Getting Whored In the Train


I am back with my public local train sex story. I just love getting touched and groped in the train. the best part being that nothing that happens on a local train is permanent. For example I have been groped, smooched, my nipples have been pressed to the limit and my ass has been fingered until I orgasmed, let alone groping of my boobs, ass and cock. And as soon as you get out of the train, its as if nothing happened (except a few red marks here and there and crumpled up clothes), its a clean slate again. And all this because the men you meet once wont see you again or so I thought, and this was exactly where I went wrong.

That day was supposed to be just the same usual “fun”. I boarded a late night train to CST from Kalyan. Being in the opposite direction, the train is hardly full with only 5-6 people in one compartment. The plan was the routine one. I am always clean shaven. My figure is completely girly and I make no effort to hide it. That day I had worn a tight pink short, sleeveless crop top t-shirt which cheekily showed my navel and a tight and short (very short indeed!!) blue shorts. These shorts did little to cover my ass cheeks and gave a peek of them as well as showed my smooth and toned legs. The top was tight enough to highlight the shape of my man boobs. Also my armpits were clean shaven, as all men like it 😉

I boarded the train thinking it was going to be just a regular night. But as soon as I boarded I felt a strong, rough pair of hands on my exposed waist, yank me into the train and throw me on the seat near the window. Before I could realize what was happening, my shorts were off. The same hands, held my waist and pulled me up so that my ass was right there up in the air. Even for a cock slut like me this was too much. I felt a stinging sensation on my butt cheeks, he was spanking Bahçelievler Escort me hard. With everything I had, I turned back to see who the heck it was. I saw a man, with a square jaw, a bit bald and strongly built. He looked disturbingly familiar, but I just could not recollect. He understood the confusion on my face and gave a smirk. “You slut”, he said “you have fucked so many men that you don’t even remember, the ones you leave dissatisfied.” And then I remembered, it was an incident that happened roughly a month ago.

The train was shit crowded and this man had ended right behind me. He was of perfect height and his cock touched my asshole perfectly. I being the slut I was had, seduced him pressing my ass against his cock, for sometime. I had then reached behind and stroked his cock, all the while he fingered my navel. He was just about to cum, as his cock had started throbbing, but my station had arrived and I wanted to get down, so I had let go of his tool. He was obviously displeased and had held my hand to prevent me. Knowing I was no match to him in strength, I had turned back and planted a full, wet kiss on his lips, then and there in full public. He was stunned and left my hand momentarily and I had seized the moment to get off.

Back to the present … I could feel the head of his cock on my asshole. With one push he slid it in and I could not help but scream, his was a huge one after all 8 inches long and about 2.5 inches thick. Hearing my scream all the people in the compartment gathered around to see what the pandemonium was about. My tormentor (Ramesh), said to them” This slut is just aching to get cock up her ass, and get whored around. Just look at her.” And indeed, by that time the pain had subsided and jolts of pleasure were surging through me and I could Bahçelievler Escort Bayan not help but moan. Seeing this and the fact that I was actually a boy, I think my co-passengers got a clear picture of what was happening.

Immediately an old man, in about his 60s, pulled out his cock through his zipper. His cock looked filthy and wrinkled. He held it in front of my mouth and pushed it on my lips. I looked away disgusted. I could feel a sharp tug on my balls from behind, it was Ramesh from behind punishing me for looking away. The pain was unbearable and as soon as I opened my mouth to scream, the old man entered his dick into my mouth. I could instantly feel his musky odor. I kinda liked it, I have to admit. Pleasing two men at once, naked in a local train. More people were getting excited. In a minute I had two cocks waiting to fuck me, three to get blown and two in my hands, one man was so desperate that he started fucking my armpit, and I must admit it felt really good. My cleanly shaven armpits were no less than a pussy for these low level workers. I was constantly abused and one cock replaced another.

At one point when I thought this was getting boring, something happened. The old man was horny again and he wanted to fuck me right then. Someone was of course busy downstairs with my ass. The old man placed his cock on my butt hole and started pressing it. I was shocked and scared. My ass had been stretched after that long a fuck but there certainly wasn’t room for two. I started complaining and telling him to not do it. I’ll do anything for him but he didn’t pay heed. He put it in anyway, one inch after another, I was abused, till it finally got in. A thin stream of blood ran down my ass. Two men were now fucking me here in the train.

Ramesh came and saw Escort Bahçelievler me in pain. He said “You look tired, lets get you some air”, saying this, he caught me by my cum filled hair and placed my face in front of the window and opened up the window. Now, anyone on the platform or on the tracks, could see me getting fucked in all holes. The train stopped and some stations and seeing the action that was going on inside, people got in and joined in on the action. Men of all ages, I think there was even a eunuch who fucked me and all the men were cheering like crazy. Next even a woman was getting in on the action, she was pressing and squeezing my nipples hard and playing with them with her long nails.

When the men asked her if even she would like to get fucked, she replied, “When you have a slut like this, why do you need anyone else?” I turned red with embarrassment, and all the men around me started laughing.

The train halted. It was the last stop, CST. I thought they’d let me go. But instead they tied me inside the train with my arms up and fully naked, covered in cum. People boarded at CST and they were told the entire story by Ramesh. As soon as they entered, they untied me loose, and settled down. They didn’t even get into the trouble of fucking me. I was ordered to go to each person’s seat like a dog, crawling and suck them and then to ride them like a bitch. I had to do this for each man on the train, all the while on my fours like a bitch and fully naked. Some of them were gentle, while some bit my lips and nipples and poked me with cigarettes and pins.

By the time the train reached its last stop I was more than unconscious. It was the last journey of the train and the train headed to the car shed. There in my semi-dazed I think I was fucked by the railway cleaners and then even some drug addicts.

The next morning, when I opened my eyes and looked around, I saw men looking at me with surprise. The train was running and my clothes were crumpled beside me. Under staring and shocked glances I got dressed and headed home, making a resolution of never leaving a men unsatisfied the next time.