Hurricanes Bring More Than Rain

Double Penetration

The best thing about this story, is it’s totally true.

I was visiting New Orleans for a weekend in 1998, when a hurricane blew into town. Between the driving rain and the drinks from the bars, I was hopelessly turned around and to be quite honest, I was drunk. The kind of drunk that makes you forget you’re walking in the rain, or for that matter, care that you’re walking in the rain.

I decided rather than try and wade back to my hotel I would find myself a bar stool and ride this storm out.

Without thinking, or perhaps led by some Voodoo spirit, I found myself in the “gay” part of Bourbon Street. I normally wouldn’t be frequenting these bars, but it also wasn’t my first time either…

I had experimented a few times with guys that I had met online. Most of the time they blew me and I would go home. Once or twice I let them feel my cock in their ass, but that was about it. I never considered myself gay, or even bisexual for that matter, but if a gay bar was going to be my refuge from the storm, well then “bartender, bring me another drink.”

I stumbled into a bar off of Bourbon Street called Rawhide. For such inclement weather, there was a fairly big crowd in there. The lights were low and the music was loud, so it was easy for me to slip in unnoticed. I took a seat at the bar and proceeded to pick a fight with a bottle of whiskey.

Who knows how much later, but that damn whiskey bottle finally kicked my ass. If I had been drunk before, I was wasted now. I was feeling no pain and ready for anything.

Several guys had hit on me and now I decided to maybe, just maybe… hit on them back.

I made my way around the bar, feeling the place out. Some guys were dancing, others were just talking and drinking. Then there was the action near the pool table. As I walked back towards the pool table, I saw some guy on his knees, with a mouth full of cock. And this was no regular cock, this thing was a monster. A big, black monster. The little guy on his knees was doing his best to swallow the entire thing, but it was just too big for his throat.

“You wanna get in on some of this?” The black guy must have seen me watching.

I told him no, sucking cock really wasn’t for me. I told him I would rather get my cock sucked. So to my surprise the black guy ordered the little guy on his knees to come over and suck my cock. I had just enough whiskey in me, to let him too. I moved next to the black guy and the little guy on his knees undid my jeans and slid them down, İstanbul Escort grabbing my cock, which by now was starting to get stiff with curiosity. I’ll tell you what, this little guy on his knees knew how to suck some cock. I thought maybe in my drunkenness, I had accidentally stuck my dick in a vacuum cleaner. It felt fantastic, not only because this little guy on his knees was giving me an excellent blowjob, but because I was doing it in front of other people. Some wild spark had been lit inside me, and I was getting very, very horny.

As the black guy began to run his hand up the crack of my ass, I decided that this would be the time I found out what it was like to get fucked.

“Can we go back to your place,” I asked the black guy.

He told me we couldn’t because he lived too far away.

“Is there somewhere around here we can go,” I was really starting to get hot. “I wanna feel that huge cock of yours inside me.”

He told me if I wanted him to me so bad, I should just bend over and let him fuck me right there.

Now this is probably where I should have said, “thank you, but no,” thanked the little guy on his knees, paid my bar tab, and found my way back to the real world.

But I was God’s own drunk and a fearless man.

So what did I do?

I did what any horny, drunk, soon to be unvirgin would do… I bent over.

He moved me a little bit, so he had more room. I was now leaning on the pool table, while the little guy on his knees was still sucking away.

I felt the black guy slide the head of his cock up the crack of my ass. I wanted it so much right then. But even as drunk as I was, I knew what had to happen if this was to go on.

“You do have a condom?” I asked him point blank.

He smiled at me. “Of course I do, I was just putting it on.”

Good enough answer for me. Why wouldn’t I trust some guy I just met, who wants to fuck me in a place called Rawhide?

He began to violate me in a way I had never felt before. That gigantic black cock pushed into my tight ass, spreading me apart in a way I can’t explain. I never thought his head would go inside me, but then with a simple pop, it slid in. And man did it slide in.

When I had said he had a big cock, I didn’t realize myself how big it was, until it was filling up my backside.

He leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Still wanna get fucked?”

I didn’t answer him with words, but rather I pushed my ass as hard as I could against his İstanbul Escort Bayan cock. I wanted to feel every inch of that meat.

He began to fuck me in a slow, steady motion. After a minute or so, he really started to pick up the movement. I couldn’t believe I was letting this guy fuck my ass in a bar on Bourbon Street. It felt so amazing, I wanted more. I began thrusting my ass in sync with his cock, so I could get the most out of this experience. He was really pounding me now. I was starting to moan with his fucking.

Bar patrons were now watching our show, but I didn’t care. I was concentrating on fucking him and not bursting into tears. That’s right, it hurt. It hurt so god damned much, but felt so good, it was worth the pain.

All this time, the little guy on his knees was still below me sucking me off. I never knew sex could be this fun.

I have no idea how long this guy fucked me. It’s all kind of a blur, being that I was so drunk.

But the next thing I know, I reach back to feel his cock going in my ass and I notice there is no condom on his cock. Frantic thoughts shoot through my mind. This fucking guy is riding me bareback!

I should have ended it right there, pulled his cock out of my ass, punched him in the nose, and left worrying I now was poz.

But, what did I do???

Well I pushed against his cock even harder. That primal urge in me had over taken my senses and all I cared about was getting fucked by him.

He leaned down and said, “You want my seed in you boy?”

“Just fuck me, you fuckin asshole.”

I had no time for words and I was still pissed he didn’t use a condom. But then again, I didn’t check if he put one on, and by now I’m sure he had squeezed out at least a small amount of cum in me.

His fucking got faster and faster. he was pounding my ass now with force. The guys gathered around us watching were cheering him on.

Then his body went rigid. He quit moving and all I could feel was that big cock.

he stood there for a moment, then pulled his cock out of my ass. As he pulled out, it made me cum and I came harder than I ever have, shooting my seed down the throat of the little guy on his knees. To his credit, he swallowed every drop.

I turned around, pulling my pants up, and the black guy was gone. the bar patrons were laughing and resuming their bar fun.

I walked to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror. Standing next to me was the black guy washing his Escort İstanbul cock in the sink. At that point I began to realize what I just did and I just needed to get out of there. I ran out of the bar and down the street. I found some steps that were out of the rain.

My ass was numb. I didn’t know what to think. I didn’t know what to do. All I did was just sit there.

From around the corner, a guy was walking towards me. He stopped in front of the steps.

“I’m gonna have to get by you, if I want to get in my place.”

I was sitting at the door to his apartment. I jumped up allowing him to get past me and open his door.

“Sorry about that.” I watched him walk in his apartment. He left the door open.

“You can come in if you want.” His voice called out from inside.

I was drunk and tired. I thought, “what the hell.”

I walked inside, and sat down on his couch. I passed out.

I woke up the next day around 2pm. I was in a bed, naked. I didn’t have to imagine what I did for long. He walked in and sat down next to me.

“Wow,” he said smiling at me. “The fuck machine wakes up.”

I was confused. Obviously something had happened, but I had absolutely no clue as to what.

“I can tell from that look on your face, you have no idea what happened last night do you.” I shook my head no. “Well let me tell you. You were the life of the party last night…”

Over the next 15 minutes, he told me EXACTLY what happened. He told me that he had been at Rawhide and watched me get fucked. So when he found me on his steps, he figured I wanted more. He said I had passed out for an hour or so, but woke up when three of his friends came over. What he told me next horrified me and turned me on at the same time. He said that I was the biggest cum whore he had ever seen, that I got fucked by every guy in the apartment, more than once, and had been filled up with so much cum, that whenever they quit fucking me, my ass oozed cum. He said I passed out again and they let me go to sleep. He told me that 3 or 4 times I had gone to the bathroom and let myself drain. He didn’t know what to do with me, so he had just let me sleep.

I really did not know what to think at this moment. All I knew is my ass was beyond sore and I had a hangover to brag about. I got up and got dressed. I escaped as he took a piss.

I found my way back to my hotel and went to sleep.

I slept all that night and left mid-morning the next day.

I haven’t been back to New Orleans since then but think of it often. I think about the night I can’t remember and wonder if I’ll ever do it again. I’ve never gotten that crazy since then and don’t know if I ever will. What I do know, is that little guy on his knees blew me harder than any hurricane ever could.