Forever Yours Ch. 03

Babe Cock

Welcome to the third chapter of my story. I hope that you will like it and that it entertains you a lot. Like I always say, keep the comments and votes coming. Enjoy…


Ramon woke up and was lying on the shore of some land. He didn’t care but he was glad he was safe. The last thing he could remember was feeling very tired and very cold that he closed his eyes and now found himself on the shore. He opened his eyes looked around and saw that he was on some sort of island. He did not know the time but he knew that they had spent the whole night in the water and he thanked his lucky stars that he had survived. He slowly got up trying to study the island which he was on and he noticed that he had lost his both of his shoes in the water. Then he wondered where Mr. Martinez was and he began looking around. He saw him lying on the shore a few meters away from him. He ran to him and knelt down so that he could wake him.

“Sir, Sir.” He shouted. “Wake up. Please don’t leave here.”

Mr. Martinez just lay there without moving and Ramon didn’t know if he was alive or not. It was really scaring him because he didn’t want to be on the island all alone. He put his head on Mr. Martinez’s chest and felt that he still had a beat.

What was he going to do? Maybe what he needed was air. He tried to put pressure on his chest but nothing was helping and there was only one thing left to do, mouth to mouth. Why was this happening to him?

He slowly opened Mr. Martinez’s mouth and brought his mouth closer until their mouths met. Instead of giving him air, he got the surprise when Mr. Martinez stuck his tongue in his mouth moving it around. He quickly moved his mouth and found him staring at him.

“If you wanted a kiss, all you had to do was ask.” Mr. Martinez said with a smile. “You didn’t have to steal it while I was sleeping.”

“You jerk.” He shouted as he got up. “What do you think of yourself? I was just trying to see if I could revive you and…”

“Don’t tell me that you wished I was dead.” Mr. Martinez asked.

“Look sir, with what I am seeing right now I wish you were dead.” He answered as he began walking away from him.

“That is just great coming from the boy whom I had just saved.” Mr. Martinez added.

“Well thank you very much.” He said quietly. “But if it wasn’t for you.” He shouted. “I wouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place but thanks to you now I have to stay here on this island with you. Now you can do whatever you want with me without anybody interfering.”

“Whoa!” Mr. Martinez exclaimed. “Hold on right there. I am a respected man and just because we are on this island together don’t mean that I will do anything to you. I am not even interested in you.”

“Well you are a little too loud today.” Ramon asked as he turned to face the rushing Martinez behind him.

“This is me being myself.” Mr. Martinez responded. “My time with you expired yesterday and now I am just being myself.”

“Oh really,” Ramon asked with a frown on his face.

“Yes!” Mr. Martinez responded. “The person you are seeing here is no longer that person you knew yesterday. Today I am being myself. Okay let’s pretend that we don’t know each other but we must accept that we need each other to survive.”

As much as Ramon didn’t want to see Mr. Martinez’s face he knew that he really needed to stick with him. Ramon turned and continued going fast. All he wanted to do was see if there was any sign of life on this strange island.

“Where are you going?” Mr. Martinez yelled from behind.

“Away from you,” He shouted.

“But I thought I told you that we need to stick together.” Mr. Martinez shouted.

Ramon continued going fast without saying any word. He was so furious that Mr. Martinez was the cause of what had happened to him. All he wanted was to get away from him and get out of this island.

“Fine,” Mr. Martinez shouted. “You can have it your way.”

What was wrong with Mr. Martinez this day? He was no longer the bad guy or the good one but he was just someone else who was really getting on Ramon’s nerves.

Ramon walked on the shore of the island trying to find any signs of people living on the island but there was none. He walked for a long time without looking behind him to see whether Mr. Martinez was behind him or not. He felt tired and did what anyone in his shoes would have done at that time. He began calling for help.

“Someone please help!”


He tried several times but did not get any response. He must have called for about 20 minutes but nothing was really helping.

“Hey!” Mr. Martinez shouted. “No one is here and you are just making noise.”

This was it. Mr. Martinez had gotten on his last nerve.

“You must be happy that we got stuck here on this island.” He said as he pointed at Mr. Martinez. “This is your entire fault. I shouldn’t have come with you. At least I would have been home. Who knows what my father and my brother are passing through right now? And it’s all Ankara escort thanks to you.” He shouted.

“You know you are so ungrateful.” Mr. Martinez shouted. “Do you think you are the only one who has things to do? I have clients, business meetings and…”

“Is that what you are worried about, sir?” Ramon asked loudly.

“It’s Marcos. And whatever it is that is happening is because of you. I would have been in my new home relaxing and doing whatever it is that pleases me but I am here simply because I jumped in the water to save you.”

“Wow! Should I thank you or what?” Ramon argued. “I did not beg you to come with me. Did I?”

“You are right.” Marcos said to him. Ramon could see anger in his eyes and he had triggered it. “But right now we need each other to survive. From the look of things I think we might not leave this island today.”

This man had really changed. He wasn’t even telling him bad things when he saw anger but Ramon was so worried. Before he realized it there was tears coming down his face. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Marcos was telling him that they would not leave the island very soon. It was hurting to know that they were stuck on this island. All he wanted was to get out of this island and go back to his normal life. Without saying any word he slowly went further away from Marcos and sat on the sand with his hands holding his legs. He just sat there letting the tears flow.


What had he just done? How could he have told Ramon that they wouldn’t leave the island very soon? He had told Ramon in anger that they would take long on the island and that would worry anyone. He had promised himself to stop begging and be himself around Ramon but he needed to assure him that everything would be alright. He watched Ramon sitting on the sand and knew immediately that he was worried by what he had said.

He slowly went towards Ramon and he could see that he was crying on the sand and he was filled with so much emotions. He touched Ramon on the shoulder and Ramon looked at him tears filled in his eyes.

“Will someone find us here?” Ramon asked in between sobs.

“I know that someone will find us and we may go home soon.” Marcos tried to assure him.

“You don’t have to lie to me.” Ramon sobbed. “I know that it may take a while before anybody passes here. I am really worried about what my father and my brother will do if they find out that I am missing. I never told them that I was coming with you.”

That was really a big problem because Marcos did not tell anyone either that he was going on a ship cruise. If this was the case then they were really in trouble. Marcos wanted to hold Ramon and take away all his troubles but he knew that he had to know his boundaries. At least not act like a jerk and scare him away.

“Don’t worry, I am sure that a boat will pass through here and we will be able to go home.” Marcos assured as he rubbed Ramon’s tears.

Ramon nodded and showed a weak smile. Marcos heard Ramon’s stomach rumbling and he knew that he was hungry. They had not eaten for long now.

“You are hungry.” Marcos asked with concern.

“I am starving.” He responded.

“Maybe there is somewhere here where there are fruits.” Marcos said. “I will go and check if we can find anything to eat.”

Marcos got up and got ready to go exploring the island in order to go and find food. He was about to turn when he felt Ramon’s hand touch his leg.

“Wait, sir!” Ramon said as he too got up.

“I am coming with you.” Ramon said to him. “At least we will be together and we will stay together. We might lose each other if we separate.”

For the first time since he had met Ramon, he felt that Ramon really wanted to be with him and his heart jumped with joy at the thought of going with Ramon.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Ramon nodded.

“Can I beg you for something?” He asked Ramon who was looking at him with one of those serious looks.

“What is it?” Ramon asked.

“Can you stop calling me sir?” He said with a dangerous smile. “Call me Marcos.”

“Alright,” Ramon smiled sheepishly. “Marcos.”

Marcos smiles back and both of began walking on the shore trying to look for a good place where there were no thick trees. They walked for a while without saying anything to each other. Marcos wanted to say something to Ramon but he didn’t want to say anything that would upset Ramon since almost everything that he did, made Ramon upset. Marcos was tired, thirsty and hungry. He stopped to drink the water in the sea but he couldn’t even hold it in his mouth. It was just too salty. When he came back from the water he found Ramon standing still on the sand and he felt that something was wrong so he ran to him.

“Is anything wrong?” He whispered.

“No!” Ramon responded quietly. “But look over there.” Ramon pointed to a tree. “I think I have found a solution to our water problem.”

Marcos looked where Ramon was pointing and found that there was a coconut tree which had quite a number Ankara escort bayan of coconuts. His heart jumped with joy and his mouth just flung open at the thought of getting his hands on one of those coconuts. His throat would now become fresh because it was getting dry that he felt that his voice would be gone if he didn’t have that fresh looking coconut.

“Wait here.” He said to Ramon his mind still on the coconuts.

“Be careful.” Ramon said loudly as he was going.

He stopped and looked at Ramon who was busy looking at the coconuts. He felt really good knowing that Ramon was suddenly concerned about him. Marcos promised himself that he would make Ramon be close to him even if it meant pretending as if he did not care or arguing with him over silly things.

The tree was long and without branches. Marcos wondered how he would climb such a tree but on the other hand he did not want to disappoint Ramon so he decided it was time to use what he had learned from watching ‘ultimate survival’.

He wrapped his arm around the coconut tree and then did the same with his legs. He slowly crawled up the tree being careful all the way up until his hand could reach the coconut. Being careful not to fall, he slowly extended one of his hands and tried to pluck the coconuts. He had a hard time but soon got four coconuts which he threw to the ground. Using the same method he had used while he climbed the tree, he climbed safely down and found that Ramon had already made a hole in one of the coconuts with a dry broken branch of a tree. He gave it to him and he couldn’t help but put up a smile.

He held the coconut and just let the liquid land in his mouth. It kept on coming and it really helped cool his throat. The taste was not like water but it worked and soon he found himself panting. He felt so relieved and his thirst was gone but hunger was still lurking in his stomach and they needed to find food when they still had energy.

When Marcos had finished drinking his coconut he got caught looking at Ramon. He was drinking his coconut so beautifully. The way the fluid was dripping from his chin was sexy and made him smile as he stared at Ramon. The way he moved his head as he drank water from the coconut was just lovely. His shirt was now wet and it looked even sexier. He had never seen anyone so perfect than the way he saw Ramon at that time. He was so lost that he didn’t even realize that Ramon was looking at him with a frown on his face.

“I am sorry.” He apologized but Ramon just picked up the remaining coconuts and continued walking.

He followed behind wondering if Ramon planned to give him one of the coconuts but he just walked without saying anything. They walked for a few minutes until they came to a place where there were a few trees near the shore which had some sort of shelter underneath. Marcos knew that this would be a great spot to stay as it was very near to the sea and it would be easy to spot a boat or ship which would get them out of the island. There were also a few coconut trees which would help with the water problem.

“I think we should stay here.” Marcos said.

“What about food?” Ramon asked.

“I am sure that there is some…” Marcos stopped before he finished the sentence.

He didn’t know if his eyes were deceiving him but he saw a few papaya trees just close to their site.

“What is it?” Ramon asked.

“Look over there.” Marcos pointed.

When Ramon looked in the direction Marcos was pointing him, his eyes were wide open. Marcos couldn’t still believe it. His mouth watered just at the thought of having that juicy yellow fruit in his hungry mouth. He ran towards it and Ramon followed behind. The tree was not really tall so he decided to climb the tree fast. He was about to start climbing when he heard Ramon shouting towards him.

“What are you doing?”

Marcos was surprised at the question. It was obvious that Ramon knew that he was about to climb the papaya tree to pick some papaya so that they could at least have something.

“You will fall down.” He shouted as he ran towards him.

So the guy was concerned for him after all. If it was back then, Marcos was sure Ramon would have not have said anything.

“What do we do then?” Marcos asked.

Ramon did not answer but just looked around. He then picked up a long dry tree branch and then gave it to him.

“Here, use this to pluck the papaya fruits.” Ramon said to him.

Marcos got the branch from him and used it to pluck about five papayas which fell on the sand and broke a little. They took the papaya fruits and both of them ate them hungrily. The way Ramon was eating was funny but it was also good to the sight of Marcos who viewed it to be sexy and cute. After Ramon had eaten one he took the other and went and sat on the sand near the shore and ate while staring at the sea. Marcos saw that Ramon was worried and it also affected him in some way.

He went and sat beside him and both of them ate their fruits in silence. After Ramon had eaten Escort Ankara about half he just kept looking at the sea and Marcos knew what exactly was on his mind, he wanted to go home. He was looking at the sea to see if he could see any boat or ship which would take them home. Marcos slowly moved to Ramon and he tapped on his back. Ramon looked at him but there was just worry on his face.

“Don’t worry.” He sighed. “I am sure that someone will pass through here and we will be out of here in no time.”

“I know but I am really worried about my father.” Ramon lamented. “I wish I had a phone to tell him where I am and that he should not worry. But we really are stranded here.”

Wait! Why didn’t he realize it sooner? How could he have forgotten that he has a phone?

“I think I have a phone with me.” Marcos said as he jumped up.

“You do?” Ramon asked as he got up quickly.

“Yep,” Marcos responded as he got the phone out of his pocket.

Marcos pressed the power on battery but nothing was happening. He pressed several times but it was not working. He got his battery out and put it back in but the phone was not turning on.

“Stupid phone,” He yelled.

“It was in the water for a long time.” Ramon said softly.

Marcos pressed and pressed until he got angry and threw it on the sand. Ramon picked it up and he sat on the sand sitting silently and looking sad. Marcos sat beside him and both of them sat on the sand looking at the sea. The only sound that was heard was the sound of the water on the sea.

They sat there just looking at the sea until Marcos felt that it was getting cold. They had to make a fire somehow or they would have more to worry about than getting home. The coldness would kill them before they even passed through the cold night. Marcos could see that the coldness was getting to Ramon as he was now shivering. The wind was humid and he could feel it on his face. He knew that the sun would soon set and by then wanted to be around a fire.

Marcos was a child from a really rich family but he even knew how to survive in situations like this and he knew that a fire was the only thing that would ensure their survival through the night.

Marcos got up and went to the place where they would be staying. He gathered a few dry branches and leaves and got ready to make a fire not knowing how long it would take. He gathered them together on the sand and took two small stones. He knew that if he caused friction between the two stones, sparks would be produced and fall onto the dry leaves on the sand thereby starting a fire. If guys on TV could do it, then how hard can it be?

He moved the two rocks against one another with so much pressure hoping for a fire to start soon so that he could impress Ramon by providing him with warmth. There was just a few sparks which did nothing but go off almost as soon as he moved the rocks against each other. Okay, that was just the first. No one would ever get it on the first time. He moved them again but still the same thing.

“What are you doing?” He heard Ramon ask as if he was about to laugh.

He moved his face up and saw that Ramon was probably thinking that he was crazy or something and he intended to prove to Ramon that he knew a thing or two about survival.

“I am trying to make a fire.” He said suddenly feeling like an idiot when he saw that Ramon was probably making fun of him.’

“Wait!” Ramon giggled as he knelt down. “Let me help you with that.”

Now he thinks that he doesn’t know what he is doing. Okay! He was going to show Ramon that just because he was a city boy didn’t mean he knew nothing.

“No!” He smiled lightly. “I can do it on my own without any help.”

“But you don’t understand.” Ramon added. “You see I have…”

He doesn’t understand? Now that was just rude coming from Ramon and he felt his head getting heated with hunger but managed to bring himself under control.

“No! You are the one who doesn’t understand.” Ramon shouted. “Just because I am a rich guy doesn’t mean that I don’t even know how to make a simple fire.

“Fine,” Ramon raised his hands in the hair as if saying ‘I give up.” “But you are gonna wish I had made that fire instead.”

Ramon got up and sat on a nearby tree looking at him as if he was busy laughing inside. What happened to the Ramon who was sad a moment ago? This Ramon was getting him mad even though he didn’t want to be mad at him.

Marcos continued his work but there was no progress. It was like those stones were mad at him or something because no spark came out after he had spoken to Ramon. He tried different stones but they were all giving the same results. What was worse is that he could see that Ramon was busy chuckling to himself. If he was the old Marcos he would have snapped at him but this Marcos didn’t want to upset Ramon as he had seen his bad side once. He tried and tried until it began getting dark.

He could feel his anger taking the best of him and he threw the stones away and kicked the leaves and branches.

“This isn’t working.” He groaned in anger.

“I told you to let me handle it.” Ramon laughed while he came to him.

“You think you can do better than that?” He groaned. “Let’s see how you can do it.”