Growing Up College Ch. 2

Big Tits

Chapter 2: Three’s Company


“Saturday!” I gasped, sitting up in bed so fast, that the rush caused my head to hurt. The ten o’clock sun streamed into the window at an angle that struck my sleep-puffed eyes and made them water.

Liz rolled over, rubbing her eyes against the harsh morning light. “Yeah… Saturday. Also known as ‘Let’s-Sleep-In-‘Til-One-Day.’ Gosh, Jess, have you completely forgotten weekends since we’ve been here?”

I looked down at Liz. She was still nude, the coverlet barely covering her breasts. I felt a flash of heat to my cheeks as I remembered the passion between us only a night before. I watched as Liz’s gaze sauntered up my nude body, my tits fully exposed. She smiled at me, and I knew I had nothing to regret.

“Yes, Liz. I remember what Saturdays are for. But Paul’s coming up today, remember?”

“Oh,” she sighed, removing her gaze from mine, “What do we do?”

“I don’t think you have a problem to solve. I do. You’re boyfriend free, at least.”

Liz shrugged. “But, it was my fault.”

“I think we’re both to blame. But, I don’t want any apologies because it was great. If you’re okay with it, I wouldn’t mind doing it more,” I smiled at her, “maybe even right now.”

She smiled up at me as her fingers extended to my fully aroused nipple. Her tender touch on the aureola and nipple caused my pussy to lubricate. I wanted her again, and began to pull her into my embrace, but she stopped me, causing me to frown.

“I have an idea,” she said, leaning over my lap and giving my a good look at her perfect tan ass, only marked by the thin white lines where a thong had been. When she righted herself, she had a long, thick dildo in her hand and that model-perfect smile on her face.

I knew I had to tell Paul about us.


We dragged ourselves out of bed around one, but it wasn’t because we’d fallen back asleep. I was almost sore from the pounding we’d both taken from what I’d learned was a double-long dildo, perfect for both of our cock-hungry cunts. We’d also decided what to do about Paul.

I wasn’t expecting him until before dinnertime, because he all ready had baseball calisthenics, “training for the coming season,” he’d told me on the phone one night when I’d asked why.

Liz was going to supper with some girls from our hall, and Paul and I were going to a local Thai restaurant alone. He thought we were going to the have the room to ourselves (and, originally, we were), but I decided to just surprise him with Liz when we got back. The plans arranged, Liz and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the room, exploring one another and doing homework.


Paul showed up to my room at around half past four, bearing a bouquet of daisies and a lot of hugs and kisses. I saw a flash of jealousy in Liz’s eyes as I put them in a vase.

He looked especially handsome to me. Maybe it was because I was feeling so alive after Liz’s and my encounter. Or perhaps it was because we’d been apart for too long. Or maybe it was a combination of the two. Paul’s dark brown hair, shades darker than even mine had deepened and lost the lightening of the summer sun. His gold-flecked izmir escort brown eyes, shining with intelligence, reflected the smile on his face. Standing around 5’10,” his body always that hugged mine perfectly in bed rippled with sleek, baseball-toned muscles.

“So, how are you girl’s getting on together?” he asked innocently as I put the finishing touches on my makeup. Liz and I exchanged glances and I suddenly couldn’t wait to reveal just how well things had become.

“Pretty good. I do have to tell you, though, Jess is a real pig.” Liz said, gesturing to the spotless desk. I was a bit of a neat freak, and Paul and Liz shared a laugh at my expense.

“Ha Ha, you two. Come on, Paul. I’m thinking the Thai food won’t keep while you listen to Liz’s comedy act.” I said, eager to eat and return.

“Okay, okay. Her majesty beckons.” Paul said, executing a ladylike curtsey, that made him look more like an overstuffed rooster than a woman of court. It had the desired effect and Liz and I were still giggling as we left.


After dinner, we headed back to the dorm. Paul had been perfect. I only hoped he wouldn’t hate me after tonight. After all, I did love him.

“I can’t wait to be with you tonight, baby,” he said as we walked down my hall. I smiled, feeling a similar yen. He reached my door first, an instinctively turned the knob, seeming surprised that it swung open.

I walked in past him, noticing that Liz had only turned on our desk lamps and lit candles all around the room. It gave the room a warm, seductive feel. Paul followed me in, apprehensively.

To my surprise, Liz wasn’t in the room. The I heard her voice behind us, “Oh, sorry guys. I had to go to Ashley’s room for a corkscrew.”

Paul and I turned in unison. Liz was standing, silhouetted by the bright light of the hallway so that we could see the stunning outline of her curvaceous body through the pink satin chemise she’d chosen on a recent trip to the mall. I had the same one in dandelion yellow. In one hand, she held the bottle of white wine we had our sorority friend Samantha purchase for us, and in the other, the aforementioned corkscrew. Paul gasped, and turned to me quickly, his usually tanned cheeks flushed. I almost burst out laughing at his reaction.

Liz swept past him, and stood next to me, facing Paul. I felt uncomfortable, but highly turned on by the sight of Liz. I glanced down to Paul’s khakis, and as I expected, they had begun to bulge. I was positive I could hear him curse his choice of boxer shorts over briefs. Again, I had to choke back laughter.

I moved to him. “It’s all right, honey. She turns me on, too.” I saw Liz’s smile before I saw Paul’s look of complete horror. I was hoping it was because he wasn’t sure whether to believe it or not. I was enjoying his torment for some reason. To ease his pain, I closed the door, shutting off the excessive light. Then, swiftly, I plucked at the single knot that was holding the gather on the bust of dress shut. My freed breasts now tumbled over the loose material. Liz relieved herself of her burdens and moved up behind me and wound one hand around my waist and the other alsancak escort to my exposed nipple, all the while, concentrating on Paul.

I could almost hear his jaw drop, and I watched as his pants bulged out even more. I smiled at him.

“Ladies,” he choked out, “please tell me what’s going on.”

I looked at him, my smile faltering, “Uh, well, last night, Liz and I… well we…”

Paul clasped his hands and looked skyward. “Oh, God, thank you!” he said. It was too much for Liz, who began to laugh so hard, she had to lean against the wall for support.

“So, you’re not mad at me?” I asked, suddenly meek.

He moved to me, enclosing me in his muscular arms. “Oh, baby, no. I love you … and frankly, I always wished for something like this. Just as long as you don’t leave me for anyone else.”

I smiled up at him, “Never.”

Liz had recovered from the giggles and was standing upright, her nipples poking hard against the slight nightie. I moved back and slipped the remainder of my dress down over my hips and let it puddle at my still-heeled toes. “I thought maybe we could try to expand our experiment into a threesome?” I suggested. Paul could only nod. I think if it hadn’t been for Liz watching, he may have cried tears of joy.

We moved the rest of the way into the serenely lit room, and Liz poured us each a drink. I drank mine slowly, enjoying the cool trails it made down my that. I giggled once more, not fully used to the light headed feeling of alcohol and lust, as Paul and I rarely had access to them both at once.

I set my glass down and moved toward Paul. Seeing that the wine was loosening him up rapidly, I settled into his lap and began to unbutton his shirt. Once I had his bare chest exposed, Liz joined us, free of her chemise. We began a duel assault on his bared skin, kissing and nibbling our way down his neck, chest, and tummy. Paul laid back, enjoying the wet heat of our kisses. When we had both made our way his waistband, we turned to one another and embraced, tit against tit. Paul groaned and reached for our nipples. He rolled the about between his capable fingers as we kissed hot and hard.

Not able to handle anymore, he unbuttoned his khakis. I could see the white and red heart boxers I had bought him from the GAP as a gag gift for Valentine’s Day. Liz and I smiled at each other as we freed Paul of his shoes, socks, and pants. My breath caught as I admired his full uncircumcised erection rising from a mesh of neatly trimmed curls, his purple head covered in precum already. I heard Liz sigh, her eyes widening at his size. I felt proud suddenly, and licked my lips in anticipation. I felt Paul’s eyes on me, and looked up at him one moment before I moved to him, and licked his glistening head and then bobbed my lips down, taking his entire rigid cock into my mouth. Paul gasped again, trusting his hips forward slightly, allowing his member to push farther down my throat.

Liz gasped. I again felt a surge of pride. I wanted to share him, so I removed my lips and looked toward her. “You try.” I said, my eyes gleaming. I was glad when she smiled and nodded to me. She lowered buca escort her head nearly as far as I did, but as Paul’s hips rose to meet her mouth, she gagged and backed off. I giggled as Paul groaned in satisfaction at the sound of Liz’s reaction. Soon, Liz and I were licking and sucking him together, kissing each other and groping the other’s tits in the process. As we picked up the tempo, Paul’s groan deepened and grew more frequent. Soon enough, he pushed us off of him. Liz and I dropped to our knees next to one another and, automatically, I reached up and began jacking his dick, aiming it at our faces. Soon, he was shooting loads of hot creamy cum onto us. I suspected he hadn’t been masturbating regularly, because it seemed like he came for a very long time, and both Liz and I were dripping from our combined saliva and Paul’s jism.

Liz reached out a finger and rubbed one of my erect nipple, wiping a drop of cum from it. She put it to her mouth and smiled, at me and then, up at Paul, who looked quite at ease.

“Oh, man, that was hot. You girls are wonderful,” he said, reaching for his drink.

All I could do was smile, eagerly anticipating more to come. Luckily, I didn’t have to wait long, as Liz pushed me back against the soft carpet (at that moment I was glad we’d invested in it… I didn’t want the painful rugburn I assumed the former carpet would have given) and dipped her anxious mouth between my quivering thighs and began to lick and suck for all she was worth. It didn’t hake her long to set me off on my own series of orgasms. I guess my moans and shouts had gotten Paul excited once more, because he was standing behind Liz’s raised ass, stroking his hard cock. Liz looked up and caught my eye, and followed my gaze to Paul’s rod. She looked back to me. “Is it okay if Paul fucks me while I eat you out. I need to know to know what it feels like.”

I only nodded, wanting her to get back to my extremely sensitive clit. Paul knew when to take a hint, luckily, and he kneeled down at bit, and reached around to her cunt, feeling that it was already dripping. He grabbed hold of her hips and positioned himself. I swear I saw him lick his lips and he thrust into her. I felt the abrupt push and Liz’s moan against my pussy, and it drove me into another spasmodic orgasm. Paul pumped his cock into her tight hole hard, but slow. Tormenting her as only he knew how. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and she raised her head and commanded, “Fuck me faster, dammit. I want to cum on your girlfriend.”

I smiled and pulled myself back, watching and enjoyed the show as Paul, indeed, fucked Liz faster. His tempo increased to such a rapid pace that he made her cum within minutes of her command. At the peak of her orgasm, she scooted over to my face, and I obliged by licking and sucking her clit until she came fiercely, nearly collapsing.

Paul obviously found this too much to take alone and move to me, positioning my legs on his shoulders and ramming my sensitive pussy as fast as he could. Within moments, he was pumping another hot load deep inside me, setting off one more round of orgasms. I felt my vaginal muscles tighten and relax, almost as if I was milking his sperm from him.

As soon as we’d all wound down from our frenzied fuck, we moved to my bed. We all cuddled to one another on the double bed, and as I dozed between Liz and Paul, I knew this was the beginning of something wonderful.


To be continued…