Hometown Friend

Arya Fae

In the beginning his huge cock was so desirable that I was not put off by his ordinary looks, lean frame and angular Punjabi body, or his atrocious accent. Later, his primary attractions were neither his dark he-man looks, nor his monumental tool, but his being an affectionate, well mannered, sincere friend and lover. A Most Desired Husband.

During a visit back home in summer, I ran in to him near the High School playgrounds. He looked familiar but I couldn’t place him. Slowly, I recognized him from the athletic meets, and from the volleyball tournaments; and yes, he was a classmate from a different section. He was an ordinary fellow and had never interested me.

In the Pakistani over 18 society, girls live in a separate world. A scandal results in near death beatings or police action on the young man. So, the young males serve as lovers to each other. The clear complexioned near-white, plump, shortish, well -to-do, better-at-studies over 18 are usually the bottoms. Whereas larger frame, dark looks jocks are the tops. It is not a hard and fast rule as many dark ones were known to be bottoms and most aggressive tops came from the well to do handsome looking group. I belonged to the traditional bottom lot, although I was very selective and not always ready for sex.

We talked about studies and reminisced about classmates. “My home is nearby,” he said, “And my mother makes strong tea and crackling parathas.” I was not attracted to him physically but his good manners and ab offer of a mid-day snack made me go. After a long ride through cabbage fields, we got to his farmhouse in the afternoon. There was a guest room with a door to the outside, that had a large divan type bed with floral-print bed spread and embroidered cushions. He brought in a tray of tea, butter-fried wheat cakes and soft fried eggs. We sat next to each other on the bed and did not talk much as the food was delicious and plentiful. almanbahis I told him about living in college away from home. He had quit school after 12th grade and was learning a mechanic’s trade, with the aim of government service. Meantime he worked at his family’s and other farms. Life in the village had its compensations, not least being willing 18 year old girls, he confided. “Would you want to meet someone?” he asked as he nudged my leg with his bare foot

“Not on your life.” I said. I asked if he had many conquests. His foot lingered on my leg, and he gave it another ever so small a push, a totally deniable interest!

“Not many,” he replied, but “One or two let me touch them but no score yet.” We did not broach subject of gay sex.

Although he did not physically attract me, I sensed his desire. His masculinity, his obvious wanting to have sex, and the touching of my leg had already evoked in me an automatic response. I had a hard on! I looked at him and felt the heat of desire. On an impulse, I touched his upper arm to feel his bulging biceps, that were hard but so supple.

“So, the hard work has made you a stronger volley baller?” I asked. He pressed his foot as I pressed back.

Putting away the tea tray, he locked the door. I leaned back on the cushions, he sat next to me, caressing my back and gently kissed my cheeks, and then my neck and lips. He took my hand to his crotch; where a big surprise waited me: His cock was an immense 8″ in length and its girth was more than my fist. Not a Lund but a Monster Cock. The head was like a large mushroom. The feel was smooth and hot. It was pliable, although not soft.

He laughed at my reaction saying “The local ladies refuse to take it in. Except married older ladies, who love it.” He pulled down his shalwar and his cock sprung free to an even larger profile. He was obviously proud of it. Picking me up, he laid me flat almanbahis giriş and pulled down my shalwar. He kissed my back and my plump thighs. I snuggled into his strong embrace, as he kissed me all over in a most loving way. Placing the pre-cum laced head in my ass crack, he moved it around with his hand. It spurted its load after a few rubbings; depositing his thick yellow cum around my asshole. At first, I felt relieved, but libido took over. His cock was still stiff and as I pushed back and positioned it on my hole, he pushed it in gently. With the semen as lube, the entire cock, head, mushroom, and shaft filled me effortlessly. The sensation was most pleasurable. He did not pull it out but rocked back and forth. The cock went hard again. Now he pulled it out, took off his shalwar, and climbing on top of me, he made love to me slow and tender till he came again.

We cleaned up in the attached bathroom. And lay down together with kissing and fondling. “We must spend a night together.” Why don’t you stay on, or come back soon tomorrow?” he said, as he played with my cock, holding me tight. After more caressing and intense feeling, I finally tore myself away. It was almost dark when I got home.

Back in College a few months later I was told that someone from back home was looking for me. Finally, there was a knock on my door and there he was, in shirt and trousers, smiling sheepishly. I embraced him and when we were alone, he held me tight and kissed me with passion. I felt so good, without any sense of guilt or indecency. My roommate was due back from the city in an hour, so we made quick work of the time. I caressed and almost kissed his larger member. Try as I might, the cock head. won’t go in. He kept saying we don’t have to do it and that he was so happy to meet me. Eventually the tip of his cock lodged itself on the hole and with a back-and-forth effort he came, and it was the same routine almanbahis yeni giriş when the big thing went all the way in, stiffened again and this time with mild strokes as we both came together.

He’d been recruited in the Air Force and selected for the technical branch and he was now on training courses. We met once more and then he was stationed at a large Air Base. Next year our class went on an educational tour airlift to that base and there he was at the tarmac in the receiving line! He was in uniform, having made Corporal, and looked resplendent! He had finagled to be in the reception group in the hope of meeting me. He suggested that I stay overnight and take a train back to college.

My Tour Leader allowed it and I roamed the city with Hameed, out of uniform, eating fresh daikons. Dinner was at the NCOs mess hall, where he introduced me as his cousin and showed me off as the great dust bin of useless knowledge. His colleagues were suitably impressed. Later I spent the most memorable night in the NCOs barracks. He had already arranged for a bed next to his in a corner. The Sargent in the next bed went on duty at midnight and we had the area to ourselves. We were like man and wife; meeting after being apart for a long time. He took all our clothes off, and I can still feel his loving warm embrace. The ass opened to him and there was utmost pleasure when he would press his mushroom head in and push up to the pubic hair.

I met him last just before the ’65 war. He had been re-assigned and was on two-day leave. I was so touched that he planned to spend a day with me and leave by the night train to his hometown. He had arranged a room at a friend’s house, and we repeated the performance.

I never saw him again. Having started a working life in a new city, and getting married soon after, I had left my homosexual life behind. But he was a most beloved friend. To my eternal regret, I did not try to locate him. Thirty years later, in the States, I met a retired Air Force man who knew him: Abdul Hameed retired as a Chief Warrant Officer and was known to be a family man, well respected in the community and in the PAF.