It’s About Time Ch. 02

Big Tits

Having just fulfilled a long time fantasy of sucking a cock and having a load of cum shot on my face my friends suggested we take a break and have a few more drinks before my next lesson. It turns out that Tony and Rob were into what they called flip flop where both would either top or bottom during anal sex. Again as I had mentioned in my first story, in my fantasy I was always on the receiving end of all the actions. This held true about any anal action as well.

Tony’s play room had a display of many anal play toys and he had promised to use a few on me before the evening was over. I told Tony one of my fantasies had been to have my ass pounded while sucking on a hard dick. He said that he and Rob would also make that wish come true but he first wanted to loosen my ass up with a few of his toys. He had me hop up on the bed a get on my knees and bend forward. He used a special lube he had that made the entry of his first toy, a thin vibrator, go in painlessly. It felt great, I loved the massaging effect of the vibrations. The next toy was a larger and longer deneme bonusu veren siteler rubber dildo. This one filled me up and with his manual stimulation to my prostate I dribbled a little cum out of my flaccid dick. After several minutes of this action I was more than ready for my first real cock.

Rob came back into the playroom and asked if he could join in on the fun. Tony had a nice size cock but Rob’s was a little larger both in length and girth. The dildo Tony had been using on me was large but still not up to Rod’s standards but that’s the cock I wanted to take my asses virginity. Rob had me roll over onto my back and move my ass over to the edge of the bed. He placed some over size pillows under my ass to elevated it to just the right height for his penetration. He asked me if I objected to taking him raw dog to which I replied not if he could assure me he was HIV- which he did. I told him in that case it’s just how I had always wanted it, to feel the hot load shot deep in my bowels was part of the fantasy. With that he added some lube to his hard shaft and honed in on my waiting man hole. He was gentle as he pushed the head past the opening and slowly beginning adding more and more of his cock into my virgin ass. Thanks to Tony’s warm up it his cock went in without the least bit of pain and soon it was in to the max. He slowly withdrew almost to completion and then drove it back to the bottom without hesitation. He picked up the pace and soon was fucking my ass the way I had always wanted and I loved it.

I’m not sure what I liked the most on my first gay encounter the cock sucking cum shots to the face or having my ass pounded. Tony had been watching me taking his partners dick in my virgin ass and reminded me of my fantasy to suck dick and get fucked at the same time, I sure he wanted to play too. I told him I’m more than ready and you tell me what position to assume. He had me return to my hands and knees like before and he slid under me to expose his dick to my face while Rod got onto the bed behind me on his knees. As I opened my mouth and took Tony’s cock into my mouth and Rob entered my ass from behind another fantasy had been fulfilled. I gave Tony one hell of a blow job, licking the shaft, sucking the head, and giving a deep throat his entire shaft. Rob continued to pound away in my ass until he was ready to give me his load, he moaned that he was going to cum and with that shot a hot load of his man juice into my waiting ass. He had just begun shooting when Tony shot his load into my sucking mouth. It was my first load I had taken in either holes and it was all I had thought it would be. I swallowed Tony’s load and savored the feeling of Rob’s load in my ass.

By now the clock on the wall was reading 2 AM and lucky for me no one was expecting me home for the night. We all agreed I should spend the night and maybe do a return performance in the morning which was fine with me. We showered and hit the bed for a little rest. Odd but the entire evening I never got off, ejaculation, but did by acting out these fantasies. Tony promised me a blowjob in the morning which I accepted.

It looks like I found a couple of friends that I can play out my gay side with and maybe make it easier to get the balls needed to broaden my gay side with others.