In My Ass


So, I’m a normal teenaged kid. I’m a stoner, 5’6 long blonde hair blue eyes. I just turned nineteen in september this year. I started becoming curious about other guys in the ninth grade. I have memories of sitting in class, wishing my teacher would keep me after class and fuck my face. It was always just fantasies though, and I dated girls regularly. I was not a virgin when I finally decided to go for it one day, about two years ago. I posted a craiglist ad, my parents had left me home for a week alone and I could host. After a few days of reading the emails from many horny men across the city, I wasn’t sure if I was going to go through with it or not, and didn’t have a certain person picked out either.

I woke up one day to see I had a friend request and a message on Facebook, apparently this guy Andy saw my first and last name from my email and searched me on Facebook. He said we had a friend in common, a girl I had once worked with and she was a few years older than me, and he was nineteen. He left his number and said to hit him up. I spent the morning wondering what to do, I was in the closet Etiler Escort and scared someone knew who I was. I figured fuck it, and called him. He was very nice on the phone, and asked for my address saying I looked cute and he wanted to see me. He was on his way in five minutes. 😉

I was a nervous wreck when he was on the way, wondering what to do and what to say. I saw his truck pull in my driveway and I almost peed my pants. He came to the door and I opened it saying “Hey”. He came inside and I asked him if he wanted anything to drink, he said he was fine. I lead him in back to my families living room. We sat on the couch next to each other, and i looked over at him. From that moment I do not know what took over me but I felt like i knew exactly what to do. I reached for his cock and started to massage it through his jeans, squeezing and rubbing. He leaned in to kiss me, and that surprised me. I didn’t know exactly how to react but I went with it. Next thing I know his cock and my cock are out, and we are stroking each other. I ask if i can suck his cock, and he replies “go for Escort Etiler it sexy”. I grasped his nice, eight inch cock and started massaging it, while licking the head and shaft. As soon as I got my mouth around his cock, He grabbed my head and started moving me up and down his cock. I loved it, I was encouraging him as much as possible. He stood up and started fucking my throat, I couldn’t breathe at some points but I loved it. After about ten minutes of face fucking he pulled out and said let’s 69.

We repositioned so he was on bottom and I was on top. I started sucking his cock with a vengeance, and I felt him sucking on my cock head. I continued and loved the feeling he was giving me when all of a sudden he grabbed my body and pulled my ass to his face. His beard tickled my ass, and his tongue felt AMAZING as he licked my ass, and pried his fingers into my virgin butt. This continued for a while before I took his cock out of my mouth and said “Fuck me”.

I got off of him and he had me bend over on my coffee table while he spread lube in my ass and on his cock head. As Etiler Escort Bayan he placed his head and my hole I felt like I needed it, bad. He went in slowly at first, then started picking up his pace. It hurt bad at first, but after so long it started feeling amazing and I started matching his thrusts backwards. I told him I wanted to ride him, and I mounted him on our couch. I started fucking him like wild, losing control. I felt my orgasm building for a long time, and it was the single best orgasm of my life. I busted soley from penetration, my cock spewing all over his chest as i fell forward into his embrace. I remained in his arms, my cum smothering between us as he started fucking me hard. He kept on for another five minutes or so When he told me he was close, and asked where to cum. I told him to bust in my ass, and i’m so glad I did. His gushing torrents of hot milk felt amazing in my ass, and after he came we lay in embrace with his cock in my ass for a while.

I dismounted him, weak in the legs. we cleaned up and he told me to hit him up whenever for more sex, or for something more if i was interested.

I’ve tried contacting him numerous times since, but he want’s a relationship and I just want to fuck. He was my first and only for a year and a half, and then I went to college. The next three cocks I suck are even more entertaining of stories 🙂