Girls’ Night Out


Author’s note: the following story is purely a work of fiction and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental. The author wishes to express his gratitude to a reader for his story suggestion and support.


Melony was excited. She had agreed to go on a girls night out with a bunch of other women from the office. The most exciting part of it though was their destination. At Tessa’s suggestion, they had decided that they were going to visit the new all-male review, a strip club on the outskirts of town called The Six Pack.

Melony was 36 years old, had black hair and blue eyes. She liked to wear tight fitting tops, frequently without a bra and she wore thongs or G-strings only instead of typical panties. Because she had a gorgeous tight ass, her husband, Jacques, loved to watch her moving around the house with her bottom mostly exposed to his appreciative eyes. It bothered him that Melony was rather conservative sexually, in spite of the way she dressed, nor would she ever talk about having sex with or even fantasizing being with other men. Jacques would have enjoyed it if she was a little more open to new things sexually.

Annelene and her husband, Paul, had been frequent guests of Melony and Jacques. Annelene was a 34 year old brown haired beauty, in spite of being slightly overweight over the hips. Jacques had often thought that she was very fuckable. She liked wearing hotpants, more often than not white which seemed almost to be see-through. He could tell that she wore no panties, letting the hotpants act as her panties. Any time that she bent over, those tight hotpants cut deeply into the crease of her pussy. She always had a great time at any of the neighborhood parties and she flirted with nearly ever male in attendance while Paul just smiled at any man who took the liberty of patting her big round ass or brushing over her nicely shaped breasts.

A couple of times, Annelene and Jacques had found themselves alone together and she had teased him into eating her pussy and then fucking her until they were both well satisfied. Jacques wondered if she told Paul about those sessions but he never said anything about them so Jacques just kept it to himself. Still when they found themselves together at one of the parties, he managed to cop a feel of Annelene and Paul just smiled his approval.

The third of the women from the office who lived in the same vicinity was Tessa, another 34 year-old. Except when they – she and her husband, Kurt – were going swimming, Jacques had always seen Tessa wearing very short skirts. Because she liked to flaunt her shapely bottom, Jacques had often seen her thongs and G-strings, had never seen her wearing panties. However the G-string she wore were special, made of pearls or beads on a thin string that cut deeply into her crevice, displaying her pussy and ass. To say that Tessa was wild and rather experienced compared to Melony, would be an understatement. Tessa had let Jacques fuck her several times in the presence of her husband. He was sure that other men had shared the same delights.

On the Friday of the girls night out, Annelene had volunteered to drive and she picked up Tessa before they came to pick up Melony. Jacques knew that the plan was for them to meet other girls from the office at the club, since they would be coming from different directions. To pass the time, he invited Paul and Kurt to join him in watching the evening’s World Cup match on TV.

When he opened the door, Jacques knew that these women were going out for some serious partying that night. Annelene wore her usual tight white shorts that cut high into her crevice, . Tessa wore an ultra-short mini-skirt that didn’t quite cover the curves of her ass, nor hide the pearl G-string that was more decoration than protection.

He called upstairs for Melony and watched her come down, knowing that she had already made plans for more than just a little drinking that night. She was wearing a tight T-shirt without a bra, leaving her already hard nipples poking at the soft material. Her skirt was a little longer than Tessa’s but not much and Jacques wouldn’t have made bets on whether she was wearing panties or not. All three of the women were hot!

When the three married friends arrived at the club, Tessa informed the doorman that they had a reservation in her name. The doorman led them inside, where he knocked on the manager’s enclosed cubicle and introduced them to the fortyish manager who opened the door. He greeted the ladies with a broad smile and a warm welcome, then showed them to a group of tables with “Reserved” signs, located right in front of the stage. Amy, Jolene, and Angie were already seated at the tables. Melony noted that there must have been at least a hundred women at the tables and booths around the club.

Belinda, Sandra, and Tina arrived just a minute later, escorted by the manager. As he held the chair for each of the women to sit, he informed the group that, as his special guests for the torbalı escort night, their first round of drinks was his treat. He had brought one of the waitresses over to take their order. He recommended their margaritas, the house specialty, and every one of them ordered one. Before she returned with their drinks, the main show started.

The evening’s entertainment started off with the appearance of eight young men, all dressed in a sort of macho tuxedo: neither the jackets nor shirts had sleeves, leaving their muscular biceps showing. The men spread out in a straight line along the irregularly shaped stage and the music changed to a raucous number to which the group began to dance a more-or-less choreographed routine. The shouts from the women, encouraging the men to “take it off” soon drowned out most of the music.

After a couple of minutes, the jackets came off and were thrown behind them. The clip-on black bow ties quickly followed. Again the shouts of encouragement from the patrons were loud. The men kept up their dancing, still fairly well in sync, as they began unbuttoning the frilly fronts of the shirts, and they were discarded to ear-piercing whistles and lewd comments from the crowd of women. It was easy to see why the club was named The Six Pack! Already there was a line-up of women along the sides of the stage, women wanting to stuff dollar bills into the waistbands of the men’s pants.

Melony and her friends sipped their strong drinks. Tessa and Amy were particularly vocal and several of the girls stuffed bills into the waistbands when the men dropped down in front of them. Melony noticed with some embarrassment that Tessa seemed to take an extra-long time with one guy, watching her entire hand disappear into his pants; she was sure that Tessa had actually felt up the guy’s big cock!

With the crowd finally settling back for whatever was to come, the men again joined their chorus line. When they put their hands at the fly of their pants though, the women again began yelling for them to take it off. And they did, but to the surprise of the women, instead of working at zippers and stepping out one leg at a time, the men gave a mighty yank and the pants pulled apart at Velcro fasteners down both sides and suddenly they were left wearing only a G-string with a special pocket – a pocket made specifically for holding their family jewels.

Even flaccid, as they all were, Melony had to admit that these men were impressive and she wondered what they would be like hard. She became aware of a moisture between her thighs that had not been there a little earlier. She looked around the tables at her friends to find them staring raptly at the sights before them. Some were licking their lips as if they could taste the men. Almost all of them were clapping or yelling for the men and most of them were holding bills out to insert in the tiny G-strings. Melony pulled out some bills and stepped to the stage. When one of the men squatted before her with his legs spread, she couldn’t help herself – she reached into the G-string and fondled his cock while he grinned at her devilishly.

The dance had turned into a frenzied movement, mostly of the men’s hips, designed to move their cocks as much as possible and show the women what they were proud of. By then the sound in the place was absolutely deafening as the women screamed and yelled and whistled. The crowd around the stage was lined several deep with women wanting to touch the young men. Still it startled Melony when one of the men reached down and pulled Tessa onto the stage with him.

He laid her on her back with her feet toward the crowd. Her short skirt gathered around her waist, displaying her all-but-bare pussy to everyone. With one quick swipe, the young man pulled the pouch off his erect cock and balls as he settled between Tessa’s legs, his own legs spread wide to provide a view of his activities. Tessa guided his big cock to her wet pussy and he pushed inside her. If the noise had been deafening before, it was now as loud as a continuing explosion as they watched the man fucking Tessa hard and fast with his big prong.

That seemed to be the signal to the other men that it was time to choose a partner. Melony noticed that, one-by-one, they came to their tables and asked one of her party to join them on-stage. She thought she had escaped making a choice when the last of the eight men squatted in front of her just inches away and held out his hand. The invitation was unmistakeable, and his erection, covered only by a thin layer of cloth, was just as unmistakeable. Melony started to shake her head no but her hand, seemingly with a mind of its own, reached out for his. Before she knew it, he had lifted her to the stage.

Unlike the other women who were all laying on their backs, her partner placed her on hands and knees. Flipping her skirt over her ass, he rubbed her tight bottom for all to see. She was wearing a thong, but when he eased the string to one side, urla escort it covered nothing important. Spreading her legs, he put his own legs outside hers, leaving a clear view for the audience. He swiped his cock up and down Melony’s wet slit to spread her moisture and then began pushing his cock into her tight hole. At first Melony thought there was no way she could take all of his big cock but when his balls slapped against her ass, she felt wonderfully full.

He pushed her tight T-shirt up, exposing Melony’s nice handfuls. He squeezed her tits, using them for leverage as he began to fuck her. Although he started slowly, he soon picked up speed, banging her hard and fast, kneading her breasts with every cycle. After a few minutes, he reached between her legs and teased her clit and felt her pussy pulsating around his cock as she came. Still he kept pumping her pussy until he shot his load of hot cum into her. Lifting her up, he kissed her, thanked her but told her that she was to leave the T-shirt up for the rest of the night. Gently he eased her back into her chair.

The waitress came back, asking about drinks, so Melony and most of the other women ordered another round. It sort of surprised Melony to see so many of her own group now going topless: Tessa, Jolene, Amy, Annelene, Belinda and Tina had removed their tops and stuffed them in their purses. When Tessa leaned over and told Melony that she’d be more comfortable doing the same thing, Melony took off her T-shirt and folded it into her purse. And it did feel comfortable.

Sipping her new drink, Melony sat back and watched the activities around the stage and in some of the booths. After the initial series of fucks, each of the dancers offered himself for oral attention and had no problems getting volunteers. The women lined up waiting to suck one of the big cocks, or to lick his balls, or just to touch his body. It had to be a man’s paradise, having so many women wanting their bodies. From the looks of things, the women who received the favors of the men felt the same way.

When one of the young men squatted on the edge of the stage just in front of Melony’s chair, she leaned forward and ran her tongue around the big purple head of his swollen cock. The drop of pre-cum tasted good to her, mixing well with the salty taste of the margaritas, and she was soon bobbing her head up and down on his cock with vigor and passion. When he came, she had to swallow quickly to keep from being flooded with his hot sticky cum, and even then, some trickled down her chin. But by then, she realized she didn’t mind. In fact, the thought crossed her mind that she wouldn’t mind being covered by the young men’s cum. It was warm and the thought spread a cozy, comfortable feeling throughout her body. God, was she changing her mind about sex? Had her loving husband finally convinced her that sex and love were separate entities?

Looking around the club, she spotted one of the doormen laying on a booth not far away, being ridden by a completely naked woman. It was such an erotic sight that Melony felt herself becoming hornier. Turning to the stage, she spotted one of the dancers and caught his eye. Mouthing ‘fuck me’ at the man, she let herself be pulled back to the stage, where she lay on her back and let the man slide his long cock into her wet pussy and fuck her while sucking hard on her tits. She came three times before he shot his load into her, adding it to the one that was already there.

Back at her table, Melony sipped her drink, feeling the buzz of being slightly under the influence. Getting an idea, she walked over to the manager’s cubical and knocked softly on the door.

When the man answered, she said, “I wanted to thank you for letting you be your special guests tonight. I’m having a really good time … and wondered if … maybe … I could do something … for you.”

“I am very glad that you’re having a good time. Did you have something in mind?”

“Well … yeah! Would you like to fuck me?”

She pulled up the short skirt, displaying her wet pussy, and the man’s grin was all the answer she needed. Although the booth was small, she leaned over the counter beside the two-way mirror where he kept watch on the action. He didn’t need any other invitation. With one hand on her hip and the other guiding his erection, he carefully entered her no-longer-tight pussy. Although he was not as big as the younger men, he still found Melony’s twat to be very satisfying. He also loved kneading her knockers as he pumped her pussy. Probably because she was already sloppy, it took him longer than the other men but when he came, she did too. Nor did she object when he sat down and pulled her onto his lap while they rested. When she had recovered, she hugged him and he thanked her.

As the night progressed, it became one long orgy. When Melony told Tessa that she had “thanked” the manager, Tessa and Annelene both went into the booth at different times to show their appreciation buca escort as well. Other dancers, beyond the original eight of the chorus line, joined the crowd along with most of the bouncers and doormen. Every cock was received by the women customers with gusto.

The club held a “contest” where three women were selected from the audience to measure the cocks of the strippers. There was a tremendous amount of giggling and laughing as the women tried to decide on exactly where to measure from. When they finally reached agreement after a lot of fondling of the various cocks and their associated testicles, it was determined that the shortest cock was 8 ½ inches long while the longest was 11 ¾ inches long. The announcement of each measurement was met with loud whistles and screams from the women.

When the announcement came that the club would be closing in fifteen minutes, Melony began rethinking the evening’s events. She had lost track of what she had done. She had sucked at least five cocks, maybe more. Her face had been covered with cum at one time, before she wiped most of it off and licked it off her fingers. She had been fucked by four different men – or was it five? Come to think of it, it might have been six. She just couldn’t remember. Those margaritas surely had been good.

With a bit of reluctance, Melony pulled out her T-shirt and put it back on. She had to laugh at Annelene, as she pulled her tight white shorts on, because the cum oozing out of her pussy immediately formed a big wet stain in her crotch. There could be no doubt about what she had been doing that night. Tessa’s skirt didn’t hide the cum oozing down her legs either. And, come to think of it, Melony was sure that the other girls could probably see the results of the night on her as well.

Annelene, who had limited herself to drinking non-alcoholic beverages, drove the group home. Melony was a little surprised that Jacques was still up and awake, since it was well after two in the morning. She was a little apprehensive when she walked into the den and found him sitting, waiting for her.

“Did you have a good time, hon?” Jacques asked.

“Yes. It was fun,” Melony replied.

“What did you do?”

“We had margaritas and talked a lot.”

“Come over here, please.”

Melony walked over to her husband, with some trepidation. However he lifted her skirt, surveyed her pussy still oozing cum and asked, “How many did you fuck tonight, sweetheart?”

“I don’t know, honey. The drinks were so strong and the men just looked so …”

“Were they good?”

“Yes,” she responded sheepishly.

“Um, that goods great, honey. I want to add mine to it and then I’ll clean you up. Let’s go to bed.”

Melony wasn’t sure she had heard correctly but she followed Jacques up to their bedroom. He eased the T-shirt over her head, then unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and slid it down over her hips.

He bent to kiss her breasts but she said, “Careful, honey. They are a little sore.”

“What made them sore?” he asked.

“All the guys seemed to like to squeeze them when they fucked me.”

Jacques positioned Melony on her back on the bed and lowered himself over her. His cock drove balls deep into her sloppy pussy with the first thrust and he knew immediately that she had been well-reamed out during the night; she was not nearly as tight as her pussy normally was. Still knowing that his pretty little wife had made so many other men hot and horny enough to leave their cum deposits in her pussy was a very erotic scenario in his mind. He pumped her pussy slowly but when she begged him to fuck her hard and fast, he complied while she cupped his balls in her hand, sending more delicious thoughts throughout his being. Melony had always enjoyed a long slow screw but now she seemed primed for speed and action. His banging against her pelvis drove her up her own personal mountaintop until she dove off the peak, screaming and quaking like never before. Less than a minute later, Jacques added his own load to her love tunnel.

Rolling over beside his pretty wife, Jacques lay recovering from his exertion.

Melony struggled upright, saying, “I’ll be back in a minute, honey. I’ll just get a quick shower.”

Grabbing her arm, Jacques roughly pulled her back down. “No! You won’t. I get to clean you up. That’s the price you have to pay for having your night out. Now lay back.”

Jacques slid down in the bed and rolled over between Melony’s legs, spreading them far apart. He surveyed her sloppy pussy again … and felt a shiver of delicious anticipation course through his body. He stuck out his tongue and began to lick her left inner thigh, cleaning the long stream of cum that had rolled nearly to her knee. For good measure, he licked all across her inner leg, all the way up to the valley where her leg met her body.

When he was satisfied with that leg, he turned and gave the same attention to her other leg. Back at her body, he licked her abdomen clean and then finally dove into her sloppy cunt. It was a monumental job to clean all the cum out of her oozing pussy but one that he loved. And Melony had her own appreciation of his efforts – she came four times while Jacques was licking and sucking on her pussy!