Golf and Suck Buddy


I was cruising an internet gay site, when I came across a profile of a married older man that was looking for some discreet sex. He was also looking for a golf partner. This was an interesting way to meet and play! At least it would make for interesting side bets! I e-mailed him to meet me at a local golf course that usually didn’t have a lot of morning golfers. We were to meet around 9:30 a.m. and we could “play”. I said to meet me at the practice green and we would play 9 holes.

He walked up and introduced himself as Jim. He was about 60 and a little chubby. Just what I was looking for! I said that I would get a riding cart to make it easier for us. We got to the first hole and teed off. As we sat in the cart, we talked. “Any time during this round, you can fell free to take your cock out, I want to see it.” I said. “And, if you need some help, just ask.”

As we drove towards the first green, I looked over at him Yenibosna Escort and he had his cock out. It was maybe 7 inches long and not too thick, but sticking straight up. He was looking at me also, so I reached over and grabbed it. It felt great in my hands! I couldn’t wait to get it in my mouth.

After the first hole, I reached back over and held his cock. No one was looking, so I bent over and took him in my mouth. I licked the head, and then kissed it. “After the third hole is a great spot to continue this.” We continued to fondle each other.

On the third green, I said that if I missed this putt, I would suck him off. Of course I missed! We drove around the corner, near the woods. I stopped the cart and said, “walk around to my side.” He walked around with his lovely cock sticking out. I kissed the head, gave him a big lick and started sucking. I bobbed up and down. “UMMM” He groaned, “My Yenibosna Escort Bayan wife won’t do this anymore.” I reached up and put his hands on my head. “Fuck my face!” That’s all he need! Jim started pumping his rod in and out of my mouth. He grabbed my ears and yelled, “Oh Fuck! Here it comes!!” He shot his load deep in my mouth. He tasted great! He wouldn’t let go of me head. My face was mashed in his pubic hair. He was quickly soft in my mouth. “Oh shit, that was fantastic!”

I said, “I want one more load of yours before the round is over, but we better get to the next hole.”

We continued to play grab-ass and fondle each other. 2 holes later, I put my shot in the trees. “You better help me find my ball, Jim.” He nodded. Once we were in the trees, he walked up to me and started kissing me, full tongue. I pushed his head down to my waiting cock. He knew what to do. Jim dove right on my Escort Yenibosna cock. He was slobbering and moaning, pumping my cock with his had and sucking for all he was worth. I wasn’t going to last long! He reached his finger down to my ass and put it in! That was all I needed. “Fuck, yeah!” I said. I blew my wad into his waiting mouth. He swallowed it all. We came out of the woods smiling.

Again we continued to fondle each other. He was getting hard again. “Jim, there’s a bathroom at the next hole. I want to taste you, again.”

We went inside to one of the stalls. He dropped his shorts. I spun him around. I then bent him over and started licking his ass. I drove my tongue deep into his love hole. He was pushing back. I noticed that he was beating off too. “Oh fuck, that feels good. Lick my ass!” “Uh, Uh, I gonna come!” He screamed. I quickly turned him around and swallowed his shaft. He came immediately in my mouth. I let him stay in my mouth for a while. I didn’t want it to end.

We played the remaining 2 holes while felling each other. “Let’s play again real soon.” I’d love to do more with you.” I said.

We agreed to be “golf and suck” buddies. That was one of the hottest times of my life.