Hockey Club


I was driving home from the beach one afternoon when the heat of the day started to get uncomfortable and I tried to find a place I could stop and towel all the sticky sand off me. I noticed a sports oval where there were change rooms. There were vehicles parked nearby and I went over to the buildings to find the men’s change room.

When I entered, there were a few men who must have been playing sport or training now dressing and getting ready to leave. They appeared to be hockey players judging by the equipment lying on the seats and the floor of the change room. Some were drying themselves after their showers while others were waiting to shower.

One was still in his sports T-shirt, his shorts on the seat beside him next to his footwear. He stood up and stretched and stood with his hands on his hips and appeared to be meditating. While he had his eyes closed, I checked out his body. He wasn’t particularly large in his upper body, but his legs were those of a sprinter, very strong with defined muscles.

While he was standing still, one part of his anatomy was not at rest. His very short penis began to fill with blood and began to lengthen and hung down to about 7 inches. Surprisingly, it hardened, then rose up and became very erect, and at almost 8 inches long, it stood up at an angle of about 30 degrees from vertical. I continued to watch and his prick began to throb with the consistency of his pronounced heart-beat. Then just as I thought it was about to subside, he stopped throbbing for 3 or 4 seconds, then he emitted a soft high pitched humming as he started to express a copious supply of clear arousal fluid. Then ejaculated 3 long jets of white semen in thin squirts, before the aftershocks maintained the tempo of his rushing pulse.

A few of his team mates called out, ‘Woo hooooo. Nice one Jimmy.’

I said out loud ‘Wow,’ and this seemed to get his attention.

He opened his eyes and said ‘Sorry. It seems to happen when I meditate. I didn’t think anyone would be watching.’

‘How can you do that?’

‘I think it’s a state of mind. I hear swamis can do it or some monks or something,’ he replied.

‘Great party trick,’ I said.

He walked to the shower, still fully erect and in spite of my self, I began to become aroused also. I continued to watch him and slowly his swollen organ began to lose its height, then its size, and finally returned to its very short dimension of barely 1 inch. I couldn’t believe that the monster I had seen could become so small when not aroused. As his penis shrunk, mine continued to grow.

I undressed and occupied the next shower to his and as he left another man entered, quickly undressed and occupied the vacant shower space and began to shower also.

He said, ‘Hi.’

I said, ‘Hello.’

I was proud to have my penis filled with blood and displaying itself uncommonly large for me.

I briefly left my shower and retrieved shampoo from my bag and as I returned to the shower, my stiffening penis was swinging heavily from left to right as I walked. Some of the other athletes seemed to be interested in my cock, Avcılar Escort but I acted as if it was perfectly normal. I felt that anything was unspectacular after Jimmy had ejaculated hands-free in front of everyone.

The other man in the shower watched as I returned and his stare moved from my erection to my face and back again.

He said, ‘Would you like me to soap your back?’

I said, ‘No thanks. I can manage.’

I thought it was far too personal for a stranger to touch me at all, let alone when I’m naked. I thought it was just not something that happens, even in private let alone with other men present

He said, ‘I can do your back where you can’t reach,’ as he turned off his spray and walked to my shower.

My face seemed to become very hot. I was very self-conscious. I felt I would have to get nasty with him to get him to stop, so I let him smear suds on my back. He used his own bath gel and its smooth texture on my skin began to arouse me. Then he soaped my shoulders and both sides.

I said, ‘Thanks for that. I can finish now.’ But he kept soaping me as he replied, ‘I’m here now. I might as well continue.’

Why does he want to keep soaping me? What do I do now? I wanted him to stop and let me finish my shower alone. If I stop him, I’m rejecting his help, and he hasn’t really done anything wrong.

I’m also very self-conscious about my stiffening prick. The other men were watching and I noticed that some of them were getting stiff, just like me.

He continued to soap every part of my body except my penis and my balls. But the more his hands rubbed my arms, chest and stomach, the more aroused I became. Every new part of my skin that he touched aroused me even further. I was so embarrassed about my erection. I just wanted it to go back to being soft again. But it stayed hard.

Then he started soaping my legs and as he moved his hands to the bottom of my buttocks. I wished he would stop but he just seemed to keep going.

Standing behind me he soaped the cheeks of my arse. I couldn’t understand why a man would want to touch my arse, but he did. I wondered if he was a nurse, because nurses have to do all those things with sick and injured people.

He soaped his hands, then he ran his fingertips up and down the crack of my arse, and he even touched my anus with his fingers. He actually ran his fingers backward and forward over my anus, over and over. This seemed to make my stiffy get harder, particularly when he ran his fingertips across the tight entry of my anus. When he pressed his fingers against the skin behind my balls and kept pumping for a few long seconds, my arousal was getting out of control.

Then getting in front of me, he knelt down and began to soap my balls, saying, ‘I’ve done nearly everything else. I might as well soap your balls. OK?’

I was about to say, ‘No thanks,’ but some of the men watching must have agreed with him, because he kept soaping them. As he soaped my balls, he touched the base of my penis.

I seemed to be among people who approved of this behaviour, including my part Avcılar Escort Bayan in it. I seemed to have stoped being so embarrassed and by now I was totally aroused. I was craving for him to continue his firm but slippery treatment on my swollen prick. But he didn’t. He just went around it.

I was desperate. I was so aroused I was almost coming, but I was too embarrassed to touch myself there. In my mind, I was begging him to play around with my throbbing cock.

‘Could you rub my penis too please?’ I begged.

‘Let’s just wash the soap off,’ he said.

I was almost in tears. As the soap rinsed off my body, with the sensation on my skin, my craving only got worse. My feet were wide apart and my hips were thrust forward.

Still on his knees, he said, ‘If you want me to suck you off, close your eyes.’

I looked at him for about ten long seconds. The change room became silent. The other men were waiting to see what I would do. I held my hands in front of my throbbing cock, lacing my fingers together, hiding it from view.

I was being pressured by the tacit approval of the silently awaiting group of sportsmen. I lifted my hands away and rested them behind my head and slowly closed my eyes.

I felt fingers gently grasp base of my cock. Then there was an incredible sensation, as my penis seemed to be in his mouth without touching. His lips grasped my penis about 5 centimetres from the head and just held it still.

He moved both of his hands behind my ankles. He slowly ran one hand lightly up the back of my right leg to my knee touching only the light hair on my leg. The sensation was incredible. Then he stopped and repeated with my left leg, and the same move was repeated on the back of my right thigh, then my left. My excitement was going to get out of control if he didn’t stop.

He left his hands on my buttocks and lightly sucked my cock for a few seconds. I was helpless to move but the sensations coursing through my body were the most intense I had ever felt.

His hands spread my buttocks apart and his finger-tips were sliding up and down the crack of my arse, triggering even more intensity.

Everything was targeted at intensifying the sensation of my swollen hard penis throbbing in the man’s mouth. His tongue started licking the frenum just below the head.

It was exactly the sensation that triggered my climax. My face flushed and my knees almost buckled. As I had passed the point of no return, I began whimpering like a frightened puppy and I squirted a stream of cum into his mouth. He kept licking and I continued ejaculating. He pumped behind my balls again and I squeezed the last drop of semen into his mouth.

He swallowed my cum, then resumed his shower. I was too embarrassed to talk. I wanted to finish my shower, dress and leave as quickly as I could.

He stood under the shower, rinsing a thick lather of soap off.

As I was getting dressed, he said, ‘The polite thing to do would be to offer to suck me off as well.’

Other men present agreed with him.

Now he wanted me to suck HIM Escort Avcılar off. How could I get out of it in front of all these other men? But I couldn’t imagine doing anything like that. The whole idea of it was abhorrent.

‘Um. . . . . I can’t. I couldn’t do what you just did. It seems too . . . Ugh … to me.’

He said, ‘Just imagine, my penis in your mouth. You could feel it getting hard. Then I get very excited and squirt semen into your mouth. You taste it and swallow it.’

‘No. Please don’t ask me to do that,’ I said. ‘I just lost control when you did it, but I couldn’t.’

‘And I have an idea that will make it easy. I have some mint lollies there on the bench. Have one of those. It will dull the taste the first time.’ He continued, ‘Did what I did to you feel good? I think so. Imagine how good you could make ME feel.’

Maybe I could find out what it would be like to have a prick in my mouth. I couldn’t believe I was thinking that I might actually try it.

‘Can I have 2 mint lollies?’


I went over and found his mints and put one in my mouth. It had a surprisingly strong peppermint taste

He joined me and he stepped up onto the seat so his penis was conveniently at the height of my face. It was small and soft. His pubic hair was light brown and seems to have been trimmed.

‘What do I do?’ I asked

‘Hold it like a lolly on a stick and just lick it and suck it for a minute. Pretty much the same as I did to you. Just imagine you’re having the same sensations as what you’re doing to me. Try not to use your teeth,’ he said.

I held his soft penis in my hand and leant forward and put the end of it in my mouth.

A few of the men present cheered.

When it was that small, it wasn’t really unpleasant. It felt like sucking my thumb.

I began to lick the head of it and I could feel it start to get bigger. I must have been doing it OK. As I started licking it, it was hardening and getting stiff. It felt wonderful to feel a penis swelling up and stiffening in my mouth.

He started moaning.

I stopped and asked him, ‘Are you OK? What did I do?’

‘Nothing. Just keep doing that and don’t stop again,’ he said.

He sounded a bit frantic. Within about 10 seconds, he was moaning and stroking my hair and I didn’t know what was happening so I kept licking it. It stiffened to its full size. At five inches was not big, but it was its rock hardness that excited me the most. It all fitted nicely in my mouth.

After a few more licks, he began a high-pitched moaning. I could feel strong jets of tasteless cum in my mouth. The peppermint flavour disguised the taste and I swallowed it easily.

After he caught his breath, he ruffled my hair and said, ‘Thanks Mate. That was great.’

A few of the other men whistled and some were clapping.

I heard comments such as. ‘Nice work,’ and. ‘Can I be next?’ etcetra.

My face must have gone as red as a beetroot.

Now I’ve got semen in my digestive system. I wonder what effect it will have? I guess he must have swallowed cum before enough times. If it did any harm, he would have stopped. Maybe I can forget about that side of it.

He dressed quickly, and we left at the same time.

As he walked to his car, he said, ‘See you around.’

How good would it be if a girl would suck my cock? I would be in heaven.