare!” Destiny laughed. Her expression became more thoughtful. “I can’t believe she never sucked you. I loved that!” Destiny frowned disparagingly. “I bet she had no problem having you go down on her, though, huh?”

I looked at my daughter, a bit shocked that she had so little problem discussing sex so graphically, but then I remembered the dichotomy of Catholic school, how even the most devout altar boy or girl could talk like drunken sailor when among their friends. I’d always tried to treat her as a mature person as well as my daughter, so answered her without rebuking her. “Actually, she did have a problem with that. We never had any kind of oral sex.”

“Wow! I knew she was uptight but I didn’t know she was such a prude. Your sex life must have been as interesting as mine!”

I turned to her “I thought you said you were a virgin”

“I was….”

“Okay.. ha ha.”

Destiny suddenly scowled, more curiously than angrily. “I have to ask though… Tanya. What?

Did you want it to be her?”

Okay, even with my limited experience with women I knew a trap question when I heard it. I told her the truth. “No, not at all. When I thought Fiona had arranged for a substitute, I thought about the women she knew and who might actually do that with me. I thought Tanya was the most likely suspect.”

Destiny gave me a long look accessing my answer. Then she suddenly laughed. “You’re right, she probably would have jumped at the chance. She goes to my school you know. Every time I see her she asks how my hot daddy is or how it’s a good thing she’s not your daughter ’cause… you know.” With a half-smile, she gave me a side-eyed look. “She also tells me to give her a call if you ever break up with her Aunt. So should I call her Daddy?”

“No, I think I’m pretty much done with that family.”

“Good answer.” Destiny said and laid a proprietary hand on my arm.

Uncle Roy’s Pancake house was more of a restaurant than I’d thought. I had been expecting a sort of diner filled with truckers. Instead there was a middle floor filled with tables, booths lining the walls, and another room with low lighting that was filled with small booths. Destiny and I opted for a small booth in the darker room. The restaurant was more than just a pancake house, it had a full menu. I was going to order a steak dinner but when Destiny actually did order pancakes and sausage I went along with the breakfast theme and had steak and eggs, potatoes o’brien, and bacon. As we were waiting for our food I noticed that most of the booths were filled with couples, many of whom openly displayed affection for one another. When I was a kid I saw this altyazılı porno really old movie called Pete n Tillie. In one scene the main character took his date to a restaurant he called After Bang Bing’s. It was the go-to joint for couples who needed to nosh after sex. Uncle Roy’s seemed to fit in that niche in our area.

I wondered if Destiny knew about it beforehand or if it was just a coincidence. However the way her eyes widened with an accompanying grin of realization, I think she had been just as in the dark about Uncle Roy’s as I had been. Upon seeing all the other couples she moved around our booth to sit right next to me like some of the other women were doing with their dates. She took my hand in hers and rubbed her thigh against mine. “Looks like we came to the right place after all, huh, Daddy. We fit in with all these couples that just celebrated Valentine’s Day.” She leaned close in and whispered in my ear. “Like we did.” Her other hand stroked my thigh. “I wonder if any of those other couples are like us? I see some that could be.” Of the thirty or so couples in the restaurant, there were about ten who appeared to be separated in age by at least 18 years. Most of these were indeed older men and younger women couples.

“I wonder if any of these other girls lost their virginity with their Daddy today.” Destiny gave me a lingering kiss on the face. “Probably not, I’m probably the only lucky girl that happened to, at least, eating in this restaurant.” The twinkle in her eye showed she loved teasing me. Still I felt like we should discuss what had happened.

“Ummm about that, honey. How do you feel?”

Destiny gave me a wide-eyed innocent look “My kitty still feels throbby and tingly from where you stretched me out and my butt feels that way too but it also stings a bit as well. Plus I still feel kind of gooshy and wet from all your stuff still inside me.”

The graphic physical description left me stunned. “Ummm, I meant… emotionally.”

The way her lips pursed I knew she was just fucking with me. She’d known exactly what I’d been asking. She sighed and she became lost in thought for a few seconds before she spoke.

“Do want to know if I feel remorse?” Her mouth puckered quizzically. “Disgusted and horrified by what we did?” Her brow crinkled.”I know I’m supposed to buuuuut I don’t. At all.” Destiny gave me a small, sultry smile. “But then again I’d been fantasizing about it for years.”

Her face became a bit more serious and transformed into a maturity I’d never noticed before. “Personally my views on incest are that if it’s between consulting adults it should be okay. Of course, I’m a bit biased,” she said with a wink. “If adult parents and adult children want to accentuate their relationships with a physical love then I can’t see God condemning it. Love is love. I think of it as falling under the purview of the Commandment to honor your parents. I know it’s not according to church doctrine but there are a lot of things about the church I think are positively medieval. Such as how it treats women, same-sex couples, and birth control.”

“Yeah, I didn’t even know you were on birth control.”

She laughed wonderingly. “Daddy… I was a virgin saving myself. I didn’t expect to have sex anytime soon, especially not today. So I’m not on birth control.”

I was flabbergasted, how could she take such a chance! Hormones… I know. “We have to get you something….”

“The morning after pill? NO!” Destiny gave me a stern look. “Look, Daddy, that’s a line I won’t cross. Personally, I don’t think that the pill or condoms are all that different from using the rhythm method because they prevent conception. So tomorrow I’m gonna get a prescription for birth control. But I do believe that life begins at conception so no morning-after pill.” She smiled and took my hand. “Relax, Daddy. We used the rhythm method. I won’t be ovulating for about a week. My cycles are usually like clockwork. I’ll be safe until the pills start working.”

While talking about birth control her body language changed subtly, and she played with her hair. A slight luster rose in her eyes as she smiled affectionately. She moved closer to me. “To answer how I feel… Why don’t I show you just how I feel about losing my virginity to you today.” Destiny swung her legs over on top of mine and moved to sit sideways on my lap. Destiny hugged me as she gave me soft, protracted kisses on the corner of my mouth, cheek, ear, and neck. As her kisses trailed across the left side of my face she whispered, “I love you, Daddy, and I can’t wait for you to be inside me again.”

At first, the shock of having my daughter smooching me in public made me freeze. I literally did not know how to react. Her kisses worked back up to the corner of my mouth and her nails skimmed through my hair as her hand snaked over to the right side of my head. She was turning my head towards her face so we could get into a full-blown lip-lock when we heard the clatter of platters on our table. The server looked nonplussed by what was going on in our booth. I guess Uncle Roy’s got a lot of that sort of thing.

Rather sex hikaye than jumping back guiltily Destiny just paused in kissing me and then slid back to my side. “Oh goody, Daddy our food is here! I’m starving.” As she grabbed her silverware, “Does sex always make you so hungry, Daddy?” The server’s eyes widened a bit and a slight smirk quirked his lips. Then I realized that it’s not that uncommon for a girlfriend to call her boyfriend Daddy these days, especially, if he’s older.Too be honest Destiny looked, with the remnants of a blown out hairdo, which was starting to curl up from her sweat, her make-up and the sexy dress she wore, more like a woman on a hot date with her older beau than she did like a daughter eating dinner with her father. The waiter most certainly thought she was my girlfriend, not my daughter. But still.

When the server left, I turned to my daughter who was devouring her stack of pancakes like she hadn’t eaten in a week. “Honey, you need to be more discreet. Especially since we’re out in public.”

She dismissively waved a forkful of syrupy pancakes at me, “Relax, Dad, he doesn’t know we’re related. He probably thinks you’re my handsome sexy, older boyfriend.” Destiny waggled her brows at me. “And I’m not gonna call you by your name, that’s just weird to me. Besides “Tony.” Her eyes twinkled. She was right it did sound weird coming out of her mouth. “You’re the one that told me that people are self-involved and usually aren’t watching you or paying attention to you. Unless you do something out of the ordinary.” With another twinkle, “Maybe I was just trying to fit in with this crowd of post-coital couples. You’re just being hypersensitive because you know I’m sitting here still full of your sperms.”

Great… now all I could think about was my cum… inside my little girl. Her grinning looks at me as she ate told me that she had done that purposely, to keep her and our recent lovemaking foremost in my mind. This combined with soft bumps to my side, her head rested on my shoulder for a second, her leg rubbing against mine maintained a feeling of intimacy between us as we ate. By the time I got through my meal, Destiny had finished hers and ordered some ice cream and some special Valentine desserts. They were heart-shaped red velvet cupcakes, although I wasn’t very hungry by this point Destiny insisted on feeding me one, I guess symbolically giving her heart to me.

Once we got into the car Destiny sat next to me and put her head on my shoulder. She started kissing me romantically. However, when she snapped on the radio, The Power of Love from Back to the Future was playing. Immediately I was flooded with memories of my wife. This was the fifth Valentine’s Day without her. Destiny immediately stopped kissing me and moved away slightly, noticing the change in my demeanor.

“Momma?” I nodded. “I miss her too, Daddy” My daughter moved away and gazed out the window deep in thought.

My wife had been killed five years and two weeks ago in some stupid, senseless act of violence. Some meth head tried to rob a phone store inside our local mall. When mall security had tried to arrest him, the junkie panicked and started blasting away. My wife had been shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift in a shop next door. A stray bullet struck her head and she died instantly,

Although it felt like I’d been shattered beyond belief, for Destiny’s sake I hadn’t wallowed in my grief and tried to live out my life as normally as I could. Yet I now understood I had been blind to just how her death had affected Destiny. Before Desiree’s death, Destiny had planned to become a teaching nun but afterward her mother’s death her focus changed to becoming a forensic scientist. I had thought that it was just her being a teenager influenced by television but she remained committed to the idea all through high school and into college. She maintained great grades and had even gotten a paying internship at the State Crime Lab based near her campus.

The ride home was quiet except for the golden oldies on the radio. Both Destiny and I were thinking about Desiree. However as we were walking into the house I could not stop looking at my daughter not merely as just my sweet baby girl but also as an extremely sexy woman. The way that purple dress clung to her curves was mesmerizing. I don’t know if it was the Viagra that Fiona had slipped me or just Destiny’s innate sexiness but I became aroused again. I put my arm around her and gave her an affectionate squeeze and was rewarded with a sunny smile. And with that our funk faded.

Once inside I grabbed a beer while Destiny dashed off upstairs. She returned with a red envelope and handed it to me with a kiss on my cheek. “This is my Valentine’s Day gift to you.” With a giggle she added, “the one I bought you anyway.” The card was a little bear saying Daddy, I know you’ve loved me since I was born, but I’ve loved you my whole life. In addition to the card was a receipt for a couple’s week at a seaside Inn. “This was meant for you and Fee.” With a wry smile, she said, “I can always see if I can get my money back and get you something else” I looked at my daughter with wonder. How did my little girl grow up so fast? She purchased an expensive gift for a woman she despised just to please me. It had probably taken a couple of months salary at the crime lab.