Grace from the Church

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Grace Cox smoothed out her skirt. It was a blistering summer Sunday; the sun was scorching in the middle of the sky. She didn’t want to be outside on a day like this, but it was her Catholic duty to go door-to-door preaching after mass. Three doors had already been slammed in her face today. People made her nervous and the constant rejection at almost every corner was discouraging. Lisa, her one and only church friend, had told her to bake cookies. “People are more approachable if you come to their door offering cookies and God’s message,” Lisa had told her. The man at the second house had ripped the box of cookies out of her hands before she had even opened her mouth. And she couldn’t stand talking to the family at the fourth house with no cookies to offer them. Grace was no good at preaching, even with the cookies, it turned out. She really wished Lisa was there to give her a hand.

As she approached the next house, Grace was feeling very out of place in her heels, not to mention her fine black skirt and her puffy white blouse. She had tried to look nice and professional for her house calls today, but the scorching heat had caused her to remove her light jacket and open a few buttons on her blouse, revealing more cleavage than she had meant to. Naive, innocent Grace did not realize that her large pale tits were practically popping out of her top and now looked even more inviting, glistening with sweat. The skirt was probably a few sizes too small, but she loved the way it stuck to her legs. It was hardly enough to cover her jet black panties, her panties lines were feintly visible against her ass. The black heels she was wearing made her shapely legs look even longer. With her glasses and her long brown hair held up in a bun, she was the epitome of a sluttly librarian.

“I may as well just give up, this door-to-door bullcrap is too old school,” she told herself. She walked up the steps to her sixth house. The rusted numbers on the side read, “45” but there was a faded mark where a “6” should have been.

“Maybe I’m just in the wrong side of town.” The church divided up part of the city for the assembly to go to. Grace picked one of the older neighbourhoods near the downtown core that the other patrons avoided. She felt embarrassed that no one else would sign up to come with her but she didn’t blame them. It was a rougher part of town and those kind of people weren’t exactly accepting of God’s message. People of the congregation also had been avoiding it ever since Heather, a young girl of eighteen, had gotten knocked up. Her parents claimed she was raped, and although Heather never told what really happened to her, she admitted she wasn’t raped. No one had touched that area since, Grace was the first in a year.

Grace shuddered, she couldn’t imagine the horror that the young girl must have went through. Heather was the same age as her own daughter, Amanda. When they were together in public, Grace would watch boys of all ages paw her daughter with their eyes. Behind closed doors she couldn’t fathom what they’d do to her. She had left Amanda at home, satisfied that she went to mass with her that morning. Grace’s mission downtown was a solo one.

She wished her husband was more religious, with him at her side she would feel much more confident. He told her that it just wasn’t his thing early on in their relationship and that she would have to accept him for that, which she did. Still, even if he was there as a bodyguard…

Grace adjusted her glasses before knocking quietly on the wooden door. She waited a minute for an answer but no one came. “I should just give up,” she muttered. With her cool blue eyes, she examined the rest of the house. The white paint was peeling off the siding and the windows were covered with bedsheets. The green paint on the door was faded and cracking. The garden was unkempt and the stairs leading to the front door were crumbling. It was amazing she even made it up them without twisting her ankle.

She knocked again, louder. The sun was really beating against her back. Her forehead was getting sticky; even her hair felt greasy. She had put it in a bun earlier to prevent it from getting noticeably gross, but it just felt messy now. Her mascara hadn’t began to run yet but she was worried that it soon would. Grace didn’t wear a heavy amount of makeup but she wore enough to make her look good. Rosy blush to soften up her cheeks; red flush lipstick to draw attention to them. Her sweat wouldn’t be enough to ruin it but it wouldn’t help her look either. A bead of sweat was even forming between her asscheeks. She could feel it roll between her crack, stopping right at the hole. Finally she heard movement on the other side of the door.

“Just a moment,” a man called out. There was rustling on the other side of the door followed by a loud crashing bang. The door creaked open on its rusty hinges and a young man jumped out at her. He bumped şirinevler escort into her causing her to topple into the railing behind her. The door rushed to shut itself behind him.

He grabbed out to steady her. “Sorry about that! Roommates like to store their crap behind the door making it near impossible to open. How can I help you today ma’am?”

Grace shrugged his hand off of her arm and straightened her back side. Her skirt felt bunched up on her ass. She straightened her glasses and looked up at the young man. Her gaze began at his knees and worked his body up. He was shirtless and very handsome. His chest and abs looked sculpted, hairless too. He was actually only in his boxers she noticed at second glance. His arms and legs were thick from the gym. There was a light brown fuzz around his chin which suited him well. The rest of his brown hair was piled messily on top of his head. She was speechless.

“Oh, are you one of those Jehovah’s?” he sighed when he spotted the pamphlets under her arm.

“Uh no not quite, I’m just a Catholic,” Grace corrected him, “here to spread the word of God on this lovely day.” The young man stared at her. His blue eyes were sharp and intimidating. Grace couldn’t help but look away. “Can I have a moment to speak with you?” she said while looking at the railing.

She heard the man scratching his scruff under his chin. He let out a soft sigh. “Sure why not? I’ll go wake my roommates too, Peter loves preachers. Would you like to come inside? Who am I kidding, come inside you look hot.”

The man pushed the front door open and Grace followed. They stepped over a couple of fallen boxes that must have been the source of the crash. The door slammed shut automatically behind them. “Don’t worry about your shoes, you can just leave them on,” he told her, “I’m Ted by the way.”

“Oh, I didn’t even introduce myself! I’m Grace.” They shook hands and exchanged smiles. She followed him through a dimly lit hall to what appeared to be a living room. “Have a seat, I’ll go get the other guys.” She was told.

He left her there to pick a spot on one of the three dingy couches placed on each of the walls. They somehow managed to afford a flat screen, mounted against the wall but apparently not a nice couch. She sat on the one that was the least ripped across from the door and TV and waited. “Get up, we got company,” she heard the man say from upstairs. “No I don’t care if you put pants on just get up.”

Grace shuffled the pamphlets in her hands. The men sounded like elephants coming down the stairs. Ted entered the room first, a large grin plastered on his face. He took a seat beside her. He was followed by a young man with a similar build to him, a nude man who looked just as good as the other two, and a tall man wrapped in a blanket who launched himself at the closest couch. The other two sat beside each other on the further couch. Grace couldn’t help notice the nude man’s cock. It was larger than her husband’s by an arm’s length. He laughed when he caught her looking and Grace looked away blushing. The other guys chuckled with him.

“Boys, manners! This is our guest,” the man beside her said. “She’s here to tell us about God and stuff. Miss, the tall man is Brian, the naked one is Peter, the normal one is Jesse,” They waved to her in unison.

“Hi boys, I’m Grace from the Holy Sacrament Parish on the other side of town.”

“Oh we know people who go to that church… Er… Rather a girl that goes to that church,” Ted commented.

“Oh really, what’s her name? I probably know her!” Grace said excitedly.

“Oh yeah, you definitely know who this girl is!” Brian winked to his buddies.

Grace watched them exchange grins before they turned their attention back on her. Grace wanted to probe for answers and wanted to know what was with the winking but before she could say anything Jesse spoke. “Hey, I remember you! Mrs. Cox! You’re Amanda’s mother! I used to go to school with her. We were in the same grade. Remember me?”

Grace looked at the man. She did remember him. He sat beside her daughter in fifth grade when Grace used to volunteer at the school. He liked to poke her daughter, she remembered. Amanda used to complain but Grace told her it was because he had a crush on her. Grace nodded to him, “How are your parents these days Jesse?”

He shrugged, “I don’t really talk to them much but they’re alright I suppose. How’s Amanda?”

“She’s good she just finished her first year of college.”

“She always was a smart one.”

Grace nodded in agreement, her daughter was bright, “But so were you!”

Jesse shook his head no, “Nah I was a dumb one, that’s why I’m living with these bums nowadays.”

Grace didn’t know how to respond so she remained quiet. She could still see Peter’s soft cock in the corner of her eye. Ted had spread his arms out and his right arm was resting just above her back, above escort istanbul the sofa.

“Did you even offer Mrs. Cox a drink, Ted?” Peter asked.

“Where are my manners? I’ll go grab you some water, you must be thirsty after being outside all day!” Ted told her.

“Ted she’s a church woman, she’s always thirsty.” Peter winked to his friend. Grace was unsure what the double meaning behind that was, but saw smiles creep onto the rest of their faces. She thanked Ted when he returned with a cool glass of water.

“So were you going to tell us anything today? Or did you just come over to catch up with Jesse and lounge on our couches with us?” Brian mumbled from his couch.

“Oh! Of course, I’ll just give you guys these pamphlets to follow along first.” She handed her glass to Ted and stood up. “So do you boys go to church?” She asked before handing them the slips of paper. They answered her question with laughter. Grace stumbled on her way back to her seat. The pamphlets flew up in the air and came raining down around her. Ted was there to grab her as she fell face first into his lap. Her hand gripped his thigh in reaction. The cold water splashed from the cup he was holding all over her white blouse. She felt the liquid creeping from her back to the front of her top.


“I don’t mind.” Ted chuckled.

“You look kinda good down there,” Peter teased. “Is he hard?”

Grace couldn’t help but check. Her eyes moved to Ted’s crotch. A bulge was noticeable on the edges of his boxers. Ted saw her checking out his growing hard-on and helped her to her feet. Her lacy pink bra was feintly visible through the wet shirt. Blush red, she sat back beside Ted. She hoped it wasn’t too obvious that her nipples were hard.

Brian noticed them right away. “You can take that off if it’s uncomfortable,” he suggested, openly staring at Grace’s chest.

“I’ll be fine,” Grace told the young man. “Anyways as I was saying-”

“To be honest I don’t really see the point of church,” Peter cut her off. “Why do you go Mrs. Cox?”


“Is it so you can dress nicely in front of all your friends and feel good about yourself?”

“No, I dress like this most of the time and I don’t really have too many friends at church…”

“Peter, relax,” Ted warned his friend. “Sorry, I was being sarcastic when I said Peter loves preachers.”

“No, no, I love preachers,” Peter stood up. “I love fucking preachers.” He took a seat on the arm beside Grace. His legs spread open and his soft cock inches from Grace’s face. Brian and Jesse rolled their eyes while Grace’s grew wide.

“I think I should go…” Grace stood up. She started moving towards the door but Brian was fast. He leapt up from under his blanket and pulled her down to his couch. Grace’s hand accidently brushed his naked cock on her way down. “Boys…” She said trying to catch her breath from being tossed. She could see Ted and Jesse getting up from their couch. Ted’s boxers were already on the floor, his cock fully erect now. Peter and Brian sat on either side of her, they held her arms tight. Ted and Jesse hovered in front of her, wide grins on both their faces.

“Don’t worry Mrs. Cox, we treat our girls with respect,” Jesse told her.

Ted dropped to his knees in front of her. He rolled up her skirt exposing her black silk panties. “What are you doing?” Grace screamed. Ted smiled up at her. He pushed his index finger against the mound under her panties, her pussy was damp already. His touch shot tingles up her body. Grace struggled under the grip of the other two boys. She tried to snap her legs shut but the boys held them open.

“You have lovely tits.” Brian commented. His fingered peeled her buttons loose. She watched in a panicked haze as the top button popped off, followed by the next. They bounced down her and rolled onto the carpet. She wanted to stop him but even if her arms weren’t pinned down, she felt paralyzed.

“Boys you shouldn’t be doing this! I’m married! I have a husband!”

“I’m sure Mr. Cox won’t mind us borrowing you,” Peter whispered in her ear.

Grace squeezed her eyes shut. Ted was rubbing his fingers through the silk panties. He would be deep inside of her already if it wasn’t for the silken barrier holding him back. The delicate fabric felt better than she wanted to admit on her. Brian and Peter had grabbed ahold of her breasts. They were massaging them over her bra. She wasn’t sure where Jesse was but he was probably up to no good.

“You’re getting wet Mrs. Cox; you’re enjoying this aren’t you?” Ted teased.

“Please stop boys,” Grace moaned; her body was betraying her, “I have a husband and a daughter!” Ted’s fingers felt wonderful yet they weren’t even in her yet. The other two were giving her aching breasts their full attention. She was no longer pulling away from them. Peter had let go of her arms altogether.

“Here, hold onto this…” Peter gripped halkalı escort her hand and lead it to his cock. He wrapped her fingers around his now rock hard shaft. Following his lead she stroked his cock with him. She opened her eyes to watch herself in horror as she stroked the young boy. Peter loosened his grip and grinned when Grace didn’t let go.

“I think she’s getting into it boys!” He laughed. Grace paid no attention to his comment; Brian had lead her other hand to his cock. Both cocks were bigger than her husband’s. They were beyond stiff in her hands but continued to grow. Her heart was pounding out of her chest. Never in her lifetime had she ever received so much sexual attention.

“Get her panties down Ted, have a taste!” she heard Jesse say. She caught his eyes looking up at her from her crotch. He was waiting for a cue from her she realized. He wanted to know if she was game. Slowly, Grace nodded her head “No” but Ted didn’t seem to care. He pulled down her panties revealing her wet snatch. She had a light patch of brown pubic hair sprouting at the top of her pussy.

“Jeez when was the last time you cleaned that up Mrs. Cox?” Jesse asked. She didn’t even hear his question. Ted plunged his tongue deep into her pussy. She gasped and clenched the two cocks tight. The attention brought her to climax immediately. She began to orgasm almost shamefully. It had been over two years since she had sex and several more since her husband had placed his tongue down there.

“I think she’s loving it Ted!” Peter laughed.

She began stroking the two cocks while Ted attacked her pussy. Each time his tongue touched her clit she shivered with pleasure. This young man was no amateur she knew. He flicked his tongue and rubbed her clit with his thumb. Her knees began to tremble. Her second orgasm within the minute it seemed. She cried out in panic. “No stop, please!”

“Smile, Mrs. Cox.” There was a bright flash. She looked up to see Jesse with his phone out. There was absolutely no turning back now with that on his phone. “Oh man, does Amanda and Mr. Cox know you’re here?” Jesse asked.

Grace shook her head no; they knew she was out doing her door-to-door preaching. She felt a pang of guilt, like a burn growing on her back. When she left she told him she’d be spreading the word of God, not spreading her legs for some boys her daughter’s age. She was betraying her husband just like her body was doing to her. She began to care less though, she had already had two intense orgasms. The boys could tell she was excited for more.

Peter pinched her nipple hard causing her to gasp. “Don’t please…” She told him. He ignored her just like Ted had and instead took it in his mouth. Brian followed suit and the two boys sucked at her tits while Ted sucked at her cunt. She was sopping wet, and combined with his generously applied saliva, her entire crotch was a sloppy mess. His tongue continued to prove its worth down there. She ran a hand through his messy hair. Her hips grinded into his face and her hand coaxed him on.

Jesse patted his friend on the back. “I think that’s enough buddy. It’s time for her to make us cum.” Ted nodded in agreement. They pushed her off of the couch and onto her knees. Peter ripped the blouse off of her followed by her bra. Her large tits flopped out on display for the boys. They looked over her pale, soft flesh hungrily. She remained in her heels and skirt, Ted had ripped her panties off long ago.

“W-what do you boys want from me now?” she asked, already knowing the answer.

“Oh come on, Mrs. Cox…” Jesse said playfully. He stroked his own member just inches from her face. She eyed it up, it was a bigger cock than she had ever been with; it was throbbing, she could tell it was only going to get bigger. Precum had already begun to ooze onto its head.

“We know you want to…” Peter added.

The four boys stood with cocks at attention ready for her. She knelt drooling. She was hungry for cock even though she wouldn’t admit it. A thought like that had never crossed her mind before. Four beautiful dicks were waiting on display for her.

Jesse grabbed onto the back of her head and lead her mouth onto his meaty cock. He forced her down until his balls hit her chin. “Oh man guys, we hit the jackpot!” Grace came up coughing but Jesse forced her right back to it. Within moments she was swallowing his dick with ease. With her free hands she grabbed two more cocks. She wasn’t even sure whose they were. She rolled her thumbs over the heads and coated them with their own precum. She wasn’t sure what she was doing but it was working.

“Aww fuck yeah!” a voice rang out.

Instinctively, she swapped cocks and forced a new one into her mouth. She tickled the rest with her hands. It was like a game of musical cocks. She kept swapping before any of the boys could bust. Although she was no expert, Grace possessed a natural cock sucking talent. It wasn’t something you’d expect from a holy woman like Grace Cox but it came naturally to her. Her lucky husband used regularly received them, back when they had sex. She could taste the difference of each of the boys’ skins on her tongue. Their precum coated her throat gently. Her pussy was on fire waiting for a hungry cock to enter.