His Love


Sometimes I think it’s only my love for her that brought me through. Every time we went down range, when every step could be your last, all I could think about is how I have to get back to her. And I made it. Only a couple of scars to show. On the outside that is. But it makes you appreciate what you have. I got dealt a plate full of serious. I don’t fuck with life the way I used to. She’s everything to me. I’m more in love with her than ever. And love does heal things, over time. I can tell you that’s true. We had a conversation, lounging in bed one day, about spontaneous orgasms. Is it possible? That is, cumming with bursa escort just the power of your mind? A true mind fuck. It was funny that we’d both tried when younger, before we knew each other. Lying in bed, trying to make ourselves cum without touching. Thinking of all kinds of visuals, trying to make ourselves get over the hump, trying to let go. Neither of us were successful. I got close, I remember. Felt that ache, but couldn’t get further. Hell, we’re all so used to using our hands now, and toys, maybe looking at porn, starting real young. Makes it easy. Maybe it’s a lost art. Didn’t take me long to forget bursa escort bayan about that conversation. A few weeks later we got home after visiting friends, looking forward to bed together. I had just come out of the shower. “Get rid of your towel and let me have a good look at you, my darling,” she said. She was sitting on the tiled ledge beside our soaker tub. Looking killer beautiful as ever. “Where do you want me?” I said with a grin, tossing the towel aside. “Just stand here in front of me.” “Like this?” “At ease soldier, wrists behind your back. That’s right, and legs a little wider.” “This escort bursa good, sir?” I said, grinning bigger. “Yes good. And close your eyes,” she said. I did. “Do you love me?” she asked, speaking slowly. “Of course, I love you,” I answered. “With all your heart?” “Yes, with all my heart.” “Then say it again, and mean it.” “I love you with all my heart, my love!” “And do you love me with all your mind?” “Yes, I love you with all my mind.” “And do you love me with all your body too?” “Yes, I love you with all my body also!” “Then I’m going to accept your cock as evidence of your love.” “I like that idea, my love.” “I want you to show me, with your cock, without touching it, how much you love me.” I waited for her to explain how. “I want to see your cock filled with love for me. I want it so hard with love for me that I know it’s true.” I felt my cock shift slightly.