Getting Drunk with My Best Friend


**This story is completely true. Names have been changed (obviously) as well as ages to comply with site rules**


At the time all of this happened I was 18, beginning my senior year of high school. My name’s Jake; I’m 5’9, 150 pounds, and I play baseball for the school, so I’m in pretty good shape. My hair is medium brown, average length, and my eyes are green. My dick is just under 8 inches long, pretty thick, and cut. I keep myself clean shaven; from my face to my cock and ass. I’m straight, but the feeling and look of being mostly hairless is what I prefer.

My best friend’s name is Brad. He’s the same age as me, and also plays on the baseball team. (He’s the first baseman and I’m a starting pitcher.) He’s 5’10, a skinny 140, with straight black hair and ice blue eyes.

We’ve been friends since we were 10 years old, and I moved to the same cul de sac that he lives on. Being the only children in the neighborhood, we were destined to be best friends. Every weekend (and some week nights) he’d be at my house. He was honestly with me more than he was at his own home. Being so close with someone, it’s hard to do anything alone. Or, well, you get used to doing things with someone that you’re used to doing on your own. For example; after a hard practice I like to take a hot bubble bath to relax my muscles. For the last few years Brad will come in the bathroom with me and shoot the shit while I sit and relax. When it’s time for me to get out, he hand me a towel and leaves.

In addition to that, we started watching porn and jacking off together. I’d sit on one of the bed, him the other, and we’d watch a DVD from my dad’s extensive collection that I’d lifted earlier in the day. Very few words were spoken between us, except for the sounds of us cumming. After we finished, we’d wipe up (on our own), and continue about our night.

Basically, we’re extremely close, you get the gist.

The first day of school had finished up, and I was looking forward to my parents going away on vacation. With them gone, I was planning on getting some booze and playing video games. Nothing special, but I’ve never been the type to party like my classmates. I’d go a few times each semester, just looking for a girl to pick up.

Walking out to my car, Brad came running up behind me,

“Hey, Jake! Let me catch a ride. Amber’s party got cancelled and I don’t have a way home.”

“Okay, come on. I’m gonna stop by Eddie’s on the way back, he got me some vodka for the weekend,” I said, slightly annoyed. Brad was a terrible planner. I’d known since 9:00 this morning that Amber’s party was cancelled, but since he hadn’t texted me I figured he found a ride home.

“Thanks man,” He heaved, out of breath. For all the conditioning we do, the kid can’t sprint 100 yards.

Sitting in traffic, waiting for everyone to leave, Brad started rifling through his papers,

“Man, who the fuck decides to start school on a Friday? This is bullshit. And homework! The first fucking day!”

I laughed loudly, “Maybe they do that so idiots like you don’t get overwhelmed and drop out!”

He shot me a sideways glance as we finally got out of the parking lot.

A half hour later I had gotten the vodka from Eddie and pulled into our neighborhood. Stopping at Brad’s house I asked,

“Since the party got cancelled do you want to come over later and help me drink this? My parents are in Chicago for the weekend, so I’m just gonna get drunk and play Grand Theft Auto.”

“Fuck yeah I do! Just let me read this Shakespeare bullshit and shower then I’ll be over.”

“Okay, just shoot me a text. I’m probably gonna jump in the shower and start drinking as soon as I’m dressed.”

He laughed and got out of the car, running nişantaşı escort to his house.

I went home and heated up some left over lasagna before jumping in the shower.

About an hour later I was starting to feel a slight buzz. I’m not sure how much I drank, because at that age we just sipped out of the bottle and chased it with some Coke. I guess we weren’t mature enough to pour a drink.

My phone buzzed, but I was in the middle of a mission so I didn’t answer it right away.

It buzzed again.

And again.

Rolling my eyes I paused the game and picked the phone up. All three texts were from Brad.

Brad: Hey

Brad: Hey

Brad: Hey, guess what

Sighing loudly I responded.

Me: Mother fucker, what? I’m trying to kill people here lol

Brad: Check this out!!

My phone buzzed immediately with two picture messages.

The first was apparently his crotch. He had obviously shaved, and was covering his dick with his hand.

The second picture was of him laying down with his legs in the air. He shaved his asshole and was obviously proud of himself for doing so.

Me: Dude what the fuck lol I don’t wanna see that! If I didn’t know it were you, based on that second picture I’d think you were a girl lmao

Brad: Yeah right! If anyone looks like a girl its you haha. Your ass looks just like a bitch’s

He was right, ever since I was young I always had wide-ish hips and a fairly sizable bubble butt. I’d gotten used to the playful teasing about it and now embraced it. When guys would say something in the locker room I’d laugh and bend over a bit, shaking my hips from side to side. All in good fun, nothing serious or anything.

Me: Lol yeah yeah shut up. You coming over?

Brad: Yeah, let me get dressed, be there in five

Brad came over and our conversation had left my mind. We took turns playing GTA and sipping from the bottle.

A few hours later, half the bottle was done and we were both getting tired of playing the game. I stood up to go to the bathroom, and I realized that I was pretty damn drunk. I think Brad realized the same thing, because he giggled and used the wall to get his balance.

“Hey, you should go and get some of your dad’s porn. Since they’re not here we can watch it with the volume up!”

I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been able to actually hear a porno, so I deemed his idea to be a great one.

“Hell yeah. Just let me piss real fast and I’ll find something.”

After I went to the bathroom I started rummaging through my dad’s collection. I pulled out one that I hadn’t seen in a long time, a two hour long Heather Brooke tribute. The DVD was blank, with “Ideepthroat” written in black Sharpie across it.

Running down to my room, Brad had already taken his place on my bed. He had taken everything off except for his boxers, and was rubbing himself through them.

I put the DVD in and took my spot on the bed next to him, stripping down to my boxers before doing so.

When the title screen came up, Brad was in heaven,

“Oh fuck yeah dude. NOBODY can suck a dick like that bitch.”

Laughing, I pushed play and started to rub myself.

For those of you who don’t know who Heather Brooke is, she’s affectionately known as the “Queen of Deepthroat”. With no gag reflex, she can take her husband’s 9″ cock down her throat repeatedly.

I don’t know if it was the alcohol, or what, but about a minute into the first scene (a typical one, Heather on her knees while she takes the cock down her throat) both Brad and I slid our boxers down at the same time. I glanced at his dick, seeing it hard for the first time. It looked to be about the same length as mine, but not quite as thick. şişli escort As he slowly ran his hand down his length, I noticed several thick veins popping out the side.

I became almost mesmerized, watching him slide his hand up and down his impressive cock. Before returning my gaze to the TV, I subconsciously licked my lips.

I wasn’t gay. Had no attraction to any men, but there was something about Brad’s dick that intrigued me. I shook the thought from my head before I resumed stroking my, now aching, cock.

About the third or fourth scene (all of her videos are fairly short, right around or under 5 minutes) Brad spoke for the first time since we started,

“Goddamn, man. I don’t know how she does it. No bitch has ever been able to take all of me down her throat, and that guy has almost two inches on me.”

He looked at his prick while he said this, almost sizing himself up.

“If you don’t have a gag reflex it’s not hard dude. You know that I don’t have one. If I were gay I could do the same thing she does.”

I replied, doing my best to maintain eye contact rather than staring at his throbbing cock.

After a few seconds in thought he said,

“No fuckin’ way man, it’s just not possible. Prove it.”

“How?” I laughed, “What? Do you expect me to just put your dick in my mouth and show you?”

“Well…yeah…It wouldn’t be gay or anything. I just think you’re a fuckin’ liar.”

I paused for a second. The alcohol helping me come to the conclusion that it wasn’t gay. I was just proving myself to him. I wasn’t sucking him off, or anything. Just showing him that I could take 7 and a half inches of thick, hard cock down my throat.

“Okay, fine. Do you just want me to crawl between your legs?”

“Wait, are you serious?”

He thought I was fucking around with him. I don’t think he ever thought I’d agree to it.

“Yeah, I’m not a fuckin’ liar. And it’s not gay or anything. I’m just gonna show you that it can be done!”

I swear his dick jumped as I said that.

“I want you to kneel, and I’ll stand in front of you.”

He still wasn’t convinced that I’d do it, because he didn’t move.

Crawling off the bed, I got on my knees on the floor.

“Get it wet first, though. It’ll be easier than if it were dry.”

He spit on his hand a few times and stroked himself to the point that his dick was glistening. Maneuvering off the bed, he stood about a foot in front of me.

“ do you want to do this?”

“I’ll just open my mouth, and you move forward until your balls hit my chin.”

I replied, as if I were teaching him how to throw a football.

He bit his lip, and stroked himself while walking closer to me. When he was an inch away from me, I opened my mouth and looked up at him.

“Get ready to take my cock, bitch.”

He said, confidently, as he placed his hand on the top of my head.

I licked my lips and smiled as he slowly entered my mouth.

Once the tip of his dick reached my tongue, I closed my lips around him. My tongue applying slight pressure as he inched himself deeper into my mouth.

Once about five inches were in, he hit the entrance to my throat. I placed my hands on his hips, took a deep breath, and plunged myself forward. My throat gave way, and the last two and a half inches quickly slid in. Once he was comfortable lodged down my throat, I stuck my tongue out and lapped at his balls.

“Ohhh, fuuuuck.”

He groaned as his dick pulsed in my mouth.

I slowly moved my head back, letting him slide almost completely out of my mouth. When just the tip was left on my tongue, I plunged his entire length back down my throat. Holding it for a few seconds, I bobbed my head back and forth, mecidiyeköy escort fucking my throat with his cock.

Moaning loudly, Brad said,

“Holy fuck. That feels so fucking good. I can’t believe you can take it so easily. Don’t fuckin’ stop.”

I had absolutely zero plans of stopping, regardless of what he said. As soon as I tasted his prick, I knew I wouldn’t stop until I got every ounce of cum out of him.

“Not until you tell me to, daddy. Whatever you want.”

Those words made him even harder. He placed his hands on either side of my head, and started to buck his hips. I stayed still, letting him use my mouth however he wanted to. I grabbed my own cock and started jacking off while he slowly slid his entire length in and out of my throat.

“You’re my bitch now, aren’t you? Whenever I want, you’re gonna let me use your throat.”

He pulled out of my mouth just long enough to let me respond,

“Yes, sir.”

He started fucking my face rougher now. Slamming his entire length down my throat until his balls were smashed against my chin. Holding my head still while he violently humped my face. Drool began to flow out of my mouth and I caught some, using it as lube to jack myself off.

After holding his length down my throat for a good thirty seconds, he let go of my head and pulled out. Sitting on the bed, he laid back, lifting his legs.

“Jerk me off and lick my asshole until I cum, slut. I’ve always wanted a bitch to eat my ass.”

“Mmmm. Anything you want daddy. As long as you give me all of your cum,”

I moaned, while wrapping my hand around his dick and taking a long, slow lick of his ass.

I’d never licked someone’s ass before, and even now, I can’t describe the taste. There’s just something so, bad, so erotic about it that turns me on beyond belief.

The thick spit from the rough throat fucking Brad gave me proved to be an excellent lubricant while I stroked him with my left hand. My face was buried in his ass, my tongue making quick flicks across his hole, while my right hand was a blur over my own cock.

“Oh..Fuck.. I’m so close. Put your tongue in my ass. As deep as you can go.”

Obeying him, I let the tip of my tongue enter his ass while my hand picked up speed on his cock.

“Does that feel good, daddy? Do you like how I eat your ass? And how I can take your big cock all the way down my throat?”

I asked, egging him on. Briefly taking my tongue out of his hole to stuff his dick back down my throat, before returning to tossing his salad.

“You are such a nasty fucking slut. Are you ready to eat my load?”

“Mmm, yes, daddy, I am. Feed it to me, please.”

I said, backing up onto my knees and opening my mouth.

He stood up, and jacked himself two or three times before putting the tip on my tongue and exploding into my hungry mouth.


He yelled out as he pumped two thick, creamy loads onto my tongue.

I slid all the way down on him, taking his entire length back into my mouth while his cock spurted out at least another half dozen loads. At that time, my own dick spasmed, squirting cum all over the hardwood floor.

“Ohhh you fucking whore, swallow it all.”

Brad groaned as his balls finally emptied. He squeezed the last little bit of cum out, which I happily licked off his piss hole, before looking up and smiling at him.

“So, how was it?”

I asked.

“That was the best fucking blowjob I’ve ever had. Seriously. Fuck.”

Noticing that my cum was pooled on the floor, I bent down and slowly licked it up. Slurping the little bit that was left over.

Brad slapped my ass hard, and I let out a pleasured moan.

Biting my lip and looking up at him, we both knew this wasn’t going to be a one time thing.


**As this is my first story I look forward to any and all comments, negative or positive. If the positive outweighs the negative, I’ll write more.**