How I Became A Cuckold Partner…The Final Chapter


Part 13Back to the present, and the following weekend, as I suspected she told me she was going out with David again and he wanted her to stay overnight. I was happy about this of course and asked her excitedly what she planned to wear.‘I thought I’d wear my bronze satin wrap-over dress for him with black stockings and a black suspender belt,’ she said.‘Without knickers I assume darling?’‘Of course,’ she said.‘David insists I never wear any when seeing him from now on.’‘No knickers under that dress will be amazing, Angela,’ I added.‘I’ll have to be careful when sitting down of course,’ she said.‘Which heels?’ I asked her.‘My high black patent pair with the ankle straps,’ she replied.‘You will look perfect dressed like that my love.’Knowing how revealing the front of the bronze wrap-over dress was, I thought about how careful she would have to be when walking, especially sitting down.I mentioned this to Angela, and smiling she said, ‘I think David may take kocaeli escort advantage of that fact about the dress darling.’Angela got ready around 7 pm that night, and again I sat watching her doing her hair, makeup and nails then she slipped on the black stockings and matching suspenders. She then stepped into her black patent ankle strap high heels and fastened the straps.As she stood up, I was taken aback at how high the shoes were. She didn’t wear this pair that often, but the heels must have been at least five inches high. They made her legs look incredible and accentuated her body shape, her bum looked stunning.She then slipped on the bronze satin wrap-over dress, fastening the buttons on the sleeves and then finally doing up the two that held the front of the dress in place. It was my favourite dress of hers and was incredibly sexy. The wrap over lower front section of the dress revealed a huge amount of leg and stocking tops darıca escort and often a glimpse of a suspender strap too. As she stood sideways onto me, the wrap-over front section also revealed a glimpse of Angela’s smooth hairless pussy, something I felt sure would please David.Angela always wore black knickers with the dress, because of how revealing the wrap-over part was but on David’s insistence she didn’t have any on this time.As I had last time, I asked her how it felt not wearing knickers under the wrap-over dress.‘Oh it feels amazing,’ she said. ‘I wish I had worn the dress this way before, I can feel the air against my pussy, Mark, and it feels so naughty.’As I sat watching her, I had never felt more turned on, especially knowing I could not even touch her let alone have sex with her for the next six months. She looked sexier than I could ever recall and it was all for David.He arrived soon afterward, and he gölcük escort totally approved of her dress of course. She kissed me goodbye, and David and I exchanged polite smiles and a handshake as before.As he led her down our hallway he turned and said to me, ‘Mark, I have to tell you how much I am enjoying fucking your fiancé bareback.’‘Your welcome, David,’ I said. ‘I thought you would enjoy her that way.’‘Very much so,’ he replied. ‘And I intend to do so for some time to come as well, especially knowing you are turned on by this.’‘Oh, I am, David, and you can enjoy fucking her for as long as you want to,’ I replied.‘Thank you, Mark, as a reward for you, I am definitely going to extend your bans further each time six months have passed, would you like that?’‘I would yes, David,’ I replied.‘To a whole year, Mark as I promised?’‘That would be perfect, David, thank you,’ I replied.‘Consider it done,’ he said.He reached down and parted the wrap-over section of Angela’s dress, revealing her stocking tops and her smooth bare pussy.‘Perfect,’ he said.He said he would bring her home the following day and they then left together, her hand in his as I watched him taking my fiancé away for another evening of non-stop sex.