His True Self


Note: While the name of the protagonist is the same, this story is not a sequel or prequel to my story Virgin No More. It’s much closer to the truth of my actual first time than the other though.

I parked my car in the driveway with a slight sense of resignation, not wanting to be here. I was at my former co-worker Donald’s place for dinner, agreed to in a moment of weakness a few days prior. I had just told everyone in the office, I work in urban planning, that I was leaving for a promotion in a different building, and I couldn’t politely fend off the invite.

Donald is 35, and gay. Not flaming like the two guys on Modern Family, but he’s definitely out. He’s prone to flirting with any younger guy (I’m 27) that didn’t openly have a girlfriend. I wasn’t spared that, but he was never harassing about it. I’ve been single for about a year, recovering after a bad breakup (a ring was declined, let’s put it that way).

“Hi Jim, come on in.” He had met me at the door before I knocked, dressed in a dress shirt and jeans, similar to my outfit. Donald is my height, 6′ tall, and is about 10 pounds less than my 180.

I walked inside Donald’s house, bottle of wine in hand, looking around as people do when they’re in an unfamiliar home.

“Very classy, you have good taste.” Lots of interesting prints on the wall, and the place smelled of apples.

“Thanks, I minored in Art Design, so I’m not totally an amateur at this. And thanks for the wine.”

I handed it over, a bottle my father, a restaurant owner, recommended.

“You’re welcome, and thanks for the invite…who’s in the kitchen?” I’d heard some clanking that was a bit louder than a pet could do.

“Oh that’s my housemate Laura. I’m sorry, I forgot to mention she’d be here.”

“That’s okay, the more the merrier.” I knew it was cliché as soon as it left my mouth, but the damage was done. And I figured it would herd off more flirting from Donald if someone else was there. I’d never heard of Laura, and wondered if she was a lesbian, as he led me to the kitchen.

Well whatever she was, she was big. Laura is 5’9 or so, and 300 pounds if she’s an ounce. A blonde with a pleasant smile, she used that smile to greet me as she extended a hand.

“Hi Jim, welcome.”

“Thanks, nice to meet you Laura. It smells great in here.”

Our handshake didn’t linger, though I was now wondering if I was being set up for her, not him. She had a dress on, not quite qualifying as a mummu, but it was nice enough. She was barefoot, and I briefly noticed that her toes and nails looked professionally done, purple.

“Thanks, dinner will be ready in 10 minutes or so.”

She was pretty clearly giving me the once over, her smile not fading a bit. I smiled politely back, the good smells helped, as I again wondered what had possessed me to do agree to this night.

Donald showed me around a bit, as we compared notes about our various offices. We both work for the city, just in different departments now, and different buildings. I was glad to hear things about my old co-workers, and he seemed to enjoy being the one to tell me about them.

Dinner was salmon, with some kind of honey lemon sauce, and it was delicious. It’s cliché that heavy people (should) know how to cook, but it’s true here. Laura laughingly denied going to culinary school when I asked, and the three of us talked about cooking mostly during the meal. I dabble at it, mostly when I’m single as I like to experiment. After about 30 minutes of food and conversation, Donald said:

“Let’s leave the dishes, I’ll put them in the dishwasher later. On to the living room, just follow Laura.”

With a glass of wine in my hand, I followed my hostess into the living room. It was dominated by a huge couch, three seat leather, and all the usual electronic paraphernalia. The TV is huge, even bigger than the one that is my indulgence (I drive an old car, but have a great television).

She set up coasters, and sat down on the right side of the couch. I figured that I was to be in the middle, it would be rude of me to sit far away from her, so I eased down next to Laura.

“Jim, you mind if I ask you a personal question?”

“I’m a Libra.”

That got me a laugh.

“So am I actually, but that’s not what I was going to ask.”

We’d avoided the dating angle the entire meal, I’d not asked about them, nor had they about me. But I got the feeling that was about to change.

“Fire away, you deserve an answer after that great meal.”

“Are you gay or bi?”

“Not to my knowledge, no.”

Not unequivocal, but true. I waited for a follow-up, or a smile, but instead just got a nod, as she took a sip of her wine.

“Are you?” My policy on personal queries is, don’t ask if you don’t want to tell.

“I’ve experimented in the past, in college, but not anymore.”

“Didn’t like it?”

“Not as much as I thought I might, but it wasn’t too bad. Always good to try new things.”

A heavy hint, pun intended, but Donald came in right then, izmir escort so the subject was dropped. Donald turned on the TV, where the Food Network was on, Chopped was about to end. I’ve watched it in the past, so I’m not unfamiliar with it. As it ended, I drained the rest of my wine, still only my 2nd glass, and excused myself to go to the bathroom. Once in there, I did my business, and then checked my watch: 8:15. I wondered how much longer I should stay, though I wasn’t having a bad time. I decided to stay til at least 9:00, unless I got a hint from them that the night was over.

Returning to the living room, I was a few steps from the couch when I was intercepted by Laura. Donald was changing channels, as she casually put her hand on my shoulder.

“I hope you’re having a good time tonight Jim, it’s great to finally meet you.”

“I am, thanks, the food and company have been superb.” Her remark made me wonder how much Donald had been talking about me.

“Glad to hear it.”

With that, she leaned in, and before I knew it, kissed me on the mouth. My mouth immediately opened in surprise, and Laura’s tongue slid right inside. The hand on my shoulder moved to the back of my head, and held it in place as we kissed for about 30 seconds. My own tongue acted on instinct, and was fully engaged right away, as it felt great. And it did, this woman kissed like a master…mistress…whichever. I was rock hard instantly, and she could feel that even if we weren’t in a clinch.

She eased off with a smile.

“Always kiss the cook.”

She sat back down, while I quickly looked to Donald for his reaction. He was smiling, though not looking at me as he continued to flip channels. I took my place, as he found a movie that he liked on one of the pay channels. It was Love Actually, which I like a lot too. But as I sat there, I was on pins and needles waiting for another move…and not sure if I wanted one. The kiss was fan-fucking-tastic, but the last thing I needed was for my cock to make promises that my brain wouldn’t want to pay up later. I’d been without sex for over a month, if that helps to explain it, so while I knew I was vulnerable, she didn’t.

It was 15 minutes later, when there was a buzz on Donald’s phone. He looked at it, laughed, and motioned for Laura to look. She did so by leaning over me, her very large breasts on my torso. It was only a pic, or so I could so see, but she was there for about a minute looking at it.

“Sorry about that Jim, it’s very funny.”

“It’s okay.” The words almost caught in my throat, as she started giggling.

“Such a nice guy.”

She pulled herself up in a way that brought us face to face. Now I was hoping for a kiss, my cock now making the main decisions, as just the thought of it was getting me hard again. Laura smiled at me, the look on my face must have amused her, but instead of doing anything, she simply closed her eyes and held herself in place.

She wanted me to initiate the kiss.

So I did, disregarding the gay man sitting next to me, and with my tongue extended, planted one on her.

Like me the first time, she responded right away, and our tongues were softly rubbing against each other a second later. Her hand went to the back of my head again, and my arms held her close, though we weren’t in a clinch.

Laura’s tongue is soft, but insistent, with lots of saliva. She knows what she likes, and over the next minute she maneuvered me into kissing how she wanted. We stayed that way over the next couple of minutes, and it lived up to the promise of the first kiss. I was totally turned on by it, and by the time I felt/heard Donald getting up from his seat, I knew that I would go to bed with this woman if that’s what she wanted.

The exit of Donald from the couch opened a section, and a minute later Laura gently eased out of my mouth, causing a slight keen from me, making her smile.

“That was wonderful Jim. You want to lay down?”

I barely could breathe out:


She and I let go of each other, and I half slid, half got up and laid down my head where Donald had been sitting…a warm cushion and his cologne greeting me, though neither were unpleasant. Laura was soon hovering over me, in the guy position as I belatedly cottoned on to, and soon lowered her head to mine. Again, I whispered out:


I saw her smile before her lips closed on mine, as my arms wrapped around her, and she hooked hers under my shoulders. Laura’s talented tongue slid all the way in on the first thrust, and stayed deep for most of the kiss. My passion ramped up like crazy, and all sorts of noises flowed through my mouth to hers, along with my tongue. It was the sexiest kiss I’d had in a long time, and now I really wanted to go to bed with Laura and make love to her. My cock, carefully not crushed by her weight, was rock hard the entire kiss.

Later on I worked out that it lasted 15 minutes, but it seemed like a lot longer, as I lost myself in it, never wanting it to alsancak escort end. The rest of my senses were turned off, only taste and touch remained. I barely caressed her, not wanting to disrupt her concentration in my mouth.

The only time she moved was when she ended the kiss, pulling off gently and sliding off the couch to the floor, landing softly as if it was a planned thing.

Which it was.

I was breathing heavily, and I felt her hands move down my torso, caressing my body in a way guaranteed to keep me hard and pliant. But one hand tracked back, and two fingers slid into my mouth. I sucked on them, picturing the sexy purple of her nails as I swirled my tongue around them for a few seconds. They separated, widening as my mouth opened more to accommodate them, me not thinking about it beyond not wanting them to leave my mouth. But they did.

Right as Donald pushed the head of his cock inside.

I had no time at all to decide anything, as the head and a little more was inside my mouth before I fully realized what was happening. This, not coincidentally, happened right as Laura’s left hand lightly covered my groin and started massaging. The moan that I gave out opened my mouth a little more, so another inch went in.

Laura’s free hand went up to my chin and gently held it in place. Not so hard that I couldn’t push it away with my jaw if I wanted to, but hard enough to make clear what she wanted…and as he fed me another half inch or so, I did what she wanted me to do:

I closed my lips on his cock. I was now a cocksucker.

It’s hard to describe the first time a cock is in your mouth. It’s alive, capable of spurting liquid, and a lot thicker than a finger or two. I couldn’t see it really, I opened my eyes and only saw Donald’s crotch above me. But it’s the loss of control that I felt the most, the knowledge that they had manipulated me into doing something I’d never done, nor expressed any interest in doing.

I love that feeling, which I didn’t know until that moment.

My tongue started licking the underside of what cock was in my mouth, and I heard him groaning, the first Donald sound I’d heard since he’d gotten up during the making out session. I certainly hadn’t heard him take down his pants, that warning might have made this go a lot differently.

Laura’s hands were caressing my pants covered cock and chin, nails lightly scratching both. I was still rock hard, but whether that was due to her touch or his cock, I had no idea.

Not that I thought much about it, as I leaned up a bit, taking another half inch. I found out later that Donald is a solid seven inches, and I got five of those inches in my mouth before it started really getting uncomfortable. So I concentrated on those five inches and started tentatively going up and down them, with his help in lightly thrusting at me. A couple minutes in:

“How’s that feel Donald?” Laura’s voice was one that was enthralled with what was going on.

“So good Laura, so good. It’s everything I’ve dreamed of and more.”

I found it hard to believe, when I could think straight, that I was giving him his first blowjob ever. He’s 35 years old after all, and not bad looking. So he’d been dreaming of getting one from me, for however long of the two years we’d worked 10 feet away from each other.

My cock got even harder as I processed that.

I remembered every trick that women have used on me, taking it easy on the teeth, and managed to give Donald a more than competent blowjob, even given the awkward physical position that I was in. And at the end, after about 10 minutes of sucking by me, that I felt him tense up, and seconds later I could feel the cum rush through his cock.

And into my mouth. That’s when I started gagging, as now my mouth had not only his cock, but his thick cum as well, my mouth hadn’t been so stuffed since I was kid and food. And it kept cumming, to use the cliché, as spurt after spurt filled my mouth, his cock only starting to withdraw at spurt three. It was very salty of course, so salty that I swallowed it pretty much right away, though there was a strong aftertaste for a few seconds.

As soon as he was done cumming, Donald withdrew from my mouth. Laura put her lips on my neck, and started kissing up it to my ear.

“That was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen Jim.” She kissed my ear before continuing. “I have a question for you, and I promise that there is no wrong answer, I’m taking you to bed no matter what.”

“Okay.” I gasped a bit as I said it, my mouth was very sore.

“Did you like sucking Donald’s cock?”

“Yes.” I didn’t have to think about it at all, the yes just came out.

“Bonus question: Was it your first? Had you ever touched a man sexually before tonight?”

“No, I’d never…done anything, with a guy.” Totally true, I’d never even watched gay porn.

“You were so good, thank you.”

With that, she stood up, and held out her hands to me. I took them, and together we got me to my buca escort feet. She put her hands on my face and kissed me deeply, her tongue ferreting out the remains of the cum, cleaning out my mouth. I kissed back hard, this time letting my hands caress her large body, my cock now hurting a bit from being hard for so long without relief. The kiss was only a couple of minutes, but I loved every second of it.

When she pulled away, I looked over and saw Donald standing there, completely naked, his cock about half hard. He was smiling as I took in the sight, and I wasn’t sure how to react. Yes, I’d been played, probably planned before tonight, as the only time they’d been alone since I’d gotten there was right before the first kiss. Not a lot of time to plan hatch.

The thing is, I really had liked sucking his cock. It felt good in my mouth, and at no point did I want to spit it out. I wasn’t tied up, I could have stopped it. But I didn’t want to, and I wanted more.

I nodded at him, and he walked the few steps over. I turned my head back to Laura, and started kissing her again…while my hand reached out and down to Donald. He took the hint, came close enough, and put my hand on his cock. My tongue stroked Laura’s tongue, while I tentatively started stroking Donald’s cock. She sighed into my mouth as we kissed very tenderly for a few minutes. I never really got a good rhythm going with my stroking, having never done it from that angle, and being distracted to boot, but he seemed happy with my attentions to him.

When the kiss broke, Laura just stared at me, fingers scratching my neck lightly, as I keep stroking Donald’s cock.

“I love kissing you Jim.”

“I love kissing you too Laura, you’re amazing.” There was no surprise in my voice, just lust.

“How does his cock feel in your hand?”

“Alive, and good.” I got a kiss on the neck from her after saying that.

“Let me help you out of that shirt.”

She kissed my neck while she did it, and I felt Donald come up behind me, breaking my hand contact with his cock. He reached around me and undid my pants, sliding them and my boxers to the ground. His cock, hard again, was at my ass as he nuzzled me. I knew then that Donald had another part of his dream, and that I would be fulfilling it any minute now. My own cock was still hard, but thankfully no longer contained.

Reaching out, I pulled Laura’s dress off, with her being very willing. Her bra and panties followed, and now we were all naked. I put my arms around her, my cock rubbing against her.

“I want you so much.”

“I want you too baby…and Donald wants you.” She licked her lips after saying that, and I almost came.

I turned my head to him, my cock still poking Laura.

“Are you going to fuck me Donald?” Signaling to him my willingness, but his answer surprised me.

“No Jim, we’re going to make love, with the same passion that you and Laura will. You’re going to give yourself to me.”

Laura started caressing my face while he talked, and the eroticism of the moment caused me to shiver. Sensing that I was ready, her other hand took mine.

“Let’s go to bed.”

She led us to her bedroom, candles already lit by Donald. I was still shaking a bit, though from lust, not nervousness. At the side of the bed, Laura gave me a deep, but soft kiss.

“Are you ready baby?”

“Yes, yes please.”

“Lick my pussy Jim, show me how much you want my body.”

She laid back, in the middle of the bed, and I waited until she was settled before getting in between her legs. I’ve always been a ‘make sure she’s satisfied first’ kind of lover, so I’ve licked LOT of pussy over the years.

Getting a closer look, I was relieved to find that she’s completely shaved, probably done today in prep for whatever was to cum tonight. I started by smooching her puss lips, which immediately started the juices flowing, and a moan from her. It didn’t take long to get an orgasm from Laura, three minutes of licking at most, and that’s all it took. Once she came, I put my tongue inside her and started thrusting away, which got me orgasm numero dos. And then tres a few minutes later as I finally paid some attention to her clit. I alternated between the three areas for the next while, maybe 15 minutes, only pulling off when she gently moved my head away.

“That was wonderful Jim, your mouth is so talented.”:

“I’m happy you enjoyed it, you taste fantastic.”

“Now I’m going to get you ready for your next adventure.”

She rolled over to the nightstand, and got a tube of lube out of the drawer. Positioning herself behind me, she eased a lubed up finger inside me. I moaned pretty loudly, which got a chuckle from her.

“Well I see another thing you like. Do you want a second finger?”

“Yes, please.”

“If you like this, imagine how good Donald’s cock is going to feel. This the first time I’ve ever seen two guys going at it, and your blowjob was so incredibly hot.” She pushed her middle finger in while she said all this, and was soon slowly fingerfucking me.

“Oh yes, yes.”

“Tell us what you want Jim.”

“I want you Laura, so much.”

“You’ll get me…after.”

“After Donald and I make love.”

“That’s right, you’re going to give him your ass, over and over again. Tell him what you want Jim.”