How Did I Get On This Couch?


I’m your average 49-year-old guy from Indiana sitting on someone’s couch in Michigan who I just met only a day ago.

Standing in front of me and looking down was someone that I spoke with online only recently and he was unbuttoning his pants and smiling at me as I watched him. I’m average, just short of 6 foot tall and weighing about 175, I run every day. I’m married, in good health, and just realized that I may have a thing for men. My new pal is just as he described himself on AOL, about 5’11 tall, weighing I would guess 200 lbs and about 55 years old. I’m just about to find out if his other attribute, the one I really want to see, is also as he described.

It started off rather innocently enough; I visited one of those on line chat rooms for men seeking men for my town. I don’t think I had really planned to meet anyone in person, I thought perhaps I would find someone near my age to chat with. Someone who had some of the same interests and maybe the same questions that I had.

Most of the people online were younger and I chose not to talk with them, and so it went for about a year online, just watching and not much talking. Than one day a new screen name appeared someone I didn’t recognize at all. As it turned out he was from Michigan, just north of me, and also older than I was, it all seemed perfect. We chatted only once or twice online and than we made a plan to do what I had not done before, we would meet in person.

Even as we made the plans my knees were shaking, I was nervous and had so many questions. Would he be the type of person that he said, would he show up at all, would I know him or worse yet would he know me? We made plans to meet at the Cracker Barrel just to say hello and if we liked what we saw than we could meet again.

I arrived first and just milled around the store and all the novelties but aware of everyone who walked in. For a while it seemed that my pal wasn’t going to show up which would have been a disappointment to me. About 5 minutes later a group of folks arrived for lunch and just behind them HE walked in, I knew it was he right away. I’m also certain that he recognized me just as quickly, we both made solid eye contact.

Being nervous I turned from his stare and pretended to look around the store some more until I made my way to the exit and left. My heart was telling me that I just ran a 100-yard dash, I was very nervous. He also came out and we made small talk about the weather izmir escort just as if we didn’t know each other at all. Neither wanted to take the lead, and that would not be my personality anyway. I had been reading a USA Today and gave it to him and said “here is the USA Today if you would like it, I need to go”. He thanked me and we got in our cars and left. I was in a panic; I had never done this before and was not really comfortable meeting anyone from online in person although this venue was safe.

When I got home I quickly got online and there he was, I said hello and waited for a response, he thanked me and said, “thanks for the newspaper” I stared at the screen in almost disbelief, it was him! OH MY GOD that was him that I met, now what happens?

He said that he was impressed with my appearance, and asked how did I felt about him. “You looked great I told him, really great”.

“Would you like to meet again to do some of the things we discussed,” he asked? I said, “Yes, more than ever now that we have met face to face, you are very sexual”. He gave me directions to his place in Michigan, about 45 minutes from here, and asked if I could meet tomorrow at 10:00.

“Perfect I said, but I’m still a bit nervous,” I told him.

Don’t worry we will go slowly to be sure you are comfortable.

In out chat online I told him that I wanted to meet a guy older than me who is in good shape, clean, and nicely hung. Someone who would like a great blowjob and all that comes with it.

He said, “I’m your man, and by the way I’m a solid 8 inches long and thick” he said.

When I arrived at his home I followed him into his home and into his living room where he had music playing and a nice soft couch for me to sit on. As promised he came in front of where I was sitting and asked “are you ready for this” as he rubbed his crotch?

“Yep, I’m ready”, I told him as I watch him seductively massage his balls through his pants.

“I hope you can handle all of me, I’ve been waiting for this all night and I have a big load ready for you”. He started to unbutton his pants as I starred at his crotch and could not look away as if I were hypnotized. The button opened and he stopped and put his hands down at his sides.

I looked up and he was smiling at me, he said “when I unzip I want you to reach in and feel my boxers, rub my cock through my shorts but don’t take it out yet do you alsancak escort understand” I said yes. If you like what you feel I want you to put your hands on my ass and rub my crotch on your face, okay”?

I’m not an expert on size but I thought he had an unusually large bulge in the front of his pants, I was in heat! When he unzipped I put my hand on his lump, his cock and rubbed it to feel that size, all I could think after my hand rubbed it was holy cow. I quickly remembered his instructions and put my hands on his ass and pulled in so that his crotch was in my face. I couldn’t breathe in fast enough, I wanted to taste his smell, and he smelled wonderful.

He backed up a bit and said that he was ready and his cock needed attention and it needed it now. First he just opened the fly of his boxers and pulled his cock through the opening, I almost fainted at his size. He was huge by comparison to what I was used to seeing (my cock) with a very thick shaft and very large head. I must have had my mouth open in astonishment because he just moved forward and put his cock in my mouth.

“Now that you have seen the size of my cock do you still want to be my regular cock sucker”.

“Only 8 days a week” I told him.

“Great, that here is what I need for you to do, just suck the head and use your tongue on the slit” he said. “Take your other hand and hold my balls softly and pet them, yes just like that”. “Your tongue feels great but I want to feel you lick my slit and try to get your tongue in there.

I could start to taste this slippery fluid, his pre cum as it hit my tongue, it was warm and felt like it was foaming up in my mouth. I loved that taste and loved that I was exciting him this much. The feel of him sliding over my lips and on my tongue was wonderful, I could have done this all day for him.

He stopped and took his cock out of my mouth; I hoped that I had not done something wrong because I needed to continue. I looked up to see his face and noticed that he was smiling. “You are doing great he said but I want to try another position, kneel in front of me here. As I kneeled he stepped out of his pants and took off his shirt, he was now naked. This man had a nice body, very strong and well kept for his age. He had great strong legs and a nice ass also. He turned around and bent in front of me and told me to lick that back of his legs but to reach between his legs and keep buca escort stroking his cock.

I licked his legs and ran my tongue from the back of his knees to his thighs while I stroked his cock. He loved this and moaned loudly while I continued. He turned his head and said “this is so hot, but now I need your lips on my ass” I was so hot at this point that I thought I would puncture my pants! I started to kiss and lick his tight ass and he said “deeper”. He reached back and pulled his cheeks apart for me, I could now see his bum and thought here we go! I put my face in and attached my lips to his ass, he groaned and said “oh yea, suck my ass for me”. I still had his cock in hand and kept stroking slowly, my hand was now covered with his precum and it made pumping easier.

I slowly put my tongue on his ass and licked in small circles dipping my tongue inside every time around. I loved how nasty this was. I licked up and down until he stepped back and turned back around.

“You are so good you could make money doing that”, he joked.

He told me that he wanted to ride my face and that I should try not to gag on his shaft. I couldn’t wait to get his cock in my mouth again, and I didn’t need to wait long. He held my head and starting fucking my mouth slowly and deeply, on some of the strokes his balls would hit my chin, which really excited me.

“Oh you’re a great cock sucker he said, take me deep honey, hold my ass while I drill your throat”. My lips were stretched to the max and I loved it, his cock was sliding deep but I didn’t gag at all. I could taste his fluid-leaking non-stop into my mouth; it made him so slippery that it helped him go deeper. “Use your tongue on me honey, wrap it around my cock, suck that cum out of me, blow me baby, blow me he said”.

And blow him I did, I sucked his cock as hard as I could, but softly. I wanted his load and I wanted it soon, I also waited all night for this to happen and now I will get my reward.

He started to pump faster and breathe harder; I knew my time had come. “Suck me baby, suck me, I’m Cumming, I’m Cumming”. It hit me with force and quick spurts, I held his hips while he shot into my mouth, I was surprised how warm his cum was and how it ticked on the way down my throat. I was in love, not with him but with sucking cock.

He pulled his now deflating cock out of my mouth and wiped it on my face, “let me just paint you a bit he said”, I smiled. He fell back into the soft chair and his spent cock was lying on his leg.

I couldn’t resist the urge to lean over and rest my hands on his thighs and I looked at him and asked, “can I suck you clean”?

“Yea man, suck my cock clean for me”, he said.

One last time I needed to taste him and relish his size.