Hellie’s Breeding Pt. 02


(This story of course comes after Hellie’s Breeding)

Hellie lay on the store counter, the shop-owner’s cock slowly pumping her ass. She whimpered softly in pleasure as he moved inside her, and in anticipation as his friend, Rav, undid his belt and zipper.

Hellie tilted her chin up and Rav slid his cock, less long but quite wide, into her mouth, and she sighed in satisfaction as she began to suck him. Feeling Rav fill her mouth and the shop-owner, Chip, fill her ass, Hellie began to disappear into euphoria.

“Fuck, she sucks it good,” Rav muttered, beginning to thrust lightly in and out of Hellie’s mouth as she sucked.

Chip rubbed and squeezed Hellie’s thigh. “She’s our good breeding whore, this one. Soon as I saw her I knew she was a breeding bitch.”

Hellie moaned, her pussy and ass squeezing tightly in pleasure each time they called her names and objectified her.

Rav squeezed one of Hellie’s big, bouncy tits as he pushed toward her throat. “I ought to thank you for sharing her with me.” He grunted. “Fuck, that’s good. You must have some real goddamn willpower to stay up her ass without cumming.”

Chip chuckled. “Had to cum twice first.”

“Oh fuck,” said Rav. Hellie slurped and sucked his dick, humming and moaning as she licked up his shaft, around the head, and then sucked the whole thing down into her throat until she had to hold her breath. “She really does suck better than a whore,” said Rav. He swallowed. “Think it would be fair if we both cum in that pussy the same amount of times, though, wouldn’t you think?”

Chip shrugged. “Fine by me, friend. Like I said, not too worried about it one way or the other.”

The two men had decided to fuck Hellie together and see which one of them could get her pregnant, because for some reason Chip thought it was guaranteed to happen. Hellie didn’t mind…Hellie just wanted to get fucked. She moaned now as the two men fell into a rhythm, both pushing into her at once and then sliding slowly out at the same time. Her mouth watered on Rav’s cock at the thought of the men filling her over and over with cum.

“You let me know when you’re ready for her pussy,” said Chip. “I’ll pick her up and—”

“Ah!” Unexpectedly, Rav burst in Hellie’s mouth, grunting as he squirted jizz onto her tongue. “Ah, fuck.”

“You better swallow that cum,” Chip chided Hellie, and she did. “Well Rav…can’t blame you.”

“Couldn’t help it,” said Rav. “Gifted little whore.” Hellie giggled as Rav smacked one of her titties.

Chip nodded. “What say we bring her into the back and I’ll show you what I use for..a situation like this.” Chip picked Hellie up off the counter, holding behind her lower back with one hand to keep her close to him and keep his long cock in her asshole.

“Oh!” Hellie yelped as Chip began to walk, his dick stuffed into her ass, moving as he moved.

Rav chuckled.

Chip carried Hellie to the back of the store, through a locked door and down a hallway. Past a stockroom, there was a locker room and a break room. Chip carried Hellie into the locker room. Very carefully, he slid her ass off of his cock, and put her down.

“Now,” he said. “We can clean up in here, I don’t want to go from her ass to her cunt. It’s bad form for breeding.”

Rav eyed the two open showers and sprayers that were in the room. “Say, Chip,” he said. “If we’re all cleaning off in here, well…”

“State yer piece, Rav.”

“Why don’t we wash that cum out and start fresh. Be more fair. That way, we would both cum in her around the same time, each time. No unfair advantages.”

Hellie looked at Chip, intrigued.

Chip looked mildly annoyed at first. Then he smirked. “All right, Rav, if that’s how you see it. But first.” He fumbled in his pocket, pulled out something tiny, and handed it to Rav, who seemed to swallow it. Hellie realized it must be a pill.

She audibly gulped.

“That’s right, bitch,” said Chip, tugging her hair. “We’ll be breeding you all night.” He stroked her hair now. “You want to get filled with cum?”

Hellie whimpered. “Yes.” She couldn’t help herself.

Chip and Rav took their clothes off, and Chip began to wash his cock and balls which were coated in a juice of cum and blood. Rav washed up and then pulled Hellie under the shower with him.

“Put your hands on the wall, baby,” he said. Hellie did. “Move those legs apart…that’s good, now stick that ass out.” Rav began to finger Hellie’s hot, wet pussy. She moaned, feeling his long fingers inside her. He scooped globs of juice out of her, scooped out blood and cum alike.

“Hey, Chip,” he said. “Looks like she’s on her ladies days.”

“Yeah Rav, I know.”

“Is this still gonna work?” He waved his bloody fingers at Chip.

“Sure will,” said Chip. “Once there’s enough cum in her, it’ll stop. The bitch is just in heat.”

Hellie waited for Rav to protest and say that this was completely wrong, but he didn’t. She wondered if all old men thought periods worked this way, and was briefly very worried for the world. But she could no longer think when Rav slid three fingers into her and rubbed against her g-spot.

“Ohhh,” she moaned.

Rav izmir escort brought her down onto the shower floor on her hands and knees. “That’s it, baby. Show me those fuckholes.” He soaped up Hellie’s thighs and her outer pussy lips, taking his time and and staring at her ass covered in bubbles. He then rinsed her with the sprayer, then aimed it at her pussy. He rubbed her clit and told her to pee before they started fucking her again.

“Here?” said Hellie.

“Yes baby,” he said. “Do it right here and I’ll spray you off.”

“Go ahead bitch,” said Chip. “If you’re going to be a breeding animal, you might as well act like one.”

Blushing, Hellie pissed on the shower floor while Rav pointed the sprayer at her pussy, washing it away down the drain immediately.

“All your holes are ours now, aren’t they bitch?” Chip said with a small chuckle.

“Yes,” said Hellie, and Rav reached to rub her clit again. “Bend those knees,” he said. “Get down and stick that ass out.” Hellie did, and Rav slid his three fingers back into her pussy. He slid them all the way in, then all the way out, then back in and out again, under the sprayer.

“Gotta get all that cum out,” he said. He this several times before quietly satisfying himself that Chip’s cum was gone, then he kept his fingers inside her, pushing deep until Hellie thought she could feel them against her cervix. She shrieked.

“Oh fuck!” she cried.

Carefully, Rav let his fingers rub and press her cervix as he moved them inside her. While he did this, Chip came around and began fucking Hellie’s mouth. Hellie moaned.

“That’s a good bitch,” Chip murmured, gently rubbing his dick on her tongue as he moved slowly in and out of her mouth.

“So what’s her name?” Rav asked, watching Hellie’s ass cheeks shake as he deeply fingered her cunt.

“Don’t know,” said Chip. “She came in and tried to steal from me, so we decided she’d be my breeding bitch for tonight.”

“Ooh, a really naughty one huh?” Rav said, and he fingered Hellie harder. “What a bad little slut you are! Are you going to cum on these fingers, bitch?”

Hellie whimpered, her mouth full of cock.

“That’s it bitch, I can feel that greedy fucking pussy shaking.” His fingers brushed her cervix, pressed against her g-spot as they slid inside her, and hit her cervix again. Hellie cried out, yelping against Chip’s cock in her mouth. She felt the orgasm come from deep inside her, and losing all control of her body she screamed though it was muffled my cock, her legs and arms shaking and the men holding her to keep from totally collapsing onto the floor.

Rav slowed his fingers as Hellie found stability again.

“Think she’s clean now?” Chip said with a hint of sarcasm.

Rav nodded.

“Let’s get out of here and take her to the couch in my break room.”

They dried Hellie off, being sure to grope her as they toweled her body, and then took her across the hall where Rav declared he wanted to see Hellie ride cock.

“I want to see those big titties bounce,” he said.

Chip sat down and pulled Hellie down toward his lap, and pushed his cock right into her pussy as she sat down.

“Ooh!” Hellie cried. She’d forgotten how big his dick felt in her pussy. “Fuck!”

Chip pulled Hellie’s arms back, pushing her tits forward, and pounded his long cock up into her, bouncing her on his cock.

“Oh oh oh oh ooh oh!” she cried.

“Breeding that pussy good,” Chip panted. “Nice tight pussy.”

“Those titties look so fucking nice.” Rav bent forward and let Hellie’s tits bounce against his face. “Damn that makes my dick hard,” he said.

“Be my guest,” said Chip, who grunted and came in Hellie’s pussy.

Rav sat next to Chip and the two men moved Hellie from Chip’s cock onto Rav’s.

“Oh holy fuck,” Hellie groaned as Rav’s wide dick pushed into her.

“Do you like that, baby?” Rav grabbed her tits as he bounced her on his lap. “You take that cock so good.”

Hellie moaned as he pounded her pussy. “Fuuuuuck!”

Chip watched tiredly. “That does look real good,” he said. He reached over between Hellie’s thighs and rubbed her clit clumsily as she moved. “Still nice and wet,” he said. “Telling you, she’s made for breeding.”

Rav squeezed her tits. “Someday I’ll milk you, cunt. Ugh fuck yes.” He made a high pitched noise and his cum burst into her pussy. “That’s right, bitch,” he muttered. “That’s right.”

They all took a break to have some water. Chip handed a bottle to Rav, still holding Hellie on his lap. Rav poured water onto her face and tits before they got up off the couch.

“So we don’t know your name,” said Rav. “But we’re getting you pregnant tonight, aren’t we bitch?”

Hellie giggled as he jiggled one of her breasts.

“Could call her Beebee,” said Chip.


“B.B. For breeding bitch.” The men chuckled.

“I’d like to get in her ass,” said Rav.

“Ooh,” said Hellie.

“Sounds like she agrees,” said Chip. He took Hellie by her chin. “You want cocks in your ass and pussy?”

Hellie whined. “Yesss, please.”

Rav lay on the alsancak escort couch and pulled Hellie to lie on top of him. Very carefully the maneuvered his cock into her asshole, and Hellie gasped. “Ooooh fuuuucccck!”

“Damn that ass is fucking tight!” Rav gasped too.

“”Nice round ass,” said Chip. “Cushion for the pushin.” Chip came to kneel between Rav and Hellie’s legs, and pushed into her pussy.

Both Hellie’s holes squeezed on the cocks inside her, and she screamed in pleasure.

“Oh my fucking god,” she cried. “Oh my fucking god!” She felt herself become limp and almost braindead as the two men held her and fucked her, using her holes, moving steadily inside her. She dissolved into continued “Oh god oh god”s and lay there in a trance of pleasure as the two men grunted and groaned, sometimes fucking her slowly, other times fast and hard. Her legs were lifted up to rest on Chip’s stomach and chest, while her back rested on Rav who held onto her hips and ass.

“You like that dick in your ass, baby? You like when I stretch this asshole?” Rav muttered, groaning as he savored the feel of her ass gripping his cock.

“Yee-ee-eesssss,” she moaned.

Finally, Chip came inside her, and Rav pulled out of her ass to clean off his cock.

“You’re coming with me, you wet little breeding cunt,” Rav said, taking Hellie by the hand. He washed off his cock and then made Hellie jerk him off with her tits.

“If this weren’t breeding time, I’d fucking cum all over those big whore tits, bitch,” he said. He rubbed his precum on her face and she moaned. Then he turned her around and fucked her pussy from behind while Hellie put her hands on the wall. He moved fast, fucked her hard, and came for what seemed like several minutes.

He brought her back into the break room, her legs shaking.

“Well now,” he said. “I’ve cum in her twice, and you’ve cum in her twice.”

“Let’s say one more, I need to blow this load.” Chip was stroking his cock. “Come here, slut.” He brought her onto the couch with him and got her on her hands and knees, then began to finger her pussy with his free hand.

“You mean you go next, and I go last?” Rav said. “That seems unfair.”

“The fuck are you talking about, Ravi?”

“That means all your loads are ahead of mine!”

“Shouldn’t matter, should it, if the body picks the strongest sperm.” Chip gave him a look.

“Suppose not, but I still think—”

“Look, Rav,” said Chip, jerking his cock. “I didn’t have to share this fine set of breeding holes with you.” He fingered Hellie faster, making her flail and cry out. “I shared my breeding bitch out of friendly good will.”

“You’re right, Chip,” said Rav. “I’m just saying, if it’s a friendly competition, we ought to finish in her together.”

Chip squinted. “Together? You talking about jerking off into that pussy? Because I’m not wasting that hole.”

Hellie moaned as Chip thrummed his fingers on her g-spot.

“I’m talking about both dicks in her pussy. Both dicks inside that tight little hole,” said Rav, patting Hellie’s ass and then groping and pinching it. Hellie, wet and horny from being repeatedly fucked, came then, convulsing on Chip’s fingers as her ass was squeezed.

“Mmhmm, that’s a good fucking bitch, keep that nice cunt wet for us baby,” said Rav. “You know her pussy will feel even tighter with both.”

Hellie cried out, another wave of her orgasm hitting her at his words.

“Mmm look at those big titties shake,” said Chip, admiring Hellie’s breasts. “Well Rav, it ain’t something I’ve ever done before, but you got me intrigued at seeing that pussy stretch like that.”

“Jesus,” Hellie moaned, still shuddering through her long orgasm.

“Seems like she wants it, too,” said Rav. He popped a finger up Hellie’s ass and she screamed as another orgasm hit her, her ass squeezing his finger. “That’s it, bitch, soak that pussy. Soak that fucking pussy for us.”

“Fuck,” Hellie cried, overwhelmed. “I can’t, I can’t!”

“C’mon baby,” said Rav. “You can do it you sexy fucking bitch, c’mon!” He kissed her neck. “Can’t wait to see you pregnant after we fill you all up with cum and jizz.”

Hellie’s brain reappeared briefly to wonder if he thought cum and jizz were two different things, but as he shoved a second finger up her ass, she lurched and tightened in pleasure and her mind left her again.

“Please!” Hellie screamed as the two men fingered her. Her orgasm seemed not to end, and just as she thought it had subsided, Chip let go of his cock and began to rub her clit with his other hand, making Hellie cum again. “Oohhhhhoohhhooohhhhhooohhhahhhhh-hhhh!”

“That’s it bitch,” said Chip, “that’s it, be my good cunt now.”

Hellie sobbed in pleasure, feeling as though she would burst. Chip pressed harder on her g-spot as he wiggled his fingers inside her.

“Oh god, please, please,” Hellie whimpered, unable to stop shaking as the orgasm rippled through her. “Please.”

“That’s right, bitch,” said Rav. “You fucking beg.” And he slid several fingers from his free hand into Hellie’s mouth, and she finally erupted as she came buca escort yet again, juice from her pussy squirting out all over the couch and floor.

“Yessss!” said Rav. “That was so good baby!”

“Best cunt I ever had,” Chip muttered.

“Ooooh,” Hellie moaned softer on all of the fingers filling her holes, as her body drifted into smaller and smaller convulsions of pleasure, shaking and shuddering, and finally the release had finished. Hellie closed her eyes.

Rav and Chip very slowly pulled their hands gently from Hellie’s body. Chip shook his hand out. “Cramping up,” he said. Rav chuckled.

“Well bitch,” said Chip. “You need a breather before we open up that cunt again?”

Hellie moaned.

Chip slid his wet fingers into her mouth and she hummed in satisfaction as she sucked. “That’s a good girl, you taste your pussy. We’re going to fill you up on last time and then you’re gonna suck these cocks clean because that’s what you’re for, you wet little bitch.”

“Mmm,” Hellie moaned. “Mmmhmmm.”

“She knows what she’s for,” said Rav. “Can’t wait to sit her on my lap and hold onto that big belly while I fuck her up the ass.”

“Ahmmm,” Hellie moaned.

“Can’t wait to suck the milk from her big titties while I fuck her pussy,” Chip agreed.

“Make these holes leak cum while her titties leak milk,” said Rav, slapping one of Hellie’s tits to watch it jiggle.

“I don’t know bout you, but I’m ready,” said Chip, stroking his cock again. “You ready bitch?”

Hellie nodded, her eyes still closed as she sucked his fingers.

“Same here,” said Rav.

Chip lay down on the couch. He pulled Hellie on top of him and held her ass in both hands as he kissed her deeply. He took her chin in his hand and looked her in the eyes. “My little breeding hole loved getting filled with cum, didn’t you, bitch? Are you ready to take both of these dicks and be our good breeding bitch?”

Hellie nodded, moaning softly.

“You were in heat, weren’t you bitch?”

Hellie nodded.

“We’re gonna fuck that nice pussy one last time,” he said. He pulled her cheeks and thighs apart as he slid his cock into her pussy. Hellie squeaked in pleasure.

“Now you come own here, real close, and you show Rav that tight little asshole we’ve been fucking, that’s it, push your ass up.”

Hellie brought her upper body down and pressed her ass up and back for Rav. Rav knelt behind her between Chip’s legs.

“Ooh yeah.” Rav rubbed the head of his cock down Hellie’s crack, over her asshole to her pussy. With lots of careful shifting, pushing, spreading, pulling, and other adjustments, Rav and Chip pushed both of their cocks into Hellie’s pussy.

“Ooooh my god!” Hellie cried. “Oh fuck!” She felt her pussy stretch deliciously around their cocks. “Oh god, oh god it’s so gooood,” she whimpered.

“Fuck,” Rav groaned. “Fuck!”

“I’ll be damned,” Chip murmured.

“Fucking…good…pussy!” Rav said between thrusts. The sensation of Hellie’s pussy and, though the men would never admit it, the friction of each other’s cocks, it was almost too much to bear. “I’m not gonna lie to you,” said Rav. “I might cum in this cunt two more times.”

“Fine by me,” said Chip, determined.

Hellie closed her eyes again, her head resting on Chip’s chest. They all were damp, wet, hot. She savored the feeling of the two cocks moving inside her pussy, sometimes gasping when both of them pushed all the way in, the pleasure-pain overtaking her.

“Hahhhhhhh,” she sighed as the two cocks crammed inside of her.

“You like that, breeding whore?” Rav tugged Hellie’s hair back, opening her throat to Chip who kissed and bit her neck.

“Oh god yes,” Hellie squealed.

“Little fucking cunt slut,” Rav muttered. “Fucking cream puff!”

Chip laughed, panting. “We did fill ‘er up with cream, that’s for sure. Filled that ass right up.”

Hellie giggled but still moaned.

“You like that, don’t you?” said Chip. “You feel better when you’re filled with cum.”

“Yesss,” Hellie whimpered.

They would both cum in her twice more. They pushed in deep, keeping their cocks as deep as they could even as they thrusted, so as not to pop out. Hellie felt herself opened wider than she’d ever been

“That’s good, baby, spread that ass for me,” said Rav as Hellie moved her knees apart. “You ready to get your ass fucked again?”

“Oooh god,” Hellie moaned.

Rav pushed two fingers up Hellie’s ass again and Hellie exploded, begging and crying as she came.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god please, please, oh my god, ooohhh please,” she whined as her holes were filled and stretched.

Rav curled his fingers down, rubbing the wall between her pussy and ass, and Hellie shuddered. “Jesus, fuck,” she moaned.

“That’s right baby, you get these cocks nice and wet. I feel that pussy squeezing.”

“Fuck yes,” Chip grunted.

After cumming once, the men switched places, and Rav sucked Hellie’s tits while Chip slid his fingers in and out of her asshole, teasing her, keeping them out a moment to rub the outside of her hole, and then thrusting them back in deep just as he and Rav were thrusting into her pussy, making her scream. He’d slide them almost all the way out, and then move in short, shallow throats at her entrance. Hellie shook and squealed, shrieking when Rav bit her nipples and sucked them hard. He left hickeys on her breasts, her nipples reddening from being sucked on.