Her Hunger Ch. 01


“Fuck! This can’t be happening again!”

Surprised to hear her thoughts given voice, Lisette Berenger looked under the stall door and confirmed that she was still alone in the restroom. I locked the door. There can’t be anyone else in here. Relieved to find that she was still the sole occupant, Lisette resumed flicking her clit with two fingers of her right hand.

Ever since she discovered the rarely used family restroom three months ago, Lisette found herself routinely sneaking off and bringing herself to a quick, quiet climax during her morning break. Ten minutes of ‘alone time’ on the sparsely populated fifth floor was giving her the necessary thrill to both relieve her tension and regain her focus so that she could get through the rest of the workday. This time, however, that single quick, quiet orgasm was not doing the job.

Lisette was well-practiced at the art of auto-eroticism. She worked long hours at her job, leaving herself little time for a social life. She was no stranger to masturbation, but did not expect it to become her sole form of sexual release when she accepted the job. She soon developed a routine of pleasuring herself first thing in the morning before jumping in the shower, and then again at night before she went to sleep. The discovery of the fifth floor family restroom allowed her one more opportunity to take care of her needs during the day.

Sitting alone in the restroom, Lisette had already brought herself to an orgasm, but it failed to sate her need. She continued flicking her clit, and soon felt a second orgasm approaching. That one came and went, but again she was left unsatisfied. Feeling desperate, Lisette reached for her purse, fumbled through the contents, and then pulled out her hairbrush. The handle was not as thick as she would have preferred, but there was nothing else in her purse that would do. She pushed the handle of the brush into her pussy and fucked herself with the makeshift dildo while continuing to flick her clit with the other hand. Lisette felt another orgasm approaching, but this one also lacked the steam she required. She flicked faster, hungry for an orgasm that would leave her nerves sated and her lungs gasping for air. She diddled her nub faster and faster. Lisette could smell the aroma of her feminine juices perfuming the stall. Her hunger grew; she felt the orgasm rushing toward her. She thrust the hairbrush in and out, trying her best to simulate the feeling that only a hard, fleshy cock could give her. Her fingers were slippery with juice, and she knew that the next one would do the job. Her face grew warm as her fingers moved faster than ever before. She felt the warmth spread, then explode.

The orgasm lasted fifteen or twenty seconds, and then it was over. But the hunger remained.

This can’t be happening again. This can’t be happening here, at work. Lisette glanced at her watch and noticed that her break was nearly over. I have to get back to my desk. I can’t stay here. I have to leave — now.

* * *

The first time Lisette experienced that feeling was following the Senior Prom. She and her boyfriend– and three other couples– rented a suite on the beach where they had a private after-prom party. They were celebrating not only the prom, but their impending graduation from high school, and generally, they were declaring their adulthood to the entire world. Lisette’s boyfriend, Javier, had been the last of the group to have his eighteenth birthday, and that event was part of the celebration, as well.

The four girls were all close friends, but the boys would not have been in the same group were it not for the compulsion of the girls. No matter, the group drank champagne and beer; played cards and danced; and smoked some marijuana, until finally breaking off the celebration to return to their respective rooms for sex. Lisette and Javier shared one bedroom with Tiffany and Sean, while Jasmine and Chris shared the other room with Nicole and Philip.

Lisette and Javier were one of the most popular couples in the entire school. Javier was handsome and athletic, with a natural bronze skin-tone, short black hair, and a bright smile that never left his face. He was an All-State defensive back on the football team, and he planned to attend State University in the fall on an athletic scholarship.

Lisette was a five foot-seven inch, one hundred and twenty-four pound, fair-skinned blonde. Her body was lean and athletic, and she worked hard to keep it that way. She had long legs, wide hips, and a very narrow waist. Her friends called her ‘Surfboard,’ for several reasons. One reason was the fact that she spent most of her free time at the beach. But the obvious reason was her build: with her wide hips and thin frame she resembled a sheet of plywood. Her small, almost non-existent breasts did nothing to dispel the comparisons of her body to athletic equipment and building materials.

Although Lisette still harbored hope that some day her hormones would kick in and she would sprout breasts, she şişli escort learned to work with what she had. She was blessed with a pair of pointed nipples that were always erect. The only reason that Lisette ever wore a bra was to cover her nipples when she did not want them poking through her clothing. When she felt the need for attention, she left the bra at home. She found that men could not help but stare, despite the fact that she had no breasts filling her sweater.

Lisette was more than just a pretty blonde cheerleader; she was also in the top ten percent of the senior class, the Vice President of the Student Government, and a member of the National Honor Society. Senior year had been a very good year for Lisette.

When the lights went out, all four couples commenced the final act of celebration. Javier needed no encouragement to begin ravishing Lisette, and Lisette offered no resistance to Javier’s advances. Within minutes he was inside her, while the sounds emanating from the other bed indicated that Tiffany and Sean were keeping pace beneath their blankets.

Javier thrust into Lisette with abandon. It seemed as though his first sexual encounter as an adult energized his performance to a superhuman level. Lisette felt her pussy gushing more juice than ever before as Javier’s cock sliced in and out of her slick tunnel. She wrapped her arms around his neck and drew his face toward hers. She could not see his eyes in the darkness, but she was sure that he had to be looking at her and feeling the same joy she was feeling. She found his mouth, then pushed her tongue past his lips as his cock thrust in and out of her pussy.

Lisette felt her orgasm rise, and then explode at the same time that Javier thrust into her with his deepest and hardest strokes. Javier slowed and collapsed on top her. Lisette felt his cock slide out, followed by a river of their combined juices. Javier rolled off of her, feeling satisfied. For the first time in her life, Lisette was not satisfied.

The orgasm had been amazing, but Lisette wanted another. She nudged Javier, but he was already falling asleep. His shrinking erection was retreating even faster than his consciousness. Lisette reached a finger to her gooey pussy and twiddled her clit. Her pussy had never been so sensitive before, and she responded to the probing finger immediately. In seconds she found herself approaching the same nirvana she felt moments ago. With her heightened senses she listened to the sound of Tiffany and Sean in the next bed, despite their attempts to stifle their grunts and groans. The sound of sex and the aroma of four rutting bodies– combined with her flicking fingers– caused her to climax in record time.

Never before had Lisette cum twice in one session. Yet despite setting a new personal record, she was still unsatisfied. Lisette reached for Javier’s cock, only to find it slumbering with the rest of him. She needed him to fuck her.

The only sound Lisette heard from the next bed was heavy breathing, as Tiffany and Sean had finished and were also on the verge of falling asleep. Lisette was far from sleeping. She pulled back the blankets, lowered her face to Javier’s cock, and swallowed it. Lisette had sucked his cock many times before, but never had it been soft. She had no idea how long it would remain in that state, but she was determined to help it return to its former glory.

The first thing Lisette noticed–after appraising the flaccid state and diminished size of the penis in her mouth–was the taste. The combined fluids coating Javier’s dick were like a narcotic cocktail, expanding her senses and fueling her lust. She needed to be fucked again, and she could not wait long for it to happen.

Lisette resumed flicking her clit while she performed mouth-to-cock resuscitation on Javier. In minutes she felt it swell, and then stiffen. She heard a moan escape from Javier’s lips, and then felt his hands in her hair. The pace quickened, and soon he was fully erect.

“Fuck me, baby,” Lisette whispered. “I need you to fuck me.”

“Awww, honey, I’m sleeping,” Javier whispered in response.

“Fuck me now or you’re never fucking me again,” Lisette growled.

“In the morning?”

“No– now,” Lisette demanded, “or never.”

Faced with the impending threat of celibacy, Javier climbed back on Lisette and shoved his cock into her swampy pussy. They quickly established a rhythm, and Lisette found herself cumming in minutes. She attained her orgasm, only to find her need undiminished.

“Harder, fuck me harder,” Lisette implored.

Javier had never gone back-to-back before, and he was amazed at the extent to which his endurance was extended the second time around. He responded to Lisette’s demands with vigor, hooking her legs and pounding her pussy without mercy. The two of them were oblivious to the other couple in the room, who were sleeping less than six feet from their bed.

“Harder baby, harder,” Lisette urged, no longer confining her voice to mecidiyeköy escort a whisper. “Give it to me.”

Javier pounded her pussy even harder. The springs on the bed were making a raucous, yet the two of them neither slowed nor quieted.

“Ungh! Yes! Fuck me baby! Fuck me!”

“I’m cumming Lisette, I’m gonna cum!”

“No! Don’t cum yet! I’m not finished!”

“I can’t………. stop!”

“Nooooo! Not yet!”

“Unghhhhhhhhhh! Oh yes. Unghhhhhhhh!”

Javier thrust one final time as his cock erupted inside Lisette’s slimy pussy. He immediately rolled off her, intent on returning to sleep. Never before had he lasted so long before cumming. There was no doubt in his mind as to whether or not Lisette was satisfied.

“No. You’re not going back to sleep. I’m not through with you.”

Even though Javier’s cock had erupted and spewed jizz all over Lisette’s pussy for a second time, it was not yet completely soft. Lisette reached over and felt his cock, then came to a quick decision. She spun around and rolled on top of Javier, taking his cock into her mouth and planting her sperm-drizzled pussy on his face. Javier was too stunned to move, until he felt his own semen dripping onto his nose.

“Hey, what are you doing? Get off me.”

“Shut up. I told you, I’m not done yet.”

Lisette quickly swallowed his entire shaft. She was desperate to preserve what remained of Javier’s erection. The juices coating his cock were like an aphrodisiac to her, pushing all sane thoughts out of her mind. She needed cock, and she needed to cum. Nothing else mattered.

Javier tried to push her off, but Lisette clamped her thighs around his head and closed her teeth around his cock. Javier quickly understood that she was not going to be denied. He pushed all thoughts out of his mind, save for the mouth clamped on his groin. Within minutes, his cock responded to Lisette’s efforts. He attained a functional erection. It wasn’t hard enough to cut glass, but it would penetrate a slick pussy like the one attached to his face.

Lisette was pleased to find that her oral talents had once again revived Javier’s cock, but no matter how much she sucked on it, she could not return it to a fully erect state. This will have to do. The hunger in her crotch had to be sated.

Removing her mouth but keeping one hand on Javier’s erection, Lisette quickly spun around on the bed, squatted over Javier’s semi-erect cock, and lowered her dripping pussy onto it. That’s better. She had never before rode on top, but instinct took over. Within minutes she was on her way to another orgasm.

Javier’s cock was nearly numb. He did not think that he would cum again, and he just wanted Lisette to roll off and go to sleep. But she did neither. She kept riding him, reaching one orgasm after another. She was no longer communicating with him. He was nothing more than an erect penis, and she was taking it for the ride of her life.

Javier was surprised when he felt a tingling in his groin– a tingling connected to a simultaneous buzzing in the back of his brain. Soon, the tingling expanded. Javier realized that he was going to cum once more.

Lisette rode him faster and faster, grinding her clit on his pubic bone and using his cock as a human dildo. Javier’s feelings did not concern her. All that mattered was that she continued to cum–that she reached the peak that was eluding her.

Javier felt his balls tightening. He thrust his hips upward, felt a small explosion in his groin, and then relaxed. He had cum for the third time in one night, and he was drained.

Lisette felt Javier thrust upward, then felt him relax. She continued riding, determined to achieve the ultimate orgasm she was seeking. Her efforts were cut short, however when she felt Javier’s cock begin to soften. She clenched her pussy, attempting to will his penis back to its rigid state. All that effort achieved was to expel the limp organ from her slippery sheath. Javier was finished, and she knew it.

Her need, however, was not abated.

Lisette slipped out of bed and walked toward the door. She decided to go to the bathroom, get herself a drink of water, and hopefully come back to the bed and masturbate until she dozed off.

Everyone else in the suite was fast asleep, so she did not bother to put on any clothes. She quietly padded to the door, silently closed it behind her, and walked to the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and peed into the bowl. She wiped herself off with some toilet paper, then flushed the toilet. The sound of the water was the only sound in the room. She used that opportunity to stroke her clit, cautiously touching the tip of her finger to the slippery, swollen nub. She immediately wished that she had not touched herself.

The need for cock, which had never fully slackened, returned in full force. Lisette rubbed her clit furiously, desperate to achieve the final release that had evaded her for so long. She looked up and nearly screamed. She was not alone in the bathroom.

“I can help you.”

Lisette instantly recognized Sean’s voice. In the near total darkness of the bathroom she could just barely recognize his silhouette. He appeared to be nude, with his hand slowly stroking a fully erect cock.

Lisette didn’t really care for Sean, and she never understood Tiffany’s interest in him. He was not very popular at school, and he was not an athlete. Prior to catching Tiffany’s interest, Sean spent most of his time with the brainy kids. He didn’t really fit into that clique, either. Sean was an even poorer fit for this party, but until Tiffany eventually dumped him, the group was more or less stuck with him.

None of that mattered to Lisette at that moment. Sean was holding what she needed, and she was determined to get it.

“Come here, Sean,” Lisette cooed. “Put that cock inside me.”

Lisette turned around, grasped the toilet tank with both hands, bent over at the waist, spread her feet, and thrust her ass outward. Sean closed the bathroom door behind him. He could not see Lisette in the darkness, but his male instincts guided him to her. He placed both hands on her wide hips as his cock poked the crack of Lisette’s ass. Lisette reached between her slender thighs, grabbed Sean’s cock, and guided him into her cunt.

Sean pushed forward. His cock entered Lisette’s slippery hole with one thrust. He marveled at how tightly her cunt grabbed his cock, even as it slid in and out without resistance. The banging Javier gave Lisette in the bedroom lubed her up, but it did not seem to have stretched her out.

Sean had dozed off after fucking Tiffany, but he was awakened some time later by the commotion in the next bed. With one eye partially open and one hand clutching his cock, he silently watched Lisette use up Javier’s manhood, yet remain unsated. He bemoaned Tiffany’s overindulgence of champagne earlier that evening–even though he was responsible for encouraging her to drink– despite her announcement that she already had enough. As a result, Tiffany snored beside him while he secretly watched Javier go for rounds two and three with Lisette.

When Lisette did not return from the toilet, Sean slipped out of the bed and went to investigate. He could not see Lisette masturbating on the toilet, but he could make out the sounds of her fingers squishing between the folds of her swampy cunt, and her rapid breathing as an orgasm approached. That was more than he could take.

Even as he pounded Lisette’s pussy, Sean knew that he would never again have a girlfriend as pretty and as sexy as Tiffany. Guys like him don’t usually date the captain of the cheerleading squad. But the thought of getting caught and losing her was the last thing on his mind as he thrust in and out of Lisette’s cauldron of molten flesh. She needed to get fucked, and he was the only one who could do it.

Lisette braced herself against the porcelain tank with one hand, and used the other to stroke her clit. Sean was giving her a good pounding. She met his thrusts with a thrust of her own, rocking her ass back with the same force she was receiving. Lisette had already experienced four or five small orgasms, but the massive climax she craved still eluded her. She could see the peak that she was attempting to climb, but no matter how hard she tried, she could not quite reach it.

Sean continued pounding, pleased with his own performance. Never before had he lasted so long, nor had a girl cum so many times on his cock. His legacy would be secure even after Tiffany broke up with him, which his actions had made inevitable. Lisette would sing his praises to all her friends, and he would be the most sought-after stud in town. Legs would spread for him like soft butter on warm toast.

“Fuck me, Sean, fuck me,” Lisette implored. “Give it to me.”

Sean grabbed her by the hair and pushed deeper.

“That’s it, baby, pull my hair, fuck my pussy. Make me cum.”

Sean released her other hip, grabbed another handful of hair, and pounded even harder.

“Fuck it, baby, fuck it. You want this pussy. Make this pussy cum. Make me cum and you can have this pussy every day.”

Sean felt his climax approaching. He grunted with every thrust, no longer trying to keep the noise locked inside the bathroom.

“I’m cumming, Lisette, I’m cumming!”

“No! Not yet! Fuck me you bastard!”

Lisette flicked her clit with increased intensity.

“Here it cums!”

“No! Keep fucking me! Don’t stop!”

“I’m cumming!”


Sean felt his balls contract, and then a burst of semen exploded from the end of his dick. He pounded Lisette harder and harder, then slower and slower as his balls drained.

“Don’t stop! Keep fucking me!”

Sean continued thrusting, but his will was sapped. He slowed, then withdrew.

“You’re not done yet. I’m not through with you.”

Lisette turned around, sat on the toilet, and took Sean’s slimy cock into her mouth. She sucked and licked, tasting their combined juices. She licked his balls, stroked his cock, slid a finger into his ass. She did everything she could to revive his sinking flagship, but nothing worked. Sean was spent.