Football Buddy: Part Six Sandy’s Turn


Sandy’s view It had been a great two years. We all finally moved from the judgment zone of our previous house that was settled in suburbia, where people questioned everything we did. We had the police called us on a couple of times because someone thought our husband Matt was a pimp and were pimping us out to the neighborhood. Others thought he had mind-controlled all of us. The three of us had to get it through people’s heads; all three of us were in love with him and not each other.The guys that found out thought that there was some vast orgy that happened every night. While we didn’t mind seeing any of us sleep with our husband or be in the same bed when it happened. The three of us never had experiences with each other. A lot of the men that heard this were disappointed.We called Matt our husband even though legally we all couldn’t marry him. We knew it hurt him more than it hurt any of us, but after we found the large house on acres of land in the middle of nowhere, he was happy. The neighbors out here could care less what went on, it was a long drive into work for Kathy and Brittany, but they managed. I found a local bar that paid me an excellent salary to wait tables as well as man the bar on the weekends.This week was our way of saying thank you to Matt for all he had to put up with, it wasn’t easy for him to live in a house with three females, especially the likes of Kathy, Brittany and myself, we were all sex-crazed, controlling and somewhat materialistic, but he kept us in line, and for the most part manageable.We all had different tastes, and he catered to all of us. I loved sports. I loved watching them, playing them, and betting on them. Matt took me out for my birthday weekend and took me down to Florida, to my surprise, it was to watch the beach volleyball contest, something I had been dying to see in person.”You are leaving already,” Frank said.”Yup,” I replied to my manager. I practically called my own schedule, before I came into the bar, it was hardly making a profit, now locals and new customers, frequented the bar just to see me. On most Fridays and Saturdays, I liked the attention I wore my tightest top and my shortest shorts with tennis shoes, sometimes even a skirt. I got the most substantial tips on those istanbul travesti nights, and people drank the most.”I feel sorry for him sometimes,” Frank shook his head. He knew about our Matt and had met the others. “The three of you would give most of us a heart attack,” he said as he gave me my pay.”Hubby, says if he did get a heart attack, it would be the best way to go,” I smiled. “Thank you,” I said as I collected my pay. “I will be back tomorrow night.”It was my turn, we each had our own times to be with our husband, and I had something special planned. I rushed home to get everything ready for our special night together. The others had made plans to be out for the night so that it would be just the two of us.’Remember to relax and let it happen,’ Brittany sent me a text.I replied quickly as I got changed into my outfit, which I was sure wasn’t going to stay on me for long, but all it had to do was get the fire started, and I would take care of the rest.I waited in the special alone room. It was the only room in the house where all four of us couldn’t go at the same time. It was meant for one on one nights with Matt. I heard the door of his truck slam shut, and he walked inside.”Sandy,” he yelled for me as he walked through the house. I waited calmly for him to check every room. Finally, I heard him come down the stairs. Our alone room was built as a mother in law attachment to the basement. He knew I wouldn’t be in his sanctuary that he had made in the basement. “You in here,” he asked as he opened the door.I stood up and looked at him. Matt stood there in silence as he took what I was wearing in. “Say something,” I smiled.”Holy hell,” Matt said as he closed the door. “What’s the occasion?” he asked as he slowly walked towards me.”This week, we just wanted to say thank you for putting up with us,” I smiled as I stood still as he circled me. “We know we can be a bit draining from time to time.”I couldn’t stop smiling; it was evident he liked my costume. “Well,” Matt said as he stopped. “Thank you,” he smiled.He had a fantasy of fucking a slutty nurse, and I was dressed as a very slutty nurse. White leather outfit with a red cross on the pocket a stethoscope wrapped around my neck and hanging between istanbul travesti my exposed cleavage. The dress was short enough to expose my bare ass, and the top barely covered my large breasts, one wrong, and they would spill out. To top it off, I wore a small white hat and thigh-high white fuck me heels.”I take it that you like,” I smiled as he couldn’t stop staring.”That is an understatement,” Matt smiled as he came closer. “How did you get them to fit inside?””What?” I teased as I pressed my boobs together. “My HH breasts?”Matt loved when we said our bra sizes, as I said it, I could see his dick throb in his jeans. “The store didn’t have an outfit that could hold anything above an F cup, so I had to order it online, they didn’t believe that I had double H’s, I had to have Brittany help me measure again and sent them the exact measurements.”Matt’s dick throbbed hard, all I wanted him to do was to take me right here, right now. He moved in closer, but I stepped back. “There is also something else you should know,” I said, holding up my hand. “We stopped all our birth controls, so from now on…” I trailed off.Matt’s eyes widened, we had all talked about starting a large family, now that we had our house and stable jobs, it was time. Matt rushed forward, grabbing me in his arms as our bodies crashed together, he kissed me hard. “I take it that you agree,” I smiled as he let me go.”Most definitely,” Matt said as he looked down.”Like always, they are yours,” I smiled, knowing my boob man of a husband. Tradition be damned he was our husband, and no one could tell us he wasn’t.”What else did you have in mind?” He asked as he squeezed me tight to his body.”Well,” I teased as I looked up at him. “I want to try again.””Oh, really?” Matt said as he looked down at me.”This time I don’t want you to stop,” I said as I laid back onto the bed.”Are you sure?” Matt asked as he got undressed.”Yes,” I said, positioning my head just off the bed, so it hanged over the side. Matt’s humongous cock greeted me as he aimed it at my mouth. I loved his cock; all of us did. It was long, thick, and always hard for us.Slowly he inched it into my mouth. I adjusted myself so that it went down my throat. There it was the seven-inch istanbul travesti mark that I always stopped at as it entered my throat and pushed passed the eight-inch where I pushed him off last time, four more inches to go. I didn’t know how Brittany did it.My hands gripped the covers as he pushed it deeper, his hand on my throat, feeling his dick bulge out the skin around my neck. ‘Relax,’ I thought to myself, remembering what Brittany said ‘Let it happen,’ I thought, she had told me other techniques to able myself to get throat fucked by a twelve-inch cock.Put my mind elsewhere, and my body will relax, she had said, how was I to put my mind elsewhere when there were almost ten inches of black cock in my mouth and down my throat. I tapped the bed lightly, letting Matt know I had to breathe. Slowly he snaked his dick out of my mouth.”You did much better this time, I was nearly all the way in,” Matt praised me as I exhaled, it still felt like his cock was in my throat, I nodded as I looked up at him.This time he pushed into my mouth, stopping where he left off. ‘Mind elsewhere,’ I thought to myself. Brittany was the freak amongst us. She loved taking his cock in every hole as deep as she could take it. Kathy smothered him with her enormously huge breasts. She could get him rock hard in seconds, just with her cleavage. Now me I could ride this monster like no other, reverse or regular, I loved bouncing… I stopped thinking. There it was again.I cheered in my head. I could feel his pelvis smacking against me. I had taken all of it into my mouth, and down my throat now, he was thrusting back and forth into my mouth.I tapped again and let out a large gasp as he took his cock out of my mouth. Saliva and drool fell from my mouth as I turned on my side. “That’s all you get,” Matt said as he rolled me onto my back and thrust his cock balls deep into my mouth in one thrust.I was getting throat fucked for the first time since we got together, and I was on cloud nine. Matt was relentless in fucking my mouth. I felt every inch of him going in, and out of me, I felt his ball slapping against my face. Now I knew why Brittany loved this. It was exhilarating and taboo. I knew Matt was enjoying seeing my throat bulge with his cock deep in my throat.I tapped again, this time he pulled out quickly as I had gone longer this time without a break. I coughed and gagged as Saliva filled my face, tears rolled from my eyes and down my cheeks before I could get my breath back. Matt rolled me back over and thrust his cock back into my mouth.