Kindling the Flames


Rose and I had been roommates living in the same house for about three and a half years. I know; it is a surprise to me as well. To think, we had been living in that house for so long together, and we had not seen each other naked one time, not even by accident. Well, three and a half years is how long it had been and I was startled and thoroughly pleased when it had finally happened. We both were.

It was a Friday, around 5:30 in the afternoon. Rose was supposed to be working the evening shift at the Kodak store on the other side of town that night. I remember this because we were going to attend a graduation party that night. Two more days and we were finally going to graduate from college, my degree in biochemistry and hers in photography. Anyway, when she had requested the day off, her boss had threatened to fire her if she was not there. So I did not expect her to be home when I walked through the door.

It had been a strenuous day. A few of the other graduates and I were working out the final plans for the party, as well as the actual graduation ceremony that was supposed to happen that Sunday. On top of all the brain power we were utilizing, it was like 90 degrees outside and the air conditioner was busted for some reason or another, so I was sweating profusely by the time I finished the walk back to the house. As soon as I walked in the front door, I discarded my shirt without a second thought for decency; it was my house after all. My plan was to grab some clothes and head into the bathroom for a relaxing shower.

I went in my room and took of my pants and walked over to my wardrobe. I took a few seconds to look myself over in the mirror mounted inside to door. My slightly faded pink panties matched my skin tone so well and the way my smooth black hair hung down to brush my supple C-cup breasts made me wonder how many of my fellow students were secretly lusting for me right now. Pushing the thought aside, I grabbed a light dress out of the wardrobe and headed down the hall to the bathroom.

I walked in without knocking; Rose was supposed to be at work after all, so nobody should have been in the house. You would not believe how surprised I was when I opened the door on Rose laying in a bubble bath, the water just covering the hard nipples on her large, firm D-cups. I gasped, startled by the fact that she was home, and she jerked her eyes open and looked at the door, stopping her hand mid motion in whatever she was doing under the water. Quickly I turned and walked out, shutting the door behind me, and walked back down to my room.

A few minutes later, I heard the sound of the tub draining and Rose knocked on my door. I got up, put on a nightgown and answered the door. Rose stood there in a skimpy blue bathrobe. It was rather tight around her chest and the bottom hem barely covered her. Aware my eyes were lingering where they shouldn’t be, I looked away blushing. I headed back and sat on my bed. Rose sat down next to me. “So why aren’t you at work?” I asked; my voice was a little hoarse.

“Teddy Ankara escort fired me.” She growled his name in rage, which I could understand. “I walked in five minutes early and tried again to get today off. He said he’d agree if I had sex with him. I refused.” The fire in her eyes made it clear. She hated the man.

I laughed. “I can make an untraceable accelerant. If you know where the pig lives-” I was interrupted by the ring of the telephone. Rose made motion to go answer it but I stopped her by putting my hand on her bare leg. Startled, I removed my hand; again I looked away blushing. She smiled and sat back down on the bed. “It’s probably Teddy calling, begging to get you back in the business.” I laughed and my humor kindled a different fire in her eyes.

The ringing stopped and the answering machine picked up the call. I recognized Frank’s voice the second he started talking. I also detected the tale-tell slur in his speech warning me he was drunk again and the high pitched giggles of three girls in the background. “Shh,” he whispered to his audience. “Hey Jewel, honey. I think it’s time we moved on with our lives and, you know, like see other people. It’s over.” He hung up the phone and all the humor had left the room.

Rose looked at me and I could feel the tears brimming around my eyes. She gave me a hug and tried to soothe me. “Frank was such a jerk anyway. He didn’t even have the gall to break up with you in person. Things will be O.K. At least you know where he lives; that accelerant could be useful.” I chuckled mirthlessly and brushed her cinnamon colored curls out of my face. Her movements had caused her robe to ride up and exposed her nether region, barely hidden behind her lavender G-string.

I had never been with a woman. I know Rose had a time or two but the temptation had never taken me, not until that day. Rose turned her head and caught sight of my hungry expression in my wardrobe mirror. For the third time in thirty minutes, I turned my blushing face away. This time, however, she grabbed my chin and turned it back to plant her soft, warm lips on mine. She pulled back a few inches but I pushed forward. Our lips met again, more fiercely, and my tongue darted out of my mouth into hers.

Rose pulled her lips away again. “Are you sure you want to do this Jewel?” The husky edge on her voice made it clear she wanted it as bad as I, probably more. “If we do this, it may put a serious strain on our friendship.” When my voice failed me, I nodded, eager to get back to the action. She chuckled. “You do know how long I have dreamed of this moment. I have loved you for so long.” Then she closed her mouth and pressed her lips against mine once again.

I was content to stay at the level of intimacy we were currently at, but Rose had other plans. She pulled away from my yearning lips again and stood up. She walked over to the stereo system I had tucked on the shelf in my wardrobe and turned it on. The CD player automatically played a random song on the last disc that had been playing. “Pour Some Sugar Ankara escort bayan on Me” by Def Leppard.

Rose laughed and started doing a strip tease for me. Slowly she untied the sash on her bathrobe and threw it in my direction. She turned to face away from me and pulled open the robe, shaking her ass in my direction. Slowly she pivoted on her left heel to face me, closing the robe at the same time. Grinning mischievously, she slowly slid the robe down to expose her large breasts, stopping just above the nipples.

Urging her to continue, I slid my hand under the edge of my nightgown. She stalked toward me, each step in time with the music, and leaned in against my face for another kiss. As she stood back up, I caught the top of the robe with my teeth and started pulling it down. With a laugh, she let go of her hold on the robe and it fell on my face then the floor beside my bed. Her erect nipples made my warm vagina even more ready for some physical action.

I stood up and tugged my nightgown over my head. There we both were, roommates for years and friends for even longer, both naked and so ready to make love to each other it was palpable. She was a little intimidating, standing in just her lavender G-string at almost six foot tall with her D-cups. I was around five and a half feet tall, wearing faded pink panties, and a 32 C bust. She was bigger and better than me in every way.

Knowing she had experience, I let her take the reins. She walked around me, studying me from every angle. I have seen her do this before when she was working on a photography project. She was sizing me up; I could almost see the camera in her head taking each and every shot. Suddenly feeling a little self-conscious, I put my hands up to cover my chest. That is when she made her move.

She walked up to me and planted another wet kiss on my lips while grabbing my wrists to move my hands away from my breasts. She kissed me again then moved on down my neck. I shuddered as she hit a sweet spot, and with a breathy sigh she nibbled that spot a few seconds before continuing down to my left tit. Her tongue danced along the areola, teasing my hard nipple and making me even wetter in the south end. She continued the tantalizing tongue dance for what seemed like ten minutes before biting gently on the nipple.

I moaned softly. This was the kind of fantasy I had always wanted to have with a guy, but guys were all business. For them, it was in out done and if I was left feeling unsatisfied that was my loss. Rose bit down a few more times before switching to the right side to repeat the process. When she finally got to biting, I could barely stand. “I’m going to come!” I whispered breathlessly.

She stopped the stimulation almost immediately and smiled. “Now that you are primed, the fun can begin.” She looked me over some more and my body slowly tottered away from the climax. I looked at her, my rather primal expression disappointed and a touch angry. “All in time my love. You will get your full enjoyment out of this little venture tonight.” Escort Ankara With that she resumed the delicate kissing, moving from my painfully erect nipples down across my belly to my navel.

The stimulation started again. The heat between my legs came back with more vigor and demand than it had before when I was near breaking point. She stopped kissing m body again, letting me teeter on the edge for a few seconds, then moved down to my moist panties. She pecked hard against my lips then bit the lacy lining. Rose started to tug my underwear of and I eagerly assisted her in the endeavor.

There I stood, completely naked with my best friend on her knees staring hungrily at my hot and moist crotch. Reverently, she reached her hand up to brush the small tuft of hair I left above my pussy then buried her face in. I nearly melted immediately. My knees started to shake slightly and Rose reached up and grabbed them to steady me. As her actions down there intensified, we gave up and I fell back on the bed. She climbed on top of me and went back to work. “Flip around,” I said, breathlessly eager. She looked at me curiously then caught on to my meaning. She climbed on top of me; her crotch was in front of me while she took of the G-string then lay on top of me. Rose resumed her oral assault on my cavity and I started my own on hers. I didn’t really know what I was doing but I was aware of what she was doing and how much I liked it so I tried to mirror her. After a few unsuccessful attempts at finding her spot, she finally gasped and I knew I was doing it right.

We continued our torrential tongue tornados around each other’s clits for a few minutes and I finally came. My body shook slightly and I could feel her body quake too. I pulled away and her juices leaked out of her onto my chin. She let out a moan she had been holding for the duration and I sighed as well. This was the best sex I had ever had, and it was thanks to my best friend.

Afterward, we went in and took a shower together. As we washed each other, Rose looked at me seriously. “You know how much I love you, right Jewel?” The tone in her voice made it clear she had loved me for a while, maybe years. That would explain why she was hardly ever in a relationship for more than a few weeks.

I gazed into the emerald depths of her eyes. “I love you too Rose.” As I said it, I knew it was the truth. Over the years, the love had been piling up like logs being prepared for a bonfire. Frank breaking up with me, and the mutual lust we had for each other, had been the sparks that had set the pile ablaze. I had been in love with her for probably as long as she had with me. We got out of the shower and walked back into my room to towel down and dress. I caught sight of the clock on the wall and laughed. “Well, it seems we are going to be late for the party.”

She looked at the clock as well. It read 7:39; the party started at 7:30. “Hmm. We could always skip the party and have our own here.” She smiled mischievously.

I considered it for a few minutes. “That sounds like so much fun, but I am hungry and I want to rub you in Frank’s face.” My own mischievous grin spread across my face and we headed out the door, hand in hand. We had been best friends for years and now we were lovers.