How I Seduced The Boyfriend Of My Mom


I was born and raised in Japan by my Japanese mother and Swedish father. I am medium tall, have dark brown hair, which is often kept in a pony, and dark brown eyes. I love sports and have an athletic slim body.When I was eighteen, dad suddenly left us to live with a much younger woman. My mom is a very pragmatic woman, and after her initial shock, she soon told me, “I will not let this man ruin my life. He is gone, but we’ll be fine without him.”Not so much later, she found a new man in her life, and as it turned out, he was Swedish too. I just saw him, Mats, briefly when he once picked up my mom. He was a tall, handsome guy with a well-trimmed beard, blond wavy hair, and blue eyes.That summer, he invited us to fly to Sweden because he wanted to introduce us to his family so that he and I could get to know each other better. The flight was also a present for my eighteenth birthday from him!We arrived in Stockholm via London and checked into our hotel. After a brief dinner with his parents and his sister, şişli escort we all went to bed. Mom and Mats had their room and I had my own.Because of jet lag, I woke up at 3 am and I could hear them making love. The moans made me horny, too, and I fingered myself to a quick orgasm while they fucked, only one wall separating them from me. Being with company helps get over the jet lag, I thought.The next day, we drove to their remote weekend house at a lake shore. The family had prepared everything for us, including great food and drink in the fridge. We enjoyed the day, cycling a bit (I love cycling) and Mats teaching us to row their boat. We laughed a lot, and I was so happy for my mom.That evening, when mom went to the bathroom, he asked me if everything was okay. I said yes. He then asked if it was okay for me to be away from my boyfriend for three weeks. Maybe he had realized how noisy they were the night before.“I don’t have a boyfriend,” I answered quickly. This was true because younger mecidiyeköy escort men were so selfish and my sex with them had been less than satisfactory, to say the least. When Mom came back, we fell silent, both of us blushing.After dinner, we played a board game, which was a lot of fun. Jet lag still was strong, so we went to bed while it was still very bright.That night, too, at 4 am, I could hear them banging again. And again I satisfied my wet pussy with my fingers.The next morning, Mats apologized when mom was out of hearing distance. “Hey Lola, I am sorry to have made you feel uncomfortable yesterday evening by asking about your boyfriend. I didn’t know that you are more into women.”“I am not a lesbian!” I replied snappishly, and I could see that he blushed.The rest of the day went as normally as it could, but Mats kind of avoided eye contact.The three of us swam a bit in the cold lake, making my nipples so hard. Mom and Mats touched and kissed in the water, joking with each other. I could tell they definitely were totally in love with each other. I had been getting a bit more jealous every time I saw them together since we had arrived. Back home I had had some short flings with older men, and it seemed that those three sexless weeks were getting tougher for me than I thought.When I got out of the water, I could notice out of the corner of my eye how they both looked at me in my bikini. I cleared the bikini pants out of my butt crack, turned towards them so that Mats could see my hard nipples on my A-size titties, waved at them, and ran to the cottage.That evening, Mats was less talkative but looked more intensely at mom and me during dinner. For the desert, I needed to get some plates from the top shelf, so I stretched up on my toes but still couldn’t reach them.“Mats, can you help me?” I asked, and he was eager to assist. It seemed that he was a tad closer to my body than absolutely necessary when taking the plates from the top shelf.When we were briefly alone that evening, I said how much I liked the smell of his shower gel. He blushed again.That night I heard them again. I got wet thinking that maybe Mats thought about me while he was fucking mom.