Glory Daze Ch. 10


For John, without whose suggestion this story would never have been written. Another story in a series about the pleasures of youth and the fun had during those glory years….

Story Ten — Everybody’s Hero

That night, Toby was everybody’s hero.

He was golden. Nobody could touch him. The ball kept sailing towards him with remarkable alacrity, thrown by the powerful arm of our quarterback. And each time he somehow managed to evade the defensive lines of the opposing team with an ease that bordered on miraculous. I swear I’d never seen anything like it. It was as if God himself had arranged the players on the field, all to contrive a clear path for Toby to charge down the field like a victorious general. He made touch down after blessed touch down. We had so many points on the board; we were unbeatable before the first half of the game was over.

Toby was literally carried off the field on our shoulders.

It was like I hadn’t even been there. Ordinarily I was one of the stars on the field, but I may as well have just sat on the bench the whole game for all the use I’d been. I didn’t mind though. I recognized it was Toby’s time. And I was prouder of him that night than if he’d been my own brother.

He could have had anyone he wanted. It turned out though that the only person he wanted was me.

“Great game man,” I said to him later in the locker room after we’d showered.

Usually I have plenty of opportunities to talk with Toby, but he remained a bit of a loner. Off the field you might take Toby for one of the grungy stoner types, with his tattoos and blue, spiked hair. He had a way about him that just didn’t fit our home town. But on the field he was a competent player who earned the respect of the fans and his fellow players alike. Toby was widely admired. However, because of his reputation as something of a fag, or at least a bisexual, most of the guys gave him a lot of space. Not that anyone would have said anything to his face. Toby would have kicked the shit out of anybody who had the balls to cast any aspersions his way anyway. It’s just that no one wanted to be considered guilty by association. Except me, of course. I didn’t care one way or the other. Damn all if I couldn’t hang around with whomever I wanted to. I liked Toby. He was a good friend. And I dared anyone to question my sexuality.

Everyone knew I’d deflowered half the girls in my grade.

I was one of the few people who knew for a fact Toby liked boys as well as girls. But it didn’t make him a bad guy. And it didn’t make me a bad guy if I’d sucked his cock one drunken night a month ago when we’d been banging chicks together in a hotel room. Or again a few weeks later at the apartment of Toby’s friend, Brett.

Shit happens, as they say.

“It wasn’t bad, man,” he said, with a sense of satisfaction and pride thick in his voice, “Not bad at all.”

He was standing at his locker next to me getting dressed. After he took off his towel he was as naked as a jay bird, and I don’t mind saying that it was one of the few times in my life having a naked man next to me was an intensely erotic experience. Toby glowed with an internal light, and I bathed in the rays he cast off.

“Going out with Katie tonight?” he asked me with a touch of macho bravado, “Taking her out for a victory lap?”

As he said it he mimed a hip thrusting, fucking motion in the crudest possible manner. Ordinarily I would have laughed, and said something equally crude, but instead I just groaned.

“You haven’t heard then?” I replied, with a pained tone, “She dumped my ass this morning.”

The memory was still somewhat painful. Katie was one of the few women I’d ever actually tried to date, rather than merely have lots of casual sex with. We’d gone out for slightly less than a month, but I had known for most of that time that we were doomed to failure. I had too much of a roving eye, and Katie was too jealous to allow that to go on. Some women view men as a kind of repair project, and therein lay the principal attraction. She thought she could change me. But she was wrong. And I wasn’t about to act like some pussy whipped asshole just to get some when she was in the mood.

Not me. No sir.

The only thing that really smarted about the way it went down was that Katie had dumped me before I’d dumped her. And she’d been real mean about it too. Fortunately, my reputation was too solidly cemented with most of the girls at school for that to be much of a worry. I might take a small hit with some of the younger girls, but I’d get through it.

I was just surprised Toby hadn’t heard about it before now. Or maybe he had?

“No worries, man,” he said, stepping into his tighty whities and pulling them up over his ass.

I couldn’t help but watch, out of the corner of my eye, as he did so. And I thought, not for the first time, what an amazingly sculpted ass it was. He had a firm, hard body like my own, built from hours spent in the gym. His figure reminded me of one of those statutes you saw in Sefaköy Escort museums of ancient Greek heroes carved from snowy white marble. Except that unlike that cold white stone, Toby’s tanned body radiated an intoxicating outward warmth. I could feel his heat in the close proximity of our positions.

“I’m sure you’ll find something to occupy your time at Jameson’s,” he continued, by now pulling up a pair of tight, ripped blue jeans.

“Not sure if I feel up for it,” I said abruptly, surprising myself.

“Well,” he said, “I’m not going. You can come over to my place and hang if you want.”

It wasn’t unusual for Toby to skip a party like Frank’s. It was a little too crowded for him, and maybe a step or two upscale. Toby seemed to find enjoyment in the company of a much rougher, less popular crowd of people. And it wasn’t unusual for him to find his women by trolling through the bars that he was too young to legitimately be found in.

“Oh, man,” I said to him, “You know you’re going to deprive your fans of their hero tonight.”

“They’ll get over it,” he said matter of factly, and then clapping a hand on my shoulder, “I’ve got a buddy in need. That comes first.”

“Thanks, man,” I said, not wanting to let the mood get too serious, “I’m really touched. I think I might cry.”

Toby broke into a huge smile and started laughing then. The mood was back to the kind of masculine camaraderie that you’d expect to find in a locker room.

“C’mon dude,” he said finally, as we finished getting dressed, “There’s a couple six packs at home with our names on them.”

We snuck out of the school by a side door to avoid the rest of the guys who were heading off to Frank Jameson’s place for the usual Friday night party, and I followed Toby in my truck back to his house. Despite his preferred choice of apparel, Toby’s parents were not poor. His father was a doctor. And they lived in a very nice home on the edge of town not far from my own. I imagined they did lay awake at nights wondering how their son had turned out the way he had.

As we went inside the house, Toby was all swagger.

“My parents aren’t home,” he said, throwing off his jacket and heading for the fridge.

He grabbed a beer and tossed it over to me. Taking another for himself.

“Bottoms up,” he intoned, as we both took a swig and settled in to the business at hand.

We were just a couple of dudes hanging out together in the typical uniform of our age group: jeans and t-shirts. There was a lot to occupy two football heroes who had decided to forgo the weekly party. There were video games that needed playing, movies that needed watching, weed that needed smoking, and the angst filled music of youth that needed listening to. But after that, sometime during the early hours of the morning, I came back to myself, from that brief descent into youthful indolence, to find that I was sitting together with Toby on his couch in his living room, with our respective choices of reading material arrayed on the coffee table before us. The remains of our evening’s excess lay scattered around us, including beer bottles, a few half eaten bags of chips and an empty pizza container. Toby had picked up a comic book after putting down Sports Illustrated and I was looking through a copy of that month’s Playboy.

The centerfold had the most amazing tits. I was genuinely trying to read the articles, but the weight of the day had limited my attention span and my eyes kept floating back to the pussy shots on the pages. I don’t care if they were airbrushed, they were a thing of beauty, and, as my father often said, true beauty is a joy eternal.

It had given me a boner that I was absent mindedly rubbing through my jeans.

“She’s hot,” said Toby’s deep voice from beside me, “Don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” I mumbled in response, feeling suddenly uncomfortable sitting next him.

A guy with whom I’d shared something very unexpected, and very confusing, several times before.

I put the magazine down and got up to hide my obvious masculine excitement, abruptly shy. I walked over to the wall of the living room, which was adorned with a variety of pictures showing Toby and his parents in scenes of familial togetherness. They were quite something. In most Toby was a young boy in poses such as standing holding a fish he’d caught with his father or playing at the beach. He was a tender, blond haired child. There was just a hint of the man that he would later become. The last picture I glanced at, which was obviously a school photo from junior high, showed a rather thoughtful young man of about twelve. The changes of adolescence had not yet taken hold, but there was the same handsome face and strong jaw that I knew was boring holes into my back even then from across the room. He had an incredible gentleness about him and I felt a wave of fraternal affection for Toby wash over me right then, although different than the affection I felt for my own brother, Peter.

For Toby I also felt something Sefaköy Escort akin to desire.

I sensed, more than heard, Toby come up behind me. He had crossed the room as quietly as a panther on the prowl.

I was nervous and I needed to break the tension, so I asked him, “Cute kid. What the hell happened to you?”

“Dunno,” he murmured very close to me, “Bad influences I guess.”

Toby was not quite as tall as I was, but I felt his breath near my ear as he said it. I don’t know what I expected, but I knew that if I turned around just then he would be right there in my face, waiting for me.

Unexpectedly however, disturbing my thoughts, he playfully grabbed me in a classic wrestling move, knocked my legs out from underneath me, and tried to pin me face down on the soft carpet, with himself over me in the top position. I was temporarily winded by the move as the breath had been knocked from my lungs when I hit the floor.

We were just a couple of guys horsing around.

“Dude,” I asked him finally, my face near the floor, “Do you really want to mess with someone who was an all state wrestling finalist two years in a row?”

Toby just laughed his response, but he tried to hold me there all the same. He should have known that when it came to the wrestling mat, or in this case the floor, I was definitely the boss. He struggled vainly, but I had superior skills and strength. After a few minutes of rough housing, we came to rest there, with me on the top and him underneath looking serenely up at me.

He was totally pinned at my mercy. And I think he wanted it that way.

Toby had the eyes of an angel. A face that was beatific. His lashes were long enough for a supermodel. His lips were so tender I wanted to kiss them.

In my own mind it was settled then. Having decided to take the chance, I relaxed and let myself sink in towards his waiting body for a kiss. I didn’t know exactly what I was doing, but I knew it was something I’d been waiting for since we had been together in the locker room earlier that night. I wanted to lose myself in Toby. Before I knew it, there was nothing but the unification of our mouths and the mingling of our tongues.

We broke away for a second and he murmured, half groaning, “God, I want this.”

I smiled at him then. I wanted it too. I really did.

“Just you wait,” I said in response.

Getting up on my knees for a moment, I pulled my t-shirt up and over my head, revealing my broad, muscled chest and torso to Toby. When I had flung the shirt across the room, I knelt there over him, and he raised himself up on his elbows to fully take in the view. With a lascivious, but satisfied grin as crooked as ever they come, he ran the fingers of one hand across my chest, tracing the outline of my muscles. It was the lightest touch imaginable, but it burned me like a fire.

I needed him completely at that moment, beyond any doubt.

I leaned down to kiss him again, and his lips answered mine back. He was hungry and I could feel it call to my own unsatisfied hunger. Before I could go further, he grabbed my wrist firmly and broke our kiss.

“Stop, Marc,” he said softly, yet firmly.

I rested my forehead on his momentarily, but our lips had parted from each other. I was reluctant to move away from him, but I gently pulled back.

He got up into a sitting position and peeled off his own t-shirt. It was a gesture that matched my earlier one. But this time I got to drink in the firm outlines of his body, taut and rippling with muscle and youthful vigor. My eyes lingered momentarily on the dragon that wrapped around his left, upper arm.

I needed to close my eyes for a second, to concentrate on calming down and controlling my impulses. Timing as they say is everything, and tonight I wanted to take my time. When I opened my eyes again, Toby was looking back at me quizzically.

“There are so many things that I want to do to you, Toby,” I told him trying to explain, “And with you.”

He answered me with that crooked smile again and his expression softened. My throat was dry, but I wet my lips in anticipation. Nervous in a way I’d never been before, not even when I’d lost my virginity to a woman. I leaned in and gave him a quick kiss. With sure, swift fingers he undid my jeans as I kissed him again and he freed my cock from my boxers. I felt the chill of the air on my throbbing meat. But Toby wasted no time, so eager was he to get it out. I could feel the softness of the skin of his hand as he enticed my dick with his fingers; his firm, skilled fist began to slowly stroke me to an impending orgasm.

He now lay again beneath me and I pulled his knee up against my leg, sliding my hand up the back of his upper thigh as far I could. He immediately rocked his hips to meet my fingertips as they grazed along the crease where his leg became his ass, and groaned into my lips, as I found a particularly sensitive spot.

He increased the pace and pressure of his hand on my cock, forcing Escort Sefaköy me to return his groan with a groan of my own. It became impossible for me to keep myself from matching the rhythm of his strokes with my own thrusts. I felt a tingling spread from my balls outward, down the insides of my thighs and up into my abs.

We lay like that for a very long time, Toby bringing me near orgasm time and again as he kept the wave breaking before it reached the shore.

“I want you to take me,” he said finally as he nuzzled my ear.

I got up off him for a minute, standing up. And he stood up too. I drank in his muscled body, broad shoulders and narrow waist. His jeans still hung against his hips, sagging and baggy. I could see the outline of his cock tent the denim. But I didn’t wait. I let mine fall to the floor, followed by my boxers. He moved achingly away from me and led me upstairs to his parent’s broad king size bed, with my stiff cock pointing at him like a compass. I followed the muscles of his upper back with my eyes, and they bunched as he moved, directing my gaze down to his still covered ass, which was firm, tight and round. We didn’t wait to hit the bed. I came up behind Toby and he leaned back against me as my lips descended to his flesh. They opened and closed against the crook of his neck.

His head tilted, letting me continue sucking and nibbling at his shoulder, my hand moved around to his chest, pulling his body tight against mine. My cock pressed up against his jean covered ass. But I wanted to get closer. Still nuzzling him, I reached around and undid his jeans, pushing them down as I did so. The thin white cotton fabric was all that separated us and Toby pulled that down for me, eager in his haste to let me have my way.

My cock was now wedged in the crack between his firm, round ass cheeks. I could feel the muscles bunch as he anticipated my moves and I knew my cock had found a home. I was nestled there. He reached back and held my hips, while grinding his ass against me. We groaned together, finally being able to feel skin against skin, having waited a long time. I found his nipple with a hand and teased it, squeezing and pinching until it was as hard, like his dick. I licked behind his ear, nibbled on his ear lobe.

“Lie down,” I whispered.

He stepped out of his jeans and the underwear that lay in a pile around his ankles. He smiled at me and turned around, facing me, before his ass made contact with the bed. His cock stuck up above him and I climbed onto the bed over him, still dominate, my legs fitting nicely between his. I leaned over him on one arm as I ran a free hand over his chest in a lazily motion. He leaned into me and just as quick our tongues where merging together in each other’s mouths as our cocks rubbed against each other below. My slick precum was erupting out of the end of my prick and mixing with his. Behind my back I could feel his hand, his fingers running up and down my shoulder blades, massaging the muscle and pulling me gently in towards him.

“Fuck!” he said to me, “You feel so good, Marc.”

I slid lower on the bed, finally having the chance to spend time with his chest. My tongue traveled slowly from his neck. His scent was deeply masculine and intoxicating. I licked across the muscle to his nipple, feeling it harden against my tongue. I bit down on him as I would a woman, going from nipple to nipple, back and forth, letting neither soften. He arched against me in pleasure, writhing under my weight.

But I needed to kiss him again.

I caught a look of lust and excitement in his eyes. And I pressed my lips tightly against his. Toby opened his mouth as my tongue slid in, his tongue stabbing against mine. We played back and forth, letting the other take over for a time, but for only seconds, neither of us willing to let the other have complete control. Then I soon found Toby’s tongue wandering over my chest while I slid up his body, taking his fingers into my mouth. Switching from one to another, I sucked and licked until they were all wet. I groaned as his teeth sunk down onto my nipple. In reply, my body arched, pushing hard against him.

Before I realized what he was doing, Toby was on top of me. He pinned me beneath him, his gaze still locked onto mine.

“My turn,” he murmured aggressively.

I was very excited. I arched beneath him, panting in anticipation. He bent his knees so that he knelt above me and worked all the way down my body with his tongue. I’d never had any woman do that to me before. He didn’t linger for long in any one particular spot, and avoided my engorged dick altogether, instead spending time licking and sucking the skin of my inner thighs. I wanted him to suck me, but I didn’t want to rush him either.

He took hold of my hips and rolled me over onto my stomach, then crawled up my body to position himself over me. He took time exploring all the bumps and groves of my back, starting with my shoulders and the nape of my neck. Testing the waters, he settled his hips against mine, letting his dick rest snuggly into my crack.

I was nervous and excited at the same time and I wasn’t sure what I would do if Toby decided to take that part of me just then. I don’t think I could have made him stop. I’m not sure if I would have wanted him to.