I Miss that Dog


I was fourteen. I was already exploring anything sexual. I had lost my virginity to my current boyfriend. My boyfriend and his family were going on vacation. I wanted to go, but sadly my parents nor his would allow me to go. I was upset. As a compromise, they had agreed I could house sit and make a little money on the side. For two weeks I would be on my own with the occasional visit and call from mom and dad. I missed my boyfriend, but this was a way of feeling close to him I suppose. Besides, it was only two weeks, right?

They left and the very next morning dad delivered me to their family house. There were a couple of pets to look after, but besides that, it would mostly be me sunbathing and lying by the pool. I was thin, with budding breasts, blue eyes, dark black hair that came down mid back, and freckles across the bridge of my nose. I fed the parrot, a sickly looking thing that looked like death was at its doorstep, I fed the cat, and last the big lug of a golden retriever named Barney. I fed him and played tug of war with a rope toy he had and let him out to do his business. I let him back in and dressed to lie out beside the pool.

I got up after some time and went back inside to cool off some. As soon as I was inside, something cold brushed my buttocks. I turned and shrieked swiping at Barney’s nose. He recoiled and he looked hurt, his eyes were full of emotion. I held out my hand and apologized and he dipped his head right between my thighs, his long raspy tongue licking the fabric of my bikini bottom. Instantly, my legs şişli escort went rubbery. I probably let him lick longer than I should have before I stopped him.

I stepped back. Already my mind was reeling with possibilities. I wondered if he would lick me down there, something Jimmy had been reluctant to do. I stepped out of my bikini bottoms and called him over, in a kind of squat, my weight resting on my heels.

He ran over, eagerly licking my face and neck as I giggled. He turned his attention between my legs. He turned his head sideways, licking eagerly. His tongue folded inside me. I was in heaven. He licked me to several orgasms. I stood up.

He was dry humping the air, I could see the slim contour of his pink dog cock. I knelt and grasped the slim bone of his cock and pulled the sheathe back more as he humped my hand. For me I don’t think it was even sexual right that second. It was more of a challenge to see if he would. When he started cumming, I remember laughing, surprised when the warm dog come shot up my arm and on my leg. I left him alone for a bit after that. I struggled with it some in my mind. I started toward him, curious if he would repeat the act, then turned around. It was taboo. I wasn’t hurting him; wasn’t forcing him. I wondered…

I came back into the den area and put down a towel to protect my knees on the tiled floor. I got down on all fours naked and called for Barney. He came over. My heart was racing. I lowered my head. He went behind me licking me a couple times before he mounted me. I bit my lip and arched my back. He wrapped his fore paws around my tiny waist. His claws scratching my sides as he shifted, the hard bone of his dog cock jabbing but not quite hitting home. He jerked and his cock hit me, painfully in that area between vagina and ass. I screamed and shifted my ass some. His cock slipped inside of me and he re-gripped me with his paws. He jumped off me, barking loud and shrill right in my ear.

He mounted me again, then dismounted. It was as if he was learning me as a sexual being. He mounted and I dipped my ass back and down some. His cock slipped inside my pussy and he started jack hammering inside of me, very fast and very powerful. He was trying to climb up the back of my legs with his back paws. He was growing bigger inside of me. I could feel him cumming inside of me, warm and watery, pouring down my thighs, tickling. The friction was perfect. He did not knot with me. I think, initially, I had assumed the large bulb at the base was somehow associated with his balls. He ran around me, I got to see his cock. I could not believe that had been inside of me.

He mounted me again, slipping easily into me now. Fucking me hard and fast. There was something different this time. A kind of desperation. I felt something bump into me, several times and then it was inside me. Scared, I went still, feeling this thing, whatever it was swell inside me. I could feel every pulse of his cock as he came in me. I came with him, my thighs quivered and shook, my toes curled. He tired to pull away from me. His knot swelled against me in such a way my clit rested against the base of his cock. Every time he tugged trying to pull from me, my whole body shuddered.

He turned, throwing one hind leg over me, now ass to me. His cock still lodged deep inside me. He had knotted me that second time. Now I was scared. He tried walking away from me. This hurt and instinctively I grabbed his back legs. This he seemed to understand and stopped trying to pull me backwards with him. He kept coming in me. I rested my head on one arm, my ass raised, one foot resting over my other ankle. It felt like ages but probably no more than twenty minutes. He slipped from me. I knew something inside me was torn. I reached back, hands shaking and touched myself. My fingers came away wet and sticky with dog come. I was fine. I looked and saw his cock still hard, the knot still impressive.

We fucked all the time over those two weeks. I sucked him off. I found he wanted me more if I didn’t wash. I smelled like dog, of sweat, and dog semen. The house reeked of what we had been doing. The last day I spent time between him and cleaning.

When they came home, I was waiting for them. Barney, I had put in his kennel. I was too afraid he would try to mount me in front of them. I broke up with my boyfriend shortly after for that same reason. I didn’t go to the pool or lie out for the rest of that summer. It took a long time for the scratches to go away. People would see them or what they were. I didn’t consider doing that again but I remember that wild summer. I remember and smile. I really miss that dog.