House Boy Likes Being Watched


Casey kneeled in front of the couch, holding the toy in his little hands. It was wide and long, with fake veins running down the shaft. The head almost as large as the cock the boy in the video had been sucking.

Michael’s voice echoed from the speakers.

“Do you want me to put the video back on, Casey?”

Casey looked down. Was he really going to let this man force him to watch porn and play with this giant toy? Every instinct told him to run for the door.

He didn’t need the money. He could wait tables. He could get a job at the grocery store.

But his cock was so hard. The tip still poking out of the top of his little shorts, leaking precum, desperate be played with.

And the boy on the screen had looked so cute with his lips wrapped around the man’s cock. Casey wanted to be just like him. A hungry little slut.

“Well? You can always go. Or you can stay and find out what I do to little sluts like you.”

Casey’s hands were shaking. His big, brown eyes were wide and glassy. He needed to touch himself so badly.

“Put it back on.” Casey mumbled.

“What’s that?”

“I want to see the rest of the video.”

“Don’t you think you ought to say please?”

Casey looked up at the tv screen, noticing for the first time the eye of a small camera. Casey stared into it.

“Please Daddy.”

The boy was back on the screen, only in a different room. He was on his back on a large white bed, his head dangling off the edge. His cock sticking straight up.

Casey couldn’t look away. He wondered if Michael could see how hard the video had made him. He spread his legs slightly, resting his feet on the coffee table.

The man had reappeared on the screen but now it was obvious Ataköy Escort that it was Michael. He stood by the side of the bed, dangling his giant cock in the boy’s face. One of his massive hands reached for the boy’s cock and he slowly teased it with one finger.

The boy let out a soft moan and whispered “Please Daddy”.

Casey’s cock leapt, straining against his shorts. Without thinking, he brought the big, pink toy to his soft lips. Sticking out his tongue, he started to lick the tip, just like the boy on the screen. Just like he was licking a big, yummy lollipop.

With his free hand, Casey started to rub his cock. His knee socks had started to slide down slightly and his crop-top barely covered his nipples. Slowly, he started to slide the toy deeper into his mouth.

“That’s it. Good boy. Show me what that hot little mouth is for.”

Casey couldn’t tell if Michael had been talking to him or if the voice was coming from the video but he hungrily slobbered on the toy. He would give his little mouth to Daddy, just like the boy in the video.

The toy started to get slick with saliva as Casey bobbed his head up and down on it. He wanted to be facefucked just like the other boy. He wanted Daddy cramming that cock in his mouth and teasing him.


Spit had started to run down Casey’s chin as he pulled the toy from his throat.

“Yes Daddy?”

“I believe you forgot something.”

Casey looked down at the floor.

“The bow.”

Casey picked up the bow from the ground.

“Take off those shorts.”

Casey stood up and slowly pulled down his shorts, leaving him standing in just a pair of tiny, cotton panties with flowers on them.

“Those too.”

He Ataköy Escort Bayan pulled them down, his cock bouncing as he stood in just knee socks and a crop-top, his smooth body exposed for the camera.

“Wrap the ribbon around your balls and the shaft of your cock. Then tie it tightly around the tip. Make a cute little bow for me.”

Casey followed Daddy’s instructions, pulling the ribbon tight around his tip, sending precum dripping from the head of his cock. Casey rubbed it with his finger then brought it to his lips.

“Do I look cute Daddy?”

“Yes. You’re a perfect little present. Now sit back down and get that toy back in your mouth.”

Casey sat down and started to force the toy deep into his throat. Saliva started to run down his chin and neck. His cock stood rock hard, turning red from the tightness, matching the color of the bow.

The boy in the video was now on his back, holding his ankles almost behind his head. The boy’s cock was only inches from his mouth and he stuck out his tongue, trying unsuccessfully to suck himself.

Michael must have been holding the camera now and he started to rub the tip of his cock on the boy’s hole. The boy winced and then Michael brought his hand to the boy’s mouth.

Michael slowly slid two fingers into the boy’s mouth, getting them coated in spit, then he brought them to the boy’s ass and rubbed it softly.

The boy looked up at the camera and whispered.

“Do you want to fuck my little ass, Daddy? You’re so naughty. I bet you waited all semester for me to get back from college. Did you miss this boypussy, Daddy?”

Casey gagged on the toy until he started to choke, then brought the soaking tip to his ass. He wanted Escort Silivri to be open wide like the boy in the video. He wanted to talk dirty to Daddy. He wanted to be fucked like a good boy.

Casey rubbed the toy on his hole and then pressed the head inside. He tried to relax but it was so big and his little ass gripped the toy tight.

“Fuck me, Daddy.”

He wiggled his little body, pushing the toy in deeper until it was almost halfway in.

Michael flipped the boy over and held him upright by wrapping his hand around the boy’s neck.

“I’m a good boy, Daddy. Taking your big, fat cock. Letting you pound my little ass. Choke me harder. Show me who is in control.”

Casey’s ass started to adjust to the toy and he pressed it in and out, slowly fucking himself. His cock was now so sensitive that even a single touch would have made him explode.

“Fuck me. Don’t stop. Cum in my little ass. Fill it up. I want to feel you explode. Oh fuck.”

The boy started to cum and then Michael pulled out of him and threw him onto his back. The boy’s cock spurted cum all over himself, covering his flat stomach but Michael ignored it. He didn’t care what the boy wanted. He straddled the boy’s face, pumping his cock furiously.

“Cum on my cute little face, Daddy. Make me a sticky mess.”

Michael began to explode, sending huge ropes of cum all over the boy’s face, covering his lips. The boy opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue, lapping up the thick, white spray.

The boy’s cum covered face sent Casey over the edge. His cock began to spurt cum all over his shirt and stomach, some even reaching his neck and face. His ass tightened and clenched around the toy as he panted, soaking himself in cum.

“Oh Daddy.”

Daddy’s voice came through the speakers once again.

“Hope you had fun, Casey.”

Casey turned and lay across the couch, pulling a soft blanket over himself. He was exhausted and covered in cum. He curled into a ball and shut his eyes.