Jay, The Gym and Sexercise Ch. 8 Bear Gets Blown Away

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As I sat cuddling with Stretch on their broken-down sofa, I couldn’t help reflect that my life was great. My body felt great. University was great. Sex with Stretch was great. And all that other kinky sex shit was over the top, fucking fantastic!I was almost lost in my thoughts when Bear walked into the room carrying an invitation card.”Jay,” Bear said, “Where do you get your hair cut?””I usually go to a small place downtown, but it is often difficult to get an appointment. Why do you ask?””One of my colleagues from the university got engaged and he is throwing a party this weekend. I thought every couple of years I should get my hair trimmed,” Bear said with a laugh as he played with the long messy strands of shoulder-length hair.”Bear, I know someone who would be perfect for you,” I said reflecting on recent past events. “And unless I am mistaken, I might be able to get her to come over here,”I usually prefer a guy.””Trust me, if Sheila is available, I am sure you will be more than pleased.”Listening to the conversation, Stretch enquired. “Who is Sheila?””Sheila is someone Juice and I met through George, a guy that Juice is training at the gym. Let me see if I can set this up.”Moving to a quiet part of the apartment, I pulled out Sheila’s business card from my wallet. Dialing her number, I said, “Hey Sheila, this Jay, we met a little while back with my friend Juice, if you remember?””Of course I remember, you delicious young stud. Did you decide to accept my invitation for drinks and videos? Please tell me that’s the reason you called.””Not exactly Sheila, but I do have an opportunity that might interest you.”I proceeded to give Sheila a little background about Bear and his need for grooming. She became a lot more interested when I told her he was a six-foot-four bodybuilder.”Stretch, my girlfriend, would likely be around so I would appreciate it if we could keep the details of our original meeting confidential.””Jay, not to worry, I never kiss and tell.”I gave Sheila a few more details along with the address. “See you tomorrow evening.”Moving back into the living room, “Bear, it is all arranged. Sheila will be here tomorrow evening. I will introduce you two.””Much appreciated Jay, but if she fucks up, I coming şişli escort after you,” Bear sneered in a manner that made me unsure if he was kidding or serious.At seven o’clock the following day, we heard a knock on the door.”Come in Sheila,” opening the door.With shortness of breath, Sheila gave me kisses on each cheek. “Jay, if you told me there were so many steps I wouldn’t have worn my heels, you naughty boy. And you must be Stretch. Jay told me you were attractive but he must be the king of the understatement. You are absolutely gorgeous.”Admiring Stretch’s beautiful blonde hair as Sheila delivered the two kiss welcome, “It is not hard to see why you are the sunshine of Jay’s love, you lucky girl. In my world, you would be an ‘A’ lister.””In what world would that be?” Stretch inquired.Being coy, “Kind of a modeling agency,” Sheila responded not wanting to dwell on the subject matter.Sheila was moving through the room with all the calmness of a tornado. Asking a series of questions and not giving anyone time to respond before asking the next one.Sheila is six feet tall without heels and with heels. She was a bit shorter than Bear. She was wearing a faded pair of blue skinny jeans over her four-inch stilettos. The jeans highlighted her long legs and tight ass. Her top was a peach blouson camisole which covered her large breasts yet when tucked in, highlighted her tiny waist.The sheerness of the material exposed the lacy bra she wore underneath. Her long flowing hair fell loosely over her shoulders, and unlike the first time we meet, her makeup was fresh and subtle. Large hoop earrings completed the look that would be welcome on any Cosmopolitan magazine page.Shelia moved around the room with the lightness of air. Turning to Bear, she said, “My, my, my, you must be Bear. Jay said you were a big guy, but I didn’t envisage such a mountain of a man. You can be my Samson and I’ll be your Delilah, but with one exception. You won’t lose your strength when I cut your hair.”With that comment, Sheila moved closer to touch the texture of Bear’s hair. The other hand was placed squarely on Bear’s massive chest as if to absorb some of his strength through contact.Bear, who is usually not at a loss for words, seemed confused şişli escort bayan at the whirlwind that Sheila had created around him. He had never stood eye to eye with a woman before. Though gay for many years, Shelia’s hand on his chest stirred some emotion in his cock.Sheila continued to dominate the conversation. Holding out her large bag filled with the tools of the trade, “So where do I set up?”Trying to respond before Sheila asked further questions, “We placed a chair on the balcony. It is a nice warm evening and you should have the sun for a while.””Excellent, Jay. Now you can take off with your sexy girlfriend for a couple of hours. Shelia has her work cut out for her, turning this mass of marble into a sculpture to compete with Michelangelo’s David.”Turning to Bear, “Okay Honey Bear, lead me to the balcony.””Sheila, it is just Bear.””It may be Bear to start, but when Sheila finishes with you, it will be Honey Bear.” And with that comment, Sheila took Bear’s hand, waiting to be lead to the outdoors.Stretch and I said our goodbyes as we closed the door and headed down the stairs.Stretch looked at me with an air of confusion. “What happened in there? I think Sheila should change her name to Storm with the whirlwind he/she creates. Sheila is a guy, isn’t she?””Besides the cock, Sheila is all woman. Did you see Bear react when she touched his chest? Besides, Sheila is good at what she does. I’m crossing my fingers hoping this all works out.”Changing the subject, I said, “So, junkie Chinese food?””Sounds perfect,” as Stretch pressed her body against mine and wrapped her arm around my waist as we headed off to the restaurant.~~~Bear was ill at ease and he escorted Sheila to the balcony and sat down in the chair. “I thought you would trim the ends and level it out a bit.””You need to relax. You are way too tense, ” Sheila’s fingers began to massage his neck and shoulders. “Sheila has a vision. Trust me, I know what I am doing.”Although he enjoyed the momentary massage by Sheila’s strong fingers, Bear was anything but relaxed. The loud click of the electric clippers and many clumps of hair falling to the ground only increased his anxiety.”I guess I am getting more than a trim?” Bear said in a rather despondent mecidiyeköy escort tone.Sheila, covering Bear’s eyes and pressing his head to nestle between her breasts, calmly spoke, “Sweetheart, I know that I am a bit of a kook, but I am good at what I do. I have a vision for you that goes beyond your unkempt hair and beard. Trust me; you will see a change, but a change for the better.” With that comment, Sheila began to run her thumbs around Bear’s temples to try to induce some degree of relaxation.Looking down at the piles of hair cluttering the floor, saying to himself, ‘I guess the major damage has already done, I might as well wait for the final result.’With that thought, his body relaxed, and his breathing became deeper.Sheila continued to flutter around fine-tuning the look with a pair of scissors. “Close your eyes,” as Sheila sprayed product into Bear’s hair and ran her fingers through his freshly cropped hairdo.Shelia was standing in front of Bear, her large breasts inches from his face. He was rather enjoying the feel of her hands over his scalp.”Part one finished,” Sheila finally said. “Now, part two!””Part two?””I love your beard, but we need to take it back a couple of inches and sculpt the edges.” With that comment, Sheila again took out the electric razor and clicked on an attachment to yield the desired height.As Sheila focused on Bear’s beard, Bear focused on Sheila’s face. A face that made you believe that you could instantly bond and become a friend with this person. It was chiseled like a man’s, but yet the eyebrows, eyelids, and full lips where all womanly. Bear had known some crossdressers and watched drag shows, but this was the first time he was so close to a transgender person or any person as beautiful as Sheila.Bear was caught off-guard when he realized Sheila was looking directly into his eyes. “A penny for your thoughts, sweetheart?”Not wanting to reveal his emotions, Bear cut the tension. “Do you have a mirror?”Sheila went into her bag and came out with a handheld mirror. Placing it in front of him, she waited for a reaction.Bear’s reaction was slow. It was as if he was looking at someone else’s photograph. The long hair and beard had been part of his persona for so many years, that the current image didn’t connect with him. His sideburns and over his ears were shaved. The top of his hair was short, with a loose part on the side. His beard was tightly trimmed with his neck and upper cheeks clean of any hair.