In-Car Entertainment 3


You are sitting quietly in your car, having finished lunch, and sipping at your coffee, looking out across the office car park. It is a bright, clear and dry day. Suddenly, there is a tap on your window and you are startled to see me standing alongside you. So much so that you almost spill your coffee into your lap! You let down your window.”Wow,” you say, “this is a surprise! I didn’t expect to see you until tonight. I don’t have much time left now, and there’s an important meeting I have to get to very soon. Is it something urgent?””I’m just feeling so horny for you, thinking about your beautiful body, and what I would like to do with you, that I just had to try to find you. I knew you’d be here right now, like the last time we got together in the car.””O Simon, I’d love to, but it would have to be so quick,” you say, but you are already feeling a response mecidiyeköy escort deep inside you, and open the car door to me.I am standing outside the car, facing you, with the door wide open now. I reach back and open the rear door too, so I am hidden from view by both doors, and we have our own semi-private space to use as we wish. You turn towards me, sitting sideways on your seat with your legs dangling out of the doorway, and lean forwards to grasp my belt. You look up at me while unbuckling my belt and slowly undoing my jeans, then look down at the throbbing head of my cock, which is already protruding above the waistband of my briefs.”You can see how much I needed you,” I say. “I didn’t want to just imagine being with you. I wanted to see you and feel you again, and hear your voice as you ask me to fuck you. I didn’t şişli escort want to waste all this cum!”You grin up at me and say “Don’t worry, we won’t waste a single drop of that precious juice. Let me take it from you.”You shift forward in your seat and bend your head down towards my cock, licking the head as it pokes above my waistband, and stroking the shaft through the fabric of my briefs. Then you pull my briefs down and engulf my cock suddenly, sucking me into you as deeply as you can. You hold one of my balls in each hand and pull me gently towards you, but you can’t take it all in. You feel the head of my cock against the back of your throat, and I can push no further, so you grab the rest of my shaft with one hand and stroke firmly up and down, while sucking as hard as you can. I can see your cheeks pulling in as you suck, and feel the intense pleasure in my cock and balls.You withdraw just a little and turn your head to one side while you look up at me, your eyes shining with animal lust. I can see the head of my cock bulging your cheek outwards as you press against me and stare up into my eyes.I can stand it no longer and pull out of your mouth, with strings of saliva and pre-cum still joining us as I say, “You know I love this, but I really need to fuck you this time. Just turn around and let me get inside you.”You turn and lay your upper body sideways on the seat, with your backside out of the car door, and me crouching behind you. I push your dress up, to expose your panties—already wet, of course—and pull them to one side to see your pussy lips, pink and swollen in anticipation of my cock parting them and pushing deep inside you. I play with them and stroke up to your clit, while you moan quietly about wanting me to fuck you now. But the panties are too restricting and I have to pull them off you so that I have full access to your pussy from behind.