Fucksalott Farm Ch. 04: Sneaking In


*So, onto chapter four, and something a little different both to appeal to the more rainbow oriented in my audience, and those just curious to try it out, as well as stretching out my own homosexually creative muscle. Enjoy!*


Usually, foxes aren’t wanted on the farm because of the fact they take a liking to the taste of the animals. In this world however, the problem is more of a pestering one than a violent one.

The world runs on sex. Sex is a common currency, Its a fair way to relieve tension and have fun. In the big cities, you can rent a girl who’s encased in the wall for a half hour lunch break and fuck her senseless to recharge before getting back to work. So, in a world where food has been replaced by sex, why is it that Felix is still a pain in Sebastian’s ass?


Foxes are capable of breeding with any of their prey, the same way that Orion might get his nameless little lover pregnant with tonight’s fun, except for one vital difference. Most animals can turn off their fertility at will.

Sasha can do it, Belle can do it, even Sebastian can do it… But the simpler creatures like the Bunnies, the Rabbits and the Sheep can’t…

So, as Felix the fox, with his slim figure and burnt orange fur slinks into the Farm, he doesn’t really care about getting his little lover for the evening pregnant. That’s Sebastian’s problem… And good old Seb is busy in the field with the Bitch.

While the dog’s away, the fox will… Hump to his hearts content.

Slipping through one of my many secret ways into the farm, I found my nose already bombarded with the smell of sex. From the field, from the tree line, from the barn… Damn people here really do have it easy! An orgy and they don’t even invite their local trouble maker to it? The shame of it…

Oh well, not that it really bothers me. The girls in the barn are way too tall for me, and I’m pretty sure that Belle could smother me under a single udder if she knew that I was out here playing with her adorable little bunnies.

The bunnies really are my favourites on the farm for two very important reasons.

One, is that they’re all absolutely adorable. Shorter even than me, nicely plump with their puppy fat and thick little asses, they just looked made to be cuddled… Or absolutely fucked senseless.

The other reason that a sly young stud like me loves to get his paws on a bunny, is that they really don’t care who fucks them so long as somebody does. They’ll fuck each other sure, which is why the boys and girls are kept separate, but they prefer someone bigger who can really satisfy them. They have all the benefits of a wild rabbit, without any of that boring “Run away after three thrusts” Stuff.

Sneaking up to their little hutches, It was easy to tell I wasn’t the only one with the sex getting to him. In one pen, the girls were apparently having a contest to form the longest accidental chain of adorable bunnies grinding, licking, and fingering one another in hopes of getting some attention in return. The hutch closer to me was a similar story, the boys all with the kind of cute feminine form they all shared fucking each other senseless.

I watched just as fuel for my erection, One chubby boy would fall clumsily onto another in the semi darkness, pressing his tiny prick up against his new partners ass, already knowing it would be well lubricated by now by either a tongue or a few hot fresh loads of their brothers cum. The two would hump against each other closely, the giver maybe nibbling an ear while the taker slumped against the ground and just enjoyed the attention.

After a few moments, the humps would get suddenly faster and the pair would squeal as one cute bunny boy came into another’s tight ass, no care at all for the fact they likely all shared a parent.

The giver would fall back onto his ass and rest, breathing heavily. The one bunny, his ass still leaking a steady stream of cum over Zeytinburnu Escort his smooth balls and dripping from the tip of his cute dick would get someone else’s attention soon enough, and be writhing under the tongue or touch of another interested brother. Meanwhile, the giver would lay back, and soon someone else would come over, see that his cock was deflating and covered in cum, and lean over to suck on it.

If he was fast enough, he might get lucky and get his brother hard enough to straddle his lap and ride that cock up into his little hole until the pair were once again satisfied. He may just lick and suck to get the flavour of cum, before spreading his brothers legs apart and lifting him up to fuck his ass instead. If he was too slow for both though… And I really did love when this happened, he might end up trapped between two, the panting one on the ground, one chubby brother sucking on his cock while another would find him bent over, ass vulnerable and begin the process of a new hump.

The whole thing was exciting to watch really, so energetic and care free… It was easy to spot the one odd bunny out who sat by the fence, his own cock in hand, just waiting for a cock or a hole to be free long enough in the orgy to take advantage…

He, would be mine… I don’t particularly mind sex wise when it comes to bunnies. Like I said, they’re all adorable…

I approached casually, no need to sneak around the bunnies, they see us as just the fun guys who come at night and give them everything they want. Another minutes walk and sure I could have had every girl bunny in the pen lining her pussy up wanting to get nice and full and pregnant but… I guess I was just feeling like being kind to good old Sebastian that night.

The cute little bunny with the big, chocolate brown eyes turned to look at me, his huge floppy ears falling over his eyes so that he had to lift one just to get a better look at me.

I have to say It was cute as fuck.

I smiled and stopped beside the fence as I looked into the mass gang bang going on through the wire fence. After a moments watching I looked down to the chubby cutie.

“Guess they get to have all of the fun tonight huh?” I asked as he nodded and gave a resigned look, still softly tugging on the cock in his hand… It was a really nice size and the bunnies were always pretty nice about taking their time but… Nah. Not tonight.

“Yeah… I wish that whoever was out their makin’ them like this would come here… Maybe they’d give me a turn.” He answered wistfully, looking back to me and his eyes opening wider when he saw that my slick, slender dick had slid its way from its sheath, just a few inches away from his face as I watched.

“Oh! Oh mister fox! Do you want me to help you with that!? He asked, suddenly all excited and hopeful, up on his knees, fingers holding on tightly to the chicken wire fence, the holes kept nice and big so the little cuties could give Seb the occasional suck through the gaps, or easily suckle on Belles juicy titties when she came by each morning and evening to drain out her excess milk.

I smiled and looked down from him, those huge eyes just too damn cute, the sight of his adorable face pressed to the wire beyond irresistible to my cock, now flopped all the way out, balls and all, hanging heavy in the cool night breeze, the moon shining softly on the slimy layer of precum.

“Aw, you’d do that for me?” I asked, playing innocent about as convincingly as the bunny played subtle. His head nodded furiously and before anything else could be said on the matter, his mouth opened wide, showing me a rounded tongue, pink and sticky as any pussy I’d ever laid eyes on.

Happy to give up the innocent charade, I got down on all fours, pressing my ass back against the fence after slotting my cock through one of the gaps, bushy red tail lifted and out of the way, just as I was about to tell the little bunny Zeytinburnu Escort Bayan attention to my ass was fine too…

Oh… Oh that feeling… That chubby little tongue was pressed immediately to my puckered little brown hole, and like it was a massage I felt him gently and softly licking up and down against my ass hole, not hesitating for a second, licking it over again and again with the care and attention you can only get from someone who’d entire existence is sex.

I felt his fingers grab at my ass as best they could through the fence, and in response, I pressed my ass back against the wire, feeling it press into my flesh as the bunnies tongue pressed into my tail hole.

He licked at it harder and faster, sloppier too as I felt thick bunny saliva run down over the sensitive skin around my ass hole, as he finally made the plunge and pressed his tongue tightly against my hole.

I felt as he pressed gently instead before I pressed softly against it, feeling his little tongue slip deeper inside, a soft sound of surprise from him as a hole tighter than what he was used to wrapped around his tongue and clutched at it gently for a few seconds.

By now I was laid half way to doggy position, my head resting on my crossed arms, and it took all my will power to force voice to agree to speak words that would stop this beautiful oral massage in favour of something that would lead to a lot more fun.

“H-hey… Don’t forget the cock too alright sweetheart?” I asked, and after one last tempting lick around the inside of my ass hole, I felt him slowly pull his tongue back out, the soft texturing making it a nightmarish heaven of teasing.

Before I could mourn the loss too much though, the bunny boy scooped up my cock into his mouth with a ravenous hunger, taking the sharply tipped cock straight down along his tongue and allowing the tip into his throat, his soft, full, gently brown lips closing around my suddenly rock hard cock as his tongue began to work that soft rolling massage once again on the sensitive underside of my cock.

My fucking god I could have cum from that in minutes. Why this bunny was being left out when he had such a beautifully gifted tongue I had no idea, but I wasn’t complaining too much that he was milking at my cock rather than where he really belonged in a circle of boys all jabbing their cocks past his lips.

After just a little longer of that attention (Plus a few thrusts in and out just for Daddy) I pulled away, and heard his protesting whines the same way I felt his sucks grow faster and more desperate.

I did pull away though, turned on my knees and smiled at him, wishing I had some way to pet between his floppsy ears for the amazing service.

“Very good boy! Now, I want you to turn around and press your adorable little ass up against this fence. I think you’ve more than earned a nice good ass fucking, huh?” I asked, stroking my cock to keep it hard, even though the fresh memory didn’t make it too difficult.

“Uh huh, uh huh! Thanks Mister!” He answered, turning and spreading his chubby ass cheeks as he pressed a softly beige ass hole up against the fence so hard that his chubby little cheeks pushed out through the diamond shaped holes in the wire, so damn cute that I had to resist squishing one.

Instead, I leaned down to his little hole and pressed my own wider, rougher, more dog like tongue up against his ass hole and began to lick softly, finding that even his little hole had some squish too it… So cute! As I licked I found my tongue slipped in almost too easily, and I immediately tasted the salty slickness of cum inside his little butt.

His sudden, almost lazy moan was well received, and I licked at his ass hole more, enjoying my little salty surprise as I figured maybe he hadn’t been as left out as I assumed. Hell, maybe he was put to the side so the other bunny boy toys could have a turn!

Still though, Escort Zeytinburnu I wanted to add to his little cum bucket collection, and eventually pulled away, a string of saliva and cum mixing together and connecting my tongue back to his ass as he simply pushed it back and forth against the fence, making his desires clear as daylight.

I took my cock in hand, and guided it to my chubby little lovers ass hole, pressing the tip against it and feeling that squish envelop the knife-like tip as I pressed up inside of him, feeling the way that my well lubricated cock just slid inside, and once again I found myself realising just why the tail hole is my favourite one of all.

His little bunny puff tail quivered as my cock slid in deeper, getting thicker the more I fed into his hungry little ass hole, and I felt the way that it stayed nice and comfortably tight around my cock, while inside got loose and warm, similar to a close and intimate blowjob, plus the satisfying suction as after a few pushes in and out, cum began to flow out of his tight little hole, past my cock, and gave the slightest of sucking feelings as I pulled out… Awesome…

As I began to pick up speed, the bunny began making soft sudden sounds, as though each push into his ass humped one of those adorable breaths out of him. It wasn’t long before another bunny noticed the sound and came over, watched curiously for a few moments, and then joined in, positioning himself before slotting into my cuties mouth, less of the slow and steady approach for him though as he began immediately face fucking my little boy toy, apparently to some well received thoughts from him, as his ass hole began to clutch on my cock in time with the thrusts into the back of his mouth.

Deciding to make a game of it, I began speeding up to match the cock in his mouth, pushing in when the other bunny was out, pulling back and letting my cock slide almost all the way out when the other bunny pummelled his throat. I guess the same effect happened at the other end, as before long, the other bunny made a high whining sound and forced himself all the way into my bunnies mouth, as deep as he could go, before falling back away.

My cutie just left his mouth hanging wide open, runny white cum spilling out over the plump, brown bottom lip, as before long another bunny came in with the same energy, pounding away at his little brothers cum coated mouth, as without missing more than a few thrusts, the lips closed again and the sucking began, complete with a chorus of even more desperate sounds.

I knew I wasn’t going to be able to play keep up all night though, and in the last few seconds, the sight of that cute boy’s face getting abused clear in my mind, my cock being tugged on so fast and well by the ass hole wrapped around it, I gave it my all fucking that little ass until the last few thrusts made it tug out along my cock when I pulled back.

I forced myself in all the way.

I howled to the moon and stars with triumph.

I came deep inside that sweet little bunny boys sweetly hugging ass hole as with a few high squeals, I felt his ass hug tightly and sporadically to my cock, telling me his own balls were now emptying into the soft grass beneath him at the two sided assault.

I pulled away after a few minutes of recovery, letting a small river of cum, both my own and the loads of who knew how many bunnies, all churned up spill out, coating the bunnies balls in a nice layer of shining white goodness.

I leaned down, and kissed his little abused ass hole, adding a swift in and out lick just for fun, swallowing what my tongue had taken as I stood up and watched him eagerly swallowing one of his brothers loads before looking back.

“Thanks Mr. Felix!” He smiled gratefully “You can use my ass any time Sir!” He added, and as I stood, giving a thankful nod and a half wave in thanks.

“You’re too kind bunny, too kind. Dont worry sweet boy, I’ll be back as soon as I remember that amazing ass” I headed back out to my den, ready to rest for the night, the bunny boy already surrounded by new comers wanting to try out that magical mouth as I found myself wondering if the droplet of cum in the corner of his mouth when he had called back to me made it more cute? Or more sexy?