Getting Filled


Raven pulled into the gas station at the truck stop, because they had the cheapest gas. It was near the university, and on her way home. She wondered what she was going to do today as she got out of the car. Classes were over, she was off of work, and had the rest of the afternoon to herself.

The chilly rainy air outside made her shiver, and her nipples harden. It was freaking cold and humid thanks to the New Mexico monsoons. It had been hot and muggy earlier, and she had dressed for it. She hugged herself as she put her card in the machine, and started pumping gas.

A thin white shirt that barely fell over her small, perky tits was not cutting it. Her shorts were way too short and tight, showing some of her ass. She even felt the hole on her right ass cheek, a sexy little revelation of her smooth brown skin. Long black hair and exotic Hispanic features mixed with Native America made her as New Mexican as they came. Sandals glittered with fake bling, and her dark metal necklace matched her dark metal belt. Long tanned legs attracted the attention of truckers walking into the restaurant in front of the gas station. Some even whistled at her, but she ignored them.

Truckers were disgusting. Fat white Republicans, no doubt. Perverts, too, she was sure. What they would do with a young Hispanic college student was not something she thought much about, until she gassed up here.

She looked down at her white t-shirt, and realized it didn’t help that her hard nipples were probably visible, as well as dark areolas. Oh well, let them have hard-ons.

Finishing up, she realized how hungry she was. And the smell of coffee in this rainy weather made her want to go inside. But she wasn’t sure if she should.

“Fuck it,” she told herself.

She parked at the front, where it began to rain harder. She got out and ran, and was shocked how drenched she got on the short trip to the front entrance. The restaurant was off to the left, and the gift shop and convenient store on the right, where she went.

“Well, hello,” a big man said, looking her up and down.

His eyes fell on her tits. The rain had probably made her a contestant in the wet t-shirt contest. She stepped around him, not wanting to look him in the eye. But he moved and blocked her way.

“Now don’t be rude…”

She punched him in the stomach, and then got around him. It gave her a thrill to be violent. Raven loved to fight. She loved it rough, too.

“Holy crap,” the trucker grunted, and then began laughing. He looked back at her, and she could feel his eyes on her ass.

She glanced back to give him a dirty look.

He just smiled and shook his head. “Damn,” he muttered. “Miss, you are one fine girl, and tough, too.”

Another man joined him, also staring at her, and they both got to talking. Great, Raven thought. Now there are two of them. And like typical creeps, they just lingered from a distance and watched her. It made her feel uncomfortable. But she was a woman, too, and she felt desired and needed as well.

The two men were older, perhaps in their mid-thirties, and actually pretty handsome in a rugged, gritty kind of way. They looked clean, as if they had just come from the showers. Scruffy, but clean.

They kept trying to get her attention, winking and smiling, while she browsed the selves for what she wanted. She grabbed a bag of chips, a soda, and a candy-bar. Then she remembered that she had wanted coffee.

Suddenly, the two guys were on both sides of her.

“What the fuck?” she said loudly, turning to face one of the two. “You perverts going to try and do something?”

“Calm down, lady, holy shit,” the second guy she had not punched said. “Is it a crime to want to talk to a pretty girl and offer to buy her dinner?”

Suddenly, her favorite motto she used with her numerous boyfriends came to mind. Feed me and fuck me, she would tell them.

She was about to tell him he was an old fart, and to go fuck himself … but then she noticed the bulge in his pants. It was a huge bulge that went sideways past his pocket. She could not help but stare.

“See something you like, girl? Or you scared?” he asked her with a grin.

“I ain’t scared of shit,” she replied. “And I’m not interested in old men.”

He failed to look rejected or disappointed as she had hoped. To him, this was a challenge.

“My name is Hammer,” he said. “And this is my partner, Jack.”

“Jack Hammer, how funny. Aren’t their lot lizards you should be hunting for? Because I’m not one of them.”

But that bulge kept attracting her attention, just as much as her wet t-shirt must have attracted his.

“Come on, dinner won’t kill you. That shit you’re gunna buy, now that will kill you. Jesus H. Christ, girl, don’t eat that shit. We ain’t gunna rape you. Just get a bite to eat and let’s talk. It’s raining like cats and dogs out there, ain’t no time to be drivin anyway.”

She turned and looked at the guy she had punched. She realized that it had probably not even hurt him. He pretended konak escort to scratch beneath his button shirt, revealing a very cut and muscular form. Holy shit, these guys were built.

“Sorry,” she said all cheesy-like, shrugging.

“For what?” Jack asked, now knowing the name of the one she punched.

“For punching you. It’s just you tried to block my way.”

He shrugged, looking off at nothing, kind of shy.

“Well, make up for it, and let us buy you dinner.”

* * *

She sat across from them at a booth, and ate the best chicken-fried steak she’d had in years. Greasy, meaty, and with added red chili to make it New Mexico style food. She loved it.

They started small talk as they all ate. Got to know each other a little. She told she was majoring in business management with a minor in political science. They were both divorced, and owned a fleet while driving together to test out new trucking software and work out bugs.

“It’s hard to run a trucking business unless you’re a trucker. Got to see it from their perspective to get a handle on it. So, that’s that.”

She could appreciate that. One of them started playing footsies with her beneath the table, but she wasn’t sure who. It kind of gave her a thrill. But it was still kind of creepy. She had fucked many college guys, but not older guys.

“Okay, so thanks for the food. Now, I hope you’re not expecting sex for this.”

She meant it as a joke. But they took it literally.

“Why not?” Hammer asked. “I mean seriously, you’re young, and horny, and interested. You just won’t admit it. I know you want to check out my package. And we are older, so getting into a young thing like you is pretty darn pleasin.”

She turned red with embarrassment. They looked at each other.

“You see, I told you she’s just a pussy. You owe me a hundred dollars,” Hammer said.

Jack turned to her and explained.

“I bet that we’d be able to get you into our truck. You looked like a wildcat. But I guess I was wrong.”

Raven looked at one, then the other, and back again.

“You bet on whether I’d go fuck you guys in your truck? Really?”

“Yep,” Hammer said.

“That’s kind of fucked up,” she accused. “You know, thanks for dinner and all. But you are perverts, and I’m out of here.”

They both shrugged, like it didn’t really matter.

“It was a pleasure regardless,” Jack said.

Of course it was, her shirt with no bra must have been nice to look at while she ate. She scooted out of the booth seat, and grabbed her small purse, and walked away.

“We are in the bright red truck, the only one that says Jack Hammer Transportation. If you change your mind, of course.”

“Whatever,” she replied, waving them off.

* * *

As she sat in her car in the pouring rain, she realized she would not be able to see out the windshield, because the fucking air conditioner was broken, which was also the defogger.

So she sat for a while, and hoped it would stop. At least she was not hungry.

But the more she thought about Jack and Hammer, the more she was curious about the size of their cocks. Especially Hammer’s, which had to be like eight or nine inches. She was horny as fuck. She usually was. But every fiber of her being told her it was wrong. And every fiber of her being wanted to do it anyway. They were strangers. They could kidnap her, and sell her to Mexicans as a sex slave. Who knew?

Or they could be straight up good men looking to fuck a hot young thing like her. What older man wouldn’t want to fuck a little petite Chicana? Was it wrong to judge them for that? They had been honest at least.

“Fuck,” she complained.

The rain was stopping. It was hot and humid in the car, despite it being cold outside. She was beginning to sweat, which was not cool.

“Fuck it,” she finally said, and hid her purse in the center console, and put her car keys in her short pocket.

She put her iPhone in her back pocket, but then thought better of it. It would get wet. So she put it straight down the front of her shorts instead, beneath her panties, to keep as dry as possible. That’s all she wanted to take if she was going to run outside in the rain and get soaked looking for a red semi-truck. Her sandals were wet, and her feet were going to stink soon, and that made her feel self-conscious. Fuck that, too. She took them off, and decided she’s go barefoot through the parking lot. It was all asphalt anyway, shouldn’t be much that could hurt her.

Then she did it. Car door locked, keys in pocket, double-check, and then she was running through the rain, and behind the restaurant where the trucks parked. It took her awhile to find the truck, and she almost gave up.

But there it was, parked by itself, all red. Jack Hammer Transportation. They did own their own fleet. Jesus, they were probably rich. But she wasn’t materialistic like that. But men with money was still a good thing, wasn’t it?

She ran to the truck, and then manisa escort pounded the side of her fist on the door. Jack opened it at once, surprised to see her.

“Damn, get in! You are soaked, girl!”

She got in, and he reached around her to close it. He smelled like Old Spice, her daddy’s cologne. At first that turned her off. But then it brought a sense of fatherly protection and warmth in a different way.

Raven had never been in a semi-truck in her life, either. She was fascinated by the inside.

“Wow, it’s like an airplane,” she said like a dumbass.

Jack sat on the cushy passenger chair and looked her over. She was dripping wet. Hammer had been on the bed watching a big screen TV, but was now watching her.

“Well, it looks like I owe Jack a hundred bucks after all. I’ll be damned,” Hammer said.

She felt like she was going to chicken out. The truck was clean, though it did smell like men. It was spacious, too. It was private. She pulled her wet shirt off, and draped it over the steering wheel. Her tits and chest was wet. Perky nipples, wide dark areolas, she knew she was a sexy little thing. She didn’t need big tits to turn men on. She also shaved her pussy, except for a tuft of black hair on her pubic bone, the classic bikini cut.

She got her phone out and put it on the dash, making sure it was still dry. Then she stood up and pulled her shorts off, and then her panties, and stood buck ass naked in their cab.

“I hope you like eating pussy,” she said.

She went sideways passed Hammer, letting her tits press against his stomach, and then laid back on the bed, and spread her legs.

This was the most exciting thing Raven had ever done. And the look on their faces was priceless.

“Damn, girl,” Hammer said.

He got onto the bed to crawl around her, and get near her head. Then he began stripping. Jack came to the bed and took his clothes off, too. Then she saw his cock, and was both frightened of it, and excited by it.

“Fuck, you both have huge cocks. What the fuck?”

She saw Hammer’s cock now near her head as she lay back, and it was as enormous as she had suspected, at least nine inches. Both were uncut, and their foreskin was already stretched by their hardness, and the pink of their mushroom tips mostly exposed. Seeing them made her wetter than ever. She was glad she had showered in the gym before leaving class.

Jack’s mouth went between her legs with eagerness, and his tongue found her clitoris. He was experienced, and he knew exactly what to do. Raven cried out in ecstasy as his mouth and tongue worked it. Then he began using his fingers at the same time, gently rubbing her clit, and even her anus gently, and this intimacy drove her nuts.

“Oh my God,” she breathed.

Hammer hovered his cock above her head, and she happily began licking and sucking on it. She had to turn her head, but she wanted it so much. Precum was already oozing from his tip, and she lapped it up. His balls were shaven and larger than most men, and she licked them and took one nut, and then another in her mouth.

She orgasmed way too easily. Perhaps it was the excitement of sex with strangers? Or that she could be easily subdued by these two men, who could do whatever they wanted to her?

The bed was bigger than she would have expected, so she took charge and repositioned herself on her side in the center of it.

“Come on, let me suck one of you while the other spoons me,” she said.

She looked back at Jack with his hard cock, and then lifted one leg up to spread her smooth pussy lips for him. He climbed in behind her, and pressed his cock against her wetness.

“Damn, girl, slow down,” Hammer said as he moved into the sitting up position with his cock near her head.

Jack pressed his cock against her, and began to spread her vagina out with its girth. It hurt a little at first, but already it felt so good. She was worried it would hurt, but tried not to tense up.

“I never had cock this big,” she said. “Go slow, baby.”

He did not go slow enough, and pushed his throbbing and stiff cock into her faster than she would have liked. But she was also wetter than she realized, and it slid right in. But she wasn’t use to it, either, and she could feel herself being split in two. She screamed out in pain as pleasure both, her hands squeezing the sheets, and she bit into a pillow.

But once he began pumping, and getting those fluids going, it felt so incredibly good. She looked down the length of her tiny frame, and could see his white cock sliding in and out of her dark pussy. Jack played with her clit as he fucked her, and that drove her wild.

Then Hammer grabbed her hair, and directed her mouth to his throbbing cock. She knew what he wanted, and took him into her mouth and sucked hard. With his legs spread, his package was right where it needed to be. She licked his balls and suckled on one nut, and then another, and then took him down her throat again. She could not take very much menderes escort of him, but she did her best. He moaned, so it must have felt good. She used her hands to work his shaft, too.

Raven found that she wanted him to come in her mouth. She wanted to taste him. Jack’s hands came around to play with her tips, and gently rub her nipples. These men knew the perfect amount of pressure to use, the right about of roughness and gentleness. None of the college boys were this skilled, not at all.

She came hard, her whole body tensing, but the pleasure didn’t stop coming, for jack didn’t stop pumping.

Being fucked good just made her want to fuck with her mouth even more. She leaned over nearly on her stomach, twisting her body to take Hammer down her throat almost all the way while Jack held her waist and fucked her harder and harder.

“Shit, girl, I’m gunna come in your mouth,” Hammer warned.

She squeezed his balls gently as she pumped his cock with lips and mouth, squeezing like ripe fruit about to burst. And then it did, and her mouth was filled so quickly it took her by surprise. A huge load of sperm and semen that gushed.

She choked and spluttered, and it fell out of her mouth and down her chin, and down his shaft and balls. But she was still being fucked, and had come hard again when Hammer did. She looked back at Jack, and pressed her back against him, and put one arm behind her to touch his face.

“Oh yeah, fuck yeah. You want to come in my mouth, too?”

“If that’s what you want, baby,” Jack said.

She disengaged from him, and got flat on her back.

“Fuck me missionary, then pull out and come in my mouth,” she said.

He did just that, holding his cock between her legs held high in the air. Hammer just watched, enjoying the show. Jack slid his dick into her and dug deep, making her grunt with pain. He held her thighs back as he pumped her hard.

Then he pulled out and groaned loudly, and Raven bent up to take his dick in her mouth. She didn’t make it in time, and it sprayed her face, and exploded over her tits. But she wrapped her mouth around his cock in time for the rest of the load, and swallowed it like a porn queen.

Jack held her hair, and didn’t let go as he pumped his dick into her throat, getting every last drop out. She gladly accepted it, coming yet again anyway, and just enjoying the moment.

And then, sooner than expected, it was over.

Naked and sated, she laid back down on their bed, and let her breathing slow. Hammer fell in next to her, and both men were on each side.

“You need to go?” Jack asked.

“No. And it’s raining like hell. What else do you guys do for fun?”

Hammer turned on the big screen mounted to the other side of the bed, and a football game appeared.

“Sweet, the Cowboys against the Broncos, this should be good,” she said, leaning back on a pillow as casually as if she lived there.

It was warm, so she didn’t both trying to cover up. She was sweating a little, and her body glistened with it. They lied naked next to her, semi-erect but sated for the moment.

So they got into the game, and snacked on nuts or chips, and shouted at their teams, and didn’t think of sex for nearly an hour. They were for Peyton Manning, and she was for Romo.

* * *

Jack or Hammer would flick a nipple playfully sometimes, or touch her body, or even her clit. She was aroused by this play, and so were they. So many hands touching her, and becoming bolder. She felt fingers slip into her pussy, and play with her clitoris, and it all became too much.

She got on her hands and knees facing the TV, and wiggled her ass and showed off her pussy.

“OK, someone needs to fuck the shit out of me,” she demanded. “I don’t care which one.”

They did more than that. Jack got behind her, having not fucked her yet, and Hammer got on front of her and held her head up to his cock.

Her eyes widened as unexpected pain came, as Jack stretched her pussy wide and thrust deeply into her. He grabbed her by the waist and held her firmly as he started pumping into her, moaning with pleasure. Hammer thrust his cock into her mouth, and pushed it down her throat.

Oh shit, she thought. She had never had cock forced down her throat before. She tried to relax, but it was tough. He held her mouth open wide and just let them both fuck her from both ends. Her saliva sloshed around his cock, and made sucking sounds. Then he would pull out to let her breathe, while Jack just hammered her harder.

“Oh god,” she moaned. “Oh shit.”

Another orgasm rushed through her body, bouncing from feet to head, and back again, and she shook with it. Jack reached around and played with her clit gently as he bent over her back and fucked her like a dog.

“Where do you want me to come, sweetie?” Jack asked.

“Just come in me!” she replied. “Fill me up!”

And he did at once, as he balls smacked against her clitoris she could feel him erupt into her. Hot sperm burst into her pussy, and then it spilled out.

Then Jack pulled out, and Hammer got in behind her, and inserted his cock into her sore pussy. She rested her head and arms on the bed as he pushed himself into her, and started fucking her hard.

“Shit!” she said. “I don’t know if I can take it!”