Girlfriend’s Away Pt. 02


Part 1.0 of this saga took place on Thursday night. The following Friday passed without incident. I got up and left for work at about 7:15 as usual. Sean and Sara were both still asleep in Sean’s bed, and Sara was fully covered by the sheets and comforter so I did not get a look at her breast or any other part of her body other than the back of her head. But the visions of the previous evening were still fresh in my mind, and they kept me pleasantly occupied at the expense of productivity all day long.

Not unexpectedly, the apartment was empty when I got home. I went for a run, took a shower, ate something, watched a VHS movie (probably something with Schwarzenegger), and went to bed.

Saturday was rainy, and, in fact, there were some pretty severe thunderstorms. I spent the day reading Spin Magazine and looking at the globe that Sean had brought with him when we moved up. I was trying to get a better idea of where the places were that Rachel was going on her trip.

Sean and Sara showed up at about 5:00 in the afternoon and both threw their backpacks on the kitchen table as they said hello. We chatted for a while and the events of Thursday night did not even come up. It was as if it had either not happened at all or was no big deal, which was a relief to me. Thursday had been fun, but I didn’t want it to ruin the comfortable relationships I had with the two of them.

Sean and Sara disappeared into the kitchen and reappeared a few minutes later with a couple turkey sandwiches. They were eating them as they walked out the front door again.

“We have to go help Sara’s parents clean up a big tree branch that fell in the yard during the storms this afternoon,” said Sean just before he closed the door. “Want to meet up at the bar later on?”

“Sure,” I replied, “but do you want me to come help you with the branch?”

“Nah, that’s alright,” said Sean. “Sara’s parents and the neighbors already got a head start on it. It shouldn’t be that difficult. I’m only going cuz I’m the boyfriend. Nine o’clock?”

“Sure, see you there,” I replied. We hadn’t specified, but I assumed that we would be meeting at the bar instead of riding together.

The bar was about 15 blocks away, and after the rain passed through it was a pleasant evening so I decided to walk. On the way, I couldn’t help but wonder if Thursday night would come up. I considered the idea from multiple angles before deciding, when I was about three blocks from the bar, that I hoped it didn’t come up. It would always be a great memory to me, but I thought that it had played out and ended perfectly. Revisiting it may ruin that perfection.

Sean and Sarah were already at the bar when I arrived, sitting in the same positions at the same booth we had sat in Thursday. I wondered if that was an omen.

We chatted and drank pitchers of beer and everything seemed completely normal, which was a relief to me. But then the Divinyls song “I Touch Myself” came on the jukebox (remember, this was the early 90s). I don’t even remember what we were talking about, but we all went silent when it came on, and just looked at each other trying not to laugh. Then, of course, we all laughed.

“Well, I haven’t yet, but I’m sure I WILL touch myself when I think about you guys soon,” said Sara, still laughing.

“I will definitely also do so,” I added.

“Now we’re just stating the obvious,” said Sean.

“But actually,” said Sara, clearly with a purpose, “this provides a good segue.”

(Crap, I thought. She’s going to bring up Thursday night and that will probably detract from its perfection.)

“Sean and I spent some time the past couple days talking about Thursday night…”

(Yep, she’s gonna ruin it. If she says it was a mistake, I will have to act like I agree even though I don’t.)

“…and we were thinking we’d like to try something similar…”

(Wait, what?!?! Maybe I’d better just pay attention.)

“… but instead of just touching ourselves, we could touch each other as well.”

Okay, this totally did NOT go where I expected it to. But suddenly I was glad Sara had broached the subject of Thursday night. I still wasn’t exactly sure what Sara, and Sean as well I suppose, was proposing. So I sought clarification.

“Well, we did touch each other Thursday,” I said. “Sean touched your nipple while it was your turn, and I touched your mouth.” I didn’t mention the fact that Sara had licked my fingers in a very sexual manner when they were in her mouth. I interpreted that as Sara doing something sexual to me, and I didn’t want to potentially hurt Sean’s feelings by mentioning it.

“She means more than that,” said Sean. I was sort of surprised to hear Sean instead of Sara responding to my comment.

“How much more?” I asked, looking back and forth between the two of them with a facial expression that I’m sure reflected no small amount of confusion on my part. Sara answered for them.

“A lot more. Like touching each other not only with our fingers, but also with our mouths. And konak escort genitals.”

“So you mean like an actual threesome?” I asked, even though I knew that was what they were talking about. I just needed a little more conversation to fully wrap my head around the idea.

“Yes.” said Sara with no hesitation.

I sat back in the booth and picked up my beer. “Well this is catching me a little off guard, in case you haven’t noticed,” I said, bringing my beer to my lips.

“No pressure,” said Sara, who, I noticed, was doing most of the talking for her and Sean, “totally your choice and we’ll understand if you say no. Or if you just need some time to think about it.”

I had never expected to be in this situation. Sure, I had fantasized about being in a threesome with two girls. And usually in those fantasies Rachel was one of the girls and the other was some former girlfriend of mine, or a friend of Rachel’s, or a coworker of mine. I had never included Sara in that fantasy, and never considered another guy either, obviously.

But still I was very interested in their proposition. As I’ve mentioned, I had a crush on Sara, and it had only been magnified by the events of Thursday night. The opportunity to kiss her, touch her breasts, and maybe taste her pussy with Sean’s apparent approval was a huge turn on to me. And I knew Sean well enough to know that this encounter would not necessitate any guy-on-guy action. So what was the possible drawback?

The possible drawback, of course, was Rachel. I had never been unfaithful to her, other than in my fantasies. I guess you might consider what had happened Thursday as being unfaithful. But I rationalized that all that I, as well as Sara and Sean, were doing was something that we frequently did anyway, the only difference was that someone else was in the room. But to actually engage in sexual activities WITH Sara instead of just watching, that wasn’t as easy to rationalize. I needed to drag the conversation out a little longer to give me time to think more.

“Are you sure YOU guys are alright with this?” I asked.

Sara put her left hand on Sean’s right hand, which was resting on the table and they both said “yes” almost in unison.

Well THAT didn’t buy me much thinking time, I thought. But Sara spoke up, providing the sought-after delay.

“Look, we don’t want to make you feel uncomfortable, although we may already have. And if you don’t want to feel like you’re cheating on Rachel, that’s totally cool and we well respect that. But here’s where we’re coming from. This is something I’ve wanted to try since I was 19. Not necessarily with you two, obviously, because I didn’t know you when I was 19. But it had to be with people I know and trust. I’m closer to Sean than I’ve ever been with anyone in my life. And I’ve learned to know and trust you, too, Mike. Plus, Sean trusts and respects you immensely.”

“Thank you, I think the world of you too also,” I replied truthfully. But after I said it I realized it may have sounded sarcastic, so I added “I mean that, seriously.”

“Thank you,” continued Sara. “In a few years we will all be married and probably have kids. I don’t want to be married with kids having never done this, and even worse would be waiting UNTIL I was married with kids to do it. This is the sort of thing that, if it’s going to be done, needs to be done while we’re all young and single.”

Sara was making sense somehow and I could feel my decision slowly being made. Sara went on.

“I love Sean and Sean has agreed to this on the condition it be with you because he trusts you. And I would not do it if Sean was not okay with it, and more importantly I would not do it with someone that Sean did not agree to. I trust you also. So please at least consider it. It would be an experience for the three of us that we may never have another opportunity to realize.”

That was enough for me to rationalize it. I would not be cheating on Rachel, I would be doing a huge favor for my two very good friends. And I would be having an experience that may never present itself again. My life would be more complete for it. That’s what I told myself.

I looked at Sara, and then and Sean, and then back at Sara. Then I smiled and nodded and said, “Okay, I’ll do it.”

“Oh, THANK you so much” said Sara, absolutely glowing.

“Thanks, Mike,” said Sean, too. “we really appreciate it.”

“Okay, I kinda feel like we have some momentum built up here,” said Sara. “Finish this pitcher and go?”

Suddenly this was moving fast. But while I would have liked a little more time to wallow in anticipation, I also worried that, if given too much time, I might be able to talk myself out of it. So I slammed what was left in my glass and said, “I don’t mind leaving half a pitcher behind.”

Sara and Sean looked at each other, then slammed the remainders of their beers. “Let’s go, then,” said Sean.

We found Sean’s car in the parking lot and, as I had done on Thursday, I went to the rear, manisa escort driver’s side door waiting for Sean to unlock it.

“No, you can ride up front with us,” said Sara as she walked around to the front passenger door.

Sean had a big, early-80s Oldsmobile sedan that his dad had given him (or handed down to him, more accurately) when Sean turned 18. It had a bench front seat instead of bucket seats, so there was room for all three of us. Sara got in ahead of me and sat in the middle. As Sean pulled out of the parking lot, she put a hand each on Sean’s right thigh and my left.

“I suppose I should ask if there are any ground rules,” I said as Sean drove. “I’m fine with any if there are.”

Sara almost sounded like she was waiting for that question. “We talked about that and decided that setting out any specific ground rules beforehand might have an unintended effect of preventing things from flowing naturally. So, to the extent that there are any rules, let’s just agree to the concepts of respect and intimacy.” As she said that, she moved her right hand up my thigh and closer to my crotch.

It was a short drive back to the apartment. I unlocked the door and let us in. As was the case on Thursday, we found ourselves in a situation where we knew what we came there for, but were uncertain as to what to do next. I spoke up.

“Shall we go to Sean’s room? Where the bigger bed is?” I asked, kicking off my shoes.

“That’s sounds like a good idea,” replied Sara, kicking off her shoes as well.

We walked to Sean’s bedroom. I pulled the covers down to the foot of the bed and all sat down on the edge – Sean closest to the door, Sara to his left, and me to Sara’s left, so we were in the same order that we had been in on Thursday. Sean was wearing high-top basketball shoes, so he had to actually untie them to get them off, which he did as we sat there.

When Sean had tossed his shoes into the closet, we sat quietly for a few seconds, clearly all hesitant to start. The lights in the bedroom were off, but the light seeping in from the living room provided a soft glow that permitted us to see the entire bedroom.

“Ummmm, how exactly do we do this?” asked Sara? “This is one of those ideas that’s easier in the planning stage than the execution stage.”

“Well, here, let’s see..” I responded. I had no idea what to do, but suddenly had put myself in a position to instigate somehow with that little response. So I stood up, still not knowing exactly what to do. Then I got an idea. I didn’t know if it was a good one, but I couldn’t stop now.

I took a couple steps forward and turned so I was facing them. Then I slowly but methodically took off my t-shirt. I did it in that way where you cross your hands in front of your abdomen and grab it in two spots and raise it over your head and sort of off to one side as your arms uncross. I was emulating a poster I’d seen in a few girls’ apartments or dorm rooms in college.

I let my shirt fall to the floor to my left. Sean and Sara each put a hand on the other’s thigh and began rubbing slowly.

I then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. They were heavy enough that they fell to the ground freely. I stepped out of them and pushed them off to the left side with my foot. My cock was partially erect (of course) by now and was forming an obvious tent in the front of my light blue boxer shorts.

I put a thumb inside of the waistband of my boxers at each hip and pushed them down past the curvature of my ass and my protruding cock. As soon as they’d cleared those two hurdles, I let go of them and they fell to the floor. I pushed them aside the same as I had done with my shorts.

I was now standing fully naked before Sara and Sean. My cock was not yet fully erect, but it was pointing almost directly at the two of them. I looked down at my cock and the front of my naked body. My nipples were erect. I was not really buff, but I was lean and angular, my shoulders clearly broader than my hips, my legs muscular from riding my bike as well as from a lifetime of exercise and sports. Rachel liked to look at me naked, and I hoped that Sara’s tastes were similar to Rachel’s.

I looked at Sara and Sean. Sean was looking alternately at me and at Sara. Sara was looking pretty much exclusively at me. Their hands, which had been on each other’s thighs, had now each moved to the other’s crotches.

“Okay, you guys stand up now,” I instructed.

They obeyed.

“Alright, now start kissing each other. Like you’re beginning a make-out session,” I said.

Sara turned and put her arms around Sean and the two began to kiss, hesitantly at first, but then deeply.

I stepped behind Sara and put my hands on her hips and began to kiss her neck. I heard her gasp ever so quietly.

I gripped the bottom of her t-shirt with both hands, one at each hip, and slowly lifted it over her head. She obligingly lifted her arms above her head to assist me.

As soon as I dropped her t-shirt to the floor, she menderes escort grabbed the bottom of Sean’s t-shirt at both hips and repeated the process with him.

The two of them resumed kissing, seemingly in more earnest now. I continued kissing Sara’s neck from behind, and moved down the sides of her naked torso, dragging my fingers lightly against her skin. I brought my hands back up and felt the sides of her breasts through her bra. The sides were all I could touch because her breasts were mashed up against Sean’s now bare chest.

I moved my hands back down the sides of Sara’s torso, to her hips, and then around to the front of her shorts. Sara and Sean both moved their hips back away from each other slightly to allow my hands access to the front of Sara’s shorts. I unbuttoned and unzipped them. Sara wiggled her hips slightly, trying to help me get her shorts started past her ass. I did not need the help.

I put a thumb inside her shorts at both hips and began pushing them down. They were tight-fitting enough that they were not going to fall to the ground on their own anyway. When my thumbs got as far as the top of her panties, I pressed my thumbs against her soft flesh and inside the panties. I kissed my way down Sara’s back as my hands, staying a foot or so ahead of my mouth, pressed her shorts and panties down all at the same time. When they got past her knees, they slid freely to the floor.

I went to my knees behind Sara and rubbed her legs from ankle to crotch as I kissed her firm, yet soft, ass. Her skin tasted slightly salty, I presumed from sweat that had been worked up and then dried when she was helping to clear the fallen branch from her parents’ yard.

As I kissed Sara’s butt cheeks and rubbed her legs, I could tell that Sara was undoing Sean’s shorts. I felt his shorts brush against the top of my left hand on their way down, right before I saw them drop to the floor out of the corner of my eye.

I then saw something else fall to the floor out of the corner of my eye to my right. I turned my head slightly and saw that it was Sara’s bra.

Knowing that Sara’s breasts were now fully exposed, I kissed my way back up until I was standing again and kissing Sara’s neck, my hard cock pressing up against the small of her back. My hope was that I would now be able to put my hands fully on her naked breasts instead of just on the sides. I was in luck because Sara and Sean had to separate slightly so that Sara could maneuver the waistband of Sean’s boxers past his erect cock. That gave me the opportunity I’d hoped for, and I gently put one hand on each breast.

Her breasts felt even better than they looked. Soft and warm, her nipples hard in the center of her pebbly textured areolas. They were about a handful each, smaller than Rachel’s breasts, but not by a lot. I have never been into huge breasts, preferring A- and B-cups, and Sara’s were a B in my estimation, but smaller than Rachel’s fuller B’s.

Apparently, Sara had gotten Sean’s boxers past his cock, because suddenly I felt Sean’s bare chest against the backs of my hands as I continued to caress Sara’s breasts. I had never felt Sean’s nipples before, but I could tell that they were hard as they pressed against the backs of my hands.

I hated to leave Sara’s breasts, but this was an extremely sexy girl and I wanted to feel more of her. I brought my hands up to the top of her shoulders and started to move them down her arms. As I did so, her right hand left wherever it had been on Sean’s body and went behind her ass and gently grasped my erect cock. That triggered something in me, and I now felt the strong compulsion to touch her pussy. Up until that point, I had been purposely avoiding her pussy, not wanting to seem too aggressive as the interloper into their intimacy. But that was out the window now.

I reached my right hand around her hip and started moving it towards her pussy. When I was close, I felt the back of my hand bump up against the back of Sara’s left hand, which was fondling Sean’s cock as the two of them continued to kiss. I continued moving my hand slowly those last couple inches, anticipating the feeling of her pubic hair, which would tell me it was time to proceed downward to her slit. But…

There was no pubic hair! “What the hell?” I thought? Just two nights earlier I had seen her naked and she definitely had pubic hair. Not a lot, but it was definitely there. Oh well, nothing to worry about. I knew how to find her slit without it.

My hand moved to her crotch at a slow and steady pace. When my middle finger got to the top of her slit and lightly touched her clit, she let out an audible gasp but instantly went back to kissing Sean.

I moved my hand farther down, my middle finger easily sliding between her labia because of her wetness. I began to move my hand up and down her slit, my middle finger staying between her labia and just teasing the opening of her vagina at the bottom of the stroke.

Within a couple of strokes, she had to break her kiss with Sean. She pressed her forehead against his right shoulder and her breathing took the pace of my stroking. She inhaled as I moved my hand up, and exhaled as I moved it down. Her left hand stayed on Sean’s cock, and her right hand stayed on my cock, but both hands remained perfectly still.