Horrible Day, Turned Gay? Ch. 02


It’s been 2 weeks since I was robbed in that alley. And I couldn’t keep my mind off of what happened. I found myself rolling my tongue inside my mouth imagining that it was curled around his cock. That morning when I jacked off in my morning shower I licked my own cum from my fingers and my cock almost immediately sprang up again.

Sex with my wife wasn’t as satisfying as it used to be and my sex drive suddenly seemed insatiable. Almost every waking thought was about that night and every dream replayed the scene over and over again. I tried at first to not think about it, but that proved useless.

One evening my wife went out with some friends and I found myself alone with a raging hard on. So I decided to pull up some porn. At first I went for my usual favorites, curvy voluptuous woman with long hair. I was still attracted to woman but as I watched the porn I found myself imagining I was her. On my knees sucking that cock like my life depended on it.

I started clicking around on different videos and settled on my first gay porn. A man was in the shower, it appeared to be in a locker room of some sort. He was larger roughly the same height and build as the guy who robbed me. After about 30 seconds of him washing himself up another man enters the shower room with a towel around his waist. They make small talk and the second guy takes off his towel, hangs it up on a hook and starts the shower. The first guy is staring at him as he washes himself. He suds up his cock and starts cleaning it with extra care. Through the suds it was obvious he was getting hard while watching the second guy shower. Soon the second guy looks over and sees the first guy clearly jacking himself off now. He smiles and makes a comment about getting that cock extra clean. The first guy doesn’t say anything but just grins at him. He took it has a cue and walked over to the first guy. He replaces his hand with his and starts rubbing his cock. The first guy’s head falls backward in pleasure and he leans again the wall of the shower. Pretty soon there is no soap left on his cock.

The second guy mentions Esenyurt Escort it to the first, snapping him out of his pleasure. He went to grab the soap when the second guy sunk to his knees in front of him. He took his cock into his mouth and began to suck hard and slow. The first guy immediately let out a moan of pleasure at the change of tactic. The second guy started to pick up the pace and had a decent rhythm going at this point. He was also running his hands up and down his legs and at one point reached behind the first guy and grabbed his ass. He then started working the first guy’s hips and massaging his ass as he got face fucked.

It didn’t take very much of this before the first guy was obviously coming to his climax. He now had one hand twisted in the second guy’s hair pulling and trying to stuff more of his massive cock down his throat. All of a sudden the second guy pops his cock out of his mouth and starts working it with his hand. His other hand massaging his balls and within 15 seconds of this the first guy cums all over the second guy’s face. Ropes of cum fall onto his face, and chest. The second guy leans forward and licks the last bit of cum from his cock. Then he stands back up and heads over to his shower head again. Washes off all the cum and exits the shower room without saying a word.

The whole video was only maybe 15 minutes but by the end of it I was totally worked up. I quickly came all over my keyboard. It was at that point I realized I couldn’t fight it anymore. I may not be full on gay but I definitely needed to suck cock again, and soon before I went totally insane.

After I came to this realization the only way to keep the thoughts from taking over my head completely was to run. I used to run when I was younger and fell out of it when I got married and settled into my life. But recently I’ve been energized and took it back up. Every day when I would come home for work I would change out of my suit into jogging pants and a t-shirt pop in some earbuds and hit the streets. One of these sessions I found myself in a familiar place and Esenyurt Escort Bayan I got shivers up my spine. I recognized it as the place I was robbed and that alley as the one that a man forced me to my knees to suck his cock, forever awakening new thoughts and desires in my head.

I slowed my pace to a walk and turned down the alley, taking in all the memories that came with it. Suddenly a gruff voice pulled me out of my head and into reality.

“You lost faggot?”

I was taken aback, it was the man who robbed me. Robbed me of all my cash, my first gay experience, and all my dreams since that day. My mouth probably opened a little in disbelief at my luck. My mind racing with thoughts of what might happen, and fear of actually being shot this time.

“No, not lost this time sir. But thank you for asking.” I squeaked out a quick reply.

“You really must be a faggot showing your face up here again after last time.”

My heart flip flopped, he remembered me. At this point I didn’t know what to say and just stood there in silence as the man approached me. Once again completely taken aback by his sheer size.

“I said, you must really be a faggot then aren’t you?”

At this point I didn’t see why I should argue and just slowly nodded my head. He now was only a foot away and he kept coming till he was right in front of me. I could smell him and that musky scent sent shivers up my spine and a twitch to my cock. He looked around and saw the area was deserted, and then firmly placed his hand on my shoulder.

I immediately sunk to my knees in front of him and looked up at him patiently waiting for his next move. With that he pulled that beautiful cock out of his pants and it was already semi-erect. And without hesitation I leaned forward and for the second time in my life took cock into my mouth.

This time I wasn’t a scared man who didn’t know what to do. I wanted this, I had dreamed about it for two weeks and went right into a comfortable pace bobbing on his cock. One hand wrapped tight around the base and the other down Escort Esenyurt my pants wrapped around my own throbbing cock. I matched my speed on jacking myself off with my sucking and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it to be.

Within just a couple minutes I had him letting out those sexy loan groans that sent me into a frenzy. I picked up my pace and could feel both of us were coming to our climax soon. I didn’t let up and began deep throating his cock, gagging on it, and spit was running out of my mouth and down my face. I switched my focus back to the head of his cock, sucking in my cheeks and swirling my tongue around the head not relenting for a second.

This time he gave me a little it if warning that he was going to cum and started to pull back but I held firm to his cock. Pulling more of it in my mouth in anticipation of his load. I was quickly rewarded with my first rope of cum and a loud low growl from his throat. The salty taste of his cum onto my tongue and that sexy growl sent me over the edge myself and I began to cum in my hand. My moan vibrated in his cock and I was rewarded with 3 more spurts of cum before he pulled back and away from me clearly spent and surprised.

I had finished cumming and cleaned my hand off from one of the tissues I had in my pocket. I thought I had caught it all but looking down at myself I seemed to have missed a spot. Oh well. I looked up and saw the man stuffing his spent cock back into his pants and leaning against the wall. He caught me looking at him and he quickly got an angry look on his face.

“What you looking at you faggot? I catch you up here again and I’ll do more than just fuck that little mouth of yours. I’ll tear your ass to shreds.”

This was my que and I took back off the way I came to go back home. New thoughts racing through my head of what just happened. And what did he mean about tearing my ass to shreds!? I shuddered at the thought. Nothing has ever been in my ass before and I knew that his cock would ruin it. There is no way I could ever like that. But yet the thoughts of possibility swirled in my head. I shook them out and tried to focus on my run as I made it back home.

“Hey honey! Glad you are home! Did you have a nice run?” My wife greeted me at the door.

“Yea baby, gave me some time to think about things” I smiled to myself knowing she didn’t know my new secret.