Just my little girl and me camping (2)


Reading part one first would be most benificial for any of this to make sense. Just a warning!Excerpt from part one: “There, nothing like a kiss to make it all better.” Bailey said as she stood up in front of me so I could take in more of her incredible naked form and took a long swig from her wine glass. “Would you like another beer now?” “Oh fuck baby that was incredible. Yeah, I would love a beer.” “I thought you might. Mom told me that you would be thirsty after cumming.” Part Two   “What the fuck are you talking about?” I asked Bailey as she handed me a beer and sat down on the ground between my legs to watch the fire. “What did your mom say to you?” “She just said that you would be thirsty after you came so I was supposed to get you a beer.” “Yeah, I heard that part. But what do you mean?” “I mean that mom knew that you and I would end up this way so she offered some tips and tricks. In fact, she was the one that set this whole thing up. She even rented the other six sites in this area to make sure that you and I would be alone for the entire weekend. That’s really gonna suck when you get your Visa bill for that! It was supposed to be the three of us but that damn computer problem took care of that.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole idea of my wife willingly allowing our daughter and me to have sex and was completely unsure of the whole thing. I pushed Bailey forward a little bit so that I could get up to get my cell phone from my truck. “Here daddy” Bailey said as I made the motion to move. “I’ll get your phone for you so that you can check it out istanbul travesti for yourself.” She must have been reading my mind as I watched her get up and go to my truck. I couldn’t help but stare at her sexy tight ass as she walked away from me and then ogle her perky tits and bare pussy on her return trip. She handed me the tiny cell phone and sat again between my legs but this time turned to the side so she could watch me. This position of hers put her face a mere two or three inches from my butter slathered cock and her hands rested on my inner thighs. ‘What did you do?’ was the first of many texts that I sent to my wife. Her response to the first one was simple… ‘Giving you and your little girl some quality time to really get to know each other.’ As Kim and I texted back and forth, Bailey saw that my beer was empty and went and got me another beer and refilled her wineglass at the same time. Before she sat back down again, she tossed a few more logs onto the fire and then sat on my left leg facing the fire. I sent a few more texts and got a few more shocking reply’s before Bailey slid back a bit and straddled my leg a bit more as she reached forward to poke the fire around with a long stick. I could feel her pussy on the bare skin of my leg as she bounced around ever so slightly. Kim finally told me that she loved me and to have a great weekend. With that closing statement, I closed my phone and gave it to Bailey to put away for me. I was looking at her ass when she got up off my knee and saw that her pussy was wet and swollen istanbul travestileri in the firelight. There was even a small wet spot on my leg from her pussy dripping on me and I felt my cock twitch. “So? Was I, as you would say, full of shit daddy? “No baby, you weren’t. But are you sure that this is something that you want?” “Oh yes daddy, I’ve wanted this for a long time and mom and me have talked about it a lot for the past year, ever since I went on the pill. Mom really wanted to be here too but we both know that didn’t work out.” I motioned for her to come to me and sit on my knee again and she did just that. I felt her wetness against my leg again as her body melded to mine. As I reached out and pulled her down for a kiss, my hand naturally gravitated to her perky breasts. I could feel the hardness of her excited nipple as my thumb grazed over the nub. Our kiss became more intense the more that I rubbed and caressed her tits and nipples. My cock was rock hard as Bailey slid further down my leg until her ass was nestled firmly in my crotch. There was no way that she couldn’t feel the hardness poking her in the back. Bailey grabbed my right hand and pulled it off her nipple and pulled it down her body until I could feel the wetness and heat of her pussy. We never broke our kiss as she pushed two of my fingers against her wet slit willing them to go in on their own. I finally relented and began to push. They slid in easily considering the amount of slick lube she was emanating. I couldn’t believe that I had two of my own travesti fingers knuckles deep in my daughter’s cunt and that she was helping me force them in. I let my two fingers be pushed all the way into her tight wet pussy as my thumb found her clitoris and began to strum it gently. Bailey let out a low moan when my two inserted fingers found her g-spot and began a stimulating massage all the while keeping up with my manipulation of her engorged clit. It didn’t take long for her to tense up and let go with an ear shattering orgasm that could have been heard back at home a hundred and forty miles away. Her juices flooded my fingers and ran down the crack of her sensuous ass to form a puddle on my leg and crotch. My cock has never been harder as I held her through her mind blowing orgasm trying desperately to keep her firmly seated on my lap. A few seconds passed as the ripples began to fade away before I began another assault on her privates again. “Oh fuck daddy.” She whimpered “you need to stop for a while. My pussy needs a rest.” “Anything for you baby doll.” I said as she got up on very wobbly knees. “I need to refill my wineglass. Do you want a beer?” “Sure baby.” She trailed her hand down the length of my cock as she got up and made her way to the camper on unsteady legs. Her nipples were rock hard and almost glowing in the dim light cast by the fire and her pussy was wet and swollen. She returned a moment later with a glass of wine for herself and a beer for me and sat back again on my left knee. Bailey took a long sip of her wine as I did the same with my bottle of beer before she got off my lap and sank to her knees before me. I felt her hot breath on the tip of my dripping cock just before she took the head in her mouth and began to slowly suck on me. But I had other things on my mind. I gently pulled Bailey off my swollen cock and got up.