Help Me Ch. 03


(So stick with me on this, my editors seem to be MIA so this is technically unedited. I didn’t want you guys to have to wait any longer. On a side note if anyone wants to be a victim… I mean a volunteer… and be a beta reader, please send me feedback, or post in the comments)

*”It’s like I got the signals crossed
With messages I can’t decode
Half asleep, never wide awake
And I’m in complete overload
I got so much information here
And nothing I can really grasp
I should know the truth
But I’m too afraid so I have to ask”*

James sat in a church pew, in a borrowed sports coat, squirming like a little kid. Ben poked his side.

“Ouch.” James said quietly.

“Quit squirming, and get ready to pay attention. Dad said he’d do a sermon just for you today.”

“Aw man, he isn’t going to be staring at me or make reference directly to me it he?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Ugh. I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.” James whispered.

Music starting playing from the pulpit, and James spotted a man in a business casual suit walk out to behind the lectern.

“So let’s talk today about what religion can do for you. I know that sounds a little silly, because most people don’t want you to be selfish right? But really, what does religion mean for the average person, or someone questioning their faith? To me, religion is that back bone, it gives me reason to get out of bed in the morning, and it gives me hope for tomorrow. But for someone questioning faith, we need to reason. Why do people want religion? Well, let’s look closer at this, shall we. I believe the best thing religion can give to us is the drive to be a better person. When we talk about the 10 Commandments, that’s what we want, right? We want people to not kill each other, to not steal, and to honor our parents. Seems legit… So again, it may seem like a small thing, but religion can direct us to live our lives better. After that, religion gives us hope, that there are better days ahead. Because God only gives us the struggles He thinks we can handle. And if not, well, if we have religion, we can assume we have a place in heaven. So that hope is still there, even when we are dying. Another good thing that religion gives us is peers, and a group of people to socialize with. Okay so I know this doesn’t really go hand in hand just with religion, but think about it. What other groups do you socialize with? Coworkers? Do they all have the same goals and morals in life? Probably not. Once you’ve found a church that works for you, and you believe in, you will have a social structure and support group you won’t find anywhere else. With the best leader of all, God. There has even been research into if religion makes you a happier person. Basically it boils down to the fact that because people who have religion have a support system and belief, they absorb shocks in life with greater resistance. So I know that for most of you, I’m preaching to the choir, but if anyone is questioning why they need religion I hope this sermon helps.”

“So, what did you think?” Hugh asked as he caught the Halkalı Escort boys before they left.

“Well, honestly I come from a religious family. I can’t decide if that’s something I need to keep or if it’s just something that can’t happen when you’re gay.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, how can you say that it makes us a better person when you have churches that preach against homosexuality and preach hate?”

“Right, but in general, when you take that out of the picture, what does the bible teach us? Why wouldn’t you think that makes a person into a better individual?”

“I guess I get so bogged down in the hate, I never considered it. I have a tendency to glaze over and not listen in the church my parents attend. I’ve fallen into a spot where I’m not really wanting religion. I don’t know if I can believe in a God that fuels hate.”

“Understandable. I know that it’s a slippery slope. There isn’t really a lot of churches that will take a stand against the Vatican or they’re more concerned about the congregation taking offense, so many pastors/ preachers won’t say if they are for or against homosexuals. I can’t abide by that. I can’t let other people decided what’s best for me or my people. Each sermon no matter the topic, teaches each individual differently. That’s what we focus on in our church. So although I know today’s sermon won’t change your mind right away, I’m hoping it was enough to bring you back.”

“Even if Ben didn’t drag me here I probably would.” James teased. Ben and Hugh laughed.

It started to rain as they left the church, but seemed to get worse the longer they were in the car driving.

“Hey, my house is closer, I’m going to stop there. We’ll hang out until the storm passes if that’s alright with you.” Ben said.

“Totally, this is got to be hard to drive in. It seems like it’s raining sideways.” James replied.

“Leave the sports coat in the car, I have a feeling we’re going to get soaked.”

The boys ran for cover as soon as Ben parked. They laughed as they hit the porch, soaked through even though it was only 20 feet that they had run. Ben pulled James into his arms and kissed him hard. James took a moment to look at the small house. It was cute, and even though it was close to town it was on the edge of a wooded lot. He followed Ben inside. The interior of the house was sparingly decorated, but there were pictures and paintings on the walls so it didn’t look like nobody lived there. A moderate sized TV, recliner and a small loveseat filled the living room.

“Here, come see the best part.” Ben said as he led James upstairs. He pulled him into a bedroom. It was obviously Ben’s room, there were clothes on the floor, and an open closet was filled with scrubs. But the view took his breath away. On the far side of the bedroom was a huge bay window over looking the wooded area behind the house. Ben pulled James over next to it, to look out better. No other homes or backyards could be seen. The boys watched as lightening streaked across the width of the window. The thunder almost made them jump, but at the same time Halkalı Escort Bayan electrified the lust they were feeling for each other. They both pulled the other in for a rough kiss in front of the window. Ben reached over and lifted James’ shirt off. He kissed his way down his front until he was on his knees, unbuckling his belt. James groaned as Ben succeeded in releasing his cock from the confines.

Ben suckled hard on James’ cock, and then stood back up to pull off his own shirt. Lightening flashed across his smooth skin as James helped him remove his clothing. Soon both boys were naked in front of the big window. Rain pelted the glass, pattering madly. Ben lifted his hands and placed them on the window, stepped up behind him and bent him slightly over to be at his mercy. He grabbed the bottle of lube from his bedside table quickly, and poured a generous amount onto his hand. He slicked up his penis, and then slid his hand in between James’ cheeks.

“Oh god… cold… but so hot…” James placed his forehead on the glass as Ben worked two fingers into him.

“Hmmm, apparently we might have been a little rough last night… you aren’t as tight today.” Ben teased. He rubbed his fingers over James’ prostate, causing a belch of precum to spew from his cock. It hit the window and slowly dripped down, mimicking the rain on the opposite side.

“Fuck me…” James whimpered.

“Already?” Ben whispered in his ear. “We’ve barely started foreplay…”

“Shut up, and fuck me.” James said, thrusting his hips back to punctuate the command. Ben pushed James’ feet apart a bit further, lowering his buttocks to give Ben more opportunity to thrust. One hand on James’ hip, he aimed the head of his cock to James’ entrance.


“God yes, shove that bad boy in me.” James rolled his head sideways, still leaning on the window.

Ben dropped his hips and then thrust into James hard, bottoming out immediately. James cried out in ecstasy. Ben held still, hands on James’ hips, to let James adjust, but he wasn’t having any of it. James bounced his hips as much as he could with Ben’s hands holding him in place. Ben took the hint and started fucking him hard. James spread his palms on the glass to try and gain some purchase, but the only thing he could do was press to the window and thrust back at Ben. The storm raged outside as the lovers worked their way to a spectacular climax. Ben took long hard thrusts, almost pulling out to the tip of his cock and then shoving it back in all the way. James was almost a puddle of mush by the time he got close to blowing his load.

“Are you close?” Ben panted in his ear.

“God yes, jack me, and it’ll be done with.”

Ben followed instructions, and reached around. Two quick pulls on his cock and James was spurting all over the window in front of him. Ben thrust deep into James’ quivering hole and came violently. A spectacular flash of lightening complimented their climaxes.

Ben reached up with his right hand, and tenderly rubbed James’ cheek, pulling him in for a sweet kiss over his shoulder as they came Escort Halkalı down from their high.

James whimpered a bit as Ben’s cock softened enough to slip out.

“Here,” Ben whispered, as he pulled him to the bed. They cuddled close together, James laying his head on Ben’s chest. They fell asleep watching the lightening dance merrily outside.

They finally woke up from their nap in the early afternoon.

“Hungry?” Ben asked into James’ hair.

“I could eat. But I don’t feel like cooking…” He replied sleepily.

“Neither do I. There’s a great restaurant down the street though. We could walk.”

“Okay. Seems like we eat enough of the same foods I can probably find something to eat.”

“It’s mostly pizza and Italian food anyway.” Ben said as he rolled out of the bed.

“Ooo, I could use a good pizza.” James hopped out of bed, but the boys quickly realized that their clothes that were discarded in the heat of the moment were still soaked.

“Oops. Well, at least you and I are pretty close to the same size. Let’s see what I can find. I may have some older jeans that are a bit smaller.” Ben dug into his closet.

“Ah ha! Here. Try these.” He tossed a pair over. James pulled them on without having to unbutton them. Ben dressed quickly too, and found a smaller shirt for James, but because Ben had a broader chest and was more muscular from heavy lifting at work, it was a size too big.

“That looks too cute on your lean body…” Ben leaned over and smooched his cheek.

“Ugh. I hate being this skinny. I’ll need to work out with you I guess.”

“That can be arranged. Let’s go before we get distracted again.”

The boys walked down to the restaurant, which as Ben said was just down the street.

“What do you like on your pizza?” Ben asked.

“Um…” James hesitated.

“Look I’m not going to judge unless you say sardines.” Ben replied.

“Pineapple actually.”

“How do you feel about jalapeños on it as well?” Ben asked.

“Oooh, I’ve never tried it with jalapeños …”

“Cool, let’s do that then.”

They ordered and went to find a seat. The found a small table near the entrance.

James sat down facing the door and propped his elbow up on the table, then propped his chin on his hand.

“Tired?” Ben asked

“Well, yeah, you woke me up at the crack of dawn, took me to church and then molested me into exhaustion.”

Ben laughed.

Their pizza arrived and the boys dug in.

“This was a good idea…” James said

“One of the best pizza places I’ve been.” Ben said.

The bell above the door tinkled, and Ben watched as James’ eyes got big.

“Oh fuck…” He said under his breath and then leaned his head down, covering his face with his hand. Ben discreetly looked over his shoulder to see a middle aged man had walked in. He was tall and very lean, and almost looked liked, well,

“Is that your dad?” Ben whispered.


“Okay, well act natural, maybe he won’t see us. Have you talked to him since he found out you were gay?”


James heard the bell tinkle again and briefly looked up. He made eye contact with his dad who was holding onto a pizza box with the door open, staring back at him.

James groaned, but ignored his dad. They heard the door shut.

“This isn’t going to be good.”