Kate and Nate


Author Note:

Not sure where this story fits in terms of Literotica categories, Incest, First Time, or Romance so I submitted the question to them. They can determine where it shows up.



Dad was getting remarried.

Mom died five years ago from cancer. I never thought he’d remarry because he was shy but he met a lady named Libby at work and they clicked. A year later they decided to move in together. I didn’t hear about Libby for a while because their romance developed slowly and I didn’t know they were serious until a few months ago.

Libby left her husband because he was verbally abusive, especially when he drank, and unfortunately, he drank a lot. He abused her until she had enough. Libby and her daughter Kate lived in an apartment and we had a house so they were moving in with us.

It turned out that Kate and I went to the same high school. We were both eighteen and in our senior year. Dad showed me a picture of Kate and I recognized her. She wasn’t in any of my classes though and I didn’t know her.

She reminded me of a mousy bookworm type. Her sandy brown hair was always in a bun and she had thick black glasses. Some girls dressed to thrill with skin-tight clothes but I don’t remember noticing Kate’s body. She obviously had a body but she didn’t dress to show it and I never noticed her boobs or butt or legs. I never saw her smile or hang around with other people and she always had her head down. It was like she was trying to be invisible.

Libby was at our house quite a bit before she moved in and I liked her. She was very warm and I could tell dad liked her. I was happy for him. Kate never came over once though. Dad told me she was protective towards her mom after her abusive dad and was concerned about her mom remarrying. Dad was the most gentle guy on the planet and wouldn’t hurt a fly but Kate didn’t know that. I guess having an abusive dad made you cautious.

Saturday was the big day. Libby and Kate were moving in. I’d seen enough of Libby to know I’d get along fine with her. But I wasn’t sure about Kate who was frosty at school and was anxious about her mom remarrying. I guess I’d find out soon enough.



The move was easy. Mom and I didn’t have a lot of stuff and Nate and his dad Kyle handled all the heavy stuff. Nate and his dad were friendly but I had my guard up because of my experience with dad.

It took me a while but I gradually started to relax around Kyle.

Dad was always scowling, about one thing or another but Kyle was easygoing and smiled a lot. He never raised his voice about anything and was always gentle with mom and me. One day he made us stop on the sidewalk until a caterpillar finished crossing. It was just a little thing but I noticed it. Dad would have squashed it with relish. Kyle’s compassion impressed me.

Dad expected mom to be a traditional wife and do the cooking and cleaning and child-rearing. Mom was good at the last two but not a good cook. To be honest, she was a terrible cook and burned meals regularly. She wasn’t dumb but was somewhat scatterbrained.

When dad was sober he scowled but when he was drunk he flew off the handle. So when the kitchen filled up with smoke at Kyle’s I ran downstairs in a panic waiting for Kyle to blow up. I was ready to protect mom but he just smiled and turned the burner off and looked at the blackened food. Mom arrived seconds later. The kitchen was full of smoke. She’d been talking to a neighbor outside and got distracted. Mom looked alarmed, but when Kyle grinned, and said, “Want to go out for supper tonight?”, she relaxed and so did I. That would have triggered a major explosion with dad but Kyle just shrugged it off.

Mom continued to ‘brown’ the food until Kyle and Nate intervened and started making supper. I asked mom about the change and she said Kyle cooked after his wife died and asked if she’d mind if he made supper. Mom didn’t mind at all and neither did I. Kyle and Nate were better cooks than mom. I actually started looking forward to supper and was impressed that Nate could cook. Some of the meals they made were delicious and I asked if they could show me how to make them. Nate showed me and it was easy and I didn’t burn them. Now Nate and Kyle and I take turns making supper.

Mom got in a car accident. It wasn’t her fault and the damage was minor, but I was on pins and needles waiting for Kyle to freak out, but the first thing he did was ask if mom was okay and looked visibly relieved when she said she was fine. Then he said, “Accidents happen. I’m just glad you’re okay,” and gave her a hug. Amazing!

Mom knew how to drive when she met dad but after they married he discouraged her. It was a control issue. If mom didn’t have wheels then he could control where she went and who she saw. She always had to tell dad where she was going and who she was seeing when she went out. Mom is good looking şişli escort and I think dad was paranoid about mom cheating on him even though she never gave him any reason to think that.

Kyle was the exact opposite. He encouraged mom to do whatever she wanted and see friends. Mom is very social and blossomed under her newfound freedom. I was pleased to see her so happy.

I was always paranoid about what version of dad would arrive home, and I became an expert at detecting when he was drunk. His eyes got red and he had a mean look on his face. Fortunately, Kyle didn’t drink. And he was always pleasant when he got home and always smiled when he saw mom and kissed her. It was such a pleasant change from what I was used to.

There were other positive differences between Kyle and dad and after a while, I stopped worrying. I think the kicker was listening to mom and Kyle giggle. I don’t know what they giggled about but it never happened with dad and I’d never seen mom giggle. Ever. It was heartwarming. I wasn’t used to parents giggling and it felt good.



Mom and I didn’t worry about what we wore in front of each other at our apartment. We were both female and often wore little, especially when it was hot.

But I wasn’t going to wear tube tops and panties and let my hair down in front of Kyle and Nate. I didn’t know them and I wasn’t used to having a brother.

So I dressed for school in my room with my hair up and my non-sexual clothing. I let my hair down on the weekend but refrained from wearing anything brief. Hey! I didn’t know them. At least not at first. Plus, it was weird having a brother.

I remembered seeing Nate hang around with a bunch of nerdy-looking guys at school and assumed he was a geek. But he was nice once I got to know him.

He was tall, over six feet, and a bit gangly looking. He wore beat-up jeans and t-shirts to school but he had gorgeous hair. It was thick and straight and glossy and jet black and hung past his shoulders. I loved his hair and he had Husky blue eyes. What a great combo! I couldn’t do long hair because mine was thin and looked straggly when it got long. I was envious of his hair and wanted to touch it to see how it felt but that would be inappropriate.

Nate hung around with guys who played computer games and had zero interaction with females but the few times I met them they were nice enough. Plus, I didn’t judge people on social skills because I was awkward around males due to my dad being a prick. I know that sounds harsh but you wouldn’t think so if you knew him.

Nate was cautious around me at first but I think it was because I came into the house with a pickle up my ass. When Kyle and Nate turned out to be nice I started to relax and Nate warmed up to me.

Nate and Kyle were super polite. Nate never entered my room without asking which is good because I would have reacted poorly. He asked if I wanted to walk to school together. It was nice having someone to go to school with and we got to know each other better.

After mom became a driving regular she encouraged me to get my license. Nate offered to take me out to practice which I appreciated. But parallel parking didn’t go well and I backed the wheels over the curb numerous times. I was so conditioned to expect an outburst that I tensed up but Nate smiled and patted my knee.

“Parallel parking is hard. No damage done.”

I’ll never forget that day. It was so nice being with someone who was so easygoing. And it was the first time Nate touched me, even if it was only my knee. I thought about how I liked being around him, that night in bed. His smile, his easy-going manner, and long lustrous black hair. And I loved being able to drive!

Did I mention that Nate wasn’t inhibited, like I was, about what he wore in front of me? He wore shorts. They weren’t short but they were short enough that I could see he had nice legs. And he wore sleeveless t-shirts. They weren’t tight but I could see he had broad shoulders, a flat tummy, and a nice chest. And I loved his long black glossy hair even if he never styled it. He was pretty easy on the eyes.



Kate’s face looked severe when her hair was in a tight bun and she wore thick frame black glasses but she looked completely different with her hair down and no glasses. She was pretty. She had hazel eyes and fine wavy sandy brown hair that went to her shoulders. Her hair was so fine that the least bit of wind messed it up. She told me that’s why she put it in a bun to go to school.

It took a while but I started to see more of her body as she warmed up and she had a very nice body under the unflattering clothes she wore to school. She had her mom’s curvy figure.

I was super careful not to stare at her boobs and butt but when she started wearing shorts and t-shirts it was hard not to notice. I thought I was screwed when she caught me staring at her ass one day but she just mecidiyeköy escort smiled. Whew!

I was less careful after that and she smiled more often. I guess she didn’t mind me looking at her.

One day Kate was cutting the lawn (we took turns) and my friends came over and saw her in short shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt with her hair down and mirror sunglasses. It was a hot day and her clothes were sticking to her sweaty skin. She looked hot.

My friends gathered to look out my bedroom window to gawk at her.

“Holy shit! Is that Kate? She sure looks a lot better than at school!” Billy said.

“What the hell, Nate! You never told us Kate was a hottie! Look at her ass in those shorts!” Simon exclaimed.

“Ya, Nate! Look how her t-shirt is sticking to her tits! I didn’t know she had nice tits! Have you hit on her yet? I would in a heartbeat!” Tom bragged which was a joke but he’d never been out with a girl. The only thing more active than Tom’s mouth was his stroke hand.

I smiled. “Fuck you guys! Of course, I haven’t hit on her! She’s my sister.”

They all shook their heads at me.

Simon exclaimed. “Wrong! She’s not your sister man. She’s a step-sibling. You’re not related biologically. It’s okay to sleep with her.”

“Give me a break. She had a rough life. Her dad used to abuse her mom and she was super reserved when she first moved in. She doesn’t like guys in general. She’s only just started to relax around dad and me.”

“Tell her to come to my place and I’ll relax her!” Billy bragged with a smirk.

I shook my head. “Billy you’d shit your pants if she even looked at you! You’ve never even been on a date except with your hand!”

The guys laughed, including Billy who grinned at me. “You gotta start somewhere bro!”

Billy took a long gaze at Kate and then Kate looked up and waved, and Billy literally hit the floor. We all broke out laughing.

“Way cool Billy! What a stud you are! A girl looks at you and you collapse!”

We went back to chatting and then Kate showed up about ten minutes later. Her skin glistened with sweat and her shorts and top were plastered to her skin and looked painted on.

She grinned, “Have a good look, guys?”

My friends froze like deers in headlights.

Kate smirked at me. “Aren’t you going to introduce your friends?”

I introduced each tongue-tied moron and Kate shook their hands and then smiled at me and said she was going to have a shower. She sashayed out of the room swaying her hips so wide I’m surprised she didn’t fall over. I loved Kate’s ass and she knew it and started to tease me which I didn’t mind at all. She was definitely getting more friendly.



I didn’t have any male friends because dad tainted my feelings toward guys. I vowed no male would ever hurt me which likely gave a bad vibe to any potential suitors.

But I had a female friend named Macy from the library where I worked part-time. She was a few years older than me and more worldly which wasn’t hard. I never invited her to my place though because I never knew what dad would be like.

When mom and I fled, we moved to a small one-bedroom apartment because mom had a secretarial job and didn’t make a lot of money, and we weren’t getting any money from dad. We decided it was more important that dad not know where we were than getting support money from him which he likely wouldn’t pay anyway. Because we only had one bedroom I had to sleep with mom or sleep on the couch so I never had Macy over because I was embarrassed about my living arrangement.

But Nate and Kyle had a big house and I had my own room and it was big! And my new house had a pool. Did you notice I said ‘my’ new house? It felt like ‘my’ house because Nate and Kyle made me feel so welcome.

I asked Kyle if it was okay if I had Macy over and he smiled at me and patted my hand. “Honey, of course, you can have your friend over and you don’t need to ask. This is your house now. Okay?”

It was more than okay. It was wonderful but I couldn’t tell Kyle because it was the first time a male called me ‘honey’ and touched me and I choked up and my eyes started to water. Kyle noticed and gave me a hug which was another first. By the time he let go there was a streak of tears down my face which he wiped away with his finger and smiled.

“This is your place Kate and you can do whatever you want. Okay?”

“Okay,” I croaked like a blubbering fool.

The library I worked at was going to throw out some old wall pictures that I liked and I asked if I could have them. They said yes.

But I wasn’t sure if it was okay to punch holes in my bedroom wall to hang the pictures so I asked Nate. He said no problem.

Nate offered to hang my pictures which I appreciated but I wanted to do it myself.

“Can you show me how to do it?”

Nate smiled. “Sure.”

We went to the garage where Nate and Kyle had their tools. Nate grabbed something istanbul escort that looked like a screwdriver with a pointy end.

“This is what we’ll use to punch a hole in the drywall for the lag.”

“What’s a lag?”

“A lag is a piece of plastic or metal that you push in the hole. He showed me one. Then you screw a screw into the lag which expands the lag against the drywall to provide a secure fit which allows you to hang something heavy like a picture on the screw.”

He showed me the screws and said they had a Robertson head which had a square indentation in the head. He said there were other types of screw heads like flathead, Phillips, etc and that they had screwdrivers for all the common types of screw heads.

We took the stuff to my bedroom and I punched a hole in the wall for the lag. Nate said the hole needed to be big enough for the lag but small enough to be snug. It was easy. After I created the hole I pushed the lag in so that it was flush with the wall. Then I used my Robertson screwdriver to screw in my Robertson screw. Easy! Then I hung my picture.

Then I repeated the process for my other picture and stood back and looked at my work.

“They look nice,” Nate said.

They did look nice and I felt proud and pleased as punch. Nate was smiling at me and he looked really good. I felt impulsive and had wanted to have an excuse to touch him for a while so I went for it and gave him a hug. I thanked him for being so nice to me in general and helping me with my pictures. My normal reserved self took hold a few seconds later and I pulled back embarrassed but Nate didn’t seem upset. In fact, he was smiling and there was something in his eyes. They were staring at me in a serious kind of way which gave me goosebumps.

I toddled off to the garage to put the hole puncher and screwdriver back because Nate said it was important to put the tools back in the proper place or else Kyle would get irritated if he couldn’t find them. I’d never seen Kyle irritated and he was so easygoing I couldn’t imagine it would be anything like my dad’s irritation. Either way, I didn’t want to irritate Kyle since he’d been so nice to me.

It was Saturday and my big day to have Macy over for a swim. The weather had been hot and I’d been using the pool a lot and had a nice tan. Kyle showed me how to maintain the pool. Everything was so easy with Kyle and Nate. They showed you stuff and made sure you understood and didn’t get mad if you didn’t. I didn’t feel afraid to admit I didn’t understand something like I did with dad.

I checked with Nate to make sure his friends weren’t coming over to use the pool. They were okay but I wanted it to be a ‘me’ day with Macy. It was my first time having a friend over and I wanted it to go well.

I decided my old one-piece bathing suit wouldn’t do. I wanted to look good so I went out shopping with mom and bought a two-piece bikini. It was skimpy but no shorter than mom’s bikini so I knew how it would look because we had similar builds. I felt a bit exposed looking in the mirror but mom told me it looked good which put my mind at ease.

I kept wondering what Nate would think of my new bikini. I wasn’t buying it for him but I couldn’t stop thinking about what he’d think. It wasn’t the first time. I often thought about what Nate would think when I dressed. I never wore my hair in a bun around him anymore. I always let it down and he said it looked better which pleased me.

I hadn’t reverted to dressing in skimpy t-shirts and shorts or panties like I did when it was just mom and me. I didn’t think it was appropriate to wear underwear in front of Kyle. But I had stopped wearing my baggy sexless school clothes at home. A thrill of excitement ran through me when I noticed Nate’s friends ogling me while I cut the lawn. I liked that they were looking at me.

I especially liked it when I caught Nate looking at me. In the past, if I was in doubt about whether to wear something briefer or fuller I erred on the side of fuller. But lately, my mind was thinking about Nate and my hand always seemed to go for the briefer top or shorts. Then I’d walk by Nate to see how he reacted. My ego puffed up like a peacock when Kyle stared at me. I loved the way his eyes looked when he stared at me. I was really starting to think about Nate a lot!

Nate answered the door when Macy arrived. He told her where my room was. Nate hadn’t seen my new bikini yet. Macy and I changed into our swimsuits and then walked by Nate on the way to the pool. Nate was trying not to stare but I could feel his eyes burning holes in my butt and turned around and smiled at him. His eyes looked different again and a naughty thrill of excitement coursed through my body. I wasn’t used to being the object of male attention. In fact, I deliberately dressed to avoid male attention at school. But it was different with Nate. I knew him and liked him and liked his attention.

Macy and I jumped in the pool. It was a stinking hot humid day and the water felt great.

“You didn’t tell me Nate was so handsome! I love his long black hair and cute face! And those blue eyes! He looks sexy without even trying and was polite at the door. Did you feel him staring at us when we walked to the pool?”