Freshman Love Ch. 04


I want to thank everyone for the support on this story so far. These past few chapters have been my first writings. So I apologize if it’s a little boring. The characters are all above the age of 18 if they encounter any type of sexual relation at all. This story is based on a true story, but has differences. I hope you all are enjoying it.


I woke up from a recurring dream I have been having, the night of when I came out. I still am saddened by how my parents reacted, even though I had been prepared for it for years. All the time in the world would not heal the wound left by them. . Not even the 18 months that have passed since then.

That’s right 18 months. I am still with Matt, we’ve moved in together as a matter of fact. Not as big of a place, but still a really good house in the same neighborhood. The new modern flow of the new house clashed with the older, rustic feel of my first house. I always used to say that that house never felt like a home. It was too big for me and Rose and it just never felt right.

The new house was about 500 feet smaller than the previous 5600 square footer I used to live in. The modern, two story house and 3 car garage allowed for plenty of room for me, Matt, Rose and her little puppy Daisy. A lot has changed in a year and a half.

For instance, Matt has been hired as a part-time lawyer at Sterling and Associates. He has gotten even more buff, which I honestly didn’t think was possible. He’s started getting his chest and armpits, pubes, balls, ass and asshole all waxed. It makes me happy and it was easier to do rather than shave everywhere every single day. The only thing he hasn’t shaved is his slight beard. He grew it out a little more, but he keeps it trimmed so you can just barely see the skin through his thick facial hair.

His dark eyebrows brought out his dark roots, which both contrasted the still white as fuck hair. I’ve tried to get my hair that color but it never turns out well. He probably has magic hair.

He’s also gotten more body work done. He’s gotten a rainbow in dots behind his right ear. Each dot being a different color of the rainbow. That was his first tattoo, he was so scared that he actually had me sit on him so he wouldn’t chicken out. Along with that are my name on his left pec, as well as our anniversary on his left rib.

He has also got more piercings. I swear for someone who hates needles he sure gets acquainted with them very often. He got another guiche, an apadravya,which goes up and down through the head of his dick, and a jacob’s ladder consisting of four barbells going up the bottom of his shaft. I’m honestly okay with him getting more piercings because it makes the sex even more amazing, and they look so fucking sexy. The only downside is we can’t have sex until they each healed.

I, on the other hand, have become the apprentice of the architect that designed the famous Reunion Tower in Downtown Dallas. It’s a tall tower with a ball on the top. And in the ball is a restaurant that spins around so you can see all of Dallas. I’d say that I’ve bulked up quite a bit. I’m getting close to as buff as Matt was when we first started dating. I still keep my hair platinum,, still clean shaved everywhere. Well more like waxed everywhere. If you can’t tell I really don’t like body hair.

I’ve gotten five tattoos. I have a forest of trees going up my right forearm, wrapping around the wrist and stopping before my elbow. Then I have Matt’s birthday intertwined with his name on my lower back, pretty much like a tramp stamp. I have my birthday right above my pubic area. I have a long arrow going down my spine, starting just above my shoulder blades and ending in the middle of my midback. Then lastly I have the words “FUCK ME”, one on each ass cheek. That way when Matt fuck me he can get turned on easily. I haven’t gotten any piercings since i got my nipples and ears pierced, though I have been stretching my ears, which I fucking love so much.

Rose had a litter of puppies and we ended up keeping one of them and named her Daisy. She was getting a little lonely around the house, so we thought she could use a friend. It just worked out that the friend would be her daughter.

Ever since I came out and haven’t been depending on my parent’s money I’ve learned to appreciate what I have and to really use what I have been given. That means that I sold my Lamborghini. I hardly ever used it and It was just for the fun of it and it eventually got boring, so sadly it had to go. I also sold the Range Rover, and Matt sold his BMW. With the money we got from selling those cars we were able to get 2 brand new cars. A Mercedes G-Wagon, and a camaro. I still kept the Bentley because that will always be my favorite car and I would not be able to live without it.

Matt and I are going to be juniors at SMU next semester. But that’s after summer which has just started. Our last class was U.S. History, was held thursday. Now were are free to do whatever we want for the next 3 months.


***Matt’s Bomonti Escort point of view***

I can’t believe I was able to get work off for three weeks. I have a surprise in store for Carter. He was so stressed out with finals these past few weeks, he really deserve a getaway. And a romantic one at that too.

I stopped at the store today and got a bottle of champagne and a bouquet of Carter’s favorite flowers, blue orchids. I also got a box of his favorite candy in the world, twix. I got him a series of cards that will lead him on a scavenger hunt throughout the house, then the very last one will tell him to “Pack your bags, we’re going on vacation”. I know it’s cheesy, but that’s the kind of stuff Carter likes.

I pulled my camaro into the garage and quickly pulled the G-Wagon out to the front door. When I got inside I called out for Carter hearing “BAAAAAABBE” echo throughout the house. After a few moments I called again, “BAAAAABBE”, this time a little louder. After no response I figured he had gone out somewhere with his friend Nathan. Is three have gotten even closer. I’d say he, besides Carter, is my best friend. And the same for Carter.

I began by putting the champagne in the fridge and putting the orchids in a vase. I put the vase on the island counter so it’s the first thing Carter sees when he walks in from the garage.

I then started hiding the clues. I hid all 4 of them in different parts of the house so he won’t accidentally run into one of them while searching for a different one.

I also put the candy in a bag that I hung by a string over the railing of the second story. That way the bag was hanging over the living room. It’s stupid but I wanted to make sure that Carter would work for his candy, even if it’s just lifting a bag from the first floor to the balcony.

After getting his presents set up I started to pack. I took three suitcases out of the storage closet in one of the spare bedrooms and put the smallest one,which was still pretty large, on the counter in the bedroom we converted into a closet.

I started with the hygiene, body care and beauty. I gathered all of our hair products and put them in a box. Gay guys are always stereotyped as having so many hair products, but you wouldn’t believe how many we have. Hey, to get hair as pretty as this, you need a lot of products.

I then gathered the face wash, shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes and toothpaste and put them into a toiletries bag. Then I got the trimmers, shaving cream and Carter’s razor and put them in a zipper in the suitcase. I then realized I almost forgot the most important thing, a gay guy’s hairdryer and brush. I tried hard to make it all fit in the suitcase. It was a tough squeeze, but I somehow got it all in. I zipped that suitcase and put it off by the door of the closet.

I then grabbed one of the double suitcases and put it where the first suitcase was. This one was all for my clothes. Other couples are lucky in that they might be the same size, but unfortunately me and Carter aren’t so we need our own clothes.

I grabbed almost all of my short sleeved shirts and pretty much every single one for my dozens and dozens of tank tops. I made sure to get a special one. The pride one Carter had given to me the second day we met. It’s amazing how far we’ve come since that weekend. I wouldn’t trade Carter for anything in the world.

I then headed for my shorts section. I really have a lot of clothes. It’s a problem. Next was underwear. I have about 50 pairs of underwear. And they’re all different. But that’s nothing compared to Carter’s collection of over a hundred.

I quickly realized that 3 suitcases wasn’t going to be enough room for all of our clothes. Crap I hadn’t even thought of shoes.

I was able to fit about 5 pairs of socks in my suitcase and just barely was able to zip it up. I really wasn’t sure if I could fit Carter’s stuff on his suitcase. But if I had to I will get him another suitcase.

I did the exact same with Carter’s suitcase as I did with mine and somehow got his clothes to fit in our biggest suitcase. It was truly a miracle.

I took each suitcase downstairs one by one. Once they were all downstairs, I took them out to the G-Wagon and put them in the large trunk. Good thing we sold those cars, because even the Range Rover wouldn’t have enough room for all of our stuff.

Once back inside, I laid down on the couch, and turned the tv on and channel surfed. There was nothing on so I took a nap.


***Carter’s point of view***

I just got home when I saw the G-Wagon pulled up in front of the house and got confused. It was normally in the garage since I used the Bentley and Matt used the canaries. Maybe Matt went to the store and needed a lot of room.

I got out of the garage and opened the door to the kitchen. I was greeted by a vase of flowers on the counter. They must’ve been from Matt because he’s the only one Bomonti Escort Bayan that knows blue orchids are my favorite flowers. “HOOOOOONNN. IM HOOOOME.” I yelled. That’s funny. I know he’s here because both the cars are here. Maybe he’s in the shower.

I started to go around the corner to the stairs when Matt jumped out and scared me. He knows it’s not hard to scare me so I don’t know why he does it so often, something about my face being cute when I’m scared or some bullshit like that.

“Baaaaabe. You scared me. Why the fuck do you do that. You know I get scared easily. And don’t pull that fucking “you have a cute scared face” bullshit because it’s not true.” I said as I kept punching him playfully in his rock hard abs.

“I know babe. But your face really is super cute when you’re scared.” He said as he pulled me into a passionate kiss that lasted for quite some time. After the kiss he pulled me into a warm embrace. As he hugged me I pulled on his navel piercing that was easily accessible due to him not wearing a shirt. That always made him squirm because it apparently tickles a lot. He knows how to get me, but oh boy I can get him back.

Once Matt was done laughing, he swooped me off my feet, carried me over to the couch and plopped me down. That’s when I saw the bag dangling from the balcony. “Ummm, why is there a bag dangling from the balcony?” I asked.

“I have a few surprises for you. I’m sure you saw your flowers, right?” He asked, to which I nodded. “The bag is the second gift. Go get it and you can open it.”

“It better be worth it, or I’m going to make it so hard for you to cum tonight. I might love that stuff, but the longer it takes for you to let it out the more there is for me, so I’m cool with waiting longer just to see your “cute face””, I said with air quotations. As I got off the couch I squeezed his huge bulge to get my point across even more effectively.

I ran up the stairs, eager to see what Matt had gotten me. I sat down on the ground and started pulling the bag up by the string. As it got closer I could see the deep gold color that is very distinguishable for my favorite candy ever, Twix. Oh how Matt knows me so well. I pulled the bag over the rail and my suspicions were right. I could see a whole bunch of twix bars, which I dumped over the rail to land on Matt’s naked torso. I ran back down the stairs and mounted Matt. “Thanks hon. I love you. That was totally worth getting up for.” I said as I planted several long kisses on his lips, planting a kiss in between every word.

“That’s not the only surprise. Go check in the fridge.” he told me.

“Ugh, unless it’s cake I don’t want it. Hey by the way where’s Rose and Daisy? I asked as i lazily walked over to the fridge, talking louder the further from him I got.

“Oh, they’re outside. I didn’t want to risk them messing up your surprise.” He responded.

“Oka-” I paused mid-word. “Whats this for?”

“There’s a special occasion happening tonight, so I want to celebrate. I’ll get the glasses, you open it.” he told me.

“What occasion?” I said as I took the foil off the bottle, then the metal wiring.

“Us completing yet another year of college of course.” he said as he sat down on one of the stools at the bar so that he was directly facing me.

“Ahhhh. But something tells me This is not the last surprise. You tend to go overboard.” I said while I poured us each a glass of the top notch champagne.

“You’re right. I have this card for you. It tells you everything you need to know. From now until you figure it out, my lips are sealed.” he said while he pretended to zip his mouth shut and throw away the key.

“Ahhhh. A riddle. Okay. I can do this. I might not be some fancy lawyer like you, but I have some mental skills.” I started to read what the card said out loud.

“Dear Carter,

You are such an inspiration to me with how much you care for people and how dedicated

you are to so much. I can, without a doubt, say that you are the love of my life. So go

where we slept our first night in this house.”

I automatically knew where to go. The first night we moved into this house our bed hadn’t arrived yet so we had to sleep in the guest bedroom. I walked upstairs and turned at the top into the spare bedroom. I looked around for any sign of tampering, but I didn’t really find anything different except the placement of the pillows was a little bit off.

I went over t the bed and lifted the pillows and found another card that looked identical to the first one, except for the words were different. This card read,

“Good, you found it. This one was a little tricky because I made sure the pillows were the only thing different. Next you need to go where the dirty become clean.”

That could be any of the four bathrooms we have, or the dishwasher maybe. I took a hunch with the dishwasher, because bathrooms is too obvious, and if there’s anything I know about Matt it’s that Escort Bomonti he doesn’t like to be obvious. So I headed downstairs and opened the dishwasher. Low and behold the next clue was waiting for me. It read,

“Alright so you’ve been able to figure out the clues so far ehh. Well this one I won’t make so easy. Go where the broken go to get fixed.”

This one was really difficult, but after a few minutes of thinking about places around the house I thought of the work bench out in the garage. I opened the door to the garage and walked through and made a beeline for the workbench. I checked in all the toolboxes, until I saw one of the familiar cards under some screwdrivers. This next card read,

“That was all fun and games, but let’s get down to the good stuff. Head where the magic

happens every night.”

It was obvious this clue was telling me to go to our bedroom, because that’s where most of our sex happens. I ran back inside, to the stairs, I passed Matt on the way there. This time he decided to get up, that must mean it’s almost over. “This must be the last clue. I hope it’s a good one.” I thought to myself.

As I opened the door I saw rose petals scattered all over the bed. It was so beautiful. No one has ever done something like this for me. I noticed Matt come in the room and close the door behind him. Then I saw the card. This one read,

“I love you so fucking much that it makes me seem insane.. So have fun, honey, in the

place we can only go to by plane.”

“WHAT!! You’re taking me on vacation. How?” I said as I started crying. I ran into him and mounted his hips and threw my legs around him as I hugged him like it was the last time I would ever see him.

“I called your boss and asked him if you could take three weeks of vacation. And since I am very persuading he said yes. I’ve already packed and got everything in the car, all you have to do is go change into travel clothes and then we’ll be all set. Oh and Rose and Daisy aren’t in the back yard. They’re at Amanda’s.” He said to me as I stared into his eyes, even though mine were pouring out tears.

“Did I ever tell you how much I fucking love you. Because I really, really fucking do.” I couldn’t stop crying. But I didn’t care because all I wanted to do was kiss Matt right then and there. I have been stressed lately and was going to suggest a vacation but this is so much better.

“OOOOHHH. Where are we going. You have to tell me. Pleassssse. I begged as Matt still held me in the air and shook his head.

“Nope. The only way you’re finding out is if you accidentally hear it from someone at the airport or you find out when we get there. But I’m definitely not telling you. Now go change into some sweats and one of my tank tops, I know you like to travel in my clothes.” He shooed me away with a swat of my ass, which felt pretty good if I’ll be honest.


We had just made it to the airport when I saw something new on Matt’s neck. Since we had checked our car into the vallet we used a taxi to get to the terminal. Matt sat in the front seat with the tickets and everything we needed, he apparently didn’t trust me to not snoop around in his stuff, so he sat up front. That’s when I saw his neck. There was something on his skin that wasn’t there when I gave him a goodbye kiss this morning.

“Babe. What’s that on your neck” I asked him.

His hand reached for the back of his neck as he responded with “Oh that? You can’t really see it right now because it’s dark, but it’s Mickey Mouse. Cause I like boys. And I like Disney why not show both in one picture.”

“Pull your shirt down a little.” I said as I looked for my phone so I could use the flashlight to see it. When I did I was amazed at how beautiful it was. It was super simple but it was absolutely stunning.

“It’s amazing. When’d you get it and why didn’t you tell me about it?” I sternly said.

“It was kind of a spur of the moment thing.” He said. “I got it before I went to the store so my mind was occupied. And when I was done setting up the surprise I fell asleep until you got home.”

“Well I love it. It’s super sexy. Now I can get fucked by Mickey Mouse.” I said even though the cab driver could hear us. I didn’t care. I will never see him again so it doesn’t matter.

“There’s something else I got too but I can’t show you here. It’ll have to wait until later.” He said in a sexy voice.

“Okay. I have something to show you too and what I’m gonna show you is gonna wait until we get up in the air.” I said to him.

“Looks like we both have secrets. Let’s both actually keep them this time. The past few times we’ve tried to keep a secret it doesn’t work out. So really try this time.” He proposed.

“Deal” I said as we arrived at the terminal.


***Matt’s point of view***

I really don’t know how I got Carter into the plane without him finding out where we’re going. I know I won’t be able to hide it when the stewardess announces it to the whole plane. It’s okay. I was only planning on keeping it till then either way so it works out for me.

I got us first class tickets so we were on the second level. Our seats were very comfortable and we had all the amenities a person could want.