I Visit the Roman Baths


My friend had invited me to join him in the baths. I knew this was a custom of his people and that everyone, men and women, went to the public baths to bathe and talk. And I well knew that much of the mens talk was business. As I wished to do business with his people I accepted his invitation. But I accepted it with some nervousness as I had heard stories of things occurring there between the men, things other than talking and bathing.

We arrived at the baths and entered the fine marble building, where we were made welcome by an attendant who showed us to a place to undress and leave our possessions. I had rarely been naked in front of other men or women before, coming as I did from a cold place where keeping warm was of great importance and cleanliness was not considered much.

My friend and his people were all black haired, olive skinned, well muscled men. I admit that from the first time I had seen them I found them most attractive. Now that I saw my friend naked I was much taken also with the pattern of his black body hair. It curled thickly about his chest almost hiding the rings of his dark nipples, then it ran down in a thick column over his flat belly to his .. . .. Ahh well, I averted my gaze in embarrassment. But there was certainly a profusion of thick black hair there.

As my friend led the way to the baths I was uncomfortably aware that the sight of him naked had aroused me, and I positioned my hand and walked slightly behind him to hide my state from him and the other men we passed. He had advised me that we would be using a private bath, and I was relieved to know this when I saw how many men there were in and about the main pool. They were of all shapes and sizes, but mainly they were fine, well muscled men it was a pleasure to set my eyes on, and who I could not avoid admiring, which increased the obviousness of my embarrassment.

Quit a few men seemed to be watching us as we passed and smiling and nodding and I was glad that my friend was so well known there. But their attention meant that my public erection was embarrassing me more, though I knew I was of a good size and thickness.

We entered a smaller steamy chamber and were greeted by seven well-made men seated in a much smaller pool. My friend introduced me and we entered the water, with me trying poorly to hide my engorged manhood from these strangers I hoped to do business with.

The water was warm and I gasped at the sensual feel of it about my manly parts as I lowered myself down on Taksim Escort to the seat that rimmed the bath.

Even though these men were strangers I was to do business with I realised then that I wanted to see their weapons filled and feel them making their way into me and thrusting strongly inside my arse. I had many pleasant memories of summer evenings and nights spent with my fellow tribesmen when hunting in the hills, though we had rarely removed our clothing for such activities. But I doubted my pale skin and lean body, almost hairless in comparison to theirs, would hold any appeal to them with so much young well muscled flesh parading about outside.

The strangers were soon looking me over with curiosity and talking to my friend and questioning him about me. He translated some of the questions for me but I was quickly aware that he was not translating all that was being said.

“My friends find your pale skin and your light hair fascinating. They are asking if they may touch you to see how it feels. Do you mind if they touch you?” my friend asked me at one point.

I was nervous, but also greatly excited by their request to touch my skin and hair. I wished to please these men I wanted to do business with but was already so aroused my organ was standing up straight in front of me. And I was worried what would happen if they touched me, thinking that their hands on me would probably be enough to make me shoot my seed. But I nodded and said shyly, “Of course, they may. I can understand their curiosity. They may feel my skin and hair if they wish to.”

My friend says something to his friends and they nod and look at me, smiling and laughing, obviously pleased with my answer. I smile nervously as the largest of them moves through the water to me. I am vaguely aware of my friend moving in closer to me before sitting up on the rim of the bath behind me. I feel his legs spread wide about my shoulders and then he is reaching down and lifting my arms up above my head and pulling them back to his chest. The stranger is now before me and my chest is pushed out towards him as he moves between my thighs, his legs pushing them further apart as I moan at the feeling of my friends growing manhood pressed against my back and neck. The man before me reaches down and takes hold of my throbbing manhood and smilingly speaks. I know that he is telling his friends that he is pleased with what he now has in his hand.

I try to pull my arms down but my friend has them Taksim Escort Bayan tightly gripped and I am trapped. Another man comes over and sits next to me. He runs his hand over my chest feeling my nipples before running his fingers down to join his friends in feeling the size and thickness of my throbbing manhood. I gasp at the feel of both men’s hands encircling me before one runs his fingers down under my balls and squeezes them lightly as the hand on my manhood begins to stroke me.

The man beside me moves his mouth to mine and I strain to move my head and free my hands, as this is not something men should do together. But as I can’t move away he takes my mouth with his anyway. In a moment I am gasping, at the stoking my manhood is getting and the way my balls are tugged about, and I’ve allowed his tongue in and I am full of it. I decide quickly that I like to have his mouth where it is and move my tongue with his.

Suddenly another man is sitting at my other side and he has grasped my right leg and lifted it up and back towards his chest. His other hand is running under me, under my balls, between my open legs and between my cheeks. I am gasping and moaning about the kissing mans probing tongue and shoot my seed into the water as fingers find my rear entrance and make their way up inside me. The man standing before me strokes my nipples as he talks to his companions. My mouth is released and I see the other men in the bath have their eyes fixed on me as they stroke themselves beneath the water. The man before me reaches down and I feel more fingers enter me behind, spreading me open. I writhe as I am penetrated deeply by thick strong fingers and the man beside me exploring my passage groans and begins to rub his own huge engorged cock against the front of my thigh.

I lurch from the deep rubbing and want to come, suddenly moaning and gasping and widening my thighs and lifting my left leg and wrapping it about the man in fronts thigh. A mouth has found my nipple and bites it and I discover that this sends a shudder through me and cry out again and begin to move my hips.

Suddenly the men lift me bodily and dump me on the lip of the bath and I feel my friend lie back, taking my stretched arms with him so that I lie extended along the top of his body, his hard weapon now pressing along my spine.

The largest stranger stands up on the seat I have just vacated and for the first time I see his huge engorged weapon. I cry out as he moves it in Escort Taksim between my spread thighs and his companions grasp my legs and lift and spread them even wider.

I let out an agonized cry as he forces his flared head past my entrance and have tears of pain on my cheeks as he works himself deeper into me. I roll my butt and arch my back both trying to escape him and to ease his entry, gasping and crying out. Another man caresses my belly while his companion pulls at a nipple.

The great tool inside me begins to jerk in and out in small stabs and I cry out again arching and writhing. A hand squeezes and pulls at my sac, which makes me gasp, as a mouth descends to my growing manhood and engulfs it. I moan and cry out again realizing that as I was distracted the great tool has buried itself to the hilt inside my passage. Then it is stroking in and out of me and I feel a wave of pleasure rush up my body as it caresses my straining, opened passage.

The internal stroking becomes more rapid and pleasurable until I feel my insides flooded with the mans hot seed, and I come into his companions mouth from the feel of it. As soon as that spent tool is withdrawn another is finding its way inside, to repeat the stroking that I now want so desperately, straining my hips to meet this new mans thrusts, moaning and sighing as another flood fills me.

Each of the seven men sharing the bath enters and fills me so that I feel the cream they have left behind running out of me as each withdraws. When they have each had their turn with me my friend releases my stretched arms and sits, and pulls me up and onto his own throbbing organ, which I ride eagerly in spite of my exhaustion. And I only have to stroke myself briefly till I come for the fourth time, watching the other men about the bath now taking each other lustily.

When I come off my friends spent tool the largest of his friends approaches me again and leads me to the wall. I rest forward as he send his huge manhood snaking slowly deep inside my now well stretched passage, and works it in and out for some considerable time till he fills me again. I have his seed running down my legs as I turn about. But I am not allowed to rest as another man comes at me and lifts my thigh high and enters me quickly behind as I stand leaning against his companion who has taken my mouth and is rubbing my nipples as I feel his thick engorged manhood and stroke it to greater hardness, preparing him for his coming turn inside me.

It is night when we finally leave the baths and my friend has a litter come to carry me back to his house, as I have difficulty walking. I spend some days there with him, my time well occupied in becoming closer friends with those I have already met at the baths, who visit regularly.