Fun in the Pub Ch. 04


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Hi again, It’s Matt. This took place just after Easter when the weather should have been warmer but wasn’t.

I was getting used to my evenings at the pub, the Black Swan, and as I trudged through the cold rain I was really looking forward to the excitement of the evening ahead. At least I hoped it would be exciting.

At 25 and 6’2 I could still turn a few heads, as I had found when I had taken refuge in my local for the first time earlier in the year. Now I was a regular and after lots of hot, gay experiences I was just as keen as ever to broaden my sexual horizons. Who knew what tonight would bring.

I pushed open the pub door and was overwhelmed by the warmth as I entered. All the usual noises and smells were there too; man talk, man smell, and beer – lots of beer.

I shucked off my coat and scarf and moved to the bar. There was a roaring fire in the corner.

“It must be Tom on duty tonight,” I thought. He was usually responsible for stoking the fire to turn the bar into a sauna. He loved the heat, coming from Porto Rico. Tall and tanned and young and lovely was written for a girl in another place but it could equally apply to Tom. He was hot!

“Hey Tom, not a lot in tonight,” I said as I ordered a pint. “And it’s fucking hot in here – like a furnace.”

“Yeh sorry mate,” he replied. “I got a bit carried away with the logs. It’ll soon cool down when customers open that door. I can feel the draught over here now,” and he shivered as a bloke pushed the door closed as he entered.

“Still, there’ll be enough in later. We’ve got a group of bikers in at 10. They checked ahead to see that we were leather friendly.”

“Mm. best get ready for that,” I said and Tom winked and pulled at one of his nipples, prominent under his white wife beater T. He made a grimace of false pain as he tweaked again, with an open mouth and just the tip of his tongue licking his top lip. His eyes had narrowed as he moaned gently in supposed ecstasy.

Tom had the most wonderful hairy chest and fit body of all the bar staff and I’d been lucky enough to explore it on several occasions.

“Enough man. You’ll get me going if you keep that up,” I said as he tugged at his crotch through his tight, low slung jeans.

He came quickly back to the real world as he greeted the new customer and turned to pull him a pint.

“Mmm nice arse,” the newby mumbled under his breath and he gave me a bold smile and a wink. I just nodded in agreement and smiled back.

He was about 38/40 and dressed in jeans, t shirt and a well-used black leather jacket. Tufts of dark hair curled over the T that matched his hairy tash.

“He must be with the bikers,” I thought to myself as I eyed up his fight butt in worn, torn denim. “Mmm, might catch him later.”

He seemed pretty sure of himself and had an aura of confidence. Could be good.

Right now I wanted to loose some clothes to cool down and get more prepared for the night ahead. I wanted a really slutty feel with nothing left to the imagination for later if the rest of the leather guys turned up. I had never experienced rough, tough biker sex and was drooling at the thought of it.

I made my way to the loo and stripped off my jumper, leaving a tight black T that showed off my firm pecs and hard nipples through the fabric. My firm biceps looked good too and I flexed them in the mirror, pleased with what I saw.

“Mm you’ll do nicely.” All those months at the gym were certainly paying off. Fit, firm and horny was how I liked them and that applied to me as well.

I wanted to discard my briefs to capture more of that slutty feel and couldn’t be bothered to get into the cramped cubicle so just unbuttoned my jeans and slipped them off right there at the stalls.

I pulled off my boots and as I was balanced on one foot while trying to escape the leg of my jeans with the other, the door opened and the new guy pushed his way in. It was a tight squeeze and it caused me to overbalance even more and I grabbed hold of his shoulder to keep my balance as I flicked my foot out of my jeans.

He felt very solid and muscular under that heavy black jacket.

“Sorry mate,just wanted to get out of these,” I said as I regained my balance and somewhat reluctantly moved my hand off his shoulder.

“It’s ok man. What ya done, pissed yourself?”

He was smirking confidently and looking at my hard, hairy legs now just in my red, tight slips, socks and nothing else.

“No mate,” I replied tentatively pulling off my Kalvin briefs. “These are just a bit restrictive for what I have in mind for tonight,” I mumbled. “Ever felt overdressed? Well I do tonight and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do.”

That sounded so bold for me but it seemed to work and gave me the confidence bursa escort I didn’t really feel.

With that I gave him a wink and made a lunge for his crotch which promised a big prize. He looked well hung and I wanted to check out what he had down there if he was half willing.

Before I had him in my hand he made a grab for my briefs as I tried unsuccessfully to grope him.

“I’ll just take care of these for you as you don’t seem to want them,” he growled and grabbed my brief red pants off me and held them to his face while keeping me at arms length with his other hand.

He inhaled strongly.

“Fuck man, these are sweet.”

He took another strong, deep breath and rubbed them over his nose and mouth, sticking out his tongue to lick the fabric.

“Mm man, these are hot. Think I’ll keep them for later. Gettin’ me hard just inhaling your sweet smell.”

With that he pushed them into his rear jeans pocket and unzipped his fly.

“Now why don’t you chew down on this seeing as you got me so hot and horny?”

With that he tugged a beaut’ of a cut cock into view; at least 7″ and thick, throbbing and veiny.

He pushed me to my knees and forced the purple end into my mouth. I was licking and slurping and sucking until I felt ready to descend along the fat shaft. After all this was my slut boy fantasy.

I really wanted to give him a good time and hoped he’d maybe return the favour but after three long thrusts all the way down my throat and back out he grabbed my hair and before you could say “Cum as you are,” he had unloaded deep in my gullet. I swallowed as fast as I could and got most of his juice. Then he pulled out, gave it a flick and a wipe with his hand, tucked it away and left without a word.

“Well,” I thought, “What a shit. I’d really fancied him but he obviously didn’t reciprocate. Just wanted to use me as a cheap slut. Despite myself I was getting turned on at his assertiveness and although I wanted him to get his cum-uppance I secretly hoped we’d meet again so he could dominate me once more. After all I enjoyed playing the slut and perhaps he’d fuck me next time, and hard too.

I struggled back into my jeans, now suitably commando, tucked in my 8″ stiffening cock, checked my hair and the growing bulge at my crotch and with a wink in the mirror left the toilet.

The bar was getting busy and I had to push my way past several guys I knew to get back to the bar and my pint. They grinned as I passed and one or two grabbed my butt hard and squeezed.

I downed what was left of my drink in one and caught Tom’s eye. He served another customer and came over to me.

“You had a nice time then?” he said while pulling me another pint.

“Was he as good as you hoped? Just your type I’d have thought. You like it a bit rough eh?”

With that he gave his nipple another tweak and took a slurp of my beer.

“Cheers mate,” he said,” it’s on the house, if you don’t mind helping with some glasses if it gets busy later on.”

I nodded in agreement and Tom went off to serve another guy, too busy to linger on the merits of my butch “friend.” I took another sip of my drink and looked around. It had certainly got busier and about six guys came in together as I caught sight of the handsome stranger who had sucked me off earlier. They obviously knew him as greetings were exchanged and they laughed and joked together.

One of them had commented on the bright red material hanging from his rear jeans pocket and I realised it was my pants. They were all laughing and ribbing him and I heard “Sweetest mouth I ever had” and “best suck in a long time,” together with “fucking slut boy, gonna get my hard dick inside him,” as he joked with them all.

One of them wanted to know who they belonged to. “Which bitch was it? Is he still here?” he shouted above the other noise. Fuck they would soon know it was me. What then?

I could feel myself getting redder and redder as the embarasment flooded my body. I turned away.

“Please don’t tell them,” I begged in silence. How could I escape the ridicule that would result from exposure if he told them who I was and how could I get out of the bar without them noticing me leaving?

As I was mulling this over I felt a firm hand on my back, and then it dropped to my butt. God, this was it. A mouth moved close to my ear and a deep, quiet voice said, “well slut boy. My mates want to meet you. You up for it?”

I began to tremble slightly, from fear and excitement, and I turned to face him. He looked so hot; a tanned weathered face, clear brown eyes and a full moustache. He licked his lips and leant in close again.

“What’s up mate? We’ll be gentle with you, at least at first. Come on you know you’ll love it.”

His eyes twinkled and he leaned closer and I felt his hairy tash rub against my ear and cheek. Then he bit my ear lobe, gently at first and then harder. I could feel his hand grabbing hard at my butt and massaging the cheeks roughly.

He bursa escort bayan smelt good and felt good and I knew I was a sucker for a butch, hard man in his prime, in leather and if he had six hunky friends too, well what was a guy to do?

I picked up my pint and turned to him with a smile and my hottest come to bed eyes.

“Ok mate, you got me, but I’d better not be disappointed,” I blustered in my best attempt at bravado.

He grabbed my hand and pushed me in front as he forced my arm roughly behind my back. I was being marched across the bar towards his mates as he leant down and growled in my ear.

“By the time we’ve finished with you you won’t be able to walk, or talk. You’ll be a quivering mass of used flesh, begging for release. You’ll want us to stop but you’ll be begging us not to. You are gonna have one hell of a ride boy.”

As we approached he grinned at the men .

“Well here he is boys. Doesn’t want to be disappointed so we’d best be sure to give him the full treatment eah. Now lets get out of here. You can ride with me,” and he twisted my arm higher behind my back making me wince with pain. One of his mates threw him a black, worn leather jacket as we exited the bar and he released my arm as he pulled it on me

“There, now you look the part too.”.

I didn’t try to run. What would have been the point. There were six big , hard bikers surrounding me. I wouldn’t have got very far.

So we all ended up on the pavement where an assortment of motor bikes waited.

Tom had given me a wide-eyed look and mouthed, “You OK?” as I was frog marched out. I returned his look with a shrug of the shoulders and a reassuring wink. I expected to survive but I wasn’t certain what state I’d be in. Someone else would have to do the glasses tonight.

“I’m Mitch,” the big guy holding my arm breathed into my ear as he pulled me onto the pillion of a Harley parked at the kerb. He climbed on the front and pushed back with his firm arse into my crotch.

I wrapped my arms tightly around his snug waist, as much to keep warm as to experience the hard muscles of his fit bod.

“I I, I’m Matt,” I mumbled and snuggled into the black leather covering his broad back. Mmm, It smelt really good and was old enough to have gathered a few wrinkles and folds but still gave off the essence of fit biker, a bit like Mitch himself really.

We all pulled off from the kerb and now I really hung on for grim death as we swerved and bumped around the back streets of my area.

“OK boys, lets make for Tony’s pad. He won’t want to be left out,” Mitch shouted at the top of his voice. The bikes accelerated and moved off into the night with me pillion to Mitch and three other guys riding behind their men.

It didn’t take long before we were in a run-down part of town and all the bikes had pulled up outside a terraced house with loud music pumping from the upstairs window.

“Hey, Tony, let us in you bastard. Look what we’ve got for you,” called Mitch , and he hoisted me off the bike and held up my arm as the curtains upstairs parted and a muscled, bare torso, heavily tattooed arms and a mop of straggly hair peered out.

“Hi boys,” the face said. “Be right down.”

By the time the front door was opened we were all off the bikes and standing huddled together on the step. I got my fair share of arse play, pinching and stroking, by the bikers. They were all around 6′ tall, well fit and of similar age (about 35 I guess).

We bundled in and climbed the stairs. Tony pulled some beers from the fridge and they chugged them down, laughing and joking while keeping me in the middle of the room.

At last they quietened down and Mitch took centre stage. He pulled my briefs out of his jeans back pocket and to jeers and cat calls proceeded to sniff and lick them. Then he advanced on me and pushed them into my mouth as he grabbed my T and pulled it off. The others had crowded round and were pulling my nipples and feeling my chest and bum as Mitch tied my hands above my head with a length of cord.

“Get him naked boys,” he yelled and now they pulled down my jeans, flug off my boots and socks and stood me in the centre of the room as they smacked my butt. It stung and brought tears to my eyes but I wasn’t kept there for long as we all moved off into the room next door.

It was about the same size but with no furniture except a big music system and a contraption hanging from the ceiling.

My wrists were forced up and hooked to the ceiling and I was “encouraged” to lay down on my back on a leather covered table with leather straps into which my legs were forcefully positioned.

Fuck, was this a sling? I was panting with the tension and excitement and also because the red briefs were still in my mouth.

Mitch leaned his head next to my ear and growled, “Hope you’re ready boy. WE ARE GONNA HAVE SOME FUN.”

A big blond guy pulled the pants from my mouth and as I was gasping for air he pushed in his tongue, swirled escort bursa it around my tonsils, pulled out and popped in two white pills.

“That’ll make you enjoy it so much more,” He said, and snogged me again, fiercely. I was forced to swallow and felt the pills slide down.

Another guy had positioned himself between my wide spread legs and was rubbing cream on my hole. It burned and set my anus on fire and he kept rubbing and roughly fingering me, one then two and then three hard fingers prodding and thrusting forcefully.

“AGGH, Oh, nooo. Fuck man not so rough,” but the pills were having their effect and after a good blast of poppers,( that were pushed under my left nostril while someone held my right one closed), I felt myself begin to float away on a cloud of lust.

“MMM, oh yes. That feels so good.”

“Ok men, he’s ready for us. Get to it” said Mitch. The pounding bass of the heavy metal music and thrusting hands helped take me to a different place. I was only half aware of a big pair of hands leaning on my windpipe as a huge cock with a prince Albert forced its way into my tender and hot man pussy. The owner pumped and grunted as he stiffened inside me. He felt big and the chems were connecting me directly to his cock. We seemed to be joined as one as he ploughed inside me. I felt a cock pushing my lips apart and hungrily opened for it. It forced down my throat as the guy knelt over my chest, a big sweaty tattooed guy, still in his leather cap and boots but nothing else. He face fucked me vigorously and I was really getting off on this hard action. I couldn’t resist or fight these hunks off if I’d wanted to and could only writhe my body and moan to show my enjoyment at being totally used.

I felt my legs being lifted as the first guy emptied his juice inside me. I could feel his spurts of cum flooding my guts and it helped cool the burning.

The next I knew was another large cock inside me as a tall, muscled guy stood between my legs and poked an 8″ throbbing dick inside me. I pushed to meet his thrusts as best I could and was surprised when a smaller, slimmer guy got up on the table with one leg on each side of my thighs. While the other stud was fucking me he positioned his cock at my hole and pushed in as well.

Fuck, that hurt, despite the chems, and as if they read my mind another bottle of poppers was pushed under my nose.

The guy in my mouth spunked hard and pulled out and the slim double fucker pulled my head up and gave me a forceful kiss as he licked at the cum his mate had left in my mouth and around my lips. God did that feel good. I was floating again as the chems took effect and was disappointed when both guys came together in huge wads of jizz. I could feel it running down my thighs and felt lips below me between my legs as it was licked up with gusto by some hungry mouths.

Through my half closed eyes I could see Mitch undoing his thick leather belt and pulling off his T. He had a broad, muscled chest and pierced nipples with a heavy chain leading from one to the other. He had already slipped out of his boots and now nearly naked he pulled them on again. He looked hot with bulging muscles and tattoo decorated arms and calves.

He approached and rubbed at the monster dick that jutted from his shaven groin. It was huge, at least 10″ and even stiffer than I remembered it from earlier that night.

“How ya doin’ Tom?” he asked as he pulled at my tended nipples and bent to take one in his mouth. He flicked with his tongue and then bit hard before giving the other the same treatment.

“AAAggh,” was all I could mutter as his hands ran between my soft, pale thighs. He stroked my balls with his free hand and then pulled and pulled and kept pulling, providing such pain, and in my heightened state , such pleasure too. He squeezed too, gently at first and then with more determination until I was forced to cry out and beg him to stop.

He turned his attention to my aching hole and roughly pushed in a finger, rotating it slowly as he moved it in and out.

I moaned with the pleasure flooding my loins as he pushed in and withdrew.

“You like that Mitchy?” he sniggered, and pushed in two fingers. “How about that? Good?”

I writhed and moaned in ecstacy as he withdrew and thrust three fingers in this time.

“Oh God, yes, oh yes, Fuck me man. Plough me hard.” I cried as other hands groped my body and lips sucked and kissed and licked their way over, round and into all parts of my vulnerable frame. I was on the edge of anticipation, heightened by the chems but relaxed by the poppers. I wanted everything Mitch could give me, and I wanted it now.

I felt him position himself between my spread legs and with one hard thrust, push the head of his engorged ten inches past my tight ring.

“MM still tight Mitchy boy eh. Well I’m gonna fuck you till your guts fall out. You won’t be able to walk for a week,” and with that he gave a huge, vicious thrust and was completely inside me up to his pubes.

He had touched bottom in one rough move and I screamed with the intense pain. Despite being prepared by others and the poppers, this really hurt. Perhaps it was the big Prince Albert or the studded leather cock ring he had strapped on after removing his jeans.